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Research · April 2019

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.10792.42245


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4 authors, including:

Chris Sagarino
Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology


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Anthony D. Gerarman, Jane B. Onotan, Queen Marie M. Putungan and Chris T. Sagarino


ABSTRACT The researchers had already conducted a research

which is to assess the ICNHS review on 2018 MSU-SASE
The College Entrance Exam Mobile Application and in that research, the researchers had obtained many
(C.E.E.M.A) is a mobile learning android application for knowledge regarding the topic: 1. The review materials of
graduating grade 12 students who will be taking the System ICNHS was effective according to the students who
Admission and Scholarship Examination (SASE). The goal participated on the review 2. 58.72% of the respondents
of C.E.E.M.A is to provide review materials for all the have passed the SASE examination 3. 41.28% of the
students who will be taking the said exam. The contents of respondents did not pass the examination. Therefore, there
the application includes Practice Quizzes of all four are more students who passed the exam than those who
different subject areas that the exam is divided into. This failed to pass the exam. Based on the research’s
easy to access practice quizzes will be very helpful to those recommendation, the students who took the review was
students who wants to have the SASE review but can’t mostly satisfied with the review conducted. They
afford the financial charge on having the said review. The recommend that students should also take the review
quiz features a time limit to test the comprehension speed of offered by Iligan City National High School and that they
the students. The mobile application also includes a review want the school to maintain and sustain their style of
feature so that users of C.E.E.M.A. will be able to rate the reviewing and their way of demonstrating the subjects
application’s overall performance. The feedbacks are noted because it was a great help for them.
by the researchers and had developed a more enhanced The only downside that other students are taking
service. C.E.E.M.A also includes a survey feature to which into consideration to is that the review is not free. Students
allows users to rate the usefulness of having a review on the need to pay a certain amount of money per session of the
SASE Examination. The Forum features enables users to review to recompense the efforts of the facilitators who
post questions or answers regarding to the topic. conducted the review. Cellphone applications (apps) have
This application will utilize the mobile phones of been created to support use of phones in school
the students into a more productive one and increase the environments. As of February 2018, 80,000 applications
number of students’ passers who will take the exam by were available for teacher use. A variety of messaging apps
having these handy reviewer on their mobile phones. provide communication for student to student relationships,
C.E.E.M.A will provide a review that is more effective, as well as teacher to student communication. An advantage
fast, and convenient to all students. of messaging apps is their easy usage and accessibility for
students, teachers and parents. These apps make it easier for
1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY students to access the internet which is very useful for
Not all graduating students have the capabilities to educational purposes. Standard mobile phone applications
afford the expenses that is required in going to college. That include alarm clocks, calculators and converters, all of
is why students take the rare opportunities of being granted which may help student’s productivity (Wright, 2019).
with free education offered by our government. One of the The goal of the MSU-SASE Mobile Reviewer
institutions that offers this rare opportunities is the Application is to provide review materials for all the
Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology. students who will be taking the SASE exam. Not only does
The said institution conducts an examination yearly which it provide you with wide ranges of review but also this
is open to all students notwithstanding where they came application is very useful to assess whether having a review
from. The SASE exam is composed of four different is effective or not because the application comes with a
subjects which are Abstract, English, Mathematics, and survey feature which allows users to rate the different fields
Science. It examination will test the broadness of the of the review. This will be very useful to the researchers
student’s knowledge. The examination is also mostly based who wanted to know the feedbacks of the past SASE takers.
on how well a student can comprehend a certain question in The researchers would like to immerge the two different
a limited time. Students who make it to the cut-off score concepts; SASE review and mobile applications through
(67) will have a chance of being admitted in the MSU developing an application which will enable student’s to
System Unit of their choice. The Mindanao State University have an online reviewer which is very accessible to
System Admission and Scholarship Examination (MSU everyone. This application will be very useful in a way that
SASE) was considered necessary due to the rapid increase it will be useful to those students who wants to have the
of high school graduates competing for admission and SASE review but can’t afford the financial charge on
scholarship in the MSU Campuses (MSU-IIT, 2014). having a review on ICNHS. This application will be very
comprehensive since the mobile application can be reached

any time of the day unlike the amount of time allotted on 1.4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS
reviews that are very limited. The researchers want to This research project aims to develop a mobile
encourage every student in taking reviews before application for college entrance exam for the students of
examinations because it was found very useful by those Iligan City National High School of the school year 2017-
students who decided to have a review. This application 2018. This study will also answer the following questions:
will also promote the increase of students passing the SASE 1. How is the C.E.E.M.A. application developed?
exam by providing very comprehensive content which 2. What are the insights/feedbacks/evaluation of the
students can analyze on their own. reviewees towards the mobile application?
1.2 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 3. Is there any significant difference on the assessment
The figure below shows the flow of this research project: of the reviewees on the following subjects (review
materials, instructor, and scope of the review) using
the mobile application?
VARIABLE b) English
 Assessment of  Development c) Mathematics
the reviewers t  Insights of
and utilization
of mobile
the d) Science
review respondents
 Percentage of application
towards the
SASE Passers for the SASE
and non-passers review The findings presented in this study will be a great
significance to the following:
Students. The application will be a great help to the
Figure 1: Conceptual Framework students’ because the mobile application provides a
Figure 1 illustrates the relationship of reviewees’ comprehensive, convenient, and user-friendly way of
assessment and passing level (dependent variable) when it reviewing. The researchers compiled the best review hand-
comes to developing a new mobile application for the outs in the mobile applications and because of this, it will
SASE review (dependent variable). It is perceived in the boost the chance of the students’ passing rate to the SASE
Conceptual Framework that the reviewees’ assessment to examination.
the ICNHS review and their percentage whether passed or ICNHS faculty and staff. This project will help the
failed has a direct effect on the process of making the new school’s faculty and staff in a way that the distribution of
mobile application. Through this assessments, the hand-outs will no longer be through papers but instead,
researchers would be able to distinguish the different hand-outs will be uploaded on the mobile application for a
insights of the respondents towards thee application. more thrifty approach.
Future researchers. Instead of conducting surveys on
1.3 OBJECTVES OF THE STUDY those students who already graduated, information are
Main Objective inputted on the application system which will be very useful
This study aims to develop and utilize mobile application as to those future researchers who would decide to take the
college entrance exam review material. MSU-SASE topic. This will provide less hassle to those
Specific Objective upcoming researchers in gathering their data.
This study will also aim the following: School administration. This application will assess the
1. To help students’ review in a more effective, strengths and weaknesses when it comes to performance for
convenient, and fast way. improvement of the review conducted through the objective
2. To make the mobile app the source of hand-outs and unbiased application of this process.
and not paper which could be easily damaged or
3. To help students’ assess their knowledge in the four This research project will determine whether the
different subject areas. mobile application entitle “College Entrance Exam Mobile
4. To serve as a review material to those students who Application” that was created by the researchers was
can’t afford to go to review centers. effective or not. This application will be utilized by the
5. To increase the number of student passers who will graduating Grade 12 students who will decide to take the
take the exam by having these handy reviewer on SASE exam no matter what school they came from. The
their mobile phones. contents of the mobile application will include:
6. To provide a much comprehensive and detailed 1) Comprehensive review materials that students can
discussions on the four subject areas without the access anytime and anywhere
time limit. 2) Interactive quizzes which will test the knowledge
7. To help utilize the mobile phones of the students 3) Surveys for the assessment of the mobile
into a more productive one instead of wasting their application’s effectiveness
time on social media and games. 4) Tips and techniques to students when taking the
SASE exam

5) Images and videos for a more detailed explanation allow for a greater variety of responses from responses but
regarding difficult topics which needs further are difficult to analyze statistically because the data must be
explanation. coded or reduced in some manner.
6) Sources of the practice quizzes are shown before It is only fitting that the researchers chose this type
starting a quiz. of research design because the proposed mobile application
will contain surveys in which the users of the application
1.8 OPERATIONAL DEFINITION OF TERMS can rate and give assessment regarding the applications
ASSESSMENT. Is the act of judging or deciding the quality content. The users will be able to express their
amount, value, quality, or importance of something or the thought on the things on which the application is lacking.
judgement that is made (Cambridge, 2018). They can also reflect whether the application was indeed
In this study, Assessment is referred to the students’ convenient and easy to use but still maintaining its wide
comment, critique, or feedback regarding the 2018 MSU- scope on the four subject areas which are Abstract, English,
SASE Review. They were able to voice out their opinions Mathematics, and Science. These information gathered
whether the mobile application was able to help them when from the users will be used to improve the performance of
taking the exam or no help at all. the review on the application.
EFFECTIVENESS. Means how efficiently an The researchers used a Convenience Non-
operation or activity is at achieving its goal and the overall probability Sampling where subjects are selected because of
objective (My Accounting Course, 2019). their convenient accessibility and proximity to the
In this study, Effectiveness is referred to how the researcher because the population size is so large and
mobile application made reviewing much more convenient sharing the application through Shareit personally would
and accessible for every student. If the app accomplished its take a long time. That’s why the researchers decided to
task which is to encourage students to review before an gather information to those people who were easy to access.
teachers who impact education to the students in school or In this study, the researchers will develop a mobile
college (KeyDifference, 2018). application which will be very useful to the graduating
In this study, Faculty and Staff is referred to the Iligan Grade 12 students of both public and private schools if they
City National High School – Senior High School will be taking college entrance examinations. The
Department teachers who became the instructors of the application will promote diversity through accepting
students who decided to register on the 2018 SASE review. students from public, private, and Out of school youth.
MOBILE APPLICATION. It is a type of application Everyone will be able to access the review so that the
software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a passing rate of SASE exams would be higher. This grade 12
smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile applications students came from every strand namely Science and
frequently serve to provide users with similar services to Technology Engineering and Mathematics, Accountancy
those accessed on PCs. Apps are generally small, individual and Business Management, Humanities and Social
software units with limited function (TechnoPedia, 2019). Sciences, Sports, and Technical Vocational Livelihood.
In this study, it is the project proposal which the
researchers will develop. This mobile application will 3.3 RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS
prepare the reviewees by providing hand-outs and quizzes. This study will be conducted by the researchers will
This application will also have an interactive system in make use of the following instruments in analyzing and
which users will be able to rate the quality of the review interpreting data:
and the application itself. Appypie.com. Appypie.com was being used as the
UTILIZATION. It is the act of using something in platform in making the research project because if offers a
an effective way (Cambridge Dictionary, 2019). free service. Appy Pie is a cloud-based DIY mobile app
In this study, it refers on how the proposed mobile creation tool that allows users without programming skills
application will be used as a review handout for the SASE to create an app for almost any platform and publish it
exam. The mobile phones of the students will be put into (Krol, 2018).
good use and make them productive in school unlike When using Appy Pie, you're presented with
spending their time on social media and games. different themes, ranging from a restaurant to a radio
station. They also have an appointment scheduler tool,
3.1 RESEARCH DESIGN AND SAMPLING which is especially useful for businesses such as doctors,
The researchers used Experimental Descriptive salons, or spas with contact features such as one-touch call
research design because it best served to answer the included. Using the code page you can embed custom code
question and the purposes of the study. and embed iframes.
Experimental Descriptive research is a study It is a type of application software designed to run
designed to depict the participants in an accurate way. More on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet
simply put, descriptive research is all about describing computer. The researchers will use this type of research
people who take part in the study. Open-ended questions instrument because students nowadays are inclined to

technology and some of them are unable to afford the cost 3.5 STATISTICAL TREATMENT
of having a review for the SASE Exam. That’s why the The researchers will transform what was collected
researchers came up with this accessible and easy to use or observed from the respondents and covey it into
application. numerical data. This involves measuring or counting
Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test. It is an attributes. This will be concerned with finding evidence to
application designed to indicate how difficult a passage in either support or contradict an idea or hypothesis the
English is to understand. In these research project, this is researchers might have. Quantitative data analysis enables
used to know the grade level that would understand the you to make sense of data by organizing them, summarizing
question in the practice quiz features in the mobile app. them, doing exploratory analysis and to communicate the
Likert-type scales. It is a type of a close-ended meaning to others by presenting data as tables, graphical
survey questionnaire wherein the users will be asked to displays, and summary statistics. We can also use
answer with their permission whether their level of quantitative data analysis to see where responses are
satisfaction regarding the application’s performance. The similar, if there are differences between the things we have
researchers made scales from 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75%, and studied, and if there is a relationship between the things we
76-100% to enable the respondents to rate the quality of the have studied.
content being inputted on the app. Mean. This will be very useful to the researchers in
Open-Ended Questionnaire. This type of research a way that it will help the researchers analyze the average
instrument asks the users to supply and give their own ideas rating of the users who will rate the mobile application and
and thoughts towards a question. The researcher will not the review. It would be a great help because in determining
provide a pre-defined answers, so users would be able to the application’s effectiveness of the proposed mobile
express what they want in a free manner. This type of application.
research instrument was used by the researchers in the Frequency and Percentage Distribution. In this
forums features because it will allow the respondents to study this will be going to be used to find the percentage of
define the central issue and also, it can broaden the a sublevel. It provides a visual representation for the
perspective of the researchers on the study through the distribution of a particular variable for example how often
insights of the respondents. does reviewees have accurate/false answer in a particular
Multiple Choice Questions. It is a type of a close- number in the quiz feature of the application.
ended survey questionnaire in which will be very useful in Interval. A confidence interval establishes an
making quizzes that was inputted in the applications interval based on a sample that contains the true population
system. This type of review will test whether the user had (or process) parameter or metric x% of the time, if a
actually learned something in the application. This will also random sample is drawn repeatedly from the same
be helpful in users assessing the mobile apps’ usefulness population (Weibull, 2017).
and its scope of the review. This statistical tool will be used in the quota of
users who will be using C.E.E.M.A.

Figure 3: Illustration flow of the data gathering procedure

The researchers will develop a mobile application

which will aim to make reviewing for the SASE exam Figure 4: Illustration flow of the Development of
much easier and more convenient. This application will also C.E.E.M.A.
be a basis for users to assess the reviews scope and
effectiveness. After the application is already been Conceptualization of the project
developed, the researchers will distribute it to the grade 12 The researchers wanted to merge the idea of having
students who will be taking the SASE exam. The said users an effective College Entrance Review and the growth of the
will then asked to rate and give their opinions and users of mobile apps among students. It was found in their
recommendation regarding the review and the overall past Practical Research 1 and 2 that one of the main
performance of the mobile app. Those data given by the problems students are unable to review is because of the
users will then be gathered by the researchers and will then financial issues. The researchers want to propose a project
be analyzed through tabulating the scores.

that would help the students in reviewing and also be
affordable and accessible at the same time.

Utilization of Mobile Application

The researchers put an emphasis on the usage of
mobile application in to good use, specifically for
Educational purposes. Mobile phones consist of educational
applications that can help grow student’s knowledge. The
researchers want students to not only use their mobile
phones for social media and entertainment purposes but
also for educational purposes. This education mobile
application will not only improve the productivity of Figure 5: The Mobile Application
students when it comes to their studies but also it would Since Appypie contains over 100 features which
increase the percentage of passers on entrance exams. you can include in your application, the researchers focused
on the educational features. The researchers want the app to
Creation of App through Appypie.com still be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The researchers
With an array of platforms in building applications, picked these features; Quizzes (four subject areas), Forums,
most of them are paid that’s why the researchers had a hard Survey, Images, Review, About C.E.E.M.A., and About the
time on finding a platform that offers it for free. The Developers. The researcher also personally designed the
researchers chose Appypie.com as the platform in making logo, background, style, and theme of the mobile
the research project because if offers a free service. Appy application
Pie is a cloud-based DIY mobile app creation tool that The researchers designed each features manually
allows users without programming skills to create an app and inputted all the needed information that C.E.E.M.A.
for almost any platform and publish it (Krol, 2018). should contain in order to operate smoothly. The
When using Appypie, you're presented with researchers also personalized some features just like
different themes, ranging from a restaurant to a radio displaying the quiz results after the user had finished a quiz,
station. They also have an appointment scheduler tool, time limit on a quiz, introduction of the subject area before
which is especially useful for businesses such as doctors, taking up a quiz, inputting helpful images that can assist
salons, or spas with contact features such as one-touch call users when reviewing, encrypting the applications’
included. Using the code page you can embed custom code information, putting the information of the developers of
and embed iframes. the app and their social medias and contact numbers, and
generating open ended questions in the forum feature to
Choosing the name of the application which the users can freely express their thoughts on the
The researchers brainstormed on what should be the given question.
name of the mobile application. The researchers came up
with the acronym S.N.M.R.A which stands for SASE Downloading of the mobile application
Mobile Reviewer Application. Since the name of the After the researchers had revised all the
application was too long the researchers decided to use an application’s feature, a link is then sent directly to their
acronym for it in order to be easily remembered and since phone. The link is needed to launch the SASE Mobile
the name labelling feature of Appypie is limited and the Reviewer Application. The researchers then downloaded
proposed name is too long. the mobile application and after that, the application is then
distributed to the respondents through the application
Designing the features of S.M.R.A. Shareit. The users then had a copy of the College Entrance
Exam Mobile Application.

After C.E.E.M.A. had been downloaded by the
researchers, they tested the smoothness of how the mobile
application performs. The researchers let their research
project adviser, Mr. Chris Sagarino and experts to critic and
review the contents and the overall performance of the
mobile application. There were some alterations that needed
to be done in the mobile application as suggested by Mr.
Sagarino. That’s why the researchers decided to create a
new application again because the free trial that Appy pie
offers within its first 48 hours was over. That’s why the
researchers can’t no longer edit the contents of the
application that’s why the researchers decided to come up

with a new and improved application. It was a hassle in the The researchers was given a quota to reach by their
side of the researchers because encoding of the practice research adviser which was to let the maximum numbers of
quiz of the four different subject and redesigning a brand the following to evaluate C.E.E.M.A; 1 Administrator, 10
new mobile application were tedious to do that’s why it teachers, and 20 students. The administrator and 2 teacher
consumed a lot of time. were given a hand out for the rating sheet personally while
the other teachers and 20 students were gathered online. It
4.3 VALIDATION was done through the review feature in the mobile
A. Face Validity application.
This validation is built upon the principle of
reading through the plans and assessing the viability of the C. Readability Test (Flesch-Kincaid R.T.)
research, with little objective measurement. face validity is
a more general measure and the subjects often have input (
Shuttleworth, 2009).

Figure 6: Documentation of the Face Validity of S.M.R.A.

by Mr. Sagarino

In this research project, Face Validation was done

by the researchers through submitting the unedited version
of C.E.E.M.A. which was S.M.R.A. The researchers
personally showed Mr. Sagarino the mobile application and
the objectives, design and content of the project. The
researchers shared a copy of C.E.E.M.A. to Mr Sagarino
and through that he was able to use application himself.

B. Content Validity
This refers to the validation of the contents of
C.E.E.M.A. by the evaluators. The researchers gave an
evaluation letter to the evaluators and they had signed it.
The researchers provided a rating sheet for the evaluators to
be able to rate the application. Scales from 1-4 were chosen
by the evaluators which corresponds to their rating of the
given mobile application.
The different criteria that were being validated
were Visual Appeal, Usability, Design Documentation &
Review, Mobile Technologies, Originality, Overall Quality,
Copyright, and Average. Suggestions and Comments was According to the table 1, the grade level that could
also made so that evaluators would be able to state their easily comprehend the Math Practice Quiz starts with Grade
insights regarding C.E.E.M.A. 3. It is easy to understand because the questions in Math are
straight to the point because it only involves numbers and
easy equations.

Table 2: Abstract Practice Quiz

Question Grade
Appendix L: Documentation of the Content Validity by Mr.
1.) N/A N/A
Lluisma, Ms. Bongacwil, and Ms. Cadiente

2.) N/A N/A 7.) An object of mass ‘m’ travelling at
3.) N/A N/A a speed ‘v’, is struck back in the 4
4.) N/A N/A opposite direction with the speed
v. The magnitude change of the
5.) N/A N/A
momentum of the ball is....
6.) N/A N/A 8.) A scooter’s velocity increases 6
7.) N/A N/A uniformly from 8 m/s to 24 m/s
8.) N/A N/A while covering 100 m in a straight
9.) N/A N/A line. This will happen in time
10.) N/A N/A 9.) Jumping out of a moving bus, a 4
11.) The sum of the greatest and the 4 passenger should run for some
smallest numbers 217, 9, 63, and distance in a direction
14 is..... 10.) At the highest point of the 8
12.) What is the length of a pin tow- 3
projectile, its velocity is
fifths as long as a pin 4 cm long? 11.) In a case of a uniform circular 10
13.) How many odd numbers less than 8 motion, the acceleration is
50 are exactly divisible by 3? 12.) Which kind of mirror can be used 5
14.) 19, 23, 26, 30, 33, ? -2 to put a piece of paper of fire with
15.) 40 40 31 31 22 22 13 _ _ -1 sunlight
16.) 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 19, 25, ___ -2 13.) The lens used to rectify the defect 10
17.) 1, 6, 13, 22, 33, ___ -2 of farsightedness (Presbyopia) is a
18.) 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ___ -2 14.) The defect of eye called myopia 7
19.) 978, ___, 924, 852, 708, 420 -2 can be corrected by using a
20.) 20, 19, 17, ___, 10, 5 -2 15.) The density of water is 6
AVERAGE O.1 16.) Water pipes burst in winter. This 0
is due to
According to the table 2, the grade level that could 17.) The velocity of sound in a 5
easily comprehend the Abstract Practice Quiz starts with
Grade 0. The result was very low because the Abstract medium is 425 n/s. A source of a
practice quiz is mostly composed of numbers and some of frequency 850 Hz will produce
the questions can’t be validated because it was on image waves with wavelength of
18.) Who among the following 12
Table 3: Science Practice Quiz scientists discovered the
relationship between electricity
Questions Grade and magnetism?
Level 19.) A fundamental electrical property
1.) Nautical mile is a unit of distance 3 that is either of positive or 13
in negative type to which the mutual
2.) An angstrom measures 3 attractions or repulsions between
3.) One lightyear is approximately 11 protons or electrons is attributed
equivalent to 20.) Which of the following set of 12
4.) The unit of pressure are 1 electromagnetic waves has
5.) 1 kilowatt-hour is a unit of 2 wavelengths in increasing order?
6.) A cyclist covers 6 km in 20 0 AVERAGE 6.1
minutes. His speed is

According to the table 3, the grade level that could few days.
easily comprehend the Science Practice Quiz starts with
Grade 6. There were some scientific terms included on the 17.) Shy and timid by nature, Dante 9
Science practice quiz that’s why the grade level increased became even more _____ when in
compared to the Math and Abstract Practice Quiz. the presence of his superior.
18.) Unable to attend the reunion, Susan 10
Table 4: English Practice Quiz
could enjoy it only in a _____ fashion,
Questions Grade through the videos taken there.
Level 19.) Ants appear to behave ______, 8
1.) First quarter revenue __________ 3 actively helping one another to find
$45.1 billion from $44.7 billion a year food.
earlier. 20.) An editorial praised the generosity of 12
2.) All the orders got _________ on 0 an anonymous ________, who had
schedule. donated over a million pesos to the
3.) Commercials builders downplayed 7 victims
_______ a bust in the superheated 21.) I haven't got …… 0
housing market. 22.) N/A N/A
4.) Property taxes _____ about 40 6 23.) I have Flamenco classes …… 5
percent of the overall tax revenue the 24.) David is the boss, you need to speak 1
states collects. to ….
5.) _______ the end of year results were 3 25.) N/A N/A
published, the managers got their 26.) Every year,he goes to the coast for 5
bonuses. his holidays ....
6.) Poverty: Prosperity 12 27.) N/A N/A
7.) Stage: Theatre 2 28.) They …….. time for lunch -3
8.) Tree: Sapling 0 29.) N/A N/A
9.) Cool: Frigid 0 30.) I'm going out .......some cigarettes 7
10.) Lamb: Frisk -3 31.) He says he's been robbed. He can't 0
find his wallet …..
11.) Evidently, neither of the professors 9
32.) ..... orange juice in the fridge -1
______ aware that the letter of
33.) N/A N/A
complaint has been linked to him.
34.) We haven’t got ..... mineral water. 7
12.) Either her brother or her parents 6
35.) I wanted a purple bike but they only 4
_______ Leah’s address in California.
had .....
13.) There in the middle of the aisle 9
36.) N/A N/A
______ my abandoned cart along
37.) N/A N/A
with all the items I had intended to
38.) Micheal ..... in Paris since 1999 2
purchase. 39.) Have you finished the shopping ..… 1
14.) Somebody leaves _____ computer 9 ?
on after work, and I intend to 40.) Have you sent that e-mail to Mr. -2
discover who that is. O'Neill? Yes, I’ve …..done that.
15.) Either the tests or the papers ______ 2 AVERAGE 4
been misplaced
16.) The coming of super typhoon is not 6
______; it threatens within the next

According to the table 4, the grade level that could
easily comprehend the English Practice Quiz starts with
Grade 4. There were some items in the quiz that involved
some difficult terms but also there some items that only
involved simple terms in Englsih that’s why the average
was in the middle.


Figure 7: Final Revision of C.E.E.M.A.

1.) The researchers changed the mobile apps name into
College Entrance Exam Mobile Application
Figure 5: Illustration flow of the revision of the new app (C.E.E.M.A.) which was originally named SASE
C.E.E.M.A. Mobile Reviewer Application.
2.) The researchers changed the logo, theme, and
Feedbacks from the users background picture into a more catchy and young
After the researchers had already distributed the vibe in order to get the attention of the students
mobile app for review and for validation, the researcher who will be using the app for educational purposes.
learned what aspects of the application should be improved. 3.) The researchers altered the time-limit which was
The first feedback that was given to us by our research originally 2 minutes in the whole practice quiz into
project adviser was to change the S.M.R.A’s name because 20 minutes. Which means that one question is
its original name is so specific that would limit its users. equivalent into one minute (except for the Abstract
The researcher’s adviser suggested to have a catching Practice Quiz which has a one question per thirty
acronym which also has a broad scope when it comes to seconds).
their audience. 4.) The researchers decided to separate the information
After content validation, the researcher’s adviser of the application and the information of the
also suggested to put a time limit to the practice quizzes to developers which was originally merged into one.
develop speed and comprehension to the students. It was 5.) The researchers inputted their individual profile so
also suggested to add more questions to the English Practice that users will be able to identify them easily (it
Quiz because in the actual SASE exam, the subject English includes the researcher’s profile picture, social
is quite numerous that’s why the researchers expanded their media links, and contact number)
Development of College Entrance Exam Mobile
Alteration of S.M.R.A. Application (C.E.E.M.A)
The researchers had considered all the users’ The researchers already altered and improved the
feedback and tried their best to immerge them in the said research project to provide a user-friendly and
existing application. Here are the list of changes that were accessible mobile reviewer for all students who will be
being made into S.M.R.A; taking up college entrance exams in the future. The
researchers hoped that the said application will be put into
good use and have a positive impact towards students that
reviewing does really improves your chance in having
success on your exams.

The research project entitled College Entrance
Exam Mobile Application was used by the Grade 12
students in reviewing for their college exams. The Practice
Quizzes of all four different subject areas contained a time
limit in which it improved the speed and comprehension of
the students. The correct answers that were being provided
by the researchers at the end of each practice quiz helped
the users assess their wrong answers and were able to
identify the correct answers.
The review feature of C.E.E.M.A. was utilized in
the assessment of the overall performance of the research

project. Users were able to give their feedback and their
suggestions regarding their experience upon using
C.E.E.M.A. The users also gave their rate which was being
symbolized by the number of stars which corresponds to
their feedback. The feedbacks were being sent on the gmail
of the researchers so that the researchers was being
informed on their positive and negative insights. The
researchers then compiled all of the reviews to come up
with a conclusion.
The mobile application served as a tool so that
future researchers will have additional information
regarding their feedback on the usefulness of having a
review upon taking college entrance exam. This was done
through the survey feature which was included on


After C.E.E.M.A. had been utilized by the users,
they had given their own feedbacks and evaluation of the
application based on their personal experience while using
the application. The following table is the targeted number
of users who will be giving their ratings of C.E.E.M.A.
according to their research adviser;

Table 5: Target Interval of the users of C.E.E.M.A.

1 administrator

10 teachers

20 students

Evaluation of C.E.E.M.A.
The researchers chose Mr. Vicente Lluisma
(Asssitant Principal of Senior High Department), Amyfill
Bongcawil (M.I.L. Teacher), and Mae Ann Limpangog
(I.C.T. Teacher) to evaluate and rate the contents of 5.1 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS
C.E.E.M.A. The evaluators were given hand-outs with a C.E.E.M.A had been distributed to its users, the
rating sheet for them to fill in. The following are the copy researchers asked their respondents to give their feedbacks
of the rating sheet that were given to the evaluators: and suggestion towards the application. The review feature
let the users rate the application by stars, 5 stars being the
Feedback of the users of C.E.E.M.A highest and 1 star being the lowest. The researchers had
The researchers also distributed the mobile application to already gathered the feedbacks from the required feedback
teachers and students because they were also the which is 1 administrator, 10 teachers, and 20 students. Here
benefactors of the research project. The researchers also let is the summary of their assessment of C.E.E.M.A;
them give their rating and feedback through online review According to the result, users rated five stars when
on the C.E.E.M.A’s program. The following are the top it comes to the criteria of making a mobile application.
feedbacks that really helped the researchers in improving Consisting of 62% of the whole population of the
the overall performance of C.E.E.M.A. respondents. 10 users rated four stars on C.E.E.M.A’s
overall performance, taking 29% of the overall percentage
of the respondents. Three students gave C.E.E.M.A. three
stars, consisting 9 percent of the overall percentage of the
respondents. Meanwhile, there are no users that rated
C.E.E.M.A. with 2 stars or 1 star.

Based on the findings, the researchers conclude the

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