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ENGL 1010
Meme Analysis
23 Sept 2019

Donald Trump Meme Analysis

Memes have existed for decades, but with the use of the modern-day internet, we can

access thousands of memes at the touch of a button. Many of those memes include political

agendas and are used to talk discreetly about sensitive topics, such as abortion, 9/11, area 51,

Obama Care, etc. Many of these memes poke fun at political and social figures that aren't highly

favored. A few years back hundreds of memes about 9/11 and Bush went viral. 2019 has been

the ear of #trumpmemes. He has been the topic of conversation for quite some time now, mostly

because he is the first person to be President without previously being a politician. Numerous

have vocally stated their opinions of Trump over the internet, some vocally, some through the

comical usage of memes. While scrolling through Facebook I came across a hilarious meme of

what appears to be Donald Trump in his early 20s. He is laying down on his bed in what looks

like a white robe. The meme states, "Felling cute lol might build a wall later idk." This pokes fun

not only at Donald Trump and his political agenda of building a wall, which many people find

completely ridiculous.

In the comment section of the meme, I found on Facebook, there were an array of

comments and opinions. Many people posted memes of their own to continue the conversation

with the original meme posted. One of those included a picture of an unopened Lego toy with

Donald Trump's face photoshopped onto a child's body. The child on the box was building a

Lego wall. The meme states, "I'll build one my got dang self." Some of the comments were

pretty inappropriate in the sense that they vulgarly expressed their hate towards Donald Trump.

The meme invokes that Donald Trump is "stupid" and the comment section agrees with that
Kadee Knupfer Kadee Knupfer 2
ENGL 1010
Meme Analysis
23 Sept 2019

notion. The meme itself insists that Donald Trump is an idiot, by the way, the meme was written

the picture that was chosen.

Furthermore, the way that meme was created pokes fun at Donald Trump and his love for

money and his upper-class lifestyle. It doesn't directly infer it, but I believe it pokes at the idea

that Trump is immoral. He is posing sensually. It isn't graphic but we can imagine the

circumstances as to why he was posing and why that picture was taken. Many continue to

criticize Trump for his past: He is a well-known businessman and television personality. Dozens

of women have accused Trump of sexual assault, including former Miss Utah 1997 and former

Miss Washington 2013. This meme hits home on the notion that Trump is "filthy rich" and


Lastly, the meme hits home on an immigration policy that numerous don't agree with and

opens up discussion about the wall that he is trying to build to separate Mexico and America.

Many people think this wall is ridiculous and is costing us too much money. The meme

humorously brings this topic to our attention as it says, "Might build a wall later idk." Building a

wall to separate the United States and Mexico was Trump's platform for his election. He believes

that various problems in the United States exist because of immigration and illegal aliens. To

prevent Mexico and anyone in Central or South American for that matter, to come into the

United States he decided to institute the building of a metal wall across the American border.

While many agree with the building of this wall, many equally oppose it, and so did those in the

comment section of this meme. Many Facebook users called Trump "a bigot", "stupid, "racist". It

is evident that this meme favors a political standpoint.

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ENGL 1010
Meme Analysis
23 Sept 2019

Memes continue to speak about political ideologies and help us relate socially as an

American society. I believe that memes will continue to discuss controversy between political

parties, and all the #donaldtrump #memes will continue to be on the rise with this next upcoming