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MythBusters™ Grading Rubric

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Question/ The question to be The question to be The question to be The question to be
Purpose answered during answered during answered during answered during
the project is the project is the project is the project is
clearly identified identified, but is partially identified, erroneous or
and stated. stated in an and is stated in an irrelevant.
unclear manner. unclear manner.

Experimental Hypothesized Hypothesized Hypothesized No hypothesis has

Hypothesis relationship relationship relationship been stated.
between the between the between the
variables and the variables and the variables and the
predicted results is predicted results is predicted results is
clear and reasonable based stated, but is
reasonable based on general based on flawed
on what has been knowledge and logic.
studied. observations.

Variables Students discuss Students discuss Students discuss a No variables are

all of the variables most of the few of the mentioned in the
within their variables within variables within experiment at all.
experiment their experiment their experiment
thoroughly and and are mostly and/or are
accurately accurate or may inaccurate with
(independent, have missed 1 or some or have
dependent, 2. missed many.
constants and

Procedures Procedure(s) are Procedures are Procedures are Procedures do not

listed in clear steps listed in a logical mentioned but are accurately list the
so the audience order, but some not in a logical steps of the
can follow your steps are missing order or are difficult experiment.
experimental or incomplete. to follow.
process with no
difficulty. Could be

Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion No conclusion was

includes whether includes whether includes what was included in the
the findings the findings learned from the report OR shows
supported the supported the experiment. little effort and
hypothesis, if the hypothesis and reflection.
myth was busted, what was learned
possible sources of from the
error, and what experiment.
was learned from
the experiment.

Videography- Many different Several (3-4) One or two Little attempt was
Interest "takes", camera different "takes", different "takes", made to provide
angles, sound camera angles, camera angles, variety in the video
(iMovie) effects, and/or sound effects, and/ sound effects, and/
careful of use of or careful of use of or careful of use of
zoom provided zoom provided zoom provided
variety in the variety in the variety in the
video. video. video.

Originality Product shows a Product shows Uses other Uses other

large amount of some original people's ideas people's ideas, but
original thought. thought. Work (giving them does not give them
Ideas are creative shows new ideas credit), but there is credit.
and inventive. and insights. little evidence of
original thinking.
Attractiveness Makes excellent Makes good use of Makes use of font, Use of font, color,
use of font, color, font, color, color, graphics, graphics, effects
graphics, effects, graphics, effects, effects, etc. but etc. but these often
etc. to enhance the etc. to enhance the occasionally these distract from the
presentation. presentation. detract from the presentation
presentation content.


Total /32 = ____________ %