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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region XI
Division of Panabo City
New Visayas, Panabo City

Midterm Examination in 21st Century Literature

Teacher: Sheila May D. Samon

General Instructions:
1. Read the questions carefully and write only the letter of your answer on the answer sheet.
2. You may have a lot of options in life, but here –answers to all questions are compulsory.
3. If you change your mind, do not mind either because ERASURES are not allowed.
1. What is the latin word for Poetry which means
a. Synecdoche
a. poiesis
b. Hyperbole
b. poetria
c. Paradox
c. poeta
9. Which is an example of proverb?
2. Which of the following does not describe poetry?
a. Ang buhay ay parang gulong.
a. has verse composed of metrical, formal, rhythmical,
b. Ikaw, ako, Tayo ay Pilipino.
and figurative languages
c. Ang kalusugan ay kayamanan.
b. appeals with mental/intellect
10. Concentrate on these elements when writing a
c. aims to stir one’s mind
good poem.
3. Prose is a term from the latin word prosa which
a. character, main idea, and theme
b. rhyme and reason
a. mimics
c. theme, purpose, form, and mood
b. oratio
c. figurative
II. Understanding Poetry
4. It is the most archetypal form of written language,
Identify the following terms used in poetry. Choose
applying ordinary grammatical structure and natural
the letter of your answers from the box.
flow of verbal communication.
a. poetry a. Epics h. Personal
b. prose b. Elegy i. Dramatic Lyric
c. literature c. Sonnet j. Soliloquy
5. This element of prose is divided into three parts, d. Ballads k. Character Sketch
the beginning, middle, and end. e. Ode
a. conflict f. Lyric
b. character g. Dramatic Monologue
6. In this conflict, a character or group of characters
11. This is a kind of poem that has 14 lines that uses
fight for freedom, rights, or for a cause.
rhyme in a set pattern or formal rhyme scheme.
a. Man vs. Man
12. This type of a short poem describes the personal
b. Man vs. Nature
thoughts and inner feelings of the author and usually
c. Man vs. Society
has musical quality.
7. Which is not a poetry form?
13. It refers to a musical poem that tells a story. It
a. tale
usually features a refrain, which is a repeated phrase
b. sonnet
or idea.
c. epic
14. This is a type of poem which is usually serious and
8. Which is an exaggeration?
sorrowful about a specific person who has died or
other serious, somber subjects.
15. This is a type of narrative poetry which tells a c. sugar-cane
story. It is a long poem that usually tells the story of a 33. Who is this handsome man who lived in
legend or hero. Bayombong?
16. The persona of the speaker is identified with the a. Malakas
poet. b. Magat
17. Lyric speaker addresses an auditor in a specific c. Toglibon
situation. 34. When the two gods died (Galang and Ulilang
18. It is a combination of drama and poetry. Kaluluwa), what tree sprouted out of their grave?
19. The poet serves as observer and commentator a. sugar-cane
who incorporate the element of suspense, conflict, or b. bamboo
tension. c. coconut
20. A long lyric poem either regular or irregular 35. Magat cannot see his wife every noon, why is it
stanzas. so?
III. ORAL LITERATURE (Riddles) a. because his wife turned herself to a crocodile every
Do the mental gymnastics and see how many you can
b. because his wife is a monstrous creature.
figure out on your own. Write your answers of the
c. because of spell.
riddles on your answer sheet.
36. The word myth comes from Modern Latin
21. Kung patay ay kabuhayan, kung buhat ay
kamatayan. (When it’s dormant it brings life, when it’s
a. mythus
alive, it brings death.)
b. mythos
22. Araw-araw namamatay, taun-taon nabubuhay. (It
c. mythous
dies everyday, It lives every year.)
37. This story is about the origin of native Filipinos.
23. Nakayuko ang reyna di nalalaglag ang korona. (The
a. Legend of Magat River
queen tilts her head but the crown did not fall.)
b. Si Malakas at Si Maganda
24. Itinapon mo na, bumabalik pa. (Even if you throw
c. Bagobo Origin
it away, it comes back.)
38. Legend comes from the old French __________
25. Kaibigan kong payat, lumuluha kung lumakad. (My
which means ‘things to be read’.
scrawny friend, weeps when he stride.)
a. legende
26. Isda ko sa Mariveles, nasa loo bang kaliskis. (My
b. legenda
fish from Mariveles, inside are it’s scales.)
c. legere
27. Maliit pa si Nene, marunong ng manahi. (Nene is
39. Known as the god of Bagobo Tribe.
still a child, already knows how to weave.)
a. Bathala
28. Baboy ko sa pulo, ang balahibo’y pako. (My pig
b. Manama
from an island, it’s bristle made with nails.)
c. Cibolan
29. Ako’y may tapat na kaibigan, saan man ako
40. Who was the god of which Magat made a
magpunta kasama ko kahit saan. (I have a royal friend
who always with me wherever I go.)
a. Manama
30. Nanganak ang birhen, itinapon ang lampin.(The
b. Kabunian
virgin gave birth, but throw the nappy.)
c. Apong
31. Who killed Ulilang Kaluluwa? Sagutin mo ng maayos, wag mong paglaruan ang test
a. Galang Kaluluwa paper dahil wala naman siyang ginagawang mali
b. Bathala sa’yo. –Samon, 2019
c. Illness
32. What was the only living thing seen by the boy in
the Bagobo origin when he crawled out to the field?
a. bamboo
b. sand

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