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Republic of the Philippines ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City werw.ercgei.ph ERC RESOLUTION NO. 19 Series of 2006 A Resolution Clarifying Issues on the Appointment of A Regulatory Compliance Officer (RCO) and Prescribing the Duties and Responsibilities Thereof WHEREAS, ERC Resolution No. 04, series of 2006 required all regulated entities to designate a Regulatory Compliance Officer (RCO) whose primary function shall be to ensure that the regulated entity complies with ail the pertinent issuances of the ERC; WHEREAS, in the same resolution, it was indicated that the said RCO shall be a senior level officer within the entity but not the General Manager or the Chief Executive/Operating Officer; WHEREAS, on various dates, the Commission received inquiries regarding the appointment, as weil as the duties and responsibitities of the said RCO; WHEREAS, for purposes of addressing the abovementioned concerns, the Commission hereby RESOLVES, as it hereby RESOLVES to issue the hereunder clarifications regarding the appointment of the RCO: I There is no specific requirement as to the professional background of an RCO as long as he could function as an Internal Coordinator within the regulated entity for purposes of complying with ERC issuances; i The Regulated Entity need not create a new position for the RCO as what was required is merely to designate one of its senior officers to function as such; and : iH. Replacement of RCO should not be more frequent than once every two (2) years and such replacement would only bind the ERC after seven (7} days from its receipt of the notice of replacement. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the RCO, shall, among others, have the following duties and responsibilities: I in Mh WV. Vv. Vi. Monitoring of ERC issuances; Assuring the timely compliance of the regulated entity to pertinent ERC issuances, . Participation in the Mandatory Regulatory Education Program (MREP) courses; Attending RCO meetings/seminars/conferences scheduled by the ERC; Recipient of ail general guidefines/issuances of the ERC, wherein the receipt of RCO is receipt of the regulated entity rule appiies; and Such other duties and responsibilities that the ERC may, from time to time prescribe. Let copies of this resolution be furnished all regulated entities. This resolution takes effect immediately. Pasig City, April 5, 2006. 9) RB. BUTALID Commissioner Peg k Liki. IF A. TAN JANDRO Z. BARI Commissioner Commissioner