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Multiple Choice Questions_Organizational Behavior

1. __is a multidisciplinary field devpted to understanding individual and group behavior,

interpersonal processes and organizational dynamics
a. Organizational behavior c. Performance management
b. Motivation d. Workgroup analysis
2. Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary body of knowledge with strong ties to all of the
following disciplines EXCEPT
a. Psychology c. Sociology
b. Physics d. Anthropology
3. A lack of clarity concerning what will happen is referred to as__
a. Temporal c. Uncertainity
b. Predisposition d. Negation
4. Organizational behavior is all of the following except__
a. Field of study c. An intuitive analysis
b. An applied field d. Studying what people do
5. __is a field of study that investogates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on
behavior within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an
organization’s effectiveness
a. Organizational development c. Organizational behavior
b. Management d. People management
6. Which of the following is not a core topic of organizational behavior?
a. Motivation c. Conflict
b. Attitude development d. Computers
7. Acording to the text, the best approach for obtaining knowledge about human behavior is__
a. The common sense approach c. A systematic approach
b. An observational approach d. A theoretical approach
8. A major theme in the textbook is that behavior is not__
a. Caused c. Consistent
b. Random d. Predictable
9. Behavior is generally__ and the __ of behavior is a means to making reasonably accurate
a. Predetermined; observation c. Controllable; theoretical
b. Predictable; systematic study application
d. Uncontrolable; systematic study
10. In the study of Organizational Behavior, intuition is replaced by__
a. Systematic study c. Listening
b. Generalization d. Prediction