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Lesson Plan

Class: V Subject : Environmental Studies (EVS)Chapter : Super Senses

GIST OF Targeted Learning Teaching Learning Questions on Life Skills to Suggested Activities Strategies to
LESSON Outcomes (TLO) Activities Planned TLOs, HOTS & be developed to inculcate Life evaluate Life
Correlation with Skills Skills
other Subjects
*Sensitizes *Observe different animals Blind fold activity – Slow Learner – *Sensitization *Reading articles and *Produce the
children to and their special behavior. *guessing the object’s *Name toward animals. to find out Amazing sounds of different
the amazing name by smelling them.
*Identify different smells animals you can
*Love and care facts about animals. animals.
world of whether it is good or bad. *Observe- ant’s movement see around you.
animals. for nature. *Recognize the birds * Name any five
in a line and note down *Name the animals
How they *To understand the
their behavior in different which can feel the
hear, see, importance and need *Environmental and animals by the things we get from
smell and ofdifferent eye sightsin vibrations from the sound. plants.
sleep. humans and animals. *Group Discussion. ground.
*To protect the *To write different *Name any five
*Awareness *Identify the different *Draw and color the High Achiever -
modes of communication animal parts like tusks, things which we get things we get from
about *How the ants find wild animals.
animals and in animals. horns, skin etc from the plants and animals.
their ways and
their *To find out sleeping and *Mono acting of sounds of follow each other? animals. *How can we help
protection. awakening time of different animals. toward
*Write the name of our elders?
*Protect different animals. Activity- disabledpeople
some birds which
wild life. *Identify the animals and *To put ear on a desk, tap have eyes on either (lacking one or
their parts for which they the desk and feel the side of the head? more sense
are hunted. vibrations and then feel the
vibration without putting Correlation organs).
*To know about National the ear on the desk. Math – time
Parks in India. Further followed by concept
relevant questions.
Art and Craft -
*Origami activity. Origami