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L’Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite Of Stars) Monomyth

I. Separation/Departure

1.1 The Call to Adventure

Maria experienced love at first sight towards Lorenzo when she first saw him. This prompted her

to go on a journey to look for materials needed to make a kite that will make her part of the stars

because Lorenzo “only has eyes for the stars”. She thinks that Lorenzo will notice her if she can

make a unique kite because Lorenzo is fond of looking at the stars in the sky.

1.2 Acceptance of the Call

Maria told her parents and padrinos that she was going off on a long trip. A journey that took

almost sixty years for Maria and the butcher’s boy to find all the items needed in the making

of the kite.

1.3 Supernatural Aid

Maria asked Melchor Antevadez, a skilled kite maker for a list of items needed to make the kite.

He gave her an impossible list of items as these were not found at Ciudad Meiora and none of it

can be bought. She was also accompanied by a fourteen year-old butcher’s boy.

1.4 Crossing of the First Treshold

Maria and the boy began their journey at Pur’Anan, travelled north to the lands of Bontoc and

Cabarroquis and travel on to distant and unheard places to find the materials they need.

1.5 Entering the Belly of the Whale

After the third year of their travel, they ran out of money. This took them to greater and more

dangerous path to find ways to finance their quest.

II. Initiation

1.1 Road of Trials

Through their entire travel they learned and acquired skills needed to pursue their quest.

Maria learned so many great things including speaking nineteen languages. In their seventh

year, a dreadful storm destroyed their caravan. Maria allowed herself to cry for the last time

and they began all over again.

1.2 The Ultimate Boon

At last Maria and the boy returned to Ciudad Meiora, both stooped and older. They have

with them the complete items needed to make the kite. A kite that will make Lorenzo

noticed Maria along with the stars.

III Return

1.1 Magic Flight

They made their way to the house of the kite-maker but was told that he died

many years before. But Melchor Antevadez was able to leave the design of the

kite for Maria. She asked the grandson to make the kite.

1.2 Rescue from Without

Reuel Antevadez finished the kite designed by his great-grandfather. A kite that Maria

thinks will make Lorenzo noticed her.

1.3 Crossing of the Return Treshold

The butcher’s boy helped and strapped Maria to the big kite. As she rosed in the sky she reflected

on so many things, about life, loss, hope and love.

1.4 Master of Two Worlds

Finally, Maria was able to do the impossible. As she looked at the city beneath her, she waved

her free hand thinking that Lorenzo is looking at her. While Lorenzo, an old man, long-retired,

sighed in his sleep and dreamed a dream of unnamed stars.

1.5 Freedom to Live

When a powerful wind took the kite to sudden new heights, when Ciudad Meiora and everything

Below her vanished in the dark, Maria Isabella du’l Cielo looked up at the beginning of forever and

thought of nothing.