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Margie Roselle G.

Opay Grade 11- STEM


Coming back from a relaxing summer holiday and resuming back to my

school life, I began to work on my personal physical fitness as well. This semester
in P.E. class, I made sure that I always had a positive attitude during PE classes,
and I feel that it have made a difference especially when we are having an
energizer or zumba before the class starts. I was able to self-motivate myself and
look at everything from an optimistic view. I learned how to develop a 1 week
exercise program and make a video. Comparing numerical results from the first day
all the way too the last day of exercise, I was able to see clear improvement that I
have made over time. This showed that designing a fitness program, I was able to
make a change and improve, even if it was one of the hardest task of mine. The
improvement that I have made is motivating me to work harder and make further
improvement particularly on my eating habits.

Comparing classes from my junior high year, I feel that we are given more
independence. We are given our own choice of workout and we can make choices
according to the skills that we feel that we should work on. This semester, I feel
that I am taking more initiative on writing and performing my FITT goals. I am
making sure that I do the goals that I have set for myself and marking the calendar
if I skipped any days. I feel that it is more challenging for me because during the
jogging which is the type of aerobic exercise I chose, the longest time I ran was
approximately 5 minutes. However, because it is a challenging activity, I feel that I
could make more improvement and utilize it as a practice to achieve my long term
goal. Thanks to Maam Jenny Bongalos, I feel that she kind of motivates me more
and pushes me during different activities.

Learning about my personal fitness, strengths and weaknesses, help me

analyze the actions of myself and different places where I should improve on. The
FITT test proves me numerical proof of improvement that I have made and skills
that I should work on some more to make further improvement. During our 1 week
fitness program exercise, the jog was the most challenging activity I did throughout
the week. I was really positive at first and kept on motivating myself, but when it
got to the middle I was complaining a lot. However, I am glad that I made it in the
very end! For the benefit of myself, I think I should keep on working out on own
time in the future. I should jog at least twice a week and make sure that I stretch
before and after the workouts as well. It will be important for me because it will
keep my personal fitness up and keep my body healthy as well.
One goal that I have that I want to accomplish is that by the end of the
semester I want to be able to run 10 minutes without using interval running. I feel
that this goal is important to me because I have always been able to run for only 5
minutes, so I think it would be a challenge for me to accomplish and beneficial to
my personal fitness as well. I would like to accomplish this goal by jogging twice a
week on my own time as well as constructing my meal plan. Making sure that I do
dynamic stretching before I run and static stretching after my run. I will be keeping
track of the laps that I run so that I will be able to identify the improvement that I
have made throughout time.

Life of a student is very challenging. Despite the load of assignments,

quizzes, exams and projects to catch on targets there is still avenue to loosen up. I
appreciated Maam Jenny’s solicitous inquiry about my health. Great thanks to the
subject Physical Education.