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Yalqa Dzimar Qinthara Amana

Pengetahuan Pariwisata dan Hospitality-HOA 1A

Why is Bandung Slow on Tourism Development
Bandung, the capital of West Java. Holding the third largest growing populace in the
country with over 2.5 million citizens in urban areas and more than 8 million in metro areas by
2015. With a populace count so high, why is it that Bandung develops slowly especially in its
tourism section? To answer that question, first, we need to know what makes a city develop
and what influences tourism development. Before that, we have to know what tourism is.
Based on the Oxford English Dictionary, tourism is the business activity connected with
providing accommodation, services and entertainment for people who are visiting a place for
pleasure. Based on that definition, we can assume that what tourism entails are tourist
attractions, hotels and lodging, and entertainment. Now that we know the premise, let’s move
on as to why the city Bandung develops it slowly.
With tourism being one of Bandung’s main attraction, you would wonder why tourism
feels slow and underdeveloped. In my opinion, there are a few problems that follow one basic
theme, people that uses the tourism facilities and the employees that run it. Problems branch
from cleanliness, the discipline of the facilities users, the attitude of both servers and customers,
and so on and so forth. For this essay we’re going to go through the first three problems
The first problem we’re going to peel through is cleanliness along with attitude
displayed by the tourists. Mainly, domestic tourists. Cleanliness and attitude regarding facilities
have always been a problem not just in Bandung but also this whole country. A city’s
cleanliness can be closely regarded to the citizens attitude regarding it. For Bandung itself, its
domestic citizens awareness regarding cleanliness could be said really low. There are still many
people littering the streets with trash even though garbage bins have been prepared by the
government and other private authorities. As for the tourists a lot of them can still be seen
littering the tourism areas making it unsanitary and destroying its beauty.
The second problem is the discipline of tourists and employees regarding the usage of
facilities. This problem also has a connection to the first two problems that we discussed before.
Why so? Think of it this way, have you seen anyone littering the sewers? Have you seen anyone
breaking a sink? Or maybe even the toilet bowls? Each and one of these actions have a negative
impact on the cleanliness and also the functionality of the facilities given. For example, what
if the sewers overflow due to trash blocking its water passage? What if toilet bowls become
clogged because you littered there? Exactly because of these reasons we move slowly in the
development of tourism.
In conclusion, the main reason to why Bandung’s slow on the development of tourism
is precisely because we can’t take care of our tourism destinations both in its cleanliness and
its facilities. Due to those actions, it makes the destinations a hostile environment for other
tourists and decreases our international visitors.