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Future of Literature

Yelena C. Toñacao

People might think literature could be just like a simple thing. Literature does not
help the economy, health and society in general. These literary works would not make
the world stop even though if it is gone. And only few people appreciate literature,
maybe because there lazy reading, writing creative piece or it may bore them that they
choose more exciting staff than literature. These are few points for those individuals
who do not care literature. However, does it end there? Does it not help the people?
Does it not touch lives? What would literature give to the future?

Songs, stories, poems, novels, articles and all written works are under literature.
This gives us information from what we read. Ideas and facts to what it feeds to us.
Also, interesting tales, crazy plots and unexpected endings. Literature gives us a free
tour from visiting to places, experience events of others lives, meet people and see
beneath their minds. We sometimes got struck by the moment and sooner realize we
are like part of the story. We feel the love, pain, happiness, even the sadness that the
characters let us feel. Those simple looking books, thick or thin, written by popular
authors or not, it let us see the mirror of the society and us people. Historians would not
be able to do their jobs even without digging and reading thoroughly history books. They
cannot solve each puzzle given by those people alive years ago without reading the
most significant events happened back then. Wherever and whatever the present has,
the books made years ago gave us the whole picture today. Even people who were in
their peak of success was once a person who is craving and wanting to be more, and
through reading it helped them, gives them tactics and a game plan because of the
authors who wrote their success stories, their trail and errors from the beginning until
the end. As what a famous philosopher once said, “We should employ our time
improving ourselves by other men’s writing and that in doing so we can come by easily
what others have labored hard for.”

Literature has two paths in the future. One, people would see its advantages to
make lives better or two all of us will forget its existence. What others may not know
literature has been the source of almost everything in this world has. From
communication, instructions, even governance and politics it all needs literature to let
them all function. Technically it is written from the soul which lasts ages, it provokes
thought and tests our convictions. Forget its existence mainly because others take
literature for granted. They don’t see the help it give, warmth and comfort the authors let
his readers embrace it freely.
100 years from now these literary works that is always ready to use, read and
those are rotten in the book shelves are all used by people who see the importance of
books and all kinds of literature medium. Every person is already knowledgeable
instead of being ignorant and suppress from awareness. If only people knew how and
what literature can give to the future.