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Summer internship project report


Comparative study between “Marketing strategy of competitor against Kashmiri product in

Ahmedabad city” [Kashmiri Product]


Kashmiri Products

Submitted to: - Gujarat technological university

Institute code: - 820

Institute name. : - Shayona institute of business management

Under the guidance of: -Prof.Nilrajsingh Vaghela

In partial Fulfilment of the Requirement of the award of the degree of

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Offered By

Gujarat Technological University


Prepared by: Anik Nayak

Entrollment no. : 188200592020

MBA ( semester-lll)

Month and year

July 2019








CHAPTER-1 Introduction of Kashmiri Products 11

1.1 History 12

1.2 Produc details 12

1.3 Basic Information 13

1.4 SWOT Analysis 14

1.5 Mission Vision


CHAPTER-2 Introduction to research of marketing strategy 17

of competitors against Kashmiri Product

2.1 Premchand 18

2.2 PASS PASS 22

2.3 Surili saffron Supari 25

2.4 Sweet Dilkhush mouh freshner 28

2.5 Sweet Mukhvas


2.6 Kasshi Mouth freshner

2.7 Green Mukhvas 37

CHAPTER-3 Kashmiri product Marketing Strategy 41

3.1 Action Plan 41

3.2 Findings 42

3.3 Learning 43

CHAPTER-4 Types of Competition 44

CHAPTER-5 Marketing Strategy 46

CHAPTER-6 Target Market 47

CHAPTER-7 Marketing Mix 48

CHAPTER-8 Litreture Review 49

CHAPTER-9 Suggestion 50

CHAPTER-10 Conclusion 53
Student’s Declaration

I hereby declare that the Summer Internship Project Report titled “Marketing
strategy of competitor against Kashmiri product in Ahmedabad city” [Kashmiri
Product] is a result of my own work and my indebtedness to other work
publications, references, if any, have been duly acknowledged. If I am found guilty
of copying from any other report or published information and showing as my
original work, or extending plagiarism limit, I understand that I shall be liable and
punishable by the university, which may include ‘Fail’ in examination or any other
punishment that university may decide.

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188200592020 Nayak Anik

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Institute Certificate

This is to Certify that this Summer Internship Project Report Titled“Marketing

Strategy of competitors against Kashmiri product in Ahmadabad city”is the
bonafide work of Anik Nayak (188200592020)who has carried out his project
under my supervision. I also certify further, that to the best of my knowledge the
work reported herein does not form part of any other project report or
dissertation on the basis of which a degree or award was conferred on an earlier
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This is to certify that project work embodied in this report entitled “Marketing
Strategy of competitors against Kashmiri product in Ahmadabad city” was
carried out by Anik Nayak and (Enrolment no. 188200592020) of shayona
institute of business management(code-820).

The report is approved / not approved.

Comments of External Examiner:

This report is for the partial fulfilment of the requirement of the award of the
degree of Master of Business Administration (Part-time) offered by Gujarat
Technological University.


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On that time of 21th century boom of FMCG companies leads to growth or

survive with significant expansion. At this project has been undertaken in
Kashmiri products. “Which is a organization new in Ahmedabad market in mouth
freshener segment. In this project researcher has experienced retailer satisfaction
level of existing customer of Kashmiri products”. Researcher also experienced
about the seller behavior and sellers satisfaction from Kashmiri products.
Researcher has done extensive market research about the problem and the
factors associated with it. On the basis of observed data and analysis certain
recommendation have been given for future exploration of the organization.
After that market research of several sellers. The research study is limited to
Ahmedabad. Here is my survey I personally meet mostly retailers and find
competitor’ strategy.

It is a great for me to all who generously helped sharing their invaluable time and
rich experience with me, without which this project would have never been
No task can be achieve alone, particularly while attempting to finish a project of
such magnitude. It took many special people to facilitate it and support it hence,
“I would like to acknowledge all of their valuable support and convey my humble
gratitude to them. I would like to thank PROF. Nilrajsinh Vaghela and all other
guidance throughout the preparation of project and their valued suggestion”.
First of all, I would like thanking Mr. Swapnil gupta (Director of Kashmiri
products), Pune and thank to MR NIRAV GUPTA (SALES AND MARKETING
MANAGER) and other staff members for their valuable guidance and
I express my sincere thanks to the management of KAHMIRI PRODUCTS for giving
me this golden opportunity to work as a trainee in their company. The guidance
and their support provided by the company have really made the training a
learning experience for me.” This support periods was full of rich experience,
which will definitely help me in my future career”.
Executive summary

The report contains the organizational study done as Kashmiri products. The
PRODUCT IN AHMEDABAD CITY” The report gives an overview of food sector
(mouth freshener) and company profile. And awareness of retailer about different
types of product and service offered by Kashmiri products.
“This study was conducted to find out the Marketing strategy of competitors
regarding product and service quality provided by Kashmiri products. That I met
many retailers and know about other mouth freshner products marketing
strategy and life-cycle of competitive product.
The data collected from the different retailers was analyzed thoroughly and
presented report.” Kashmiri products must advertise regularly and create brand
value for its products and services. Most of its competitor like BHAGAT,
PREMCHAND, SIRG and other competitors use their location as they are locally
from they get mouth publicity from a long time to promote their products”.
In Ahmedabad consumer has a preference about quality over quality- they feel
that a product must have a good quantity. On the whole Kashmiri products is a
good place to work at. Every new recruit is provided with extensive training on
the products of Kashmiri products.

I am deeply grateful to my college guide academician. Prof. Nilrajsingh vaghela

(Project Guide) for her invaluable suggestions, comments, feedback and support
throughout the internship.

Introduction of Kashmiri Product

 Establish : 1972

 Headquarter : Pune , India

 Sector :[FMCG]

 Industry : Food Industry

 Founded by : Ramesh Gupta

 MD : Nirav Gupta

 Type Business : Family business

 Revenue : 50 crore

 Numbers of employees : 50 approx..

1.1 History :
Established in 1972, Kashmiri products has made a name for itself in list of
top suppliers of Mouth freshners, grain in india. The kashiri company is
located in Pune, Maharatra and is one of the leading seller of listed

We at Kashmiri products introduce ourselves as pioneer in processing and

packaging of fennel seeds. It is a family owned business since 1972. What
started as a home preparation is now developed Open into full-fledged
automated industry. “Our industry is based upon the medical and wellbeing
values seeds. Fennel seeds are very effective for digestive problems. They
help to overcome gas, cramps, indigestion and many other digestive tract
maladies. It’s also used as an herbal mouth freshener”.
Kashmiri product are well known Exporter and manufacturer and supplier
of mouth freshner, grain etc. Kashmiri products is well known for the best
quality products and service in Pune.

1.2 Product Details :



Website: www. Kashmiri products.com

Source: http://checkwebsite price.com/en/cost/Kashmiri products.com

1.3 Basic information :

Domain Name Kashmiri products.com

Title Kashmiri products-special mukhvas,

organic fennel seed

Description Kashmiri product is offering all kind of

mouth freshener like Kashmiri mitha,
Kashmiri dhanasoun, Kashmiri
mukhvas, Kashmiri dhanadal

1.4 SWOT Analysis :

Strengths :

 Huge market potential

 Flexible products design

 Cheap labor

 Need less investment

 Well known Company

 Kashmiri mitha sweetener does not contain sugar

Weakness :

 Low involvement products

 People preferring tobacco may not prefer

 Covered less graphical area [Only Maharashtra]

 Unorganized beat plan

 Dependence on retailers and distributers

Opportunity’s :

 Product for people who want to give up tobacco

 Products for young Indians

 Expand their business in out of Maharashtra

 Diversification of business

 Demand is increasing so this is a time to earn maximum profit

Threats :

 Increasing distribution cost

 Entry of various entrants

 Young people may prefer chewing gum

 Adults may prefer traditional paan or supari as mouth freshener

 Presence of the large unorganized sector in the mouth freshener segment

1.5 Mission vision :


To expand over INDIA and in other countries and to entre in the modern


To develop more food products, to start with new packing and to entre in the
modern trade and covering vast area.

Introduction to Research of Marketing strategy of

competitors against Kashmiri products.

In my study, I look so many mouth freshner company which are success in

Ahmedabad in very average time. But Kashmiri product is new in Ahmedabad and
also no any distributer is available so many problems in selling this products.

However, All kashmiri products are very good quality and better price but this
products is new so I was many problem faces.

Now, I am presented research of Marketing strategy of competitors against

Kashmiri products. In addition , I will represents some competitor companies with
their product life cycle and also strategy of marketing in Ahmedabad.
2.1 Premchand :
 Product Life Cycle :

1. Introduction :
Premchand Dhanadal is leading and trusted brand of Dhanadal in
Gujarat and other parts of India. The illustrious brand of Gujarat is
successfully carrying the legacy of its founding brand “Bhagat Dhanadal“

 Founder : Shri Somabhai Bhagat

 Establish : 1985

 Headquarter : Gujarat, India

 Sector : [FMCG]

 Industry : Food Industry

 Nature of Business : Manufacturer

Bhagat Dhanadal Pvt. Ltd. is a Private incorporated on 04 December 1991. It is

classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies,
Ahmedabad. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 100,000 and its paid up capital
is Rs. 7,000. It is inolved in Business activities.

2. Growth of the Premchand Dhanadal :

Marketing strategies used in the growth stage mainly aim to
increase profits.

Services :
 Quality assured product range

 Adept team of professionals

 Ethical business policies

 Client-centric approach

 Large distribution network

 Transparent dealings

 Excellent transport & logistic facility

 Reasonable prices
Quality Assurance :
Unlike the loose dhanadal sold at kirana stores, Premchand
Dhanadal goes through a stringent process of cleaning, de-
husking, soaking and roasting at its modern & hygienic
processing unit. We believe in offering the best quality at value
for money, thus a stringent selection process is followed in
procuring finest quality raw materials. It is then packed in
superior quality packs to give the same rejuvenating taste every
3. Maturity :
When your sales peak, your product will enter the maturity stage.
This often means that your market will be saturated and you may find that
you need to change your marketing tactics to prolong the life cycle of your

 Sales Volumes Peak : After the steady increase in sales during the
Growth stage, the market starts to become saturated as there are fewer new
customers. The majority of the consumers who are ever going to purchase the
product have already done so.
Bhagat Dhanadal Corporation is very success in all over Gujarat and it is in
maturity stage in this time. However so many competitive company are available.

4. Decline stage :
So many competitors are available in market so Bhagat Dhanadal

products are in maturity level and slightly decline in sales. Bhagat Dhanadal
corporation is maintaine this product quality since establishment.

1. Introduction :

Company name : The Dharampal Satyapal Group [DS Group]

Company establish : 1929

Founder : Shri Dharampal Sugandhi

Shri Satyapal Sugandhi

In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, a fresh treat that brings people close. Pass
Pass is the mouth freshener that always charm with its taste and fragrance,
encouraging a lively conversation anytime, anywhere.
Since its inception, Pass Pass has encouraged consumers to experience the joy of
togetherness. With its delectable blend of ingredients and flavours coming
together, this brand inspires togetherness and has built an equity as India's
preferred after mint.

Type of Pass Pass :

1. Mint Pass pass

2. Katha Pass pass
3. Meetha magic Pass pass
4. Frutti bits Pass pass

2. Growth :
Pass-Pass ’ marked the Group’s entry into confectionary business. The
brand Pass Pass was repositioned to encompass a broader portfolio of
pioneering products in Confectionary business. From traditional natural mouth
fresheners to the fun-filled mini chewing gums ‘Chingles’, DS confections offer
the choicest innovative flavours for all age groups

From the sweet, cooling taste of Mishri and Khajoor to the aromatic and
tasteful zest of Saunf and Elaichi, Pass Pass successfully combines India’s
choicest delights for a mouth-watering experience that is truly worth savouring.

Causes of growth :

1. Empathy, sympathy & Compassion

2. Mutual trust & respect
3. Openness
4. Honesty & Integrity
5. Relationship with customers

3. Maturity :

The Group works strongly on the principles of integrity, dedication,

resourcefulness and commitment.

Numerous products are available in market and also tobacco products are
highly selling in all over India.

Pass pass is a mouth freshner and thre are available in many types so
people like to eat this product for mouth freshner, so pass pass sales are
significantly increase in last 10 years.

Sales of Pass pass






40% Sales




2005 2010 2015 2019
2.3 Surili Saffron Supari :
1. Introduction :
It comes under natural flavour products. It is pure mixture of natural saffron
which enhances its taste up to the end. No Accumulation of betelnut after
chewing and easy flow under throat and digested.

Company Name : H. M. Products

Establishment : 1994
Nature of Business : Manufacturer
IndiaMART Member since : Apr 2004
Founded : Gujarat, India
sweet betel nuts or flavored sweet supari, pan flavoring material in India.
The product range includes different types of scented supari like elaichi
mix, saffron flavored, sandal flavored etc. The company displays its products
under the brand names of sarika, surili, suman and paras.
Other products :
 Sarika Sandal Supari
 Sarika Sweet Supari
 Surili Sweet Supari
 Surili Saffron Supari
 Suman Sweet Supari (Elaichi Mix)
 Paras Sweet Supari
 Paras Pan Flavouring Material
 Surili Kharraa
2. Growth :

Surili saffron supari is a very popular in Gujarat pan masala and mouth
freshner market and also so many competitors are available in Gujarat market
but Surili brand is very famous and highly selling product in last 2 decades.

H. M. Product sales are very significantly increasing in few years and

also this company produce so many other paan masala products and also mouth
freshner Products.

3. Maturity :

This compmany Sales Level are cotinuesly rising day to day and reach a top level
in paan masala and Mukhvas marketing.
And they are applying new advertising stlye and offer in bulk purchasing.





40% sales




2000 2010 2015 2019

4. Decline:

Today Market is competitive and all manufacturer are uses new

technology to marketing but this product is successfully rising and sales are
growing nowadays so that is no any decline in sales.

2.4 Sweet Dilkhush Mouth Freshner :

1. Introduction :

Comapny name : Akshar Corporation

Year Establish : 1993
Founded : Gujarat, Ahmedabad
Business : Manufacturer, wholesalers

Good quality and Variety of Mukhwas, Price is reasonable. Also provide

customized mukhwas as per requirement of customers.

Also this corporation sales their products in caterings, Hotels and

Restaurants as per requirements of retailers and wholesalers.

Types of Mouth freshner :

 Sweet dilkhush mouth freshner

 Meetha mawa mouth freshner
 Kalkatti pan mouth freshner
 Panchuri saunf mouth freshner & etc.

2. Growth :

Akshar corporation is established in 1993 in Ahmedabd and very

struggle in this field but in today’s era they are very successful corporation
in mouth freshner industry.
This company supplies mostly products in household, restaurant,
hotels and caterings and also big packging selling of the mukhvas in

3. Maturity :
This Company is stable in 2015 in sales and highest selling and also
sale in all the retailers in ahmedabad.
They also need to consider any product modifications or
improvements to the production process which might give them a
competitive advantage.

4. Decline :

This Company sales are decline in 2019 because of law marketing

strategy and no advertismen. The second reason is that so many
competitors of mouhfreshner are available in Ahmedabad market.









1993 2005 2015 2019
2.5 Sweet Mukhvas :

1.Introduction :

Company name : Mittal Treders

Types of product :
 Sweet Mukhavs
 Gujarati sweet mukhvas
 Dilkhus sweet mukhvas
 Green Sweet Mukhvas

Business Type : Wholesaler/Distributor / Supplier

Year Established : 2015
Products Supplier and
Distributor : Sugat cotted fennel, sweet scented supari,
Paan Chocolate and Paan Mukhvas
2.Growth :

SALES Rapidly rising sales

COST Average cost per customer

PROFITS Rising Profit

MARKEING OBJECIVES Maximize market share

PRODUCT Offer product extensions

PRICE Price to penetrate market

DISTRIBUTERS Build intensive distribution

ADVERISMENT Build awareness and interest in the

mass market

3.Maturity :

Mittal traders manufacture so many types of mukhvas such as

Sweet Mukhavs, Gujarati sweet mukhvas, Dilkhus sweet mukhvas, Green Sweet
Mukhvas and etc.

SALES Peak sales

COST Low cost per customer

PROFITS High Profit

MARKEING OBJECIVES Maximize profit while defending market


PRODUCT Diversify brands and models

PRICE Price to match or best competitors

DISTRIBUTERS Build more intensive distribution

ADVERISMENT Stress brad differences and benefits

2.6 Kasshi Mouth Freshner :

“KASSHI” presents a wide range of Mukhwas, Churan and Paan Items.

We are a family owned, run and operational company since 2012. We
manufacture and sale our products whose function is universally
known as digestive aid. Our products are result of choicest ingredients
and match the highest quality standard. Freshness & delicious taste is
what makes our products favourite among our quality conscious
customers all over India and abroad. We believe in quality, delicious
taste, and freshness.

Our products are also available in natural colours extracted from fruits
& vegetables thereby making it a healthy choice for all age groups.

Mukhwas, Churan and Paan is inherently used post meals as digestive

aid to process the food and as a mouth freshener for oral mouth
hygiene. It is an ideal taste enhancer to savour the sweet, salty & sour
flavours suiting each ones taste. Our endless desire to manufacture new
digestive aid helps us to add to our product list.

With an ideal mix of digestives served in a variety of flavours we have

something for everyone.

Types of Mukhvas :

 Salty Mukhvas
 Sweet & Spicy Mukhvas
 Processed Fruit Mukhvas
 Paan Product
 Sopari product
 Silver Varakh items

2.Growth :
Marketing strategy used in growth stage in his company :

 Improved product quality and add new product features and styling.
 Add new models and products of different size, color, shape, etc.
 Enter new market segment
 Increase distribution coverage enter new distribution channel
 Shifts from product awareness to product preference advertisement.
 Lower prices to attract next layer of price sensitive buyers.
3.Maturity :








2012 2014 2016 2018
2.7 Green Mukhvas :

1.Introduction :
Company Name : Mahavir Marketing
Registered : 2009
Proprietor : Mr. Sandip Jain
Nature of business : supplier, Manufacturer
Address : Plot No. 2779, Nisha Pole, Behind Sonu Music, Zaveri

Ad, Relief Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380001, India

Registered in 2009, Mahavir marketing has made a name for itself in

the list of top supplier of india. The supplier company is located in
Ahmedabad , Gujarat and is one of the leading seller of listed product.

Mahavir marketing is listed in Trade India’s list of verified sellers

offering supreme qualiy of etc. Buy in bulk from his company for the best
quality product s and services.
2. Growth :


60% Sale
2012 2018

3. Maturity :
Marketing strategy used in maturity stage in company
Market modification :
 Converting non users
 Entering new market segment
 Win competitors customers
 Redefine target market

Product modification :
 Quality improvement
 Adopting advance technology
 Product differentiation

Kashmiri Product Marketing Strategy

3.1 Action Plan

1) Inventory given on first day by company or collect from distributers

2) Sold it in market to customers and make new customers.

3) Developed new product like ; Kashmiri pan, mukhvas.

4) Write customer problem and take feedback about product.

5) Made daily selling report and sent to external matter with all daily
3.2 Findings

• Differentiated market for kashmiri product

• Good brand image and have a potential market with more
• Conflict between Company and Distributers
• Customer always look for offers
• Impact of GST and inflation on price & sale
• Got knowledge about billing & discount
• High competition
• Experience of sales executive and market stretagy
• Team work can work better deals
3.3 Learning

 Consumer need ,customer relationship effect the market

 How distributer channel work
 How to make deal with customer
 Market and Competitor analysis
 Understanding about retailers behavior consumers
behavior and FMCG market
 Importance of demand and supply
 Personal selling
 Purchasing power and investment strategy
 Knew about packing pricing and margin strategy

Types of competition

1. Brand competition
2. Industry competition
3. Form competition
4. Generic competition

1. Brand competition :
Brand competition include other companies offering similar product
service to the same customer at similar prices. Here, the brand competition
would be all the companies selling Mukhvas along the same line as Kashmiri’s.
Because of this brands like Anand Mukhvas , Premchand , Sir-g , etc… and the
unorganized sector are considered as Brand competitor.

Industry Competition
The Mukhvas industry is essentially made up of a few players producing
the same products partially differentiated along the lines of quality , styling and
services. This means that the Mukhvas industry follows the pattern of
‘differentiated oligopoly’.
Form competition
Form competition essentially means that competitors who produce
products that supply the same service. In case of Kashmiri Products , it faces stiff
competition from other Mukhvas like Surili Variyari , Passpass , etc…and other
items as people tend to substitude Mukhvas very easily with this products.

Generic competition
Generic competition essentially includes those companies competing for
the same amount consumer money. In case of Kashmiri’s, it includes all edible
products in the same price rang.

Marketing strategy



Target Market
Customers of unorganized

Youth section of the market


Marketing Mix


Positioning Price



“In India has witnessed transformation in the shopping habits of the

consumers. Modern retail outlets have provided Indian consumers with new
shopping exposure and constantly evolving choice for shopping with embracing
on wide range of products. Modern retail formats are operating in different sizes
and shapes. They are quite in different terms of the ownership, the kind of
premises used, and the orientation of the product range.

This study examines empirically how consumers‟ perception towards -

stores get affected by demographical situation and store variables when they
make purchase decision”.

THOMPSON & CHEN (1998) Retail stores image has been shown to play an
important role in store patronage, and it is widely accepted that psychological
factors have a significant role in store image formation. Past research and
consumers‟ self-images. This study was undertaken to move to the next stage by
exploring the link between perceived store image and the personal values which
underlie behavioral choices. Fashion retailing was selected as an appropriate
research domain because of well-established associations between clothing
choice, personality, self-concept, and personal values. “Means end theory and
laddering methodology were employed in interviews 30 female respondents. The
hedonic values of “enjoyment and happiness” and with image. These were linked
through the consequence “nice feeling” to the tangible attributes of “price”,
“quality “and “reputation”. The study illustrates an application of means end
methodology in retail environment, and the results provide a platform for fashion
store image and positioning strategies. Suggestion for further research are made.


 The company should build the good relationship with customers and they
need to improve communication between the customers.
 The customer’s perception towards Kasmiri Products private limited has to
be improved and enlarged by increasing the public relations, publicity and
 The company should set the proper quotations of price with regard to
competitors’ prices.
 According to the customer requirements they have to increase the
 The company should try to upgrade technology of Marketing &
Advertisment in order to cope up with other competitors.
 The company should produce abundant goods in right quantity and quality
at the right time. The company should reduce the price of its products in
order to increase the sales.
 The company should provide good quality service to the customers and
should retent the customers trust and faith.
 The company should starting good offers for retailers and customer so
attract the company’ customers.
 The company should accepted real Marketing strategy and also
Advertisment, and enhanced their business.

 Company needed more marketing strategy.

 Company needed to gives more quantity
 Advertisement or sticker use for marketing.
 Margin or turnover is important for seller than, company concentrate on
margin or turnover for seller needs.
 Needed regular selling or marketing.




 From this survey, it is confirmed that Kashmiri products should aware about
the Kashmiri products easily retailer not accept new products.

 Marketing and sampling is necessary for a new brand.

 While researcher would analyses the market, it would found only new
product is accept where product awareness is good in market

 Mostly customer use SURILI or SIR G regular product of mouth freshener.

 While analyses the data mostly we sold material to hotels.