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Pearson Test for English (PTE)

A widely known language test PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH or PTE is a commonly accepted testing system by
international universities and institutions to assess and validate non-native English speakers. It is conducted by the Pearson
Language Test of London University. The test is endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council. The tests are
conducted in three ways PTE academic, PTE general and PTE Young Learners.

PTE is a computer based exam which tests all the four skills of English language .i.e. listening, reading, writing and
speaking. Questions are often designed in such a way where two skills are tested together, reading and speaking or
listening and reading. The test mainly focuses on the real life- English use in academic surrounding. It is a three hour long
exam and result can be expected within 5 working days. The scores are marked on the Global Scale of English, which is a
standardized numeric scale from 10-90.

What We Offer?

As the old saying goes consistent hard work give great results. We offer a coherent and productive ONLINE class for PTE.
The candidates have the complete freedom to choose any time slot of 1 hour per day. Faculty availability is assured. A daily
report of the assignment given, trainers’ and students’ attendance, students’ progresses are tracked and can be accessed
by the student, trainer and the management.

Ample and genuine study materials are provided by us. We prepare the students for getting higher scores by systematic
evaluation and correction. A set of mock test is conducted before the candidate appears for the main exam. Our efficiency
along with the consistent effort put up the candidate help to achieve way more than the required score.

How Long Is PTE Valid For?

As most of the language the validity of PTE score is for 2 years from the date of the exam. Once the date expires the score
is automatically removed from the PTE site. The test result is always declared after five business days from the date of the

Is PTE Is Easier Than IELTS?

IELTS and PTE are common English language test for non-native English speakers equally accepted by international
universities and institution. One goes in place of the other; therefore neither of them can be placed above or below each in
terms of difficulty level. Both IELTS and PTE have got the same standard. The difference is in the structure and pattern of
the exam. In IELTS all the four skills are compared separately while in PTE the test is conducted with skills combined

Who Recognize PTE?

PTE is an internationally acclaimed English language test for non-native English speakers. It is accepted by more than 6000
universities and international educational institutions worldwide, including all the Ivy League universities. PTE score is also a
criterion to get the Australian and New Zealand VISA.