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What is the importance of curriculum in education?


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Osarenren Uwadiae, studied Mathematics at University of Benin (2008)

Answered Aug 5, 2018

Originally Answered: Why is curriculum important?

A curriculum is important in an educational system. It helps one plan the education process or procedure for a
given period of time (a term, session, lesson period etc). As the saying goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to

Curriculum consists of continuous chain of activities needed to translate educational goals into concrete
activities, materials and observable change in behavior. A lesson plan for example is a curriculum used by the
teacher in the classroom.

Now, imagine a teacher going into the classroom not knowing what to teach or how to teach it, that is going to
be a disaster for her or him because at the end the students wouldn't have learnt anything apart from the fact
that the teacher seems confused and the teacher would be mentally stressed out unneccessarily a resultof lack
of planning (curriculum).

Hence for a society to achieve its educational goals, it needs a curriculum that is functional and relevant to its
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Christina Duganich Simons, Professor of English (1969-present)
Answered Feb 14

Any curricula at any level should be based on what objectives or goals the educator or educational institution is
trying to achieve in regard to students. A course of study for a class that teaches a student how to touch-type
should be very different from one that teaches students to write a novel or a poem or even the results of a
science experiment. A course of study for a liberal arts degree should be different from that for an M.D. Classes
required for an auto mechanic should be quite different from those required for a physical education teacher.

Therefore, a curriculum is of the utmost importance, as it mandates, among other things, how teachers and
students will spend their time—in a lab? in clinical practice? in creating? in listening to lectures? It also clearly
shows what a class, a department, a school, or an institution values, what these entities see as their mission,
and what each expects its graduates to achieve. A curriculum should be the map to the essentials in any course
of study, from the classroom level to the institutional level.

The success of any curriculum, then, should be judged on the basis of whether it achieves its objective. It’s a
test of how well an educational institution (or an individual teacher) defines and understands those objectives.
It’s a measure of how well an educational institution (or individual teacher) maps out a way for a student to
find his or her way to success as defined by those objectives. It answers the questions, “What do I want my
students to know? How can I engage them in a series of activities that will maximize their chances of knowing?
How can I measure what they have learned from these activities?” Can the student type x words per minute?
Can the student produce a creative work of literature? Can the student diagnose/operate on/cure a patient? Can
a student repair a car? Can a student become more physically fit?

If teachers or academic departments or educational institutions pay no attention to the demands of

curriculum, there’s chaos. Curriculum means far more than “lesson plans.”
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Mousin Wani
Answered Oct 26, 2018
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Curriculum is regarding as the heart of institution. It helps the teachers to deliver the quality
education.Curriculum is the center of all educative process.Without curriculum we are direction less.

Following points show the importance of curriculum

(1)All round development:-Curriculum is tha main instrument for allround development of an educand,it
helps in developing the social,physical,emotional and intelectual aspects of an individual.

(2)Achievements of Aims:-Without curriculum the aims of education are unattintable,so it helps in acheiving
the aims of education

(3)Developing democratic values:-Curriculum helps in developing Liberity,Fratenity and equality in the minds
of students.

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Why are teachers important in curriculum development?


How important is education?


Why do we need to implement a curriculum?


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Asmita Budhathoki, B.Ed.ICt Psychology

Answered Tue
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Curriculum is an most important in education by the following:-

1. It helps to develop all the aspects of a learner.

2. It decides what kind of development aspects should be focused, how they are being developed, how the skill,
capacity and concepts of learners can be developed ,etc.

3. It also emphasis to provide the theoretical and subjective knowledge and information on the basis of

4. It is also classroom teaching and learning oriented. So that the any problems can be solved inside the class in
same time.

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Alise Kubecki, M.Ed. Education, Antioch University, Santa Barbara (2015)

Answered Aug 28, 2018
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Curriculum is an essential component in robust education. I start with the pedagogy of the school where I
work. A pedagogy is a particular practice of teaching: Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia as examples. If a
school does not articulate a specific pedagogy, the mission statement will reflect the teaching practices. The
curriculum is constructed to support the pedagogical ideals of the school according to each grade level. The
lessons in each piece of the curriculum are designed to help every style of learning and support students with
varying emotional and behavioral needs. The day-to-day lessons and activities should always support the
learning goals articulated by the curriculum. Students appreciate understanding what their learning goals are
and how each lesson brings them closer to understanding.
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