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I. Annotate the "site of the first mass".

The first Catholic mass in the Philippines took place in the island of Limasawa located in the province of
Southern Leyte. It was held on March 31, 1521, during an easter sunday and was presided by Father
Pedro de Vaderrama along the shores of "Mazaua". The Holy first mass marked the birth of Roman
Catholicism in the Philippines. On June 19, 1960, Limasawa Law was enacted which declared, the site in
Magallanes, Limasawa in the province of Southern Leyte , was declared a national shrine to
commemorate the birth of Christianity in the Philippines. Up until this day, the place has been a location
for different pilgrimage by Catholics and schools. It is visited by many devotees and became a tourist
spot because of its beautiful sceneries.

II. Discuss the relevance of the topic to the discipline.

Since the site of the first mass which is the Limasawa where the first catholic mass was held, introduced
us to Christianity, it became part of our history as Catholics and as Filipinos, which leads to discovery of
our country, followed by colonialism and acquirement of our country's name. The site of the first mass
serves and is considered as the first connection of the Spaniards and the Filipinos since it is where
Magallanes crew dock off and introduced the Christianity to the Filipinos.

III. Discuss the significance of this topic to todays time.

The first catholic mass and intoduction of Christianity played an important role in shaping todays time
because 86 percent of the population of the Philippines is composed of Roman Catholics. In todays time,
we can distinguish the prominence of the great devotion of the Filipinos to the Catholicism, we have
various feast to celebrate in different part of the Philippines . There are known festivals that became
part of our faith and our selves, such as Sinulog Festivals in Cebu, the procession of the Black Nazarene
and so on. Even though several centuries have passed already when Christianity was introduced to us, it
never fade because of the great influence that is planted to us ever since and it never cease to exist
because of our belief and faith. There are primary sources such as manuscripts and journals that are
kept in order to preserve its essence for the next generation to look up and serve as evidence of our
long history. For me, I am a product of history and a devoted Catholic who believe in God and is active in
participating in activities such as festivals and pilgrimage that involves faith especially when I studied in
a Catholic school.