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Shan is a global food brand, serving and delighting people for over 3 decades. It has become a house-hold name
synonymous with quality. They strive to deliver the authentic taste of various cuisines, in ever more convenient
ways to enrich the lives of their consumers around the world.
Shan Foods innovates with delicacies of the sub-continent to give you a bite of happiness every day.


The main objective is to provide quality. They make sure that quality is ensured at every step from buying raw
materials to the finished goods. In this era of globalization SHAN FOOD has introduced technologically advanced
software and machinery to achieve the maximum rate of return with keeping customers need in mind. These
factors have helped SHAN foods paved its way to success by pioneering in the spice business and making it a
powerful brand with the presence in 65 countries almost in 5 continents.


There is a lot of growth for the spice business in Pakistan. Shan foods has been successful in untapping the gap and
exploring new areas to deliver. According to the resources, 75%-80% market is still for the unbranded spices and
20%-25% is owned by the branded spices out of which SHAN FOODS has acquired 40% of it. People of urban areas
are becoming health conscious, brand conscious and require value for money so there are tremendous chances of
shifting from unbranded to branded spices. They have broaden their scope by introducing new product line like MAA
masala which caters to socio economic class B,C and D. SHAN FOODS has also introduced cooking sauces which has
made cooking more easy and convenient.


Shan Food Industries was founded as a cottage industry in 1981 in Karachi, Pakistan by Sikandar Sultan, the founder
& chairman. A few years later it started exporting to Europe, United Kingdom, United States and the Middle East. By
2008, Shan had become hugely popular within Pakistan due to its quality brands which were selling at affordable
prices for common people. The company is now exporting its products to 52 countries as well in 2008.


National foods gives cut throat competition to SHAN FOODS. National foods focuses completely on local market
whereas SHAN FOODS is not only catering in the locally but also in international market too. According to the
resources, national foods has a market share of 45% and SHAN FOODS acquire 40% of the market. Other competitors
are Chef`s pride, Mehran foods, Habib foods, Zaiqa.

Brand Inventory:

Even after decades SHAN FOODS is capable of holding their market share because they delivered what they have
promised. They are successful in creating a brand image in the mind of their consumers that their product is reliable,
provides premium quality and will never let them down. They have shown this through their tvc`s that SHAN gives
them the perfect ingredient to create a perfect dish that

Brand exploratory:

Shan foods enjoys the positive brand equity.

Expected outcome:
Shan foods is quite successful in creating top of the mind awareness (TOMA) in the minds of the consumer
when it comes to spices. There is still a lot of untap areas for SHAN FOODS through which they can
maximize their market share. SHAN FOODS has already established a good will in the local and
international market so it will be a lot easier for them to acquire more shelf space. Cooking sauces, a new
entrant in the market is expected to pull more consumers and gain profit.