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Aryabhatta http://www.aries.r Both summer Both UG &PG Atmospheric 2-3 months Selected Depends on Hostel and food Apply online
Research es.in/recruitment and winter sciences & throughout year. students seats each year. available( through site.
Institute of s/,https://internsh internship Astrophysics nominal price)
Birbal Sahni ala.com/internshi Summer
http://www.bsip.r PG &PHD Atmosphere and may-july(2 Not paid Total 10, Max 2 Accomodation Apply online
Institute of es.in/Opportuniti internship oceans,Micropal months) from each limited,own through site.
Palaeosciences es.html eontology institute arrangements
Bose Institute http://www.jcbos Summer PG & UG(inspire) Environmental may-july(2 Not paid Total 3 No Apply online
e.ac.in/summer- internship sciences and months) Accommodation through site.
training Structural studies
Wadia institute of http://www.wihg.r Summer PG&UG Environmental,G may-july(2 Paid Total 20,Max 5 Not specified Apply online
himalayan es.in/details.php? internship eomorphology,Te months) from each through site.
geology. pgID=sb_32 ctonics, institute
GERMI, Gujrat. http://germi.org/si Summer PG & Btech Structural,etc
Oil and 2 months-3 Paid Depends on Free Apply online
p.html Internship Gas,Solar energy Months seats each year. Accomodation through site.
with travel
ONGC. http://www.ongc. Both summer PG &UG Oil and Gas 1-2 months Not paid Depends on expenses
No Apply online
co.in/wps/wcm/c and winter Exploration,Geop seats each year. Accommodation through site.
onnect/ongcindia internship hysics
Schlumberger /Home/Careers/#
ttps://careers.slb. Summer PG & UG&PHD Petroleum 3-6 months Paid Depends on Not specified Apply online
com/recentgradu internship geology and seats each year. through site.
ates/engineering/ Geophysics
IISER Kolkata internships.aspx
http://www.iiserk Summer PG&UG Isotope may-july(2 Not paid(only Not specified On campus Apply online
ol.ac.in/~summer internship geochem,mineral months) selected) accomodation through site.
.research/,http:// ogy,geomorpholo provided.
IISER Mohali earth.iiserkol.ac.i
http://www.iiserm Summer PG gy,solid
Earth andearth.etc may-july(2 Paid(Rs 5000 per Depends on Accomodation Apply online
ohali.ac.in/opport internship Environmental months) month) seats each year. ,food & travel through site.
unities/opportunit sciences provided
IIT Bhubaneswar ies/,http://interns
http://www.iitbbs. Both summer PG &UG Earth,ocean and 3-8 Weeks Not paid Not specified Hostel and food Apply online
ac.in/jobs- and winter climatic available( through site.
iitbbs.php internship sciences. nominal price)
IIT Roorkee https://www.iitr.a Summer UG Planetary may-july(2 Not paid,Rs 5000 Depends on Hostel and food Apply online
c.in/departments/ internship geosciences,Gla months) charged seats each year. available( through site.
ES/pages/,http://i ciology,Petroleu nominal price)
Indian Institute of nternshipalert.co
https://www.iiap.r Summer UG&PG m,Climate ,etc
Astrophysics 6 months Paid(5000- Not specified No Apply online
Astrophysics es.in/degree internship(Bangal 10000)per month Accommodation through site.
Indian Institute of http://www.iip.res Summer UG&PG Petrochemicals,b 6months Not paid. Not specified No Apply online
Petroleum .in/career.php,htt internship io fuels,natural Accommodation through site.
p://www.iip.res.in gas etc
/details.php?pgID Summer
Indian Institute of http://www.iirs.go PG&UG Remote Minimum 3 Not paid 2 for PG Max per No Apply online
Remote Sensing v.in/Vacancies,ht internship sensing,Disaster months institute Accommodation through site.
tp://www.iirs.gov. management,At
Indian Institute of in/externalproject
http://www.ceas.i Summer PG mospheric
Seismotectonic 1 month(june- Paid, Rs 5000 Not specified free hostel Apply online
Science isc.ernet.in/ internship processes, paleo- july) accommodation through site.
climate, with travel
Indian academy http://web- Summer UG & PHD monsoon
Solid 2 months Fellowship given Not specified Accomodation Apply online
of science japps.ias.ac.in:80 internship earth,Hydrospher and travel through site.
80/fellowship201 e, Planetary& provided
National Center 8/index.html
http://ncess.gov.i Summer & PG space
Crustal,Hydrologi 8weeks Depends on Not specified Not specified Apply online
for Earth Science n/notifications/op Winter internship cal,Atmospheric NCESS rule through site.
Studies portunities.html &
National Centre http://www.ncaor. Summer & UG&PG Coastalprocesse
Polar and Ocean 2 months Not paid Depends on No Apply online
for Antarctic and gov.in/recruitmen Winter internship sciences seats each year. Accommodation through site.
Ocean Research t,http://www.ncao
r.gov.in/pages/di Summer
National Institute http://nidm.gov.in UG&PG Disaster 2 months Paid max 10 students Provided only for Apply online
of Disaster /recruitment.asp, internship managemnt,Cycl from india 10 selected through site.
Management http://nidm.gov.in one mitigation students
National Institute /pdf/intern2014.p
https://www.niot.r Summer PG and Landslide
Oceanography,E 6months Paid(performanc Not specified Not specified Apply online
of Ocean es.in/index.php/r internship nergy and fresh e based) through site.
Technology ecruitment water,Marine
National Institute http://www.nio.or Summer PG &UG biotechnology
Ocean 4months Not paid(rs 5000 max 5 students Hostel and food Apply online
of Oceanography g/index/option/co internship sciences,Coastal charged) from india available( through site.
m_subcategory/t proceses and nominal price)
Physical ask/show/title/Int Summer
https://www.prl.re PG tectonics,etc
Planetary 2months(may- Paid,Rs 10000 Not specified hostel and food & Apply online
Research s.in/prl- internship sciences,Space july) per month travel expenses through site.
Laboratory eng/summer_inte and atmospheric available
rnship sciences,Geosci


Lunar and https://www.lpi.u Summer UG Lunar,Planetary 10-weeks( June Paid( $5,675 ) not specified $1,000 U.S. Apply online
Planetary sra.edu/lpiintern/ internships Remote Sensing 4,–August 9) travel stipend, or through site
Institute,USA and $1,500 travel
Taiwan https://tigpsip.ap Summer UG/PG Spectroscopy,
Earth system 2 months paid(NTD total 60 students reimbursement
On campus Apply online
International ps.sinica.edu.tw/i internships science 30,000)per from all dept accomodation through site
Graduate ndex.php month available with air
NTU-India http://global.ntu.e Summer/Winter UG/PG Environmental 2-6 months paid farecampus
On in economy Apply online
Research du.sg/GMP/ic/Pa Internships Earth system accomodation through site
Internship ges/default.aspx science available.visit
University of https://www.eoas Summer UG Earth,ocean and 1 month Not paid, not specified site
Available visit Apply online
British .ubc.ca/academi internship atmospheric package fee( site for more through site
Columbia,Canad cs/vsp sciences $5,100 ) details
Chevron,US http://careers.che Summer PG/PHD Discovering Apply online
vron.com/student internships energy through site
s-and- reserves,oil fields
IPGP ,France graduates/interns
http://www.ipgp.fr Summer UG/PG/PHD Geo paid
/en/jobs-and- internships magnetism,stabl
vacancies-at- e isotope and
ipgp geochemistry,sei
Delft https://www.tudel Summer UG/PG/PHD Geophysics,sedi paid
University,Nether ft.nl/en/ceg/about- internships mentology,Geo
land faculty/departme engineering,mine
Heidelberg nts/geoscience- Summer
https://www.uni- UG/PG/PHD rals & mining ,etc
Paleontology,min paid
University,scottla heidelberg.de/co internships eralogy,
nd urses/prospectiv Environmental
University of e/academicprogr Summer
http://www.uib.no UG/PG/PHD geochemistry,hyd
Petroleum paid
Bergen,Norway /en/geo Internships geoscience,mari
University of http://www.jsg.ut Summer UG/PG geology,geophysi
Lithosphere and paid
Texas,Austin exas.edu/dgs/ Internships deep
IFP,France http://www.ifp- Summer UG/PG te & environment
Petroleum paid
school.com/jcms/ internships geosciences,ene
tle_5465/en/petro rgy,reservoir
Office of leum-
http://www.iitk.ac sciences,etc
International .in/oir/iitk-
relations(OIR),II students/
T Kanpur
DAAD http://www.iitk.ac
Schlolarship for .in/oirold/index.p
IITk students hp?option=com_


1)The names of the universities highlighted in blue are recommended by Dr. D. Ghosal. Interested students can contact Dr. Ghosal

2)OIR,IIT kanpur provides information regarding internship opportunities abroad which student can apply it through given site.

3)Students can avail for internships through DAAD programme in germany through the site as provided in yellow color.