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Bimpal, Lamut, Ifugao

2nd Quarter Examination


NAME: _________________ SCORE: _____________

SECTION: _______________ DATE: ______________

TEST I: Choose the letter of the correct answer, write the letter of your answers in the space provided
before the number.

: Choose from below for numbers 1-4.

A) Theme B) Plot C) Characters D) Setting E) point of View

___ 1) It is the Time and Place in which the story happens.

___ 2) The persons or sometimes even an animal who take part in the action of a short story.

___ 3) This is the central idea or belief in a short story. (It could also be a lesson to learn).

___ 4) The series of events in a short story that gives its structure and direction.

: Choose your answers from below for numbers 5-9.

A) The Happy Mirror B) Conflict C) Point of View D) Short Story

___ 5) The work of fiction, that usually read in one sitting.

___ 6) It is a part of the Plot in a short story that show the struggle between two people or thing.

___ 7) A short story that deals with the family unity and one’s own happiness.

___ 8) An element of a short story that can tell whether the author or writer is one of the character.

10) ____________

9) __________ 11) __________

: Complete the Plot of a short story by writing your answers in the space provided after each numbers.

___ 12) The Setting, Characters of a short story is found in what part of the Plot.

A) 10 B) 11 C) 9 D) 10 and 11

: Match the words given in Set A from the definitions in Set B. write the letter of your answers on the
space provided before the number.


____13) Cross a) having a peak

____ 14) Clad b) marked by bad temper

____ 15) Literal c) means exactly what it says

____ 16) Perked d) suggest an idea

e) to provide with clothes

: Choose your answer from below each question. Write the letter of your answer in the space provided
before the numbers.

___ 17) The main character in the short story Happy Mirror.

A) Father B) Mother C) Little Child D) Emperor

___ 18) Where did the Short Story “Happy Mirror” happened.

A) House B) Tokyo C) Island of Japan D) China

___ 19) When did the Short story “Happy Mirror” happened.

A) Morning B) Long time Ago C) Afternoon D) Midnight

___ 20) The little girl was brought to the _____ when she was just 30 days old.

A) Hospital B) Church C) Temple D) School

___ 21) What was the gift of the father to his daughter.

A) Mirror B) Chocolates C) Doll D) Dress

___ 22) What did the little girl saw in the mirror.

A) Father B) Mother C) Sister D) Emperor

___ 23) The Point of View that was used in the Short story “Happy Mirror”.

A) First person B) Third Person C) Second person D) none

___ 24) The Moral lesson or Theme of the short story “Happy Mirror”.

A) Loyalty and Trust B) Unity and one’s happiness C) Love and friendship D) none

: Circle the appropriate signal words and expressions used in the sentences.

25) The teachers namely Ella, Kean, And Jun are given special awards.

26) She has a nickname that is, Hachiro.

27) Subjects like English, Science, and Math are excluded from his favorites.

28) They took a lot fruits namely guava, apple, and pineapple.

29) Animals like lion and cat cannot survive in waters.

30) Anna prefer a particular type of cloth; for example, silk and cotton are comfortable to wear.

: Decide if the statement below use literal language or figurative language. Place “L” for Literal language
or an “F” for figurative language in the space before the numbers.

___ 31) The class was busy as a bee.

___ 32) The other side was bright and shinning as smooth as a pool of water.

___ 33) A messenger brought exiting news.

___ 34) She wore a long kimono.

___ 35) Anna is the apple of my eye.

___ 36) You are what you eat.

___ 37) The wind howled at me.

___ 38) that is the way I look when I was young.

: Choose your answers from below. Identify whether the statement is for….

A) Steps in writing a TRAVELOGUE B) Do’s in writing a TRAVEDOGUE

B) Don’t in writing a TRAVELOGUE D) Common mistake in writing a TRAVELOGUE

___ 39) Decide on the purpose of your TRAVELOGUE whether it is for a magazine, friend, or yourself.

___ 40) Add some humor in writing your travelogue.

___ 41) Relying on memories in writing your travelogue.

___ 42) Waiting long in writing your travelogue.

___ 43Create an outline of your travelogue.

___ 44) Include not only personal experiences but also information that will be useful for those who will
want to visit the place that you described.

___ 45) Use of stock photos and other photos found in the internet.

___ 46) Take as many picture as possible.

___ 47) Shooting pictures of yourself in the background of historical monuments for a travelogue.

___ 48) When you return home, take time to review your recordings.

___ 49) Including judgement of the other country or place customs and traditions in writing your

___ 50) Using of a recorder in writing your travelogue.

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Gabriel T. Dulnuan Jr. Honorio M. Pumihic

(Teacher) (School Head)

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