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Metered bill – England

This guide helps you to understand your water bill, so you can see how much water you’ve used and
what you need to pay.

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Index Description
Index Description

1.  Bill payer’s address – the correspondence address to which your bills are sent.

Please let us know if this is incorrect.

2.  Bill date – the date your bill was produced.

If you have requested a copy of your bill, the date shown will be the date on which your bill
was originally produced.

Account number – please quote this number on all correspondence to us and as a

reference when making a payment.

Bill number – this number is unique to each bill produced on your account.

Supply address – the address of the property your bill relates to.

If you are not responsible for paying the water charges at this address, please contact us.

3.  Your Bill Summary

Your water, sewerage, drainage and VAT charges for this bill period.

This may not be the same as the amount due for payment, please refer to the ‘account
balance as at bill date’ as shown in
section 4.
Index Description

4. Your Account Statement

Balance of last bill – this figure was the ‘account balance as at bill date’ on your previous

Total of payments received (since last bill) – the sum of all the payments you have made
to us since your last bill.

Total of adjustments made (since last bill) – any financial adjustments made since your
last bill.

Examples of adjustments may be – a change in tariffs, a water testing analysis or if your

supply is used for firefighting.

Total of withdrawn bills (if any) – a withdrawn bill is a previously issued bill that has now
been replaced by another.

This will only appear if you have had a bill withdrawn during the billing period.

Account balance as at bill date – represents the ‘total amount due’ for this bill period and
shows how much you have outstanding or in credit on this account, at the time your bill was

If you would like to make a payment, click here. 

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Meter serial number
This is a unique identifier number that appears on your meter.
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Present – the most recent meter reading or estimate we have taken.

Previous – the last date the meter was read, before the ‘present’ reading or estimate.

Types of meter reads 

Some of these terms may appear on your bill under ‘reading type’:

Estimate – readings that we have estimated, taking into account your previous water

Cyclic – readings that we have taken directly from the meter dial, as part of our standard
meter reading cycles.

Wholesaler – readings that have been taken by the water and/or sewerage wholesaler
in your region and distributed to us.

Smart Meter – readings that we have taken from your meter remotely, via bluetooth

Volume used – cubic metres (m³) – the amount of water you have used since your last bill
(a cubic meter is approx. 220 gallons).

Water allowance (m³) – the amount of water usage registered on a sub meter (if you have
sub meters on your site).

Chargeable water volume (m³) – the amount of volume used minus any water allowance.

Volume used year to date (m³) – the calculated amount of water used from 1 April up until
the bill date

Chargeable sewerage volume – sewerage is charged at 90%, but a 10% reduction is

applied as not all water used returns to the sewer. This allows for ‘loss’ of water through
evaporation when cooking, drinking, watering plants etc.

If you are able to show us that less than 90% of the water you use is returned to the
sewers, please contact us to discuss a reduction in your sewerage allowance.
Index Description

If you would like more information on reading your meter or want to submit a
reading, click here. 

6.  Water charges

Volumetric charge – the amount of water we have supplied to your property in this period.

Fixed charge – contributes to the costs of supplying water to your property.

The annual fixed charge is divided into the number of days in the year. The number of days
covered by your bill determines how much of the fixed charge is payable.

For more information regarding our tariffs and charges, click here. 

7.  Sewerage charges

This is based on the amount of wastewater that we have treated once it has left your
property. The volume is calculated at 90% of the water you have used or at your agreed

Fixed charge – contributes to the cost of collecting and treating the foul water (sewerage)
that leaves your property.

The annual fixed charge is divided into the number of days in the year. The number of days
covered by your bill, determines how much of the fixed charge is payable.

For more information regarding our tariffs and chargers, click here. 

8. VAT
VAT is normally charged at the standard rate of 20%.

If your VAT status is incorrect, please contact us so we can apply the correct SIC code to
your account.

You can now manage your account online. To register or login to our MyWater portal,
Click here. 

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