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1. Fachri Muhammad Kautsar – 2201861465

2. Fajar Manurung – 2201862404
3. Fitri Laras Sari – 2201861995
4. Indah Fitriany – 2201861194
5. Rufaidah Al Aslamiyyah - 2201862461
(120 minutes)
Resource: LN and PPT Week 8 Session 12

A. Listening Skill 1-6 (18 Points)

Listen to each passage and the questions that follow. Then choose the best answers to the

Questions 1-6
Listen to a conversation between a student and a professor.
1. Why is the student talking with the professor?
A. To explain why she missed a class
B. To clarify an asignment he gave in class
C. To find out which composer she should choose
D. To let the professor know what she thinks of the assignment

2. Listen again to part of the passage. Then answer the question.

Why does the professor say this:

A. He wants to find out what the student already knows.
B. He is not sure exactly what the project is.
C. He would like to know which class the student is talking about.
D. He does not remember what he said in class.

3. Is each of these part of the assignment?

For each place, choose YES or NO column.
Learning about the life of a composer the professor has selected
Studying the writing style of a composer
Performing a composition written by a certain compposer
Writing a place of music in the style of a composer

4. What does the student say about a composer for her project?
Choose 2 answers.
A. She has already selected one.
B. She would like to choose a different one.
C. It is not one that was covered in class.
D. She has already done some research on one.

5. How does the student seem to feel about the assignment?

A. It seems quite boring and unreasonable.
B. She thinks it will be extremely easy.
C. It seems interesting but challenging to her.
D. She seems quite unconcerned about it.

ENG6163 - English Professional

6. What conclusion can be drawn about the assignment?
A. It requires students to develop their own style of music.
B. It will most likely result in very similar projects from students.
C. It is something that can be completed quickly and easily.
D. It involves both research and production from students.

7. What is the instructor’s main point?

A. That there are reasons to support the idea that Lake Superior is not the largest of the
Great Lakes
B. That certain arguments support traditional ideas about the Great Lakes
C. That there are reasons to support the idea that Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are acting
as two district lakes
D. That scientific data demonstrate that the Great Lakes are actually one large lake

8. Why does the instructor say this:

A. To confirm that the answer the students believe is really correct
B. To trick the students into thinking that it is a really easy question
C. To encourage the students to answer quickly
D. To show that the answer the students believe is correct is not

9. Which of the Great Lakes has traditionally been considered the largest?
A. Lake Michigan
B. Lake Superior
C. Lake Ontario
D. Lake Huron

10. Listen again to part of the passage. Then answer the question.
How does the professor seem to feel about the student’s response?
A. It needs further explanation.
B. Nothign was correct in it.
C. It was exceptional.
D. He hopes the other students can do better.

11. What is true about Lakes Michigan and Huron?

For each place, choose YES or NO column.
Their elevation is the same.
The flow of water between them can go back and forth.
They are each individually larger than Lake Superior.
They are each 3 to 5 miles wide.

12. What can be inferred from the discussion?

A. That a common conception is not necessarily scientifically accurate

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B. That two lakes can never act as one
C. That Lake Superior is inarguably the world’s largest freshwater lake
D. That traditional beliefs are never wrong

B. Writing: business documents (82 Points)

Remember and review again your previous discussion in the group assignment 1 about
creating a new business. Based on your agreement,
1. Write a memo to the secretary to create a proposal
2. Write a proposal to get a funding from the bank
3. Share an information about your new business to the targeted customers through a letter
4. Do a promotion to the targeted customers through an email
5. Create a report on your business progress
Note: refer to your MoM to do this assignment, font Times New Roman 12 and line spacing 1.5


From : Fachri Muhammad Kautsar

To : Secretary of PT Dyandra Promsosindo

Date : July 29th, 2019

Subject : “Make a Proposal to MARSH Insurance’

Dear Nining,

Health care costs are rising. In the long run, implementing a wellness program in our corporate
culture will decrease the company’s health care costs.

Therefore, please make a Proposal addressed to MARSH Insurance about our interest to
collaborate in fulfilling our employee needs of health insurance. Please give me the proposal in
August 1st, 2019.

Thank you,


Fachri Muhammad Kautsar

ENG6163 - English Professional



Fachri Harahap

Raffli Kitchen

Pulogebang Permai, Blok G 1 No 12, Jakarta Timur



Lender: Bank BCA

I have been in the food and beverages industry for more than two decades, holding positions
from the front of the house to the back of the house. I’ve worked in several major restaurants,
including Indonesian restaurant, Japanese restaurant, and Western restaurant.

I first started out in my grandfather’s restaurant busing tables and doing dishes, and for the past 5
years I have been the manager of a highly acclaimed and popular destination restaurant in
Jakarta. I have always wanted to run my own restaurant. I believe my time is now, as I have the
necessary experience, industry relationships and connections to make this happen. With help
from those industry connections, I’ve created a sound business plan that borrows from
established ventures but takes things a step further.

My restaurant is currently in the buildout phase, with an anticipated opening date of six months
from now. We have secured a lease in a space in a neighborhood that has steady foot traffic, is
popular with tourists and locals, and does not have any similar restaurants already. The space
will be bright and open, with an exposed kitchen in the rear to show off food production and a
360 degree bar in the center with ample space to wait for a table and have a drink. We are aiming
for seating of up to 50 at a time in order to give patrons a more personal experience.

Our budget for the restaurant is Rp Of that, the three investors including myself
have raised Rp 500.000.000, meaning we need another Rp 1.500.000.000 to launch the
restaurant. Our existing investment is being used to pay lease costs on the space while it’s built
out and construction expenses to renovate the interior. It’s also going toward city and state
permit and licensing costs associated with restaurant and bar operations. As stated previously, we
anticipate an opening date of six months from now.

Thank you for your attention and I hope we can reach an agreement.

ENG6163 - English Professional


Jakarta, July 10th, 2019

Raffli Kitchen

Pulogebang Permai, Blok G 1 No 12, Jakarta Timur

Phone 48702076

In your consideration:

Through this, Raffli Kitchen is pleased to send warm greetings and be presented to you.

Raffli Kitchen is a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of our country. We have a staff of chefs
with vast experience and exquisite taste in the preparation of our culinary delights. We use the
best raw materials and the best service to make your experience in our restaurant unique.

For introductory we offer special discounts since 2 PM to 6 PM. If you get interested in our
menu, you can visit www.rafflikitchen.com, our website where you will find a brief overview of
each dish. You can make reservations through our website or by contacting our call center.

Do not forget that in the Raffli Kitchen you can enjoy the best of Indonesian food.


Fachri Harahap

General Manager

Raffli Kitchen & Restaurant

ENG6163 - English Professional


To : xxxxxxxx@email.com

From : admin@dyandra.com

Subject : Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2019

Hello !

Thank you for coming to Indonesia International Furniture Expo(IFEX) 2019 !

We hope you enjoy your visit at IFEX 2019

See you next year with greater space and more exhibitor only at IFEX 2020 !


PT Dyandra Promosindo.

ENG6163 - English Professional



E-newsletter IPA 2019

Katadata is currently approaching a freelance journalist to be working on e-newsletter project

 Technical work flow for Katadata:

Final editorial – Upload to website – email blast
 SoW Dyandra:
- CMS (Content Management System) – Done
- Prepare template for e-newsletter – Requested to Marcomm
- Access for Katadata to upload only – TBC
- Output XML and RSS – TBC
 Mobile application will mirror from website / add module for e-newsletter
 Email blast timing:

Day 1 :

Opening Ceremony 2PM (1 news + 1 photo)

After PS1 6PM (5 news + 2 photos)

News include PS1, press conference, chairman letter, TPC First Sessions, technology session

Day 2 :

6 PM (5 news + 2 photos)

News include PS2, PS3, Exhibitor Profile, technology session, TPC Speakers Gathering

Day 3

6 PM (5 news + 2 photos)

News include Special Session (background story from FGD), Closing Ceremony (incl
BESTS), Technology Session

 13 February 2018 : Katadata to submit proposed design / template for e-newsletter

ENG6163 - English Professional