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Qualification COOKERY Station/Bldg Welding (WAF)

Area/Section Practical Work Area

In-Charge Exilda T. Capinpin

Schedule for the 2nd Semester, 2011

ACTIVITIES Daily Every Weekly Every Month Remarks
Person other 15th ly
Day Day
1. Clean and check welding Trainees/
equipment/ accessories Janitors (in X
from dust and oil; dry and the absence of
properly laid-out/ trainees)
2. Clean and free welding Trainees/
booths and welding Janitors (in X
positioners from dust/rust the absence of
/gums, used Mig wire trainees)
stubs and metal scraps
3. Clean and arrange working Trainees/
tables according to floor Janitors (in X
plan/lay-out; check the absence of
stability trainees)
4. Clean and check floor, Trainees/
walls, windows, ceilings Janitors (in X
• graffiti/dust/rust the absence of
• cobwebs and trainees)
• obstructions
• any used
(slugs, stubs) spilled
• open cracks (floor)
5. Clean and check work shop Trainees/
ventilation and Janitors (in X
illumination by dusting the absence of
lamps/bulbs, replacing trainees)
non-functional lamps and
keeping exhaust clean
6. Clean and check computer Trainees/
set -monitor, CPU, Janitors (in X
keyboards, mouse – free, the absence of
unnecessary markings, trainees)
dust; cables and plugs are
in order; well-arranged; all
items functional
7. Clean, inspect air Trainees/
conditioning equipment: Janitors (in X
• keep screen and filter the absence of
free from dust/rust trainees)
• Check selector knobs if
in normal positions and
are functional
• Check if drainage is OK
8. Clean, check and maintain Trainees/
Tool Room Janitors (in X
• Free of dust, not damp the absence of
• Tools in appropriate trainees)
• With visible
• Logbook and forms are
complete, in order and
• Lights, ventilation – OK
10. Clean and check Rest Trainees/
Room Janitors (in X
• Urinals, bowls, wash the absence of
basins, walls and trainees)
partitions are free from
stains, dirt, oils, graffiti
and unnecessary
• Ceilings free from
cobwebs and dangling
• Floor is kept dry; no
broken tiles or
protruding objects
• Equipped with dipper
and pails; properly
located after use
• Water systems is
functional: no
faucets or pipes
• Drainage system is
working, no water-
clogged areas
• No offensive odor
• Lights /Ventilation –
9. Clean and check wash Trainees/
area: Janitors (in X
• Walls/Floors- –free the absence of
from oils, molds, trainees)
broken tiles, gums,
stains or graffiti
• Drainage system is
• Water system
functional; no dripping
faucets or leaking pipes
• Free from unnecessary
objects (mops, rags)
10. Clean and maintain work Trainees/
shop surroundings by Janitors (in X
sweeping/ removing fallen the absence of
leaves, branches, debris trainees)
and other refuse,
impounded water, clearing
pathways of obstructions

11. Disposal of waste Trainees/

materials Janitors (in X
(Follow waste segregation the absence of
system) trainees)