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A Lasallian leader exudes the spirit Reserve is a quality that fuels us to

of modesty, politeness and good think, speak and act with

order. No crass or harsh words are moderation, discretion, and
uttered and fear is eschewed. modesty. A Lasallian leader knows
Instead compassion, self-mastery that a careless or impassioned
and good humor are exuded as word, gesture or reaction can
evidence of a wise and mature create unjustified attention.

A Lasallian leader avoids Gentleness brings out goodness,

unnecessary talk. He teaches the sensitivity and tenderness. A
art of being silent and that of Lasallian leader judges and
speaking opportunely. Experience corrects without harshness,
is telling. In choosing silence, he behaves in accordance to good
reserves his words for the best principles, and acts with simplicity
time and reason. and uprightness.

A Lasallian leader is a person of To a Lasallian leader, wisdom is a

character, true to himself, and not sublime science which directs
caught in titles, honors and fame. behavior and balances passions for
the genuine happiness of all. It
enables him to discern signs and
patterns. It allows for the greater
appreciation of the eternal, enriching
himself and the community he

Prudence makes one see what is

necessary from what is to be
avoided, thereby, turning away Vigilance makes us diligent, allows
from regrettable understandings. A is to accomplish that which is good
Lasallian leader must deliberate and enables us to fulfill our
carefully, judge rightly and order obligations worthy.
his affairs properly.

Zeal is the energy to pursue to the

glory of God with great affection. A Through piety, a Lasallian leader
Lasallian leader is a passionate fulfills worthily his duties for God.
individual who leads by example. He guides and leads others in
religious sentiments. He teaches
others to make their actions
meritorious by offering them to
God and knowing how to ask for
help to perform his duties well.

Patience makes us overcome

without murmuring and with Generosity allows a Lasallian
submission to the will of God all leader to sacrifice voluntarily his
the evils and cares of this life. A personal interests for the benefit of
Lasallian leader understands that others. This virtue seeks to make
patience is not a shield or a respite o t h e r s h a p p y, w h e t h e r b y
from suffering. instructions, advice, or through
good example with no other motive
than to serve and glorify God.