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SITUATION 1 Situation 7
During a working day of 8 hrs., a particular hot plant produces A 5% grade intersects a -3.4% grade station at 1+990 of
enough asphalt mixture to lay 11,500 m 2 of wearing course 85 elevation 42.30m. Design a vertical summit parabolic curve
mm thick, compacted. Mix proportions by weight and specific connecting the two tangent grades to conform with the
gravity are as follows: following safe stopping sight distance specifications. Design
velocity = 60 kph; height of driver’s eye from the road
Materials Specific Percentage pavement = 1.37m; height of an object over the pavement
Gravity ahead = 100 mm; perception-reaction time = 0.75 sec,
Asphalt Cement 1.02 8 coefficient of friction between the road pavement and tires =
Sand 2.66 44 0.15.
11. Determine the stopping sight distance.
Crushed Stone 2.77 48
12. Determine the length of curve.
The capacity of the mixer, counting all ingredients is 110 kN 13. Determine the elevation of highest point on curve.
per batch.
1. Determine the absolute specific gravity. Situation 8
2. Determine the number of batches that must be run to 14. Compute the minimum length of vertical sag curve that will
produce 11,500 m2 of surfacing. Round up to appropriate provide 130m stopping sight distance for a design speed
whole number. of 80 kph at the intersection of a -2.30% and a +4.8%
Situation 2
3. Vehicles arrive at a stop sign at the corner of Lacson and Situation 9
Espana at an average rate of 250 vehicles per hour. 15. A building is located 5.8 m from the centerline of the inside
Average waiting time at the stop sign is 12 seconds per lane of a curve section of highway with 120m radius. The
vehicle. If both arrivals and departure are exponentially road level perception-reaction time is 2.5 secs and
distributed, what is the average length of queue. Round up coefficient of friction is 0.35. Determine the appropriate
to the nearest whole number. speed limit in kph considering the stopping sight distance.

Situation 3
A traffic accident occurred along the city road at 6:00am. The
flow rate on the expressway at this time of day was 46 vehicles
per minute. The freeway capacity is 65 vehicles per minute,
but it was reduced to 24 vehicles per minute due to the traffic
accident. The traffic was cleared by the MMDA after 20
4. Determine the max. length of the queue before the
blockage was removed.
5. Determine the time that the vehicles waited for the long
queue before the blockage was cleared.
6. What time was the queue cleared?

Situation 4
The mean time between arrivals of customer in McDonalds
drive-thru near National University is 3 minutes. Assuming
M/M/1 queueing model,
7. Find the probability that at least 8 customers will arrive in
15 minutes.
8. Find the probability that at most 8 customers will arrive in
30 minutes.

Situation 5
9. Trucks begin to arrive at a truck weighing station at the
entrance of South Superhighway (with a single scale) at
6:00am at a time varying rate of (t) = 4.3 - 0.22t where
(t) is in veh/min and t is time in minutes. The departure
rate is a constant 2 veh/min (time to weigh a truck is 30
seconds) When will the queue that forms will be cleared?

Situation 6
10. What is the stiffness factor of a pavement if its modulus of
elasticity is 180 MPa and whose subgrade modulus is 40