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By: Jhoselyn Rodríguez & Alexander


Professor: William Amaya.
1.Why do you think they used an animation style in this movie? What does it add to
the quality of the movie?

Because it presents very strong and bloody scenes that for the viewer is strong and violent
stage content that is about bloody deaths. And probably it could be more difficult if the
movie were in kind of live action. In animation, producers could include more especial
effects on the scenes.
2.What sets Wealhtheow apart from the other Danish women?

The difference is that she does not let herself be carried away by the environment in
which she is, she does not behave like the other Danish women, she is always very
coherent attitude and its look like she does not like those kinds of parties.
3.Why did the writers have Grendel being Hrothgar’s son?
Because from that the mystery that will bewitch all kings is unleashed, making it known
that he was his son, then the mother appears who is the one who bewitches all kings
4. Was the portrayal of Grendel accurate in your opinion? Explain.

In our opinion it was precise because from that moment the plot of the story is triggered
and the interesting events that can put the viewer on hold in the plot will be specified.
5. What is symbolic about the Dragon’s Cup and why was it added to the movie?

It is symbolic because the Dragon's Cup represents whoever has to initiate a spell on
behalf of the demon that will chase throughout his reign. And whoever has it been still
on the list of monster spells.
6. Analyze the relationship between Wealhtheow and Hrothgar.

It is visualized that it was a type of appearance because according to the story a

relationship between them was not consummated and that they had half lies in their

7. Are the party/feast scenes as you imagined when reading the epic poem Beowulf?
some scenes are similar to how he explains it in the poem, because they illustrate the
amount of wine that those who attended the parties drank and the excitement that was
heard during the holidays and that bothered Grendel.
18. Why is the scene where Grendel’s mother seduces Beowulf added to the movie?
What does it add to the plot? Do you agree or disagree with it being added?
It is added to give more emotion to the scene where the ancestry of the dragon is made
known, to the film itself it adds more suspense, since it is not known what will be of
Beowulf after his actions, and I agree that they have added since it is a part that should
not be missing taking into account that the poem clarifies that Beowulf is the father of the
dragon but does not specifically how.

19. Does Beowulf giving in to the temptation of Grendel’s mother make him more or
less of a hero? Explain.

Well, from our point of view makes him less hero since Beowulf always clear that being
a hero does not imply having wealth, but the duty to defeat the bad for a common good.
20. Why does Hrothgar commit suicide?

He commits suicide because of the weight of so much spilled blood caused by his own
son, his wife's hatred for a bad reign and that now everything had happened to Beowulf.
21. According to the text, we know Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother; we know he does
not marry Wealhtheow and stay with the Danes; we know Beowulf returns home to
the Geats to eventually become their king and fight the dragon.
Why do you believe the writers had the movie veer so sharply from the text?

The writers probably did it to add more of a complexity to the Beowulf story. The Beowulf
story was a lot like a fairy tale. However, in the Beowulf movie they make it more our
time with the illegitimate children born in wedlock and extramarital relationships. It’s
possible that the movie writers just took the Beowulf story and converted it to make it
more extreme rated and more relatable to the people of today.
22. Why does Beowulf say, “The time of heroes is now dead”? What does this tell us
about what Beowulf thinks of himself?

with that expression he implies that they are his last days and that very prominent heroes
such as he no longer exists, therefore, when he'll dies, dies the time of the heroes.

23. Explain the scene with the Frisian warrior. Why does Beowulf not kill him? Why
does the Frisian not try to attack Beowulf? Why does Beowulf feel invincible?

He does not kill him because he recognizes that no matter how hero he is he is also a mere
human, and he knows that he will not kill him because he deduces that the warrior
recognizes all his abilities, and because all his experience makes him look and feel
invincible since his stories support him.

24. The character Ursula is added to the movie. Why? What is her role?

I think that her role is to emphasize the rift in the marriage between Beowulf and
25. Explain the dragon’s message: “The sins of the fathers.”

it means that the parents who had passed through the mother of Grendel had all reigned
and that when he said the parents, he referred to all the kings who had had children with
whom he was also the mother of the dragon.
26. Explain the foreshadowing with the Dragon’s Cup and the actual dragon.
It represents more than all the epic battle between the dragon and Beowulf and his last

27. How does the battle with the dragon mirror the battle with Grendel? Why was this

The battles mirror each other because in each battle one of the participants will die and
become the last of their line or lineage. Grendel was the last of his line as was Beowulf in
other words both lines ended with their deaths.

28. Explain the temptation at the end of the movie? Do you think Wiglaf will make
the same mistake as both Hrothgar and Beowulf, since he knows the truth? Explain.

Most likely, seeing that two great kings fell to their temptation and in the end, it went
wrong, so much that I lead them to their death, I think that he'll to try find the way to
eliminate her.

Although his facial expression showed that he also wanted a child with her. XD
29-30. Based on this movie, was Beowulf a hero? What makes someone a hero? Do
heroes have to be perfect? Explain.
Beowulf was a hero since in all his battles he had achieved glory, and that made him a
hero to always carry glory and victory always with him, and according to the poem as
described by the heroes they do not have to be so perfect since at end are still human.