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On the Reasons Behind Punishment & Reward for the Souls:

Authentic knowledge is not about acquiring information, it is a kind of adherence

to El-Hdoud (The LIMITS). And the key to knowledge is The Power Control over the
Behavioral Soul - The Soul that is responsible for man's behavior and which Plato
distinguished from the Obedient Soul or the Receptive Soul by calling it "Psyche".

Then you get to the state when your modesty is put on the right track and your
commitment to El-Hdoud is strengthened. At such point, you will be able to detect
the Limits of any negative thought and withdraw intuitively prior to be put on the
wrong. Consequently, this will enable you to pinpoint the wisdom behind the
negative states as you move forward in space & time, until the time when the Power
of the Needy in you is defeated (the power of the
negative current that is responsible for the Soul�s sway of balance).

The Good Soul is secured as a result of its acknowledgement of El-Hdoud and its
faith & belief in why what is happening is happening. It has pledged allegiance to
God's Judgment (whether good or bad), and this is magical power that transforms
fear into comfort, and panic into calmness. This calmness places the soul in the
right position to benefit from knowing the LIMITS of Her trial.

As for the Dark Soul, it claimed freedom over setting its own limits, and hence
suffered from not knowing El-Hdoud - not knowing where to stop; and this is why you
see the Children of Darkness seeking money and power to arm themselves against The
Unlimited, and practice Control over others to control their fear of their own
selves. They are afraid of the tiniest creature that screams in their face. Fear
always fills their heart � Fear as a result of them being convinced that they are
both, The Journeyer & the Journey itself.

Their Father desired to challenge the nature of Adam (The Wholly MIND), but he
couldn�t, and through his self-affair he tripped, and thus he resorted to
cunningness and trickery. He was advised but he did not listen, and he forced the
large portion of mankind to make war against the Sons of Adam.

In this age, neither him or his followers has the past effect (or what is otherwise
known as the dark powers practiced by the fallen angels of Atlantis against the
Children of Light).

As for his power today, it is limited to deception: the tricks of politics & media,
and he is exposed today for the violent equipment he uses, after the past times of
glory, when he was equipped with the power of magic.

And his utilization of GOLD as a currency to entangle people�s spiritual destiny in

this final cycle is a proof of his weakness.

And thus, one must turn his eyes away from the power of personalities that claim
control over the world through politics and media and the expressions of such
deceptive power on the faces of the prominent figures, and instead direct his
vision towards his inner self in order to see through the eyes of intuition the
real power behind reality. A Breeze of that Spirit that came from Beloved Egypt

Since the Dawn of Existence and throughout the aeons, humanity has tasted of the
grail of Death and Rebirth countless times, and who can count the stars in the sky
or the drops of rain as they hit the ocean of eternity?

Great was man in the ancient times - great beyond what has remained in history's

Great were man's chances of being baptized by the waters of that Wisdom that dates
back to the Childhood of Humanity�s age, back in the Cradle of the Edenic

Long has been that Dark Night � the night that lasted Millions of years.

Scattered were the Children of the Spirit across the Darkness of that night that
was granted to the Children of the Body to lead their prospect of history, in
fulfillment of the Devil�s Claim for a Chance to Prove his Vision of POWER,
following His Symbolic refusal to bow down before God�s Vision: ADAM.

And, what knowledge have they of an image of power that is destined to burn the eye
of the beholder.

What knowledge have they of a forbidden History that is destined to shake the
hands of the historian.

What knowledge have they of a Moment of Mystery that is destined to put an end to
history � a moment of CONSCIOUSNESS that dawns upon the dying body as the spirit
gathers itself for departure. And who struggles at the moment of death, the Spirit
or the Body?

Woe, unto the Children of the Body, for they have never stopped expressing their
denial of the existence of the SPIRIT, through their wrongdoings against the
Children of Adam. Woe unto them, for they have denied the very element that has
kept them alive, and what kind of life does a body lead after the spirit�s
departure from it.

And who is blessed with power of life along the eternal journey of inevitable re-
embodiment here on earth: he who knows the secrets of the soul's destiny after the
moment of death or he who is only sure of the soul's destiny up until that moment?

And why were the Children of the Body referred to in the forbidden wisdom of Enoch
as "Fallen Angels", is it due to their evil-doings in some unknown soul-container
up in the heavens somewhere, or is it in reference to their practices in human form
here on earth?

Why did the Enochean account of those angels banned by the religious authorities of
the earth?

It is the same dark powers which those humans once magically used to control the
spiritual destiny of humanity as Angels in the lost world, that they are using
today as Great Players of this world, however on a much material level which
reveals the deceptiveness of their ancient game.

In this age, their powers have been diminished to the GOLD that they utilize to
entangle people's destiny with theirs. Fallen as they have always been, they are
still playing similar roles to those which they played on the theaters of Atlantis
& Gemorah, only in different bodies, at different times, clinging on to what they
have left of nostalgic reminiscences from a glorious past, driven by instinct to
defy that same Adamic Light that once nurtured their vision back at the Childhood
of Humanity's experience, only now, utilizing much lower means of resistance than
ever - using WEAPONS, POLITICS & MEDIA as currencies to enchain the souls' freedom
materially after they once were able to do so on a much deeper level.

No longer have they any power of claim over the Children of Light, for they are
exposed in this age, after the past eons of allure and glory, for abusing the
Policy of Fear to enforce their identity i.e.the politics of violence and bad
No longer shall the blessings of that ancient light fall upon them, For, their
leaders (Known in the Ancient Wisdom as the Letters of Deceit), like a body
battling with the spirit�s departure from it, are separated from the �Spirits of
Life� (The Letters of Truth) by virtue of a spiritual law that is beyond their
scope of selfish vision.

And here they stand on a shaky ground of a world speaking to them in the language
of disasters. Here they stand in the middle of a battlefield tasting the fruit of
their ancient works, sensing their confrontation with a TRUTH they have always
feared as the Sacred Colors of Dawn loom across the Horizons.

Believe it then that the Fallen Angel known as "The Devil" and his symbolic wife
known as "Satan" along with all the souls they have claim over have pledged enmity
against The Children of Adam since time eternal; and believe it as well that human
existence in space and time have always been the Mirror-Reflection of what has
existed in the heart of man towards God and his sacred choice to appear in the
Adamic form.

And so did the souls embark upon the Journey of space and time from the shores of
potencies to reveal what is latent in its depths from hatred or love to God's
Wisdom in the realm of actuality

And so did the Children of Darkness appear in the Adamic Form "to construct the net
and hold the knife" against the Children of Adam

And in the Childhood of Humanity's Age, back at the Youth of man's experience on
earth, in the lands of Atlantis, the world witnessed virgin spiritual tendencies
towards absolute Good or Evil.

Few among men where those who witnessed the image of existence in their own image,
for they were warm-hearted by that sacred image of the Divine that made itself
known to them through their own Adamic expressions,

Blessed are they for their names are written in the Book of Life since the Creation
of the World, and their union in this age after the ages of dispersion is like the
emergence of sun rays in preparation for Dawn.

Downwards did the thoughts of the Atlantians descend back at the times when what is
known today as "alternative powers" were practiced daily by man - the times when
the secret of the connection between heavens & earth were more respected, and the
phenomena of the power that thought practiced over matter more commonly witnessed.

The Wise Men of Atlantis could foresee the negative outcomes that would result from
the spiritual fall that the Atlantians were approaching, for it was slowly but
surely paralleled by earth changes that ultimately lead to the destruction and
sinking of the continent.

And so did the Giant Waves swallow Atlantis, and down went millions of years worth
of human experience which pertains to that Childhood of Humanity�s Age into the
deep waters of forgetfulness.

And so were the Children of Light able to sail across the karmic waves of man's
fallen memory preserving the Sacred Atlantean Wisdom from the waters of
forgetfulness. They sailed towards the Land of Khemo (What is otherwise known as
EGYPT today) to inspire the construction of a great Tawhidic base that would
initiate the Final Adamic Cycle of revelation: The Monotheistic Journey � a
Hermetic base that would stand like "The Pyramids" as an unquestionable proof of
that ancient experience which humanity witnessed.
Yes, the Children of Light sailed towards the long awaited dawn which they have
sought since they departed on that night from eternity. They sailed across that
dull hour of darkness which precedes dawn - the Darkness of the sacred monotheistic
journey of this final Adamic Cycle of all Cycles sitting on the Divans of Greek
Wisdom, taking advantage of the Winds of the Torah, the Bible, the Quraan, heading
towards the Holy Land of Eternal Life (The Jerusalem of the Heart) as long as there
remains a breath of life, because:

"the breeze of that spirit that came forth from beloved Egypt 1000 years ago does
not last forever, and the waters of explanation cannot fall from the Fountains of
Wisdom evermore, and the Doors of Mercy cannot remain opened everlastingly...� (The

Who,Then, May, sing thee Praise of thee or Praise to Thee?

Whither, Again, Am I to turn my eyes to sing thy Praise? Above, Below, Withing,

There is no way, no place is there about thee, nor any other thing of things that

All are in thee, All are from thee, oh thow who givest all and takest naught, for
thou hast all and naught is there thou hast not.

And When, oh Father, shall I sing hymn thee? For none can seize thy hour or time.

For what, Again, Shall I sing hymn? For things that thou hast made manifest, or
things thou hast concealed?

How, Further shall I hymn thee? As being of myself? As having something of my own?
As being other?

For That thou art whatever I may be, thou art whatever I may do, thou art whatever
I may speak. For thou art all, and there is nothing else which thou art not. Thou
art all that doth exist, and thou art what doth not exist - mind when thou
thinkest, and father when thou makest, and God when thou Dost energise, and good
and maker of all things. A Wise Man in his Wisdom Asked

�A wise man in his wisdom asked, and thus he received wonders beyond his demands,
he discarded the wonders he received, and once more asked for what he commands,
until he received that which he asked for�

And thus, the wise man pleaded God for guardianship, temperance, and help against
desiring more than what one asks for�Aris-the-Cause" (Aristotle) on Time

�Being neither prior nor posterior means to be in one and the same now, things
which happened ten thousand years ago would be simultaneous with what has happened
to-day, and nothing would be before and after anything else� (Phyisics217/25)

�When the state of our minds does not change at all, or we have not noticed its
changing, we do not realize that time has elapsed, any more than those who are
fabled to sleep �When they are awakened�they will connect the earlier �now� with
the later and make them one, cutting out the interval because of their failure to
notice it. If, then, the non-realization of the existence of time happens to us
when we do not distinguish any change, but the soul seems to stay in one
indivisible state, and when we perceive or distinguish we say time has elapsed��
(Physics218/20-30) ehold, the Battle Lies Within You


The term �Wisdom� never referred to a specific religion, philosophy, or text. And
despite all the battles that took place in history in the name of GOD, the true
�Wisdom� of the Almighty has always hinted at the hidden battle taking place inside
the Soul: The answer to Peace thus lies in that part of YOU which ultimately either
responds to the Light of the Image of God reflected by ADAM (The Wholly Mind) or
shuns away from it.

The Wisdom of the Wholly Mind & the Wholly Soul is the spirit of every body of
knowledge, it is the Sun of every branch of Adamic thought since time eternal, and
even prior to the monotheistic journey of this conclusive cycle.

No man can deny that every divine message that ever existed was introduced under
the SUN & not above it. It was introduced for the sake of man on earth and not man
in heaven or some etheric realm beyond the MIND�s ability to conceive.

Every human experience, no matter how Holy, have spoken the language of ADAM & not
some Unknown language.

So, beware, every spiritual battle ever spoken of between Existence & Non-
existence, Knowledge & Ignorance, Good & Evil, Light & Darkness has always taken
form on earth, if only you could remember the legendary events that took place in
the lost continents of Atlantis & Gemorah and that characterized the spiritual
tendencies of the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness for tens of
thousands of years. Being is SIGHT

Look around you, everything you perceive in your surrounding is a mirror-image of

who you are.

What effaces you from Good or Evil is a reflection of choices you have made and you
continue to make on the level of Thought.

When you entertain negative thoughts, you are only shaping your own destiny. You
cannot possibly carry harm towards others into an extreme more authentic than the
harm you experience immediately on all levels the minute you host negativity in
your thought.

This is because the nature of Being is most similar to the nature of Sight. And
when you See harm being practiced even against your enemy, harm becomes part of
your being.

Each person undeniably must at one point or another experience a Moment of Truth.
One can decide to avoid fire by simply running away from it. However, one cannot
possibly run away from the reality that he builds through his own thoughts.

It doesn�t matter at whom the negativity of those thoughts are directed, the fact
remains that negativity equals negativity in the Final Perspective of the Ancient
SEER in you.

One day you will look at your face in the mirror and discover that what you see is
more than a face � what you see is a reflection of the world that you built by your
own thoughts.

At that point, those negative thoughts that you have carried against others will
speak to you in the voices of your tough conditions, your hard circumstances � your
very physical reality.
You will wonder why the world has grown so dark around you. You will try to
separate yourself from the scene you have created and search back for the vantage
point that you once believed it shields you from the dark world you take pleasure
in controlling, but what you will realize is that you are inside the scene, and the
fire you once thought you can stage is so real that it is burning you Between
Absolute and Relative Karma

Why would one want to escape Karma?

The origins of Karma are rooted far in the past. It relates back to each soul�s
most original awakening to its Spiritual Identity at the Babyhood of humanity�s age
� back in the ages of Edenic Experiences, now only acknowledged in myths and

Thus, there are two kinds of karma. There is The Absolute Karma, the karma of all
karmas: that which determines the Spiritual Essence or Identity of a soul. The
Ancient Wisdom refers to it in Arabic as the �Meem of Souls� that is imprinted upon
it since its initiation. This karma relates to the Soul most original stance
towards the Adamic Appearance of God.

The other kind of karma is the one most popular, The Relative Karma, that relates
to the soul�s countless experiences in space and time throughout its many
reincarnations and the effect one experience has over the other.

The Relative Karma:

Upon death, a soul is drawn to re-embody on earth by its ancient urge to exist and
hence to be known. And knowledge is not possible without the laws of Space and Time
the same way as a Spirit cannot be seen without a Body.

Past-life experiences are impressed upon the soul�s karma. Even childhood
experiences in the same life has their karmic effect upon the soul�s choices at a
later age.

However, if one keeps tracing the sequence of effects the results of which amount
to who and what he is altogether, one will have to touch upon the Absolute Karma,
because in its nature it is like babyhood, it involved ancient events that pertains
to the Creation Times and that effected the way the soul Views and Judges its own
Self prior to viewing and judging its experiences in space and time.

From here, it should be clear that the Absolute Karma even determines how and why a
soul allows an experience to affect another.

Thus, the soul, at any conscious moment in time, regardless to the reason-ality of
the action it is performing in terms of Relative Karma, is truly representing its
Absolute Karma in the Absolute Eye of the Self.

Absolute Karma:

However, Divine justice mandates that no one should be in a position to judge a

soul for being absolutely good or evil save the judgment a soul inflicts upon
itself when questioning its identity in relation to this Doctrine of Absolute
Karma. However, this should not deny one�s right to clear his/her karma from its
entanglement with the karmas of those effect his reality and whose actions reveal
clear tendencies towards Evil.

In other words, if one becomes absorbed by the optimism that relative judgments may
encourage about the nature of souls, and forget the nature of the Separation that
the Absolute Karma entails between the Children of Light & the Children of
Darkness, one will end up gripped by the strength of the Evil Current that is
apparently taking strong hold in the world as it appears to the overwhelming eye of
the senses.

And to the extent that one desires to approach knowledge of His Absolute Karma
(The essential Separation Between Good & Evil in the Realm of Eternity re-enacted
by the essential Separation between the Children of Light and the Children of
Darkness in space and time for the ultimate purpose of knowledge), to the extent
that he can possess the light of free will to be in charge of his karmic destiny;
because Knowledge and only Knowledge as Such is capable of rejuvenating the course
of the Soul�s Karmic Fate. Characteristics of Eternity

The ONE as described in the Platonic dialogues by Parmenides:

"�cannot be many. Consequently it cannot have any parts or be a whole� And if it

has no parts, it cannot have a beginning or an end or a middle� Therefore, if the
one has neither beginning nor end, it is without limits�Consequently the one has no
shape� It cannot be either in another or in itself� It cannot be in motion or at
rest�It cannot be the same as another or other than it self�It cannot be other than
another or the same as itself� Thus the one cannot be other than. Or the same as,
either itself or another�It cannot be like or unlike anything, whether itself or
another�Further, the one being such as we have described, will not be either equal
or unequal either to itself or to another�The one cannot be younger or older than,
or the same age with, either itself or another�It cannot even occupy time at all�
Therefore the one is in no sense is�It cannot, then, �be� even to the extent of
�being� one� etc.

Further things that are �not one� do not possess unity either; if they did they
would not be �not one� in every sense�."

Existence and non-existence:

Real Existence has no conceivable Limits. It is an attribute of the Real One (The
Creator). Any thing, whether an immediate object of perception or a matter of
conception, other than the Real ONE, does not possess the attribute of Existence.

For example, in saying: �This is an Apple�, one is attributing existence to a given

apple. This is indirectly framing the apple within a frame of Oneness. Without such
activity, one cannot possibly isolate the idea of an apple in thought.

However, Real Existence, being only an attribute of the ONE (The Creator), cannot
be defined as "is". In other words, one cannot make sense saying, "existence is�"
because in saying this, one would be attributing existence to existence itself
which is the same as denying the very nature of existence or adding something to a
complete thing.

To be able to truly KNOW Existence, one has to first understand that such Knowledge
is related to the Wholly Mind and not the Thinking Mind, and the very innate nature
of knowledge that pertains to the Wholly Mind banishes the problems related to the
non-authentic knowledge acquired by the senses: The Activity of Directing Vision
Outside the Self and towards a Reality absent from the ever present nature of

In other words, the Real One (The Creator�s IMAGE), that is the only true form of
existence, is of a nature similar to the sun. The Sun is forever shining; however,
our sight is not quite aware of the role it plays in making the very nature of
sight possible, because our sight is too distracted by the objects lit by the sun.

The Sun in the Ancient Wisdom is the Metaphor of the Wholly Mind. The Wholly Mind
is the Reflection of the Real ONE and the Link between the Realm of Eternity and
the Realm of Space & Time - between God and Man. Its very inconceivable essence
reflects the absoluteness of the Real ONE.

The Faculty that is responsible for thought is not the Real Mind, but the Soul;
because, thought is an activity that cannot be maintained without attributing
Oneness to objects of perception and conception, yet the Real Mind is in constant
state of Unity and harmony with the Unlimited ONENESS, which is a state of BEING
and not Thinking and Attributing.

In order to conceive of any given thing, the Soul isolates the image of the thing
within an illusory frame of Oneness called thought.

To identify any object of perception or conception, one must first attribute

oneness to it i.e. an apple, an occasion or an idea.

While in truth, Real Oneness is interconnected like color or shape is to an apple

and therefore cannot be Isolated within any frame or attributed to any thing but
The Creator.

Nothing is more self-evident than Existence. However, the very nature of defining
Existence is Contra-Existence (illusory); because, to engage in it means to step
out from the ever prevailing nature of being.

Existence is an Eternal Presence, an eternal Consciousness associated with being

at-one with The Creator through the Wholly Mind.

The Creator is the only JUDGE in Existence,

Being at-One with the Creator means admitting to the upper Doctrine in Spirit &
Body; and this is the Wisdom that distinguishes the Wholly Mind from the Acquired

The Wholly Mind is distinguished not by the amount of information that He has, but
by this very simple Element of admittance, which wins HIM the Trust of the Creator.

Being with the Wholly Mind means constant Immunity against Judgmental or
Interpretive Vision.

Hence, real Knowledge does not refer to the Power of Thought but to the Power of
Being immune to the Soul�s activity of judging which interrupts real Vision and
forces vision away from the Oneness. The Soul practice this behavioral activity to
prove its importance. However, this happens on the expense of Authentic
Consciousness: The Soul�s True Freedom and Salvation.

Anytime one judges, one attributes a Form of Existence to the Object of his
Judgment, and hence, one becomes immediately aware of the Contrary state to that
object. Such awareness to contrariety distracts Real Vision away from ONENESS (The
Creator�s Image or The SELF Within) and into Multiplicity & Alienation � a sort of
distraction that is associated with the most ancient form of Evil initiated by the
Spiritual Devil, �Harat� (From the Arabic term �Ihtar� which means grew confused).
Evil Disguised by a Mask of Compassion

Once upon a time there were three men worshipping together in mutual harmony,
praying in submission to Him alone who has no partner, maintaining great faith in
His Unity.

Suddenly, a lightening struck the sky.

Each one of them started interpreting this lightening as he desires, and they
clashed in opinion; and the disagreement that resulted lasted for several years,
during which they used to meet and talk but not as they used to. For, the hearts
has grown apart: every one thought that his opinion is the right one.

A passerby stopped at their place once, and they welcomed him in:

He asked them: What is the problem?

They replied: What problem? There is no problem.

He said: don�t you see your faces, what do you worship?

They replied: One God.

Why are you together? He asked,

Because we are fellow brothers, they answered.

No, he said, because your faces speak for you, and your hearts are not pure.

They said in one voice: how could you tell?

Evidently, they had thought that each one of them was hiding his feelings from the

So, the passerby said: how could you be worshiping The One, yet allowing guile and
discontent to rule what you carry inside towards each other, and however still, you
continue talking to each other, yet not opening up to one another?!

The three worshippers grew mystified by this man who is a mere passerby.

He then asked: what is the cause of disagreement?

(He repeated the question Three Times)

They said in one voice: we can hear you, why did you repeat the question three

He replied: because you are three, and I am asking each one of you.

Then they admitted: it is the lightening, and they went on explaining what had
happened between them, however, once more each one interpreting as he wishes.

So he said to them: oh thy worshippers of The One, Lightening meant that the Sky
was going to rain, nothing more than that.

And, had it not been of the passerby, they wouldn�t have realized, or opened up to
each other and tried to get things straight.

As for you my dear beloved,

Do not let the illusive matters that occupy the minds of darkness affect your

From where do cometh flaw and error, from the interference of thoughts and
interpreting them as you desire. Then you feel weakness and more weakness followed
by depression and shortage of breath and after that frailty� Then you�ll blame this
frustration on the unknown, once more interpreting� And whence the pressure grows
bigger and bigger, the image shakes, and the power of evil is permitted in, and so
it takes its course and leaves its imprints.
You do not need to feel sorry or regretful about something you did; for,
Rightfulness is nourished through adjusting the grammar of actions. And the secret
of life is revealed to one the more one approaches the truth which is: being
content with reality and why it happened.

Look around you: stress � politics � diplomacy � talks � battles of accumulation �

the punishment of time � events and happenings � being occupied and directing your
soul in accord to the desires and emotions aroused by such multiplicity, forcing it
to live in a gloomy atmosphere.

Why this torture?

Living in such gloomy atmosphere produces nothing but fear, terror and panic.

You say: �this is the world, this is how people are.� You will never be freed from
them, because it is you who are bringing those to your field.
Despair is a title and Hope is another title...
Frankness is the title of touching upon the matters of things

Do not allow a matter three lines when it could be handled with a line and a
period, this is in relation to communication with people.

Leave politics and diplomacy aside when talking to others, this way alone you can
overcome your weaknesses and become more insightful about the reality ahead.

Do not allow the pretentiousness that color your surroundings to stain your
mindset, and do not interpret the personality of the liar and the pretentious.

For, it is impossible to grasp the language of politics: discourse and harmony,

assault and discord�

Honesty is the name of comfort: it brings closer to you men of essence, and it
sidesteps the people of great diplomacy, those who disguise the language of evil
with a mask of compassion. For, when you speak truthfully and uncompromisingly or
smile from the heart, those people�s real character come into view, stripped out of
any mystery.

Let it be clear unto you then:

Everyone has his Limits, and there is nothing more holy than helping people
understand their limits through knowing yours and behaving accordingly without any
Behavioral Noise or what is else known as diplomacy. Your actions take part in
drawing the overall Limits of human experience, and to what point the world wants
to reach with its harmful thoughts.

Communication has a resolving point, and the more you draw Limits to your discourse
with others, the more your character is strengthened, and the maxim is: no forged
niceness or over-expressive terminology.

A �Mowahid� follows his intuition about people, and he has a piercing eye for
authenticity. The periods you spend away from the warmth of home requires the
Strength of a Mowahid, do you hear this: The Strength of a Mowahid.

And this strength is begotten through the Power of Will.

Remember this: Peace of Mind and more Peace of Mind, and avoiding being occupied
with every matter (whether small or big)� Do not be attached to the Image of The
Other and how the other judge you, carry your own image instead, giving it its
rights, otherwise you will run and run, yet never achieve.

Remember, every person has his own capacity to endure. For example, if you feed the
vine leaves you want from that to reap better fruits to give to others. But how
could the fruits ripen without proper treatment? Then you will neither achieve for
yourself nor for others.

So, do not feed your ears and thoughts with the expression �prudence� or �duty�,
because it is the stabbing force and the hidden door through which entanglements
and other matters of interference creep.

When man holds on to an image or a thought, he starts believing the scenarios that
he convinces his self to believe in, and thus, he falls victim to the ideas that he
himself montage.

Let your thoughts revolve around your own happiness, and happiness will not come
about unless you give into it your thoughts. Excerpts Translated from the Original
Arabic Text of the Ancient Wisdom

The Mind projected an image of His Self to His Self in the Hayulic Existence (The
Original Substance of Existence), and then The Mind looked at the meanings of His
own Self and its images. And thus, he is enchanted by what he sees in His Self
though His Self, for his joy is from what he receives of His Self-truth by His own
Self, and not by anything that he acquires from outside His Self...And this is the
Eternal Joy of Righteousness.

The Mind, if He wills to comprehend a given thing, he singles it out from the rest,
and grasps it apart from what is comparable to it, then he apprehends it as One
through the Oneness of His mighty Self, because, as do the senses cannot identify
the Oneness in a thing, the Mind cannot discern the multiplicity or compositeness
in a thing, or give it the right form of understanding without singling out its
meanings, distinguishing each genus that enters them as a one in itself.

It then has come to appearance that the senses, which are of a composite nature,
have a handle on composite things, and that the mind, which is One, single and of a
simple nature, apprehends things that are One and single and simple. The soul
(which is the mental element i.e. the entity responsible for thought), in as much
as it is driven by compositeness, departs away from the state of unity and from the
unified vision of things (The Wholly Mind or Spirit); and in as much as it departs
from compositeness, it detects and surmounts the composite and temporal things.

The Power of the Mind is more unified than the secondary creations that come after
Him, for they cannot reach knowledge of Him. The Mind is as such, because he is a
cause to the creations beneath Him, and the proof to this is that the Mind is the
organizer of all the things imagined and represented through the divine power in
Him which He emanates and through which He takes hold over things� This is because,
that which precedes and causes things controls those things, and nothing bypasses
His mighty power.
The Soul: Sight that falls Between the Realm of Mind & the Realm of Body

In the darkness, though perceivable objects exist within the reach of sight, sight
passes them by and falls short of seeing them; and should the illuminating Light
hit upon sight, it helps sight perceive the objects of its vision and senses which
were before that beyond appearance, and so the Light is the element that drives
Sight into seeing the Objects and completes sight�s perception of those objects,
bringing the objects within sight into actuality after the objects were out there
in potentiality. And so, as long as sight�s vision is secured through the Light,
all the objects of its perception remains within its reach and comprehension. And
should sight loose that Light, and should darkness take over again, sight would
return to loose all its objects of senses. And if Light were to be secured forever,
perception would be secured forever. Light is emanated by the Mind and darkness by
the body.

Among the souls is the Mind-aided Soul. It is so for being linked to its Cause
forever. The Father of the soul and Her Cause is the Mind. And the Mind�s
steadiness, strength and shimmering lights are emanated to Him in turn by His
FATHER, the Absolute Goodness (The Cause Maker): The Creator.

The Cause Maker is the Absolute Goodness (Praise be His Name), and The Authentic
Mind is the emitter of HIS Light; and is this Light reaches the receptive Soul, it
is translated through the Power of Word (The Third Power) into images and Forms.

Ether & Light parallel Being & Sight

Ether Without Light = Nothingness

Being Without Sight = Nothingness

Existence without the Adam-Element (which is Vision) is Similar to the Substance of


Adam is The Wholly Mind

Existence with the Adam-Element = Knowledge

Knowledge = A Form of Adamic VISION of Existence

VISION = the Light of Existence

Thus, that part of God which is, when conceived by the Mind, is similar to the
Substance of Ether, is irrelative to the Adam-Element, because it is beyond

As you will discover, Eve (The Soul�s) Desire to step beyond the Adam-Element in
order to see that part of God which is beyond Vision is the most ancient form of
Evil. It is symbolized by the Adamic Fall and is responsible for man�s absence from

The Adamic Fall = The Realm of The Soul�s Activity = The Realm of Thought

Eve = The Wholly Soul

Thus, let it be clear unto you that what is relative to the Adam-Element is
symbolized by that Part in Ether which pertains to VISION = LIGHT. It is never
symbolizes by Ether. This is why Plato did not include Space in his World of Forms.
Rather, Plato�s Highest Form is the Sun in Space, because without the Sun, vision
of any kind is not possible to begin with.

The Wisdom is another term for the Light of Existence transmitted by the Sun of
Wisdom Adam (The Wholly Mind).

Without the SUN, there is no Light, and hence, no VISION

Without the Wholly Mind, there is no Image of Existence, and hence, no Knowledge of
any form in space & time.
God�s Eternal Word to the Wholly Mind (Adam) = �He who bow before You, has bowed
before ME, and He who refuses to bow before You, has refused to bow before ME��

He who acknowledges the Hidden cause of Vision (That is the Light), acknowledges
that God�s Existence, without the Mind-Element, is similar to Ether�s Existence
without the Vision-Element: Simply Irrelevant to Knowledge.

�I was a Hidden treasure, I wished to be known, so I created Adamics and through me

they Knew me� (The Sacred Dialect)

God is the Cause of Existence, and God, according to the Sacred Dialect, created
Existence in order to be known. He emanated an Image of His Self to His SELF in
Eternity, and this emanation translated in the secondary realm of existence (which
is the Adamic realm) - the birth of the most ancient duality that is responsible
for the essence of knowledge: The Duality of The Seer and The Seen.

It is as if God, like a man contemplating his own self, split His Self into two, A
Seer and A Seen. However, there remained a part of God which is beyond this duality
and above both. This part is Transcendent. It is Absolute Consciousness to what is
hidden behind both parts of the duality.

The Seer in this sacred duality translated into Adam (The Wholly Mind), and The
Seen into an Image of God that appeared in Adam's liking. However, this image, if
not seen through the Unified Vision of Adam and in the light of God's original
purpose behind Existence, it becomes concealed out of sight, and the result is the
birth of the Faulty Perspective of the Soul, Eve, which is that part of Adam or
Vision which tends to step outside God's Eye (The Wholly Mind) and make Adam its
object of sight instead of God's Image. This part's salvation depends on its
ability to return to God's Eye and melt in Adam's Perspective.

Adam is a more essential part in the sacred duality of sight, the same way as
vision is a more essential part of seeing than that which falls in its scope of
sight. Understanding this point leads to understanding The Unforgivable Aspect of
Eve's Sin: Vision's tendency to melt in what it sees and forget its importance in
the duality of Sight.

For example, so long as man is not aware of how others are perceiving him, he
performs actions purely for the pleasure of sight. Once he grows aware to The Other
factor and to his image in the eye of this Other, he steps outside seeing things
and he becomes a behavioral performer.
Falling into Eve-ends

Does a child desire or fear The Possibility in the event? Does a child await
anxiously the happening of a given event in order to secure a perspective in life
or position of some sort?


Because the child simply Witnesses the event.

And the event, when seen through the eye of the witness, does not threaten one�s
fame of being. It is almost as if the event, however bad it may be, when seen
through the eye of the witness, becomes a feature of the experience of sight, and
not anywhere near threatening the security of being itself.

As long as one�s frame of being is secured, optimism endures. And as long as the
subject transcends judgmental or interpretive sight, his secure position as a
witness is preserved.
What challenges the witness in man?

It is man's behavioral tendency to subdue the witness to the grammar of the scene
being witnessed - to enter the scene of an event as an actor using that which he
know as a witness for the purpose of gaining importance - becoming witnessed
himself. So, what is he then investing in? More and more behavioral confusion,
since he is counting on the continuous absence of the Original Eye which sees his
role in the scene from the perspective of his original position and exposes this
role for the lie it represents in relation to the Truth-in-Finality.

This choice which man takes on the level of Thought results in a sequential
behavioral effect similar to the circles produced by a pebble when thrown unto the
ocean on a calm day. His behavioral acts in the scene help fulfill outdated forms
and meanings which he had already known as a witness to the scene. It is like
stepping into a story which one already knows its ending only to enjoy playing a
role in it, slowly loosing touch with the element that made one like the story to
begin with.

One's acts in the scene gradually expresses the pain of his departure from his
ultimate reality as a witness. Such pain colors the logic of events and the story,
subjecting sight to the weight of temporal causality, dispiriting the soul with the
activity of linking events in accord to a system of meaning ruled by �before &
after� �the antecedent and the consequent until reality grows to resemble history
(a sequence of wars and conflict without any cause or explanation).

Look at the world as it is now. It is nothing but a story that revolves around the
Spiritual Fall of the Soul from the Heaven of Adam (The Wholly Witness) through a
form of sight that utilizes the witness's power to depart away from the witness's
truth, just like a moon utilizing the sunlight in the darkness to appear as though
it is the source of light itself. Everyone desires to become the Christ of his own
story, and that is why Christ (The Wholly Mind) said: "He who knows the difference
between me and the father could not be subjected to the Religious Illnesses and the
Contagious Diseases (Faulty Spiritual Directions) from which partake the Eternal
Death..." (The Ancient Wisdom).

Consider the following:

Existence through intuition, without the element of interpretation, is absolute and

immaculate, with both a Mental & an External evidence which is unequaled, unrivaled

While existence, when taken up by thought and subjected to definition or

interpretation, produces through Thought an indefinite image of a contrary called:
nought non-existence. This mysterious image at its essence is responsible for all
the negativity that thought builds up around the Destiny of a Soul in Time.

If anything this should prove that only through thought, there rises some form of
existence to non-existence = The Scary Image of the Unknown.

And in the depths of such form of vision lies the Unforgivable Sin and the only sin
to which divine punishment is applicable, because the weight of such punishment
cannot be sensed save through such view of reality which shakes the very foundation
of man�s being and threatens to lasts as long as thought does. And there is no
punishment greater than being ignorant of such sin, which is equal to: Constant
lack of belief in the absolute polarity between existence and non-existence or (in
other words) the banishing nature of existence to non-existence.

He who seeks the meaning of existence through anything foreign to his own Adamic
Presence right here right now, stays up throughout the nights following events with
his naked eyes, not knowing that the pain of waiting is all what awaits him. And
such pain, unlike happiness, when exposed more and more to the weight that time
imposes upon sight, it is bound to increase.

On the other hand, existence through the eye of a witness is indisputable, and the
happiness is from what the witness derives from the meanings of existence through
the comfort he derives from knowing that he is only witnessing the scene and not
from the thoughts that interpret the importance of his role as an actor in it.

For, �Existence is not Mental neither External, otherwise there would�ve been an
existence to existence. Thus, there was the saying that the source of this
existence is like no other thing out there�� (The Fifth Special Science)

Interpretation is thus a Psychological Work (Psyche: the negative side of soul)

that opposes spiritual oneness, which is the state of the soul not being divided
with the sequence of events.

Because the sequence of an event which takes place on the level of thought is
consequent or latent to the actual event and its logic operates on a level of
causality that is forever dependant on the previous and the next, just like the
Negative of a Photographic Film.

True Existence is the spirit behind every motion. It is authentically ancient, not
by virtue of being the most first-time cause traceable, it is ancient in the sense
that it precedes the event in form or essence, as do the �number� precedes �two� or
the concept �fruit� precedes the concept �apple�.

Hence, true existence is a more like a complete picture that does not require time
and matter to be fulfilled or to be proven. Otherwise, its ancientness would not
have been authentic, because it would�ve always been subject to be new in relation
to something that precedes it.

As for the Ancientness that pertains to the time-element or the order of events, it
is not a characteristic of reality, but rather, it is the characteristic of the way
sight interprets reality.

For, thought that revolves around sight is forever under the mercy of the way sight
is directed and thus, it is forever �temporal� in relation to the eternal nature of