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1. Read the vocabulary (https://201965.aulasuniminuto.edu.co/mod/quiz/view.php?id=741094) and with the help of a dictionary find the
Parcialmente definitions in your own language. We suggest you the www.wordreference.com (http://www.wordreference.com/) online dictionary.

Puntúa 93,75 sobre

100,00 - take off
- nervous
- safe
- comfortable
- excitement
- delightful
- stressful
- boring
- delay
- expensive
- cheap
- Window seat
- alone
- crowded
- awful
- luggage
- airline
- keep in touch

Can you make some sentences using the words from the list?
For example:

Transmilenio is always crowded.

I don’t take a taxi to work because it is expensive.
Sometimes there is a delay with international flights.
I think Colombian food is delightful.

Exercise 1: Read the conversation between two passengers that are in a plane from Bogotá to the USA. They travel alone, but they meet
during the flight.

Pilot: Dear passengers please take your seats. The flight to Florida is about to take off.

Angie: Hi, I’m Angie. This is my seat. Sorry.

Lina: Ok, no problem I can move to the window seat, it’s my favorite.
Angie: I don’t like to watch through the window during a flight.
Lina: I’m Lina. Do you travel alone?
Angie: Yes, I am alone. Is it ok if we talk for a while? I’m a bit nervous.
Lina: No problem I travel alone too. I travel to Orlando. Do you know that place?
Angie: No, this is my first time out of the country and I am nervous because I travel alone. I have some family in Miami, I go to visit them.
Lina: That sounds great. Miami is a beautiful place. I travel this time because I have some plans in Orlando with a friend. We go to spend some
days at Disney World.
Angie: Wow, I can imagine you are excited about the trip.
Lina: Yes, I am. And what do you think about this airline, Do you like it?
Angie: I don’t travel by plane too much, but this airline is very comfortable and the tickets are not cheap but it’s ok.
Lina: I like this airline a lot. I think the ticket prices are expensive. But I like the food, its’ delightful, that’s my favorite part. And the service at the
airport with the luggage is really good and safe. I rarely travel alone.
Angie: I never travel alone. A cousin travels next weekend but I don’t want to wait until the weekend. There are some delays with international
Lina: Yes, that’s right. And the airport is crowded on weekends too. I don’t like to travel on Saturdays, it’s awful. On Saturdays many people travel
to visit friends, family or just to spend time out of the city.
Angie: Well, I rarely travel out of the city. I have two sons and I usually spend time at home in Bogotá. I’m a housewife.
Lina: I have two children too, one girl and one boy. But they don’t go to school, they both go to college.
Angie: So they are almost adults. My sons are teenagers. They do all things teenagers do except housework. They go camping and hang out with
friends all of the time.
Lina: I know. And your husband? Is he in Miami?
Angie: No, he stays in Bogotá this time. He works and doesn’t have holidays right now, so he is at home with our stressful teenagers.
Lina: That sounds good for you. So you have holidays and free time for yourself. It’s time for you to rest.
Angie: Of course, it’s the perfect moment to relax. I have a sister in Miami and I want to stay with her for a week or two. I want to go to the beach,
swim, read my books and rest.
Lina: I have some relatives in Florida, but this time I want to meet a friend in Orlando to visit Disney world. I don’t want boring holidays this time.
Angie: I understand, you want some excitement. I want to go there if I have time.
Lina: That’s right. I am still young for some excitement. If you want we can meet there.
Angie: Great! Let’s change e-mails to keep in touch.
Lina: Of course. This is my e-mail linagarciap@....

Exercise 2: Answer the following questions.

1. What is the women’s destination? Florida

2. Do they travel with any friend? No they don’t.

3. Who travels to visit her family? Angie

4. Who travels to meet a friend? Angie

5. What does Lina want to do in the USA? She wants to visit Disney World.

6. What does Angie want to do in the USA? She wants to visit her family

7. What does Lina like about the airline? The food.

8. Who likes to go camping and hang out with friends? Angie’s children.

Exercise 3: Read the conversation again. Check the sentences bellow and decide if the information is TRUE or FALSE. Select one
1. This is the first time Angie travels out of the country. True

2. Lina thinks the airport is crowded on weekends. True

3. Lina’s children are teenagers. False

4. Angie is nervous because she doesn’t like planes. False

5. Lina travels to relax in Miami Beach. False

6. Lina wants some boring holidays. False

7. Angie’s husband doesn’t travel because he doesn’t have holidays. True

8. Lina and Angie change some information to keep in touch. True