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Kimetsu no Yaiba Discord Survey Results!

Just in case you missed it, we recently held a survey to get some info on the server demographics
and gauge the server’s response to different things. I am happy to say that we gathered a total of 410
responses! I’m excited to reveal the results of the survey and I hope you find them as interesting as I
did. As we explained in the introduction of the survey, we won’t be revealing the results of all of the
questions, but we will be showing the results of the Demographics, Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Just For
Fun sections. Additionally, we will be responding to every response in the “Any suggestions?” section.
Yup, all 171 responses.



First off, we have the gender demographics of the server. As expected, there’s a majority of Male
users, almost twice the amount of Female and Other / Non-binary (3.2%) users combined. I realized I
forgot to add a “Prefer not to say option”, so I apologize if that made anyone uncomfortable.
Next up, we have continental demographics. Somewhat surprisingly, North America makes up the
majority of the responses, with Europe and Asia following behind. South America (4.9%) and
Australia (4.6%) are almost neck and neck with each other, while Africa (2.4%) had the least amount
of responses.


Finally, the age demographics. The results are pretty much what I expected from the server. Users
aged 17 - 20 make up the bulk of the responses, while those aged 21 - 25 and 13 - 16 follow behind.
Users aged 26 to 30 ( 8.5%) and 31+ (1.5%) make up a much smaller percentage.
Kimetsu no Yaiba

Surprisingly to me, manga readers make up a much larger percentage than I thought. I was expecting
something more like a 70/30 split, but this is a nice surprise.


Another set of results that were about what I expected, although I wasn’t expecting that amount of
people who will not read the manga (3.9%). Congratulations to the 20.2% who were reading the
manga before the anime, put that in your bragging rights list. Also, 5.1% say they are waiting for the
movie to start reading the manga.
At the last minute, I realized that the “favorite character” questions would be more interesting to see
split between anime-only and manga readers, so I separated the data into two different pie charts.
Unsurprisingly, Tanjiro was the most popular for both groups, but what stands out the most is
Inosuke’s large jump in popularity and Nezuko’s fall. I’m thinking Inosuke’s lack of popularity among
the anime-only crowd can be attributed to his rough treatment of Zenitsu initially along with his lack of
standout hype moments.
Next is the Pillars’ popularity. Unsurprisingly, Tomioka and Shinobu are the top 2 most popular Pillars,
with them being the two with the most screentime. Rengoku taking up that big of a chunk for the
anime-only crowd is surprising though considering he hasn’t done much yet, but that goes to show
how captivating his character is even with brief scenes.
Just For Fun
Finally, the last section of the survey. Starting off, the question that has been burning in my mind for
years: have I been forgiven for ​that incident? Thankfully, 198 of you have decided to forgive me, so I
will finally be able to get a good night’s rest with a healthy conscience. However, for the 147 of you
who unfortunately chose not to forgive me, you can just go right ahead and send me your discord tag
at ​ididnotforgiveshoyo@gmail.com and I will be sure to ban you as soon as possible. Also, CST best
time zone. Sorry sweetie, I don’t make the rules.


For everyone who voted no, shame on you. Also no, this isn’t a spoiler for the manga.
I realize now that the answer choices could be taken as offensive, specifically “ugly and gay” (which
might lead one to assume that I think if you’re gay, you’re ugly; same with “hot and straight”). That
was an oversight on my part, and I’ll make sure that on the next survey this question will return with
better answer choices.

Anyway, the correct answer was ugly and gay (source: Shinobu). Sorry ladies, but Tomioka likes
Any Suggestions?

The final section where the staff team and I want to address every suggestion that was given. The
jokes, the serious suggestions, and everything in-between. If the answer starts with “B:”, that’s me
(shoyo​B​oyo). Answers from the ​S​taff will start with an “S:”.

Dont u even fucking think of messing with mah boi Giyu.

B: don’t worry, i won’t. i’ll leave that to shinobu

the game

B: the game?

As with the staff suggestions more staff are needed for later into the night, a user was
breaking rules and it was fifteen minutes before you guys did anything.

S: We have a staff member (Pillar or Kakushi) on pretty much 24/7. We are working to get more
active staff members, though.

Give Zenitsu A Nezuko

B: i agree, zenitsu deserves his nezuko.

get a life

B: ok nerd

Pin news more regularly

S: We try to post everything important in the announcements channel.

How is your day going?

B: great, i spent all day working on this thing

get bent

B: i’m straight


B: i will keep that in mind

Joe mama

B: ligma balls


B: pen15

B: you’re not the first to mention joe. how does it feel to be unoriginal?

shoyo is epic

B: this is facts

I hope Tanjiro claps yalls cheeks

B: tanjiro is underage, i hope you realize the consequence of what you just said


B: (:


B: thanks for your feedback


B: refer to the above question

Don't make the server too serious, this is the anime community, we like to have fun.

S: Don’t worry, we don’t plan on making any sweeping changes to make the server more serious. We
also like how casual it is, and we would like to keep it that way.

Nope, you guys are doing great as it is

B: thanks, we do what we can

More kanao

B: i will forward this to wani

Mod me XD

B: aight send me an email at ​modmepleaseshoyo@gmail.com​ and i will be sure to get back to you

for the movie anime channel thingy, as i chose in survey i think its just better to use the anime
channel but maybe rename it to smthing #anime-movie (could be temperory, you choice)
-Love, Saku

S: For now we will keep the movie discussion in the anime channel. If anything changes on that, we
will be sure to announce it.

Make Nezuko carrying Tanjiro the Server Icon please.

S: For now, we will stick to the volume cover tradition. Maybe once the manga ends, we can consider
changing up the icon to something else.
no, not really

B: ok

Could the @everyone be restricted to only staff members? Being pinged for no reason isn't
fun, so maybe restricting the @everyone to only staff will lower the risk of thid happening

B: it should already be only restricted to staff members. i am a staff member, so that’s why it actually
pinged everyone.

How did inosuke die??

B: he didn’t. or did he? we will never know, he hasn’t been online in a long, long time.

none :)

B: okay

U guys g8

B: glad to hear that we are gate

Building off the gaming night topic brought up earlier, other server events would be
interesting, like maybe a movie night or something along those lines

S: We’ll take that into consideration. We used to have a watch-along for the anime episodes, but the
death of Rabbit put an end to that. We will see if there are other alternatives we can use, though.


B: i like alfredo sauce

I have no suggestions

B: i have no reply


B: sorry i don’t get zoomer vocabulary


B: 39% on rotten tomatoes, not looking good

i will never forgive you for forcing my hand

B: i’ll be honest, i am fearing for my life right now


B: yes
tomioka giyuu is bisexual and busty cmon

B: i am shame


B: no

add more discord bots :3

S: We are hesitant to add more bots because we don’t want the server to become Mudamaid server
#798908. For now, we are not looking to add more bots unless Dyno kills itself or becomes too
unreliable and we have to replace it.

whoever wrote page 7 should go be ok

B: i wrote the entire thing and i am not sure what “should go be ok means”, i hope it’s a good thing

Tf was the last question for, what kind of serious question is that. I feel kids be making the
question, everything else is fine server is perfect and I love it.

B: it’s just a meme bro (also yeah it’s a dumb question but so were the other). i will be sure to add
more dumb questions in the next survey


B: yes

I believe having a separate channel specifically for server members’ art

work/commissions/etc. would be an excellent idea!

S: We will take that into consideration. For now, we are hesitant with having a self-promotion channel
because we don’t want people to join just to advertise.

A channel where anime-onlys can ask manga-readers a very specific question about an event
or character and receive a short answer, kind of like a fortune teller thing. I just felt that I have
to answer this because it would be rude of me to leave it empty! :)

S: Thanks for the feedback. This is a tricky thing to implement because it probably wouldn’t get much
use. It would probably best for the user to just ask in the anime channel, and have someone dm them
the answer.

have the mods/admins interact/chat more?

S: We are working on this.

Thanks for your hard work maintaining the server guys! With the suggestion for the movie
server, I think it would be a good idea for the future to have split servers for each season the
anime makes to avoid spoilers for people who might start the anime late.

S: For now, we don’t plan on splitting the anime channel at all as it could probably confuse users and
lead to lowered activity and discussion in the channels. We will keep that suggestion in mind though,
in case the situation ever arises where we might need to split the anime channel.

Nothing i can think of, nor any complaints

B: glad to hear

Is it Tanjiro or Tanjirou

B: zenitsu says it’s “tanjiroOoOOoOoo”. i’m inclined to agree

i have one with #other-series-channel split into two. One for Anime only and one for Manga
only. Would just make discussions for other series easier and easier to avoid spoilers from
other series.

S: We will keep this in mind and talk it over with the staff.

although it wasn’t October 1st for me but i will never forgive shoyo for tagging everyone

B: all i hear is the rambling of someone from an irrelevant timezone

this isnt a suggestion its just a geniune thank you for making the sever a nice place to talk
with people who like the same show. giyuu is hot and gay thank you for listening.

B: glad to hear that you enjoy the server! we will do our best to keep it enjoyable for our users. also

there needs to be more consistency with moderating on the server.

S: We have gotten this complaint before, and part of our effort to keep moderation consistent is to
have a “moderation guideline” that staff members can use to make sure to keep the moderation
consistent. Of course, some staff members will be more strict/lax than others, but we hope that these
guidelines will bring consistency.

I think you should allow pic post on the general like having a pic because of a joke or a
comeback or something

B: i’m not sure what you mean, i am pretty sure general does allow images (i just checked)
Would be cool if this server was dedicated to kny and cool discussions instead of just talking
shit about other anime servers 24/7

S: Competition and banter between anime communities has been around for as long as anime
communities have existed. As long as this kind of discussion is kept in the #general-chat channel, no
rules are being broken. If you want to talk about the anime or manga, the respective channels are
available. If you want a change of topic, bring up something new. Now if it becomes a rampant topic,
moderator action will be taken to keep the flow of the channel going.


B: in an ironic twist of fate, giyu drowns in his own breath of water


B: no spoilers on my watch. anyway, yes, justice for ​akaza

what kinda survey was this?

B: i don’t know man, you’re the one who filled it out


B: ok

Channel where you can see tweet about demon slayer, especially offical account

B: not sure what you mean by this, tweets from the official account are often posted in the anime

A second music bot and VCText channel would be advisable so when there are people who
want to listen to "normal" music can do that when there is a huge meme vc party going on.
(which happened a few times before)

S: Adding more bots is not something we’re interested in for now, but if there is enough demand for it,
we can consider adding a second music bot.

Nothing against him/her but I think [redacted] should be demote from Kakushi as he/she is
almost never on the server.

S: We’re working on getting more active staff members. Applications will go out soon. Keep an eye

unmod shoyo tbh

B: i’m working on it

none! keep up the great work! i love this server

B: happy to hear it!

NSFW channel please

B: nah bro, we gotta get that discord partnership

who is joe

B: next time someone mentions joe, i swear i will ping everyone again


B: nort aremica

A NSFW server but if there isanything related to nezuko or any children that user is instantly

S: As a server, we don’t feel the need to have an NSFW server, especially with the “only sourced
fanart” rule. If you want to get your rocks off, there’s always the other ten thousand or so hentai
server with much less strict rules.


B: great

There should definitely be more leisure when it comes to having slow mode on general
because it could just come down to there being a lot of people on and talking at the same
time, and the necessity to post sauce for art has caused me to not post art I've found in the
chat because I don't know where it came from

S: Sometimes the slow mode is necessary ​because​ of how fast #general-chat can get sometimes.
Gives people more time to put a little more thought into their messages. Also, it seems like the server
is generally accepting of the “only sourced fanart” rule so that is here to stay for now.

i think giyu tomioka is hot and gay fix this right now

B: kimetsu no yaiba discord survey 2.0 will have better questions, i apologize to all giyu stans please
don’t cancel me


B: kind of rude to refer as giyu as “it”

Hope you're all having a good day mods! Mod appreciation day :D (especially to Bolt, Aster
and Oliver because I'm biased)

B: when is shoyo appreciation day


B: friends :)
might be better to make roles to @ instead of doing @everyone, like making a role to ping
when manga is updated, etc

S: We had this system before, but we reverted back to good ol’ @everyone. We will consider
switching back to the @role system, though.


B: happy to hear it

Please also make a channel for exclusive demon slayer merch announcements please ♡

S: Official merch is almost always posted in the anime channel. Making a server dedicated to just
those merch announcements would not be very intuitive, so we will keep it the way it is.

Make Shoyo Pillar

B: don’t tell anyone else, but i’m working on it

Bring back degenerate channel

S: No.

I am god. Kneel before me slaves.

B: wrong century grandpa, slavery ended over a century ago

Make me a mod lol

B: yeah sure, just shoot me an email at ​makememodshoyoplease@gmail.com​ and i will get back to
you on that

Shinobu is main group include her in the options COWARDS

B: shinobu is a bully and rude, she doesn’t deserve the main group spot


B: reported

Bring back manga spoiler channel

B: manga spoiler channel is still here fella, it’s role locked (psst, type out “?rank manga chapter” in the
bot commands channel)

check server feedback

B: server feedback channel is dead right now, but we will bring it back soon

Giyuu is hot and GAY!

B: i believe it
There wasn't a hot and gay Giyu option and this worries me

B: shinobu says giyu is an ugly boy

More of a compliment: I like how good the server is at spoiler tagging things. Even though I’ve
read the entire manga it’s really nice to see the rules about spoilers and linking artists work
are always being enforced, even by people who aren’t staff.

S: Happy to hear it! We would like any new friends to enjoy the same series we all bonded over as
spoiler-free as possible.


B: (:

stop bullying us

B: the job of the ruling class is to bully the common man

I suggest that the other staffs should be active. I only see a few staffs that are active in the
server, either moderating or interacting with members. If the other staffs are active, the
moderation of the server might improve.

S: We are working on this.

My main complaint is the varying degree at which server staff enforce the rules. Some are very
strict, some are super Lax when it comes to applying the rules. I’m not sure how to really
solve this unless all the staff get together and decide exactly how Strict vs Lax to be. I would
hope that this survey would be collecting data to do that. Personally I vote to keep the level of
strictness we have now that is currently being enforced by Aster and Bolt, but with them
easing up on some minor issues. Also sometimes staff members as a whole will engage in
“banter,horse play” etc in the chat, that is borderline against the rules/breaking the rules,
which is fine by me, but It sets an example of “This rules aren’t that strict here” I have seen
both newbies and regular members face discipline for issues that are very minor in
comparison to the conduct of Staff, at times. I believe a consensus among staff members is
needed regarding this issue: If the rules are to be enforced strictly, your conduct as staff
members should reflect adherence to those strict rules at all times.

S: We are working to keep moderation more consistent. As mentioned before, part of that is creating
a “moderation guideline” for staff members. However, the staff are still human, so some inconsistency
is bound to happen.

I love Shoyoboyo

B: i don’t

Yall are great.

B: u too
kind of unfriendly, but I can't blame you guys since there's 6k members, find it hard to talk but
I want to try more lol. thank you guys for all the hard work!!

S: We are working to make the main chatting channel more welcoming to new users. We hope that
the changes will help you and other users like you become active members!

No suggestions from me! Love the server!

B: happy to hear it

More pig assault

B: sorry sir, we don’t have pig assault, are you okay with comin’ through?

Only problem I see is staff being too strict when people are having a nice time casually talking
with a little bit of shitposting. [redacted] is notorious for being too strict is the only person
that needs to be a bit more lenient

S: We are working on that. However, naturally some staff members will be more strict than others.
Hopefully, our moderation guidelines mentioned above should help decrease the varied strictness of
the staff members.

There is some inconsistency in modding on occasion but I can tell most are doing their best
to be fair, and there is weird priorities regarding certain kinds of rules. the no all caps rule for
example seems really silly when someone just does it once or twice in a convo, it doesn't
seem spammy to me unless they are doing it constantly and being disruptive rather than
showing general excitement which all caps is often used for. fanart being posted with a
source is great, keeps the channel from going super fast, and encourages people to give the
artists views to their entire galleries so I say that should be a mainstay. using fanart as emotes
should be okay preferable with permission asked mostly because there is a limit on slots and
there is tons of fanart that would make great emotes and then it could be a hassle to balance
between manga/anime/fanart emotes once that limit is reached imo. everything else seems
quite good, the server can just use a few more hands for when mods be sleeping

S: Lots to get through here. As said before a few times, we are working to improve moderation
consistency. Regarding the “no all caps” rule, it is being changed to “no ​excessive​ all caps”. This
includes repeated usage of all caps, long lines of all caps, etc. We are also working to improve
moderation in the server.

Why is aster so cool

B: maybe it’s the black heart in his name


B: ​(´。• •。`)
I've suggested this once but got shunned unfortunately. I suggest the creation of an
#original_art channel for people to post their own art. #music_and_art is way too clogged with
people spamming links for different art pieces which aren't theirs, and makes posting one's
own art kind of pointless

B: while i agree that the current state of the art channel doesn’t allow much time to appreciate original
art, i think i speak for most of the staff that it would be kind of inactive and quite frankly a waste of
space. there’s always other discord servers for artists, and if you want to post art of your original
characters, you can always head on over to the fanfic/oc channel (psst, do “?rank fanfic/oc” in bot
commands channel)

Nothing really.

B: understood

Don't be so strict when someone is talking about food, music, and general gaming related
topics in General. Otherwise no one will have anything to talk about and therefore leads to
what you complain as shitposty convos.

S: We understand your concern. Obviously with the way conversation goes, those kinds of topics are
bound to come up every once in a while. After all, you can never really tell where a conversation will
go. As long as it’s a part of the general flow of the conversation, it is fine. However, if you would like
to start a new discussion about those topics, please use the appropriate channels.

Performance chat and vc for singing, playing and karaoke. From my experience it really helps
bring the communities or server closer

S: We will consider this. For now, you can use the Gaming voice chat for any fun and games you all
want to do.


B: ok

Maybe add custom discord titles to the newcomers like me.

B: not sure what would be the point of this or what you even mean exactly

you guys are the best

B: thanks bro


B: who?

Naw M8

B: aight mate
Don't do a promotion channel. You won't be able to moderate it efficiently and if you guys
wanna get partnered it won't be good. People can post dumb videos their that break tos

S: We will take that into consideration. For now, there are no plans for a self-promotion channel.


B: funny poop

Make a shrine for ​inosukes mom

B: no


B: bruh

Sunny is worst mod

S(unny): r-rude

KNY memes channel

B: #shitpost-den

the server is very overwhelming and the staff make it seem very strict and some of them are
rude, I guess try fixing something on that because it makes the server look rude and shitty

S: The server may be overwhelming for new users for a variety of reasons, but if we notice there is
some excessive rudeness from staff, we will deal with it accordingly. However, for now it seems that
the general consensus of the server is that the level of strictness is fine.

Thank you!

B: no, thank you uwu

Add a ​Rengoku little bro​ role

B: there already is one

Well idk about a lot of parts of the server so I just chose the choices which I felt is the best
one (kek). One thing I want to suggest is that for other anime servers, some of the big one(s)
like bnha and neverland have 2 art channels. One for spoiler stuff and one for non spoiler
stuff. This would be easier for people to discuss manga-spoiler fanart without using spoiler
tag on everything.

S: We will keep that in mind, but for now we think the system we have now works fine because it
reduced clutter.

B: urokodaki

Nezuko is the best, all others are inferior

B: well she is definitely best girl of the main group ​by default

Kinda spoilery lmao

B: what

Goodluck to staff.

B: thanks, we need it


B: epic


B: also epic

Demote [redacted] to server member hes a fucking piece of shit

Role-play channel

S: There are separate Kimetsu no Yaiba roleplay servers that are available. The fanfic/oc channel
has some light roleplaying going on there, if you’re interested.

I might just be dumb and it’s in the pins, but give a reason as to why #manga-leaks-discussion
closes every week in the rules page for the newer guys. Love your work and I hope this server

S: The manga leaks channel closes once the chapter is released. Once the chapter is released,
discussion is moved to the manga channel. There’s a separation between the two so that manga
readers can avoid spoilers if they wish to. This will be updated in the new rules update.

inosuke come back!

B: we are all still waiting

Shinobu is the best :)

B: idk man the survey says otherwise B)

stay hydrated :)

B: hydro homie
More KnY related channels!!!

B: we have as many as we can possibly have! what more could we add?

get me a ham sandwich

B: no ham

Crisis#9009, your avatar is gay :KNYtanjilul:

B: :gay_pride_flag:

Game tournaments defo, maybe more than just web games

S: We will see what we can do. Web games are usually the easiest to host since no one has to
download anything, but if possible we can do non web games.

Shinobu nudes dedicated channel, please

B: kinda weird kinda cringe bro

I don't have but keep going the servers is awesome

B: happy to hear it, hope everything stays well

Possibly a split for the general voice channel, into a general voice chat and a music vc,
sometimes people want to listen to music but cannot enter the gaming vc and are at an
impasse, also if the split occurs a seperate channel for music commands and general vc text
would help with clutter. Also the game night idea is really great, i enjoyed playing Scribbl.io
with other people from the server, and if we decide on adding that, we should add a seperate
text channel and voiece channel for the game night. Along with the game night, maybe other
server events can occur and we can alternate between them or have them on seperate days,
like a drawing competition regardless of skill for fun, or creating memes or something, or even
like a movie night/anime night or something, pretty much more stuff that we can do with
multiple people would be great fun. - [redacted]#XXXX

S: Great ideas, we will take them into consideration. We can definitely have some fun community
contests every once in a while. Game nights will need some planning because not everyone’s night
times are at the same time, so that will be on hold for now. Thanks for the suggestions!

nothing tbh

B: ok

I only care about manga ping and fanarts

B: well at least you enjoy something about the server


B: ok

why did shoyo ping everyone

B: i was at gunpoint


B: same guy?

I havent been around that much,but I think some kind of shipping trash channel would be
cool,so we trash can talk there without annoying anyone in general kny talk ol

S: We don’t see the need for a dedicated shipping talk channel. If you want to write or talk about
shipping fanfiction, there’s the fanfic/oc channel. Otherwise, we would prefer if shipping discussion
was kept to an absolute minimum because it leads to weird ships or toxic discussion.

Nah I’m just vibin

B: u do be lookin kinda fresh doe

good survey

B: thanks

I'm cute

B: narcissism is a mental condition :)

bring inosuke back

B: yeah i’ll just call him up and tell him to come back

he would later die of a cold

B: not sure who “he” is but i’m sorry to hear about that

your gay

B: hi gay, i’m dad

Tomioka is my father

B: there is a fan manga on mangadex about tomioka being a father

a couple suggestions. one is more character role options, and another, a help channel, so
those who have questions can get quick answers without extra clutter

S: We add character roles as suggestions come in. As for the help channel, we believe that is
unnecessary. If someone has a question, they can just ask in #general-chat.
Fuck you [redacted]. Pinche HDP

B: a la verga

The caps rule shouldn’t be enforced unless the chat actually becomes spammy and has
potential to bother other people typing in the chat

S: We have learned from this. The rule regarding all caps is being amended to make it more lenient,
but still forbid spamming.

I'm new here but holy shit is this good.

B: happy to hear it! and welcome


B: dab

I feel like with regards to fanart the sourcing thing prevents people from spamming the
channel, it's already kind of spammy with the same 5 people posting so that when others post
it's already been posted by one of those 5 people a few hours ago or even within 20 minutes.
but without proper sourcing it'd just be the opposite problem and the channel would be a
huge mess especially with the server growing in number. not sure if there should really be any
changes since it's not exactly fair to restrict the ones who post fanart regularly either. as for
emotes there's probably a limit on slot for discord right? it'd probably cause chaos in the
emote suggestion tab. Its also kind of unfair to artists too but that's more of a personal
preference on how artists works should be treated. and as far as moderating goes sometimes
its fine and sometimes its questionable. just need more consistency and better prioritization
of enforcement. and some users need a closer eye on them and be dealt with sooner before
they cause bigger problems but tha's just my biased opinion based on lurking in general.

S: Thank you for the detailed response. You’re right in that sometimes the art channel can be a bit
spammy at times, and it’s not uncommon for something to be reposted by someone else. But the
source requirement for art is what keeps the spam as small as possible. The reposts aren’t really a
problem, especially because not everyone checks every post in the channel, so it’s possible someone
new will see it. Similarly with the “no fanart” emotes rule, the channel would be flooded with
suggestions from fanart. Luckily, the manga and anime already has great material for emotes, so we
don’t have a problem of a lack of emotes. As for the moderation, we are working on consistency and
keeping #general-chat clean.

Someone suggested we hold kakushi application. That would be nice.

S: Stay tuned!

Stop meme giyuu and care for people with depression you sucker

B: the man is just vibin, he is not depressed

Make the discord official?

B: idk if we can, but it would be nice if we did. it’s mostly out of our control though. also, since we are
a community-run discord, we can’t be an ​official​ server, but we can be ​partnered​. partnership
applications are close right now, though.

While web games are fun, minecraft is better. I know that not everybody has minecraft, but a
lot of people do. Minecraft game nights, yessir. Inosuke would be proud of a minecraft game

B: i think it would be best to stick to free games that way everyone can join if they wanted to. also, i
have a feeling inosuke (the character) would very much enjoy minecraft. especially once he finds out
you can make pigs follow you.

dislike the strict boundary between each chat channel, no one can foresee where a
conversation is progressing towards. For example, a conversation started off as general topic
in the GC, and started to relate to some characters in kny, then a mod appeared and chase
everyone to other channel, at the same time ending the conversation. I see this as a complete
show stopper and joy killer. I think the mod needs to work on improving his/ her common
sense. I understand the idea of creating so many channels is to satisfy different people’s
flavour about different topics. What about the combination of all topics then? Where do we go
when we want to talk about the topic of “general + kny + art + anime”? Example: a
conversation about how everyone has been for a particular day started in the general channel:
someone says:”I saw a hot guy today , he enjoyed salmon daikon and very much reminded
me about Giyuu - which is my biased”. In here, we don’t expect people to say “today I saw a
hot guy” in GC, with the other half of the sentence posted in “kny”, this is frustrating and
needs to be improved. Thank you.

S: That kind of talk should not actually be rule-breaking (as long as the discussion is not about the
content of the manga or anime). If you feel you were wrongfully warned or muted, please message a
staff member (Kakushi or Pillar) to talk to them about it.

channel just for giyuu memes

B: giyu belongs in shitpost den


B: hi


B: no

B: no
Please host giveaways properly next time (bots, etc); add "Lower Moon" role for those who
achieved top 7 to 12 on Tatsumaki's leaderboard (top 1 to 6 is for Upper Moon, correct?);
Sam#9691 is the original Sam; Xio abuses Mel

S: We are going to start using a giveaway bot to handle giveaways starting with the next one. As for
the Lower Moon role, that topic has been discussed and ultimately we decided against it. As for your
accusation against Xio, we have notified the proper authorities and he will be dealt with shortly.
Farewell, Xio, your reign of terror ends here.

Give me nitro please

B: here’s your nitro bro ​*unzips*

I like the server as it is right now, changes are not really necessary as the server is pretty chill
and I like it.

B: glad to hear it. hopefully the changes we introduce later don’t negatively affect the enjoyment of
the server.


B: we get it bro u watched jojo

Help me get over my anxiety so I can actually talk in the server.

B: try talking in smaller servers! or just lurk around until there’s a conversation you’re comfortable
talking about comes up. you’re not alone, there are a lot of lurkers after all. don’t feel too down about
it, and just talk when you feel comfortable.

I want to hug Zenitsu

B: if you are a cute girl, i’m sure he would be fine with it.