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Ben Okri on Story Telling stories when read slowly are no less than

(Day 1, 24th February, 2018, LLF18,
Hall 1) Okri suggested that 'to read is to create'.
The audience applauded him for the
Ben Okri, the Booker Prize winner, took words to come;
the stage by posing a very interesting
question to his literary audience; “How When you see for longer, you see less,
many of you are fast readers?”. Coming and when you see less_ you see more!
from an accomplished writer, I did not
really know where it was heading. Will He shifted his focus from reading speed
he give us a speed reading task and then to the need of a new language for the
give the winner his new book? I did not modern writer. He explained that the
know what was coming. But that got modern writer finds himself looking for
even better as he posed his next question words that have not been used so much
where he was trying to head count the that they don't show the truth anymore.
‘slow readers’. ( or was he?) He also talked about Fictive Philosophy
as philosophy of showing the world
through story telling.

The audience were left mesmerized

when he read a short story from his latest
book which he mentioned took him five
years to write. The uniqueness of the
book lies in it being (probably one of a
kind) a short story collection based on
actual paintings not written for the
purpose of being written down as
stories! These paintings were his friends'
and he saw stories floating around in
their colors and strokes. One of the
stories he read titled "Life is a Street
Corner". I wish I had taken a photo of
the painting that accompanies this story.
Guess you have to go buy the book to
see that. As for me I am not aware of
With that simple exercise he shook the any such books myself.
very popular idea of what people
consider to be a ‘good reader’ ( The
faster you read, the better reader you
are!). He preached the practice of ‘slow
reading'. According to Okri the stories
that are more enigmatic and inclusive are
more intriguing when read slowly. While
he also cautioned the audience as the bad