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Recognitions With more than 150 customers across 6 continents, and successful partnerships with some of the
• InfoWorld 100 2010 largest ISVs and resellers in the industry, Layer 7 Technologies is the leader in SOA and cloud security
• OnDemand Top 100 Private and governance. Our award-winning SecureSpan™ family of XML Gateways feature sophisticated
Companies in Cloud 2010 runtime governance, enterprise-scale management and industry-leading XML security. Our
• International Business Awards CloudSpan™ family enables enterprises and service providers to securely consume cloud services, as
Distinguished Honoree 2010 well as protect and control their own applications deployed in public and private clouds. Founded in
• Gartner MQ Leader for SOA 2002, Layer 7 has a history of helping organizations address their security, visibility and governance
Governance Sets 2009 issues by enabling them to control, manage and adapt their Web services, no matter where they
• TechForum Top Security originate – in the enterprise or in the cloud.
Implementation 2009
• Gartner SOA Cool Vendor 2008 Connect, Protect and Control Services in the Cloud
• SC Magazine Finalist 2006
Cloud computing is transforming how enterprises consume computing, storage and application
services. While many organizations recognize the value proposition around Software as a Service
Security Certifications (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), they also recognize that there are a number of
• FIPS in software and hardware technical and business concerns (such as data security, application performance, and cloud provider
• EAL 4+ appliance SLAs around availability) that need to be resolved before widespread adoption can occur.
• STIG Assurance testing
Layer 7 is helping to eliminate the barriers to cloud use by allowing enterprises to regain control
• OASIS WS-Trust Interop over how they consume SaaS applications, deploy their applications in the cloud, or expose their
• WS-I Basic Security Profile editor applications to third parties from private and public clouds.
and interop
• W3C WS-Policy Interop
CloudSpan for Cloud – Securing Cloud-based SOA
The Layer 7 family of CloudSpan products addresses the security and connectivity issues associated
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with enterprise adoption of public and private clouds. By implementing CloudSpan, enterprise
UK architects can connect, protect and control the way they consume and share cloud-based services.
Gainsborough House, 81 Oxford St
London, W1D 2EU Layer 7 can also help service providers monetize the cloud by providing core infrastructure that
Phone: +44 (0) 207-903-5435 streamlines the on-boarding of customers; delivers industry-leading security; and makes it easier
Fax: +44 (0) 207-903-5333
for third-party developers to deliver value-added, revenue-generating services via cloud platforms
from VMware, Redhat, Citrix or CA.
1200 G Street, NW, Suite 800 • CloudConnect: Simplify Single Sign-On (SSO) and integration to SaaS applications and
Washington, DC 20005 cloud-based services
Phone: +1-800-681-9377 • CloudProtect: Implement DMZ-level security for applications deployed in public and private
1100 Melville Street, Suite 405
• CloudControl: Securely expose application services to third parties from private and public
Vancouver, BC V6E 4A6 clouds; simplify how Telecoms, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providers expose their provisioning,
Phone Direct: +1-604-681-9377 application and data APIs to external partners, large customers, white label resellers, etc.
Phone Toll Free: +1-800-681-9377 • Enterprise Service Manager: Simplify service promotion from development to test to production
Fax: + 1-604-681-9387
to the cloud, while helping to monitor the health and performance of your SOA.
• Policy SDK: Extend the functionality of Layer 7’s products to handle specific protocols, unique
data types, and integrate with custom products.

The CloudSpan family is available in a wide range of formats:

Copyright ©2010 Layer 7 Technologies
Inc. All rights reserved. SecureSpan
and the Layer 7 Technologies design
mark are trademarks of Layer 7
Technologies Inc. All other trademarks
and copyrights are the property of their
respective owners. Software Virtual (VMware) Amazon Machine Image Hardware Integration & Single Sign On
1 Login requests
Problem: eliminate security breach of placing
passwords in, while providing for 5 Response
integration to corporate customer data SFDC User
2 Delegated
Solution: CloudConnect utilizes existing enterprise authentication
IAM systems to provide SSO for request 3
Login approved?
while facilitating Web services integration to internal
systems securely 4 Login approval
IAM System
Results: users manage only a single login/password
Layer 7 CloudSpan
for all systems; administrators manage a single CloudConnect
LDAP, thereby enhancing security and lowering Enterprise
administration costs Customer

Data Syndication for SaaS Information Provider

Problem: allow customers and partners to
use Google Apps to access multiple, existing Scientific Journal, Newspaper, Magazine
and Business Information Services
information services.
Solution: CloudControl secures APIs;
authorizes users and applies rate limiting
to user contracts; converts REST queries
to SOAP; and provides API aggregation,
versioning & orchestration
Results: implemented business logic in Layer 7 CloudSpan
policy (not code), decreasing maintenance CloudControl

costs; customers and partners can now

obtain richer results to their queries from
Internal Access Control System
their platform of choice, simplifying and
speeding information gathering

Cloud-based API Publishing Platform

Problem: publicly exposing Telecom
APIs to mobile developers presents some Developer Resources Telecom Services
unique challenges around how they get Local Development
packaged, secured and managed for easy
consumption Identity Directory IVR Service
Solution: Layer 7 allows Telco to define Internet

the message, identity and interface level

security for their APIs; track usage; Speech-to-Text Service

monitor interface health; and update

APIs without breaking client applications Open Source
Software Stack
Results: using Layer 7, Telco has created SMS Service

an agile API platform on which 3rd party

developers can introduce new offerings
faster and at less cost