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Bees are very important little creatures in our ecosystem and food chain. When we think
about bees, most people think about honey but bees are much more. Can we find a way to
give bees a new house to stop them from decreasing and stop the loss of biodiversity.

You will plan, design and build a honeybee hotel that is just for honeybees. This is for a new
invention will stop nasty bugs from entering the homes of honeybees. Your honeybee hotel
must be suitable to have within your school to provide new homes for bees.

You will be given 1 whole term to complete your
Brainstorm their ideas.
design. In each lesson you will work together
with your groups to build your honeybee hotel.
Conduct a Think Pair Share.
In lesson 1 - Listen to children's books and
watch fun videos on bees. Create a think pair
Wonder wall suggests alternatives
share with your group.
and creative ways to approach
creating a bee hotel. In lesson 2 - Come up with fun designs for
your honeybee hotel.

Project Steps: In lesson 3 - Go for a nature walk and collect

items for your honeybee hotel.
1. Find fun facts about your project.
2. Plan your design with your group. In lesson 4 - In groups you will pick 2 good
3. Gather resources for your hotel. things and 2 things to change about your
4. Design your project honeybee hotel.
5. Present you design to the class.
In lesson 5 - Create your honeybee hotel. 

In lesson 6 - Present your honeybee hotel to

the class.
1.Check your designs with your group. Materials:
Decide on the positives and negatives.
The honeybee hotels will be built out of
recyclable materials - such as sticks, wood, old
2. Decide how will the hotel be
clothes, boxes. You will bring some materials
from home.
3. Where will the honeybee hotel be

4. What will the honeybee hotel be

made out of?

You will give a 5 minutes oral presentation of your final design.. Tell us what
reusable materials you have used and how the bee hotel is sustainable.