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Details About the Customer

Type of Industry

Nature of Product

Mindset of people involved

Income Bracket





Current Portfolio of Products

1 6

2 7

3 8

4 9

5 10

Customer Objectives Options Available

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

Entry Level Barrier

1 Intellectual Proprietary Rights 11 Ongoing Innovation

2 Patents and Licencing 12 National Sentiments

3 Distribution Network 13 Subscriber Base

4 Exclusive Rights 14 Product Differentiation

5 Economics of Scale 15 Market Responsiveness

6 High Capital Investment 16 Manufacturing Efficiency

7 Proprietary Technology 17 Trade Secret

8 Excellent Customer Service 18 Contract Based Agreement

9 Brand Equity 19 Customer's Cost of Convenience

Accrediations and Certifications from R

10 Trust Beyond Logic 20 Bodies

Killing the possibility of AATNA (Another Alternative to Negotiated Agreem

Brain Storming and Identifying the new changes in your New Product/Service Strategy which is adopted to kill objections and
Goal Statement

Level and Source of Association

Existing Expected

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

Ritual of Sixty Minute Solitude

Day Ritual Type Time Spent Key Learning
Department/ Business/ Profession
(Write down name of your department, if you are a leader/ Name of your Business
Business Owner and Profession, if you are self-employed)

5 New Activities to improve Speed, Sustainability, and Scalability of



Most Essential Goal of Department

Effort Score (Input) Result Score (Output)

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

Daily Review of Success Rituals

8 AM Commitment 8 PM Achievement

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4
5 5

Staff Incentive

Staff Incentive to be Aligned with Effort Score

Look for a non-consumer in your industry who isn't able to buy your Products/Servi
Specific Barrier

Brainstorm, Identify & Describe all specific Barriers in the Current Portfolio of Produ

Brainstorm and Build a Compelling Solution Architecture to Gain the Highest Headroom with Customer

List of customization in Existing Bouquet of Product/Services List of New Additions in the Existing Bouquet of

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4
5 5

Execute a Series of Tests and Build a Weekly Improvement Cycle around it to maximise the Uncontested M

What Went Well (WWW) What Went Wrong (WWW) What Could be Improved
Event Thoughtful Reaction Outcome

Event Thoughtful Response Outcome
Options Available





d Agreement

st of Convenience

and Certifications from Regulatory

gotiated Agreement)

ed to kill objections and options of Customer


of your Business, if you are a

d Scalability of your
esult Score (Output)

8 PM Achievement
ur Products/Services due to a

Portfolio of Products/Services

droom with Customer Delight

the Existing Bouquet of Products/Services

se the Uncontested Market Space

What Could be Improved (WCBI)


Sr. No. Statements Always
1 I can calm myself even when under stress
2 I speak first and think later
I make sure that I display the same standards of behavior that I expect from
3 other people

During times of conflict I think about how to preserve the relationship and still
4 get my needs meet

When providing feedback, I wait until I've observed enough incidents of a

5 behavior to make a generalized statement that is accurate

6 Before reflecting on formulating questions I wait until the speaker has finished

7 During conversations I encourage the speaker by saying "Go on…" or "Tell me


8 I get surprised to find that people haven't understood what I've said

9 When conversing with someone, I put myself in his/her shoes

When people talk to me, I see my agenda first and then their perspective
I generally remember most of what was said during long conversations, a
11 speech, a presentation or a meeting
12 I win over difficult people during difficult conversations

13 I can tall when someone is nervous or upset, even if they say otherwise

14 I carefully consider views that are different from my own

15 If a situation calls for it, I can appear calm even though I'm really not

16 Selling an Idea to others is easy for me

As a leader, when my team completes a project, I tend to attribute the success

17 to the hard work and dedication of the team members, as opposed to my skilled

18 I give credit when credit is due and so not hesitate to criticize if necessary

19 I allow my team to have a say in any decision that affects it

20 I deliberately change my management style to suit changing situations

21 I encourage team members to come to me with any problems

22 I plan team meetings well in advance and always provide an action agenda

23 I am tough on problems, but not on the individuals in my team

Whenever I have to reject a team member's idea, on how to solve a problem, I

24 explain him/her with a reason

25 I encourage team members to think in innovative ways

Sometimes Never
Customer Relationship

Customer Name

Identification of Critical Success Factors of Customer

What Makes your customer successful? (Tick)

Gross Margin Customer Retention Customer Acquisition

Revenue Productivity Brand Equity

Inventory Turnover Profit Growth

ROI Reduction in Unsalable Any other

Write in Detail the Wealth Maximization Model/Growth Model/Money Making Model of your Customer

How can I Redefine and Recreate my Product and the Sales Script of my Product in accordance to the above ques
Wealth Maximization Model of my Customer and My Customer's Customer?

Redefine and Recreate my Product Redefine and Recreate the Sales Script of my Produ

Cash Flow



Making Model of your Customer

in accordance to the above question of

omer's Customer?

ecreate the Sales Script of my Product

WWW Analysis and Improvement
Machine Name: Machine No.:
What Could Be Improved? What is the likely benefit? When it can be improved?


WWW Analysis and Improvement
Machine Name: Machine No.:
What Could Be Improved? What is the likely benefit? When it can be improved?


WWW Analysis and Improvement
Machine Name: Machine No.:
What Could Be Improved? What is the likely benefit? When it can be improved?

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