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Subject: English
Form: 11 A/ B, second language
Date: 05.02.2018
Topic: Unit 3, Lesson 5 Culture Insight. University life in the USA

Specific Competences:
Communicative and Pragmatic Competences-Producing oral messages and interactions (Spoken Interaction)
Communicative Competences – Receiving written messages (Reading)
Communicative and Pragmatic Competences-Producing written messages and interactions (Writing)

1. Holding a conversation on a familiar topic.
2. Decoding unknown vocabulary in context.
3. Identifying information/specific details from a text by slow reading, in order to accomplish a task
4. Translating functional messages/text of little difficulty from foreign language into native language,using a dictionary.
5. Learning derivation process and doing exercises

Operational Objectives:
1. Knowledge-Students will be able to decode unknown vocabulary in context;
2. Skills - Students will be able to hold a conversation on the topic-expressing agreements and disagreements and will create and
deliver a formal speech.
3. Attitudes-Students will form positive attitudes toward people
Stages of the Lesson Resources Strategies Evaluation Time Notes
(Learning Activities) (materials) (methods, techniques, forms
of activities)


 Warm Up (say what you can do and what you cannot do) textbooks Communicative Method attention 20
 Homework checking: reading the home task copybooks Discussion min.
 Motivation for the new lesson: where would you like to information Brainstorming

Realization of meaning

 Translate the unknown words (chance, establish, to house,

environment, campus, wildlife, skunks, dorm)
 Read the text from page 44 textbooks Communicative Method understanding of 50 min
 Say true or false: blackboard Discussion the meaning of the
I studied in an American University in 2006-2007 copybooks Role playing vocabulary and
The university house 4100 students pens information
The campus has no wildlife
The teachers were very lazy
My friends were from a volleyball team.
 Match the words with their definitions
 Make up questions on the text

Reflexion textbooks Communicative Method expressing

 Fill in the questionnaire, ex 4 page 44 blackboard Whole Class Work themselves on the 20 min.
 Homework (ex 1 page 46) chalk Individual Work topic
 Feedback/Grades copybooks Discussion the ability to speak
pens and read