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of Satan
The Sexual
For Cultural

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‘The Bizarre
‘The Bizarre Case
of Baroness
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Symons,’ the
Symons,’ the Ugly
Specter in
Specter in Lynne
Cheney’s Closet!
Cheney’s Closet!
See Appendix!
See Appendix!

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IN 2004

of Satan
Children of Satan

‘Ignoble Liars’ Behind
Bush’s No-Exit War LAROUCHE
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IN 2004

Children of Satan III

The Sexual Congress
For Cultural Fascism
2 Preface
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

6 What Does Culture Do?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

16 The Congress for Cultural Freedom

Henry Luce’s Empire of Fascism! 22

27 The CCF and the ‘God of Thunder’ Cult

CCF and the Boomers’ Shakespeare 32

36 The American Family Foundation

Henry and Clare Booth Luce Love Their LSD 40
42 The Bizarre Case of Baroness Symons
47 A Concise Timeline of the
Symons-Duggan Affair

ON THE COVER: Hieronymus Bosch, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights,’ c. 1500 (detail); Art Resource, NY/Erich Lessing Archive.
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How ‘The Sexual Congress of

Cultural Fascism’ Ruined the U.S.A.
And Gave Us ‘Beast-Man’ Cheney

uring the 1964-81 interval, from the
launching of the U.S. official war in
Indo-China, through the inauguration of
Paul Volcker as chairman of the Federal
Reserve System, the United States of America
was transformed from the world’s leading pro-
ducer society, into what became that presently,
terminally bankrupt “post-industrial” wreckage,
which has been bestowed upon the currently
crumbling Administration of Vice President
Dick Cheney’s puppet, George W. Bush, Jr. So
far, as the worsening horrors now reported
from U.S. operations in Iraq attest, what the
world has seen there, is a growing image of that
U.S. display of a quality of sheer, literally
Hitler-like “beastliness” toward mankind, of
which only depraved man were capable of
becoming, at home, and, therefore, also
The available remedy for these perilous condi-
tions, would be a return to the successful prece-
dents of the Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Franklin Roosevelt’s strength was
expressed in both his leading the U.S. recovery EIRNS/Stuart Lewis

from the 1929-33 world depression, and the Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.
U.S.A.’s decisive role, under his leadership, in
preventing the fascists of Europe, led by Adolf Hitler, tific culture which have been the root of all of the net
from establishing their intended world-empire in that achievements of European civilization since the great
time. Roosevelt’s resources for these purposes, were anti-usury, 15th-Century Renaissance.
derived from what are, presently, certain poorly under- The great afflictions which our republic has suffered
stood, often neglected, special features of the U.S. since that President’s most untimely death, have been
Constitution’s Presidential system. His Administration chiefly the work of a faction, in both leading parties, which
expressed a Constitutional tradition of resistance to that had sought to prevent that President’s election in 1932.
Venetian-style practice of usury which had been the That was a faction whose faulty moral and intellectual
source of the 1922-1945 emergence of fascist power in character was subsequently expressed to a most notable
Europe. The advantage drawn upon by Roosevelt, was a degree, in the role of a source of moral and other corrup-
U.S. Constitutional tradition which was rooted in the best tion associated with a subversive phenomenon known as
parts of U.S. culture: that culture’s shared commitment the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). That project,
to the same Platonic, Classical forms of artistic and scien- CCF, reflects as much the result, as it did the cause, of the

kind of decadence which has led to the
increasing ruin of our nation, step by
step, over the course of the recent four
The characteristic feature of that
deep moral corruption which the
Roosevelt tradition’s typical enemies of
the Congress for Cultural Freedom
came to represent, was its subversive
commitment to fostering what became
known as the “counterculture”
launched during the middle to late
1960s. This development expressed
CCF’s commitment to uprooting all of
those factors of U.S. culture which had
been the determining factors of
Roosevelt’s leading the U.S. to eco-
nomic recovery, and its leading role in Texas Young Republican Federation website

the defeat of fascism.

There have now been 40 years of
acceleration of that specific form of cul-
tural decadence, since the mid-1960s
rise of that rock-drug-sex youth-counter-
culture for which the work of the
founders of CCF had done much to set
the stage. It is that, and related develop-
ments of the mid-1960s and beyond,
which have brought the U.S. to the
point of both the presently onrushing
monetary-financial-economic collapse,
and the lunatic resurrection, as by Vice
President Cheney, of the role of
Bertrand Russell’s doctrine of “world
government through preventive nuclear www.gettysburg.edu

warfare.” This legacy of Russell et al., The United States is presently playing a catastrophic role, under Dick Cheney’s
was that global strategy of perpetual puppet George W. Bush, Jr. and his ally Tony Blair—the role of a grotesquely
nuclear-armed warfare, which the failed attempt at creating a global, Anglo-American caricature of the Roman
Empire. But the snarling Dick Cheney on Lynne Cheney’s leash is no self-made
Cheney faction has revived, since 1991- man; think something more along the lines of Mrs. Mary Wollstonecraft
93, from the aftermath of Hiroshima Shelley’s lurching Frankenstein.
and Nagasaki.
In two earlier mass-circulated reports of this As coming developments will show more clearly, Mrs.
Presidential campaign, my collaborators and I have Lynne Cheney’s adopted rogue, her husband, the brutish-
already identified the specific characteristics of Cheney’s ly bungling Vice President Dick, is no self-made man, and
policies. In those reports, I emphasized that it were impos- certainly no genius. That snarling creature on that lady’s
sible to understand the mechanisms shaping the policies
and practice of Cheney’s crew of so-called “neo-conserva- _________
tives,” unless we recognized that crew as of the same spe- 1. See Helga Zepp LaRouche’s speech to the Feb. 15, 2004 session of the
cific cultural quality of a collective “Beast-Man,” which Schiller Institute/ICLC conference, with reference to Fyodor
should be recognized from the character of the Adolf Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov (speech published in March 26,
2004 issue of EIR).
Hitler regime. We emphasized there, that the present U.S. 2. Lynne and Dick Cheney are closely associated with the Prime
Administration under Vice President Cheney’s domination, Minister Tony Blair-linked Baroness Liz Symons and their U.S. and
is a modern echo of the consummately evil Count Joseph other confederates, who have played a leading part, on behalf of the
de Maistre’s favorite Satanic figure, the inhuman Grand Cheneys’ special influence, in their concerted efforts in spreading a
wild-eyed, lying libel against me personally, throughout corrupted
Inquisitor Tómas de Torquemada: the same sections of the British and other press in Europe. Symons’ activities
Mephistophelean Grand Inquisitor implicitly, aptly, are closely allied with the notorious fellow-travellers of the CCF,
insightfully depicted by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s characteri- such as John Irwin III’s American Family Foundation (AFF), in the
zation.1 U.S.A. (cf. Appendix).

leash, is a consummately greedy and culpable creature, Blair, the role of a grotesquely failed attempt at creat-
but not a notably intelligent one. When one speaks of ing a global, Anglo-American caricature of the Roman
that Vice President, think of something more along the Empire? If we, as a people, wish to escape the terrible
lines of Mrs. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s lurching consequences we have brought upon ourselves, when
Frankenstein Monster.2 In short: Dick Cheney did not you allowed such a caricature of a U.S. Presidency to
create the beast he has become today. He is only a very come into that office, you must ask yourself: How
bad actor, playing a part created by such cleverer men as was this evil, utopian dogma, of nuclear imperialism,
Nazi “crown jurist” Carl Schmitt’s one-time protégé, the deployed, especially since the closing moments of
Hutchins-appointed University of Chicago Professor Leo World War II, that in such as a way as to bring about
Strauss. this awful transformation of our nation? How shall we,
Now, in this third report of that series, our attention is therefore, come to know, and to uproot that evil among
focussed on the way in which we, as a nation, were us which now threatens us with our republic’s self-
induced to allow this destructive transformation of our destruction?
nation’s institutions to occur. In the following pages, we My intention here, is to aid us in identifying, and
turn attention now to the role of the rise of the youth removing, that factor of principled evil which our present
counterculture of the middle to late 1960s, in pre-shaping national catastrophe expresses. The case which I state
events such as both the presently onrushing global mone- and develop in the following pages, is, in summary, as
tary-financial collapse and the ominous, present Iraq follows:
quagmire. To that end, we expose the role and character For as far back into pre-history as we can trace the
of that Congress for Cultural Freedom which is exem- development of cultures, prior to the 15th-Century birth of
plary of the circles which worked to induce us, at least the modern European nation-state, the practiced forms of
many among us, to wreak such moral and economic the organization of society, were principally those forms of
destruction upon our nation, and such relative depravity evil in which a relatively few men and women had subject-
upon ourselves. ed the majority of other men and women, to the condition
The fact that such a fiendish, intellectually chal- of either hunted, or herded, human cattle. The 16th-
lenged wretch as Cheney, could become the virtual pup- Century launching of the African slave-trade into the
pet-master controlling the pathetic, current President of Americas, by the Portuguese and Spanish monarchies,
the U.S.A., is merely a symptom, not the true source of combined with the launching of that modern murderous
our present national catastrophe. Every society has anti-Semitism by Isabella I’s Spain which was later copied
produced its nasty personalities; of which some are by the Hitler regime, typifies the persistence of this evil
merely serious nuisances, but some others, national cat- into modern European times. Nonetheless, through the
astrophes. Cheney’s access to his present role as one of great achievement expressed by the outcome of the 15th-
our national catastrophes, is not the cause, but, rather, Century Renaissance, until the recent four decades,
an included outcome of changes, including Allen European civilization, with all its included wrongs and
Dulles’s deals with certain Nazis, which we have even evils, had nonetheless led, until recently, in raising
allowed to be imposed upon our republic, and also upon the standard of living and freedom of the peoples of this
the cultures of Europe, over the course of the more than planet. Now, during the recent four decades, we have
59 years, since the untimely death of President Franklin reversed direction, turning back the clock of European his-
D. Roosevelt. tory, economy, and culture, toward a now-threatened,
To cure that, our current catastrophe, we must show new, planetary dark age.
how this degeneration of our great republic was brought So, in this process of the recent four decades, we
about over those intervening six decades. To recognize have adopted changes in our popular and related cul-
how we were transformed from the world’s leading pro- ture, which have had the effect of causing the clock of
ducer economy, into the sick, “post-industrial,” economic human progress to run backwards. As the history of
parasite we have become today, we must focus attention past slavery, and presently continued racial discrimi-
on trends in both U.S.A. and global developments, which nation in the U.S.A. attests, still today, and as our
have appeared since the aftermath of the assassinations of currently prevalent doctrines of public education also
such as President John F. Kennedy, the attempted assassi- reflect this, we live in a society which seeks to control
nations of France’s Charles de Gaulle, and the 1968 the mass of its own people by, as we say, “dumbing
killings of the Rev. Martin Luther King and Robert them down.” Like the decadence of doomed ancient
Kennedy. Rome, the ostensible rulers of America today, seek to
I repeat the point. We must ask ourselves: What evil divert the attention of the greater part of even the
principle, which enemy of everything our Consti- upper 20% of the population’s income-brackets from
tutional republic was established to become, has the ugly reality of these days, with the bread and cir-
brought about our presently catastrophic role, under cuses of sexually and otherwise depraved forms of
Cheney’s puppet George W. Bush, Jr. and his ally Tony mass-entertainment.

As I and others shall show in the course of this present from the 1945 close of that war, until the present day.
report as a whole: The motive for the broader, systemic corruption of
This condition the U.S.A. is presently suffering, as a mind and morals which that Commentary magazine-asso-
nation, increasingly, is the effect of the induced cultur- ciated CCF only exemplifies, has been to poison, and even
al transformation of so many of the men and women of eradicate the intellectual and cultural roots of the modern
the Americas and Europe today, who have been cap- sovereign form of nation-state republic. The intent of that
tured by the morally and intellectually corrupting corruption has been, to do this in a way which clears the
effects of a post-modernist culture. They have become pathway for the subversion and replacement of existing
captives of a trend of change in mental life, in the sovereign states by a new name for imperialism, called
direction of becoming herded human cattle, becoming “globalization.”
the willing victims of a society of little bread and much One principal outcome of that mass-brainwashing
entertainment, increasingly degraded entertainment, as by CCF-related influences, was the eruption of the mid-
the self-doomed Roman Empire entertained itself 1960s “rock-drug-sex youth-counterculture.” Since
before us. President Abraham Lincoln led the U.S. into its role as
This trend of nearly two generations in our own cul- a continental power, through the defeat of Lord
ture, reflects a principle of evil which is merely typified Palmerston’s asset, the Confederacy, it has been the
by such precedents as the introduction of both peonage case, since President Lincoln’s victory, that to conquer
and the African slave-trade into the Americas, by the that powerful nation of the American people, one must
16th-Century monarchies of Portugal and Spain. The first corrupt their minds, as the work of the CCF is thus
principle of evil expressed by this reversal of the clock of more appropriately named the “Sexual Congress for
human progress, continues the doctrine of perpetual con- Cultural Fascism.” Our enemies, those from without
flict of Galileo Galilei’s student Thomas Hobbes, a doc- and from within, must first induce us to corrupt and
trine expressed in such forms as the practice of the sys- destroy ourselves, intellectually and morally. When that
tems of fascist government which were spread across post-Kennedy youth-countercultural ferment fostered
Continental Europe from 1922 until the close of war in by CCF, is compared with its equally evil twin, today’s
1945. right-wing “fundamentalist” insurgency of Pat
This same principle of evil was given a concentrated Robertson, Tom DeLay, et al., we have in those com-
expression in the widespread, influential practice of bined, intertwined cases, a leading example of that
what has come to be regarded, unfortunately, as a which typifies the CCF-centered process of cultural cor-
highly respected U.S. organization, an organization ruption of the minds of Americans and Europeans
known under such titles as the Congress for Cultural alike.
Freedom. The change of the character of the U.S.A., since the
This corruption was set fully into motion, by influen- mid-1960s, from the world’s leading producer nation, to
tials such as Allen Dulles, as soon as President Franklin its presently looted condition as a lurching “post-indus-
Roosevelt was dead. Dulles, who conducted the secret trial” wreckage, is an expression of the degree to which
agreements to bring elements of the Nazi SS within the the intention of the CCF has been carried out in the
postwar Anglo-American establishment, typified those U.S.A. and the United Kingdom, as also in Australia and
who then worked to bring the ostensibly sanitized ele- New Zealand, as also in Continental Europe. For rea-
ments of Nazi existentialist doctrine back even into the sons which will become clear during the following
Anglo-American/French government of occupied post- pages of this special report by my campaign, I have pre-
war Germany, as the roles of Theodor Adorno and ferred to designate that U.S.-based organization by a
Margaret Mead are examples of the spread of this specif- title more consistent with its typical role in crafting the
ic form of corruption there. This was typified by the characteristically inhuman, madly rutting, “rock-drug-
spread of that same corruption in the U.S. itself by sex youth-counterculture” of the middle through late
Adorno, Bertrand Russell’s Mead, and Adorno’s truth- 1960s: “The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism”
hating, existentialist crony Hannah Arendt.3 As the evi- (SCCF).
dence is documented, summarily, in the pages of this Now, you should ask yourselves: Who were the clever
report, the CCF’s radiated, bestializing influence to that ones, who had begun to do this to us, even long before
explicitly intended effect, has dominated trans-Atlantic Lynne Cheney’s presently lurching monster had been
and other parts of our planet’s civilization, increasingly, born? Who has, thus, put the legendary “mark of the
beast” upon our nation? How shall we remove that ugly,
_________ menacing stain?
3. Adorno, Theodor W., The Authoritarian Personality, John Wiley & Sons, That crucial information which your family’s protection
New York, 1964. See Lyndon LaRouche, The Essential Fraud of Leo
demands so urgently, is the subject of the following pages
Strauss, EIR magazine, March 21, 2003; The Roles of Church and State,
EIR magazine, May 16, 2003; When Even Scientists Were Brainwashed, of this present report.
EIR magazine, April 30, 2004. —Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

What Does Culture Do?
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

s we have documented this Americas attests, the parts of the
fact in locations published Nazi SS apparatus which were res-
earlier, the turn in direc- cued by aid of Dulles et al., are
tion of pathway, away from presently an active influence and
President Franklin Roosevelt’s security threat, in the present dis-
leadership, toward the catastro- guises of the Nazi International, in
phe which is our nation’s terrible both Europe and the Americas gen-
condition today, was begun as erally.
part of an operation in which the Those Nazis themselves were
later head of our Central Intelli- only part of the problem. As we
gence Agency, John Foster Dulles’ have documented this in earlier
brother Allen, played a key role, reports on the “Beast-Man” phe-
toward the close of World War II. nomenon, the fascist organiza-
This is a role he played together, tions which took over Western
and over the later decades his life, and Central Continental Europe
with accomplices, including his during the interval 1922-45, were
James Jesus Angleton. Dulles and political assets of a network creat-
Angleton, typify those who played ed and directed by a network of
a key role in bringing a key part of private financier houses, a net-
the Nazi SS intelligence apparatus work which was brought together
into the inside of what became, in the context of the unworkable
later, the NATO system. from of international financial-
FDR Library
This integration of key elements monetary system created, at the
of the Nazi SS apparatus into our What we know as 20th-Century fascism, or close of World War I, under the
postwar intelligence system, was Synarchism—as we fought against it under authority of the Treaty of
President Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership—lies
the outcome of a process which in a persisting effort to overturn those
Versailles. This apparatus, run
had begun when leading Nazis, principles of civilized relations among top-down by these financial cir-
such as some around Hermann sovereign nation-states which were adopted by cles, is properly filed under the
Goering, recognized that the Nazi the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. counterintelligence category
defeat at Stalingrad, when com- named the Synarchist Inter-
bined, in effect, with the U.S. naval victory at Midway, fore- national. The Nazis were but one among the sundry brand-
told the coming defeat of the Adolf Hitler phase of Nazi labellings included in the assortment of “left-right” politi-
Germany. These Nazi circles are typified by Dulles’ Geneva- cal conspiracies created by this Synarchist International.1
based contact François Genoud, Walter Schellenberg, and Once the probable doom of Hitler was apparent to rele-
former Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht and his vant German leaders, as early as during the first half of
Otto “Scarface” Skorzeny, as Anglo-American-protected ex- 1942, the intent of those inner circles of Nazis around
Nazi assets in Europe, such as operations conducted Hermann Goering, was to save the financial kernel and
through Spain’s fascist dictator Franco. These assets, such certain personnel of the Nazi system for a role in the post-
as the notorious “rat-line,” were used as channels for relo- _________
cating significant elements of the Nazi apparatus in the 1. Otherwise known by World War II-period U.S. military intelligence as
Americas, where the circles built up around descendants of “Synarchist: Nazi-Communist,” a network then including the lists of such
those Nazi assets are a key threat to the security of our notable Synarchist assets as Houston’s de Menil, Mexico’s Soustelle, and
Soustelle’s former teacher Paul Rivet, in Ayacucho, Peru. This was also
hemisphere, including the interior of the U.S.A., today. known by U.S. intelligence in France as the Banque Worms conspiracy.
Meanwhile, as the case of Falangist ideologue Blas Piñar’s Soustelle’s later operations, including the targetting of France’s President
present leadership among Nazi relics in Europe and the Charles de Gaulle from bases in Franco’s fascist Spain, are typical.

war world. Their intention was, to cre- fascism then, as now, takes its origins from
ate a system of universal fascism, an the Martinist freemasonry which worked
imperial system, a new version of the with Lord Shelburne’s London to organize
Roman Empire, to either eliminate all France’s Reign of Terror. This is the same
nation-states, or absorb them into an freemasonic order which produced
imperial system of what today’s Michael Napoleon Bonaparte, and the interchange-
Ledeen has designated as “universal fas- able parts known as Talleyrand and Fouché.
cism,” his translation, for practice, of It is also, today, expressed in the form of a
Allgemeine-SS. Those Nazi and other modern fascism unleashed by the financier
varieties of philosophically existentialist plotters of that 20th-Century Synarchist
elements, were collected to form a com- International which also gave us the legacy
bination of other Continental European of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco.
fascist networks, and were integral to To understand this persistently recur-
the Franklin Roosevelt-hating, Anglo- ring threat to modern civilization, we must
American networks associated with focus attention on the historically specific
Henry Luce’s already existing project for Allen Dulles, first of the OSS, characteristics of that European civiliza-
“A New American Century.” later of the CIA, typifies those tion which was first brought forth in
The integration of these elements into who played a key role in bringing Greece by what Socrates would have
a key part of the Nazi SS
a common, Anglo-American-dominated, intelligence apparatus into what acknowledged as the midwives supplied by
“right-wing international” network later became the NATO system. a great Egyptian tradition. The legacy of
occurred, all under the direction of the evil expressed by the image of the
“Bilderberg” or kindred expressions of the fascist interna- Congress for Cultural Freedom today, is the image of a
tional financier syndicate. This same Synarchist Inter- potentially fatal infection which is the leading specific
national, which had created Hitler, also produced that sub- threat to a particular species of culture, the specific cul-
versive enemy of ours who later appeared under such sig- ture of a European civilization traced in its original best
nificant labels as “The Congress for Cultural Freedom.” To aspects, as Plato did, from the images of Thales, Solon,
sell Nazism today, package it into a can bearing an and Pythagoras.
Orwellian label such as “Project Democracy.” When that matter is placed in that historical light, the
The history of the background to the connection history of the problems of the globally extended European
between Synarchism and the Congress for Cultural culture, since ancient Greece, can all be defined in an
Freedom, includes the following notably relevant historical appropriately elementary way. One feature stands out in
features. significance above all others: How does that European civ-
Like that co-founder of what became the fascism of ilization define, or reject, the existence of a fundamental,
Mussolini, Hitler, and Francisco Franco, the pro-Satanic principled distinction, of man from beast? How does this
Count Joseph de Maistre, and like the forerunner of Adolf conception function, in principle, as in practice? What cru-
Hitler, Friedrich Nietzsche, the characteristic of those forces cially relevant lessons does history, real history, show to
of evil expressed both as fascism and as those followers of the actually thinking U.S. citizen whom I address here?
Allen Dulles promoting the
philosophy of the so-called
Congress for Cultural
Freedom, is their “Silenus”
cry of hatred against the lega-
cy of progress of European
civilization. So, Maistre
expressed his hatred against
the legacy of the 15th-
Century Renaissance, by wor-
ship of the Beast-Man image
of that Satanic anti-Semite
Tómas de Torquemada. So,
the Christ-hating anti-Semite
Nietzsche harked back to the
pagan brutishness of a clipart.com National Archives
Phrygian Dionysus.
The same Synarchist International that created Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco—all shown
To understand Synarch- here—also produced that subversive enemy of ours who later appeared under such
ism today, we must recognize significant labels as ‘The Congress for Cultural Freedom’; the evil was expressed both as
and understand that modern fascism and as the philosophy of the CFF promoted by followers of Allen Dulles.

What does it show him, or her, about the crucial issue The impact of that legacy has continued to define the
posed by the influence of CCF and its like? matrix of world conflicts, from 1763 to the present day.
To understand adequately what the legacy of Allen
Are You a Man or a Monkey? Dulles et al., continues to represent, as a continuing threat
Closer, modern study of the astrophysical principles of fascism in the world today, we must place our finger on
expressed by the architecture of Egypt’s Great Pyramids the subject of the origin of Martinism, and its outgrowths
of Giza, has provided crucially typical, scientific evidence such as Synarchism. What we know as 20th-Century fas-
bearing upon the way in which Egypt contributed to the cism, or Synarchism, as we fought against it under
specific quality of greatness achieved by what we call President Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership, lies in a persist-
today the Classical Greek culture of Thales, Pythagoras, ing effort to overturn those principles of civilized relations
Solon, and Plato. Since the birth of the modern Europe of among sovereign nation-states which were adopted by the
the sovereign nation-state, an institution which emerged 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.
from the Italy-centered 15th-Century Renaissance, As I shall explain summarily, now, and conclude discus-
European civilization, as defined by that Classical her- sion of that point later in this present section of the report,
itage, has been expressed, typically, as the modern notion what was called, interchangeably, the “Venetian Party” or
of a sovereign nation-state republic. With this 15th- empiricists’ “Enlightenment” of 18th-Century England and
Century emergence of a new institution, the sovereign France, emerged as a newly attempted form of worldwide
nation-state, demanded by such preceding leaders as successor to the Roman Empire. This imperial role was
Dante, and described, as to essential points of principle, established with the British East India Company’s triumph
by that century’s Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, had become at the 1763 Treaty of Paris. The Martinist freemasonic
the most effective form of existing institutional power for order which led the unleashing of the French Terror of the
improvement of the condition of mankind. 1790s and Napoleon Bonaparte’s tyranny, was itself a joint
The distinction of the emergence of modern Europe, instrument of the imperial British East India Company’s
through the struggles against the shackles of an ultramon- Lord Shelburne (1737-1805) and anti-U.S.A. forces of con-
tanist form of medieval imperialism, is that, for the first tinental Europe. The Martinist order was an instrument
time, in the shadow of Filippo Brunelleschi’s crafting of the created with the initial intention, as assigned by the
cupola of the Cathedral of Florence, the bestializing legacy Company’s Lord Shelburne and his flunky, Adam Smith,
of empire gave way to the notion of a community of sover- to play a crucial role in wrecking the cause of the English-
eign nation-states each and all committed to promotion of speaking colonies in North America and bankrupting and
that general welfare of mankind. This was the same pre- destroying Liberal London’s most potent continental rival,
scribed goal sought since Solon of Athens, as defined by the the great Louis XI-Mazarin-Colbert tradition which was
Classical Socratic Greek, and Christian, principle of agapē. the best of France at that time.
Unfortunately, as the role of the pro-Satanic Tómas de Leading U.S. patriots in the tradition of the early
Torquemada illustrates this, the Venice-orchestrated, ultra- Cincinnatus Society had come to understand this more
montane forces of reaction against that Renaissance, struck and more clearly, especially since the time John Quincy
back with bestial, homicidal fury, as typified by that interval Adams began to clear his own head in such matters, dur-
of A.D. 1511-1648 religious and kindred warfare which was ing the period he virtually created the functioning form of
brought to a close only through the leading role of France’s the U.S. State Department.2 Notably, John Quincy Adams
Cardinal Mazarin in bringing about the great 1648 Treaty of went on from there, as later President and senior member
Westphalia. That principle of the Treaty of Westphalia is the of the U.S. Congress, to launch what later became the
achievement upon which civilized modern European life Abraham Lincoln Presidency and the tradition which I,
has depended, since then, to the present time. personally, represent, as an informed spokesman, as a U.S.
Unfortunately, the conflict did not end, as settled, in that Presidential candidate, today.
treaty, then and there. A fresh threat to civilization arose in As I have said above, the roots of modern European civi-
the rise to power of a new imperial pretender, the 1688- lization go much deeper than modern times. In the history
1763 rise of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal party, as expressed by of European civilization, it was from the Egypt of those
the British East India Company of Lord Shelburne et al., to Pyramids and of the founder of the ancient nation of Israel,
the rank of a global imperial power. It is the issues defined _________
in the rising conflict between that Company’s imperial 2. The collapse of the U.S. Federalist Party was, most immediately, a
power and those patriots gathered around the North result of the blunder of the Administration of President John Adams,
in being taken in by a fraudulent propaganda-piece, Sir John Robison’s
American colonies leading intellect, Benjamin Franklin, The Roots of the Conspiracy, crafted and circulated within the U.S. by
which has been implicitly the principal axis of reference for French Terror-controller Jeremy Bentham’s British Foreign Office. The
all notable, long-term forms of global conflict since 1763, to issue of the Alien & Sedition Acts, as posed by the circulation of
the present day. Although the British East India Company Robison’s hoax, is typical of that folly, President Adams’ toleration of
his wife’s, Abigail Adams’, foolish, continuing tirades against the most
has passed on, its legacy, like the effects of an epidemic clear-headed U.S. leader of that time, Alexander Hamilton, typifying
infectious disease, has continued its impact on modern, the state of confusion which led to the self-inflicted doom of the
globally extended European history, up to the present day. Federal and Democratic-Republican Parties.

Moses, that European civilization adopted a specific quality of Cusa3 and his followers, Luca Pacioli and Leonardo da
of rigorous notion of a fundamental, principled distinction Vinci, and the avowed follower of all of these, that founder
of man from beast. The initial realization of what became of modern astronomy, Johannes Kepler, who set the pace
known as European civilization, occurred principally as the for the singular achievements of such as Fermat, Pascal,
impact of that same conception associated with the univer- Huyghens, Leibniz, and Jean Bernouilli.
salized, Mosaic nature of man, in forming the Classical tra- The experimentally based discovery of, and willful use of
dition of what we call ancient Greece today. such physical principles, expressed the provable, absolute
Although the nature of the human species is the same distinction of persons from animals, the distinction
everywhere, and although there is, therefore, a necessary, between man and ape. These principles were of two general
long-ranging tendency for convergence of nations upon categories, principles of man’s intervention in nature, and
common principles of mutual conduct, the history of the principles of the social processes through which mankind
development of a European culture, by that name, as root- increases our species’ power in and over nature.
ed in the history of ancient Greece, has a distinct quality of Otherwise, the most significant implication of these
historical specificity, from beginning to the present date. considerations, is the Promethean way in which mankind
This requires competent thinkers to treat the internal transmits the act of discovery of such powers (experimen-
development of the offshoots of ancient European cultures tally demonstrable universal principles) from one person
since Solon’s Athens, as an historically specific process to another, and thus from one generation to another.
which must first be studied as a distinct subject of con- Through the transmission of the replicatable act of gener-
verging cultural developments in its own right. ating such discoveries of universal principle, we have the
The most essential feature of that history is the long only way in which the human species has been able to
struggle, as since Solon’s Athens, between the effort to increase its potential relative population-density, above
establish a true nation-state republic of citizens, and the the level of the millions possible for a species of higher
opposing effort, typified by Sparta under the Constitution ape, to more than 6 billions living persons today.
of Lycurgus, or the Babylonian, Persian, Roman, These principles have three most notable qualities, as
Byzantine, and ultramontane forms such as medieval, follows.
Venice-centered Europe. The backers of the CCF project 1. Although a valid universal physical principle is never,
represent the latter, imperial impulse, an impulse toward itself, an object of sense-perception, its experimentally
eradicating the existence of sovereign nation-states, as the proven universality of efficiency is an efficiently existing
presently wildly utopian thrust toward plunging the plan- object of the mind. In other words, although the effect of
et into the doom of imperial “globalization,” attests. application of a principle must be a subject of a mathemat-
The issue so posed by the CCF legacy, in particular, is ical description, the principle itself is not the mathematical
the nature of the functional, constitutional distinction formula, but is, rather, an integral, indivisible object of the
between men and apes. That principled distinction is mind, in the same way that the notion of an irreducible
defined as follows. object of sense-perception is the idea of an object.4
Egyptian science as echoed by that of the Pythagoreans, 2. The standpoint of “spherics” adopted by the
Thales, and Plato, was associated with a pre-Aristotelean Pythagoreans, et al., thus divided human experience of the
conception of mathematics, which was derived from astron- physical world between invisible, but efficient principles,
omy, a conception of physical geometry, rather than an apri- and their implicitly visible sense-perceptible effects. In
oristic mathematics such as that of Euclid. This pre- modern mathematical physics, this set of ontological dis-
Euclidean, and, implicitly anti-Euclidean method of physical tinctions is expressed as the notion of the complex domain
science was then known as “spherics.” This notion of a physi- as introduced by Carl Gauss and refined by his follower
cal geometry, rooted in the concept of “spherics,” rather than Bernhard Riemann.
an aprioristic, merely formal geometry, provided the basis 3. The true notion of a universal physical principle is
for defining an experimental proof of the existence of a fun- never a way of merely explaining nature (contemplation),
damental physical principle, principles designated as what but is a method of acting efficiently to change nature in
we call today “powers” (Greek: dynamis), as Carl Gauss’s ways which only efficient comprehension of a discovered
1799 attack on the frauds of Euler and Lagrange, in Gauss’s universal physical principle permits. It expresses an inten-
first statement of The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra sup- tion, whether an intention by the Creator of the universe,
plies an implicitly geometrical statement of the mathemati- as Kepler defined the principle of universal gravitation
cal-physical representation of “powers.” which he had discovered, or by man acting in a way like
Typical proofs of powers so defined, included the that of that Creator. We must presume, at least to the pre-
notion of the doubling of the line, of the square, and of the sent date, that all principles of the universe existed prior to
cube. Added to this was, most notably, the notion of the man’s consciousness; however, when man discovers the
construction of a series of Platonic solids, as this was power to deploy such a pre-existing principle, man’s
reported by Plato, and was addressed by Cardinal Nicholas _________
_________ 4. Compare Herbart’s and Bernhard Riemann’s coinciding, but different,
3. E.g., De Docta Ignorantia. uses of the German term Geistesmasse (i.e., “thought-object”).

action, as an intention, changes the ordering of the uni- of agape¯ posed by Plato’s Socrates, in opposition to the
verse within which we act.5 historically defined characters Glaucon and
Thrasymachus, in Plato’s Republic.
The Prometheus Principle in History The transmission of knowledge of experimentally defin-
However, in societies in which a relatively few hold oth- able universal physical principles, from one person to
ers in the status of human cattle, the ruling strata of that another, and one generation to the next, is the expression
society, like the Roman Emperor Diocletian before them, of an immortal character of the role of the mortal individ-
are careful to prescribe that society must not educate those ual in society. As Plato insists, and as the Christian Apostle
we intend to condemn to the status of human cattle, above Paul emphasizes in his 1 Corinthians 13, this principle of
their intended station in life. The implication of that is, that agapē, so conceived, is the highest rank of moral and other
the society committed to the notion of maintaining people law respecting human behavior. Jesus Christ’s expression
in the status of human cattle, or, perhaps monkeys, does not of the Creator’s love of mankind, as agapē, is the essence of
wish to advertise the existence of those mental powers the principle of natural law in the practice of civilization.
which set human beings apart from, and above the beasts. So, Leibniz, in repudiating the evil intrinsic to John Locke,
In European civilization since ancient Greece, this inten- placed agapē, as the principle of the pursuit of happiness,
tion, to hold a large number of people in the status of above all other law. So, the central Constitutional princi-
human cattle, is expressed systemically by what is termed ple, and statement of intention of the U.S. 1776
“philosophical reductionism,” as this is expressed as the tra- Declaration of Independence, defined Leibniz’s notion of
dition of those opponents of the Pythagoreans known as the the pursuit of happiness as the highest principle of our
Eleatics, Sophists, and radical Euclideans, or the modern Constitutional law.
philosophical empiricists, positivists, and existentialists such The term “Satanic” should be understood as controlled
as Nietzsche, the Nazi Martin Heidegger, and his co- in its practical meaning as expressing a vicious form of
thinkers Hannah Arendt, Theodor Adorno, and Karl Jaspers. practice of denial of the individual person’s likeness to the
That issue is famously typified by the ancient Greek Creator. Every person’s life is therefore sacred. The Beast-
dramatist Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound. The evil gods of Man behavior of captors in U.S.-run prisons in Iraq, is an
Zeus’s Olympus captured the immortal Prometheus, example of people, those captors, as like Nazi concentra-
chained him to a rock, and tortured him perpetually, to tion-camp guards, captors self-degraded into the likeness
induce him to abandon the intention to give knowledge of of inhuman predatory beasts. Similarly, the widespread
universal physical principles to those human beings whom attempt to interpret the U.S. Federal Constitution as a
Zeus intends to hold in the status of nothing better than body of “contract law,” especially among those mentally
dehumanized, human cattle. This issue, as posed by the crippled by the burdensome tradition of the U.S.
image of Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound, has proven itself Confederacy, such as the radical “dictionary positivist” and
to be the most important issue in the history of European U.S. Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, is an expression of
civilization as a whole, since no later than the founding of that quality of the “Satanic,” the degradation of human
that civilization in ancient Greece. beings to the rank of property (e.g., “shareholder interest”).
It is the issue of the individual person’s right to discov- The treatment of any human being as a subject of “share-
er, and to know experimentally, provable universal physi- holder value” (i.e., Lockean property), as the current prac-
cal principles, and to apply these principles of knowledge tice of the 1973 overturn of the Hill-Burton legislation by
to change man’s relations to nature in ways which increase the HMO “reform,” is therefore an implicitly Satanic mode
the potential relative population-density of the human of behavior. This Satanic quality is the characteristic fea-
species. It is, in other words, the right to know, and to ture of such evil British Fabian Society celebrities as H.G.
practice that truth which the Satanic Olympian Zeus and Wells, Bertrand Russell, their crony Aleister Crowley, and
his oligarchy hate with the fiercest hatred. It is the right of their sorcerer’s apprentices Aldous and Julian Huxley. The
mankind to enjoy the blessings of progress, the right to pollution of the U.S. by the relevant influences of Wells,
improve the condition of the human individual in the Russell, et al., has become an expression of a Satanic influ-
broadest and deepest sense of that notion. It is the notion ence in U.S. intellectual and other behavior.
In these matters of natural law, it is not the act as such
_________ which is crucial for law. It is the expressed intention
5. This view subsumes a notion which is at least as old as ancient Greek underlying the act which is crucial. For this purpose, we
culture, that the universe is composed of three specific, interacting must define “intention” as Kepler defined the Creator’s
classifications of universal physical principles: non-living, living, and
cognitive; the latter, although an existing universal, is a power unique
intention which is expressed as that universal principle of
to the human individual among mortal individuals of living species. gravitation (His, not the empiricist Galileo’s) which gov-
This Classical Greek view was afforded its modern expression by the erns the composition of the Solar System. Ignorance of the
work of the great Russian biogeochemist, Vladimir I. Vernadsky, and intention by which an act might be judged, is, in a certain
his definitions of Biosphere and Noösphere. It is man’s discovery and
employment of universal physical principles which accords with the
degree, exculpatory, as in the case of a person lacking the
notion of man and woman made equally in the likeness of the Creator, powers or will for knowledge, to distinguish between right
as in Genesis 1. and wrong. In human behavior, it is the person’s assign-

ment of an intention as the purpose of his, or her life, you might apply for status, under law, as a monkey: A
which is of crucial bearing on the way in which society witty judge might merrily grant your plea.) Man’s nature
must judge the degree of actual culpability in, and reme- is his likeness to the Creator of the universe, in the respect
dies for, violation of a principle of natural law. that man’s power to discover and employ universal physi-
This point is illustrated by recognizing the experimental- cal principles, is a quality of human nature shared only
ly validated discovery of any universal physical principle, with the Creator, and that any suppression of that right,
such as Kepler’s uniquely original discovery of the principle by Zeus or any other force, is Satanic by implication.
of gravitation, as expressing the Creator’s intention. Thus, The implication is, that the only just society is one which
we must intend to promote such forms of scientific fosters scientific and technological progress, in changing
progress, as discovering the Creator’s intention, and must both nature and man’s mode of practice to this effect. In
regard ourselves as morally, constitutionally bound by the the language of a science of physical economy, this signifies
intent to pursue that course, and enforce the implications the development and application of knowledgeable practice
of such discoveries, as effectively as might be possible. to the effect of increasing the physical expression of poten-
This distinction is made clearer in nature and importance, tial relative population-density of the human species, per
when we consider those misguided persons who refuse to capita and per square kilometer. Therefore the related
recognize the 1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence and the notions of economic growth, and of physical profitability,
Preamble of the Federal Constitution as enforceable inten- are restricted to measurements made in physical terms,
tions to which all interpretation of any other features of that rather than, and often in defiance of, monetary terms of
Constitution, its amendments, or Federal law, must be made financial accounting. The attempt to shackle the physical
subject. Any positive law, any contract which violates those practice of a society to the accounting office, e.g., usury, is
intentions, such as Scalia’s evil reading of “shareholder implicitly a form of Satanism, and has often proven to be
value,” must be nullified, as if axiomatically, even as if just that in many instances of practice. The only true profit
retroactively. Or, a contract negotiated by the relevant parties is that which is an increase of good for mankind as a crea-
in apparent good faith, must be nullified in those aspects ture made in the likeness of the Creator.
which might be discovered to be in conflict with natural law. The most essential consideration, therefore, is the need
For example, in the history of the U.S., and other nations, to promote the development of those mental powers of the
the fact that a person had been property (e.g., a slave), by individual which generate revolutionary changes in prac-
prior determination, or birth, was treated under a reading of tice to the effect of increasing the net physical productivity
that pro-slavery doctrine of John Locke which had been repu- of society per capita and per square kilometer.
diated by the language and intention of the U.S. Declaration For example, the greatest increase in the productive pow-
of Independence. Similarly, as in the case of those current ers of labor, per capita and per square kilometer, was set
debts of the nations of Central and South America which into motion by the 15th-Century Renaissance’s launching of
were imposed arbitrarily, upon those states under the newly the modern form of sovereign nation-state whose principles
imposed rules of a post-1971 floating-exchange-rate mone- are prescribed in such locations as Cusa’s Concordantia
tary system, rather than being incurred by the will of the Catholica and De Docta Ignorantia. It was the achievement
debtor, are properly nullified under any judicial ruling con- of modern forms of sovereignty by more nations, such as
sistent with natural law. No self-evident sanctity exists in India and China, through their gaining the right to conduct
any contract as such, except as there is no implied violation their affairs in a way informed by the achievements of the
of natural law in the relevant terms at issue. European form of modern sovereign nation-state, which has
A true national constitution, such as our Declaration of made possible what has been already gained, as echoes of
Independence, and under the terms of the Preamble of our the anti-colonialist policies of the U.S. Presidency of
Federal Constitution, derives its authority from those its Franklin D. Roosevelt, and greater foreseeable advances in
statements of intention which are comparable to the the human condition among such peoples under a renewal
notion of necessity that man-made law must be consistent of that President’s intention today. This is the policy which
with the same principles of knowable intention attributed affords us today, not only a way of escape from the threat of
to the Creator’s law. In this matter, mankind must hold a global new dark age descending upon the world today, but
itself and its nations accountable for herding the national a brighter vision of the future of humanity as a whole.
law of sovereign states into channels of intended effects
consistent with the same notion of intention properly Shelburne’s Evil Legacy Today
attributable to the notions of universal physical laws. Through the mechanics of the British East India
In all this and related matter, the Promethean right of Company’s orchestration of the so-called “Seven Years’
the human individual and society to participate in the War” on the continent of Europe, that Company diverted
benefits of scientific and technological progress, must be France’s attention sufficiently from the larger world, to con-
enforced as a matter of natural law. This principle of law tinental strife, that the British Company neatly snapped up
of statecraft must be viewed from the standpoint of the control of what we know as Canada, India, and relevant
absolute distinction of man from ape. (If you reject scien- other locations. Thus, the Treaty of Paris which acknowl-
tific and technological progress, as the Luddites did, then edged this outcome as a matter of law, established the

British East India Company (rather than the British monar- such as Alexander II’s Russia, Bismarck’s Germany, and
chy as such) as, in fact, a global, nominally British empire. others, including Japan, during and beyond the late
What became known to this day as the Bank of England’s 1870s, into adopting leading features of the Hamilton-
role as a keystone of a so-called “independent central bank- Carey-List American System of political-economy, as the
ing system” has been the dominant feature in the long-range preferred alternative to the British system.
unfolding of the history of both the United Kingdom and The result was a massive emphasis by pro-British influ-
continental Europe, up to the present day. This system was ences, on subversion of the Republican Party, in addition to
known, during that century, as the system of “The Venetian assets already in tow from within the traditionally pro-slav-
Party.” The slime-mold-like concert of financier-oligarchical ery Democratic Party. Meanwhile, that Prince of Wales and
interests, which had exerted de facto imperial power with later emperor, King Edward VII, plotted to unleash what
the medieval alliance of Venice and Norman chivalry, had, we call World War I, which led to the subsequent plotting
so to speak, reincarnated itself, from the late 17th Century of what became World War II, by the British fellow-trav-
on, as a new Anglo-Dutch-pivotted “Venetian” financier oli- ellers of the Continent-based Synarchist International.
garchy, based in the maritime regions of Northern During the course of World War II, the leading intention
Protestant Europe. Intellectually, the imperial potencies of for perpetuating the empire in the postwar world, was sup-
the Company’s empire, spoke Dutch, English, and so on, but plied by the circles of H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell, as in
they thought as Venetian, as Francesco Zorzi (a.k.a. Giorgi), Russell’s public acclaim for Wells’s 1928 The Open Conspiracy
Giovanni Botero, Paolo Sarpi, Galileo Galilei, Antonio Conti, and Russell’s key role in organizing the introduction of war-
Voltaire, and Giammaria Ortes had taught them to think. fare with nuclear-fission weapons as the instrument for estab-
In this setting, Lord Shelburne emerged as the frankly lishing a form of imperialism called “world government,”
diabolical, rising figure of influence within that Company. then, and “globalization,” today. These are the current forms
Shelburne and his circle of personal lackeys, such as Adam of the proposed continuation of the imperial perspective
Smith, Edward Gibbon, and the consummately pro- developed under the leadership of Shelburne. The doctrine
Satanic Jeremy Bentham, played key roles as Shelburne of a “perpetual war” in the guise of “preventive, nuclear-
agents, in setting out the intended ground-rules for the weapons-armed warfare,” of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s con-
consolidation of the Company’s empire as a permanent federate, Vice President Dick Cheney, is the present expres-
successor to the defunct Roman Empire. sion of the imperial policy set forth by Wells and Russell.
Shelburne’s role and rules, so defined, set the dominant Throughout the postwar period to date, the “Sexual
features of the patterns of Europe-dominated global con- Congress for Cultural Fascism” has complemented the
flict which has, predominantly, determined the course of development of nuclear-fission and nuclear-fusion
the general flow of world history, from that time to the weapons, as an integral feature of this same imperial
present. intention to uproot and exterminate the institution of the
The concerns of Shelburne and his circle were the sovereign nation-state. The intended function of that
potential dangers to the eternal perpetuity of that empire “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism” associated with the
from the inside and outside, respectively. The chief exter- CIA project linked to Commentary magazine and others,
nal threat they feared, was the impact of the American has been to destroy the institution of the U.S. sovereign
Revolution as a model which might infect Europe. nation-state at its root, its commitment to the American
Otherwise, they continued the proven policy of the Seven System of political-economy associated with the
Years’ War, a policy of keeping the nations of Europe more Constitutional founding of the U.S. republic and with the
or less at one another’s throats, as a way of preventing the U.S.’s rising to a long-term world-power status under
emergence of a continental-Europe-based power which Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
might overturn the imperial power represented by the The corruption of the post-Lincoln U.S.A. in such direc-
Bank of England. Within the latter context, the immediate tions, was premised on a political alliance between the
concern of Shelburne’s circles was to destroy the power of London-allied, Manhattan-centered financier oligarchy
the U.S. allies of 1776-83, Charles’s Spain and Louis XI’s and the relics of the slave-holding Confederacy. The leg-
France, chiefly the economic power represented by the endary conflict between Republicans of the New York and
Colbertiste tradition still alive within France. Ohio varieties, is typical of this. The takeover of the U.S.A.
President Abraham Lincoln’s victory over Lord to this effect, was accomplished through aid of the assassi-
Palmerston’s asset, the insurrectionary, slave-holders’ nation of President William McKinley, and the domination
Confederate States of America, became a principal threat of the next three decades of U.S. life by the impact of two
to the continuation of that British Empire’s hegemony Presidents in whom the tradition of the Confederacy was
over the planet. Not only had the victorious U.S. emerged deeply embedded, Theodore Roosevelt and Ku Klux Klan
as a continental nation-state power which could no longer enthusiast Woodrow Wilson. It was under the influence of
be crushed by the methods of external attacks and inter- this combination assembled around the Teddy and Woody
nal subversion which Britain had employed up to that show, that the origins of the U.S. role in the post-World
time. The startling success of the U.S. economic model, War I Versailles Treaty, and the launching of what became
over the interval 1861-76, was drawing leading powers the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism,” took shape.

The ‘New Dark Age’ Syndrome
Relatively speaking, those who, like bellwethers Cheney
and Tony Blair, have come into key positions of Anglo-
American power, are not notable for qualities of intelli-
gence, nor even sanity. Their principal dupe, poor President
George W. Bush, would be sympathetic as a poor, pathetic
person of less than meager intellect, were he not so
damnably mean about it all. Even if they conquered the
world, as they have conspired to conquer and loot Iraq, they
would fail more or less precisely as the lessons of the contin-
uing asymmetric warfare in Iraq forewarn intelligent profes-
sional observers in the U.S. and elsewhere today. Their suc-
cess, were it to occur, would mean nothing but the collapse
of the planet as a whole into a prolonged new dark age of
humanity, during which world population-levels would drop
toward something substantially less than a billion miserable
souls, perhaps even much, much less. These would-be
tyrants would make Genghis Khan retch in disgust at the
poor quality of monster, such as those, the world is appar-
ently capable of producing today. These are not true leaders,
An early rally of the rebuilt Ku Klux Klan. It was under the even evil ones; these are a kind of demented slime-mold.
influence of Klan enthusiast Woodrow Wilson, and fellow There is no victory for the U.S.A., Britain, or anyone
pro-Confederate Theodore Roosevelt, that the origins took
shape of the U.S. role in the post-World War I Versailles else, under a continuation of their combined present reign
Treaty, and the launching of what became the ‘Sexual over much of the world’s policy-shaping. Those incumbent
Congress for Cultural Fascism.’ governments are failures, catastrophes from the outset.
The issue is, whether or not we choose to send our posteri-
Looking back at the history of the U.S.A. since the death ty to Hell with them.
of Franklin Roosevelt, we can appreciate why certain trans- There is nothing particularly exotic about foreseeing a
Atlantic, English-speaking partners came to support Wells new dark age as the consequence of failing to dump what
and Russell in placing such emphasis on the efforts to Cheney and Blair represent today. The distinction of the
uproot and destroy the traditional U.S. commitment to the human individual from the beasts, lies in the development
benefits of scientific and technological progress in develop- of those creative cognitive powers of the individual from
ment of basic economic infrastructure and modes of agri- which Classically scientific and artistic powers of composi-
cultural and industrial production and employment. To tion spring. In former times, when most men and women
defeat the U.S.A., the imperialist must take the American have been subjected to a more or less brutish existence as
commitment to the beauties of scientific and technological virtual human cattle, a relatively few individuals have
progress out of the American, as this process of extraction escaped from that prevalent dementation, to become the
has been fully ongoing during the recent four decades. creative personalities on which the potential basis for
This pattern of change in British strategic outlook since progress is provided, even under mean conditions for soci-
the 1861-76 developments in the U.S.A., is signalled by the ety at large. What “The Sexual Congress for Cultural
emergence of the circles of Thomas Huxley, and of the Fascism” has attempted to do, and, to a large degree,
related circles of George Bernard Shaw and other notables already done, is to eradicate even those relatively limited
of the history of the Fabian Society. Huxley’s personal institutional arrangements under which some creative indi-
Zauberlehrling, H.G. Wells, a key figure in preparing for viduals were produced in sufficient supply to keep society
World War I, typifies this. The post-World War I reconcili- in a manageable state of more or less continued progress.
ation of Wells and Bertrand Russell around a common evil The attempt by the freaks of Commentary and their like to
intent, expresses this in the continued life of the postwar devise a perfect program for preventing the reappearance
world whence Wells and Russells have now long departed. of generalized scientific and cultural progress, has been all
Roosevelt’s leadership of the U.S. economic recovery, too successful. The continuation of the proposed form of
and the role of the U.S. under him at war, showed that the imperialism, called euphemistically “globalization,” would
earlier attempts to subvert the U.S. had failed, failed mean the virtual eradication of any remaining, institution-
because the earlier attempts to crush the American patriot- alized capability for organizing a recovery of mankind’s
ic character had failed to uproot it. This time, they, decid- potential relative population-density, until such time as the
ed, they would uproot it. The Congress for Cultural present system of rulership had died out by the effect of the
Freedom project, and the closely related “Frankfurt works of its own hand.
School,” like the Fabian Society, typify the subversive Throughout the history of European civilization, the rela-
modes employed to the latter purpose. tively effective approaches to bestializing at least a large part

of the human population, have always taken forms which being challenged with that artificed paradox of the author
converge upon a formal method of thought and argument and speaker. The recognition of that paradox now becomes
which is called reductionism. One example of this is the the utterable name of the newly discovered idea, just as the
introduction of derivatives of what is called Euclidean geom- name of an original discoverer is often attached to the
etry today, a flawed notion of geometry which was intro- notion of the relevant discovery as an cognizable object in
duced to eliminate the method of scientific discovery associ- communication. Reenacting the process of discovery of the
ated with Thales, the Pythagoreans, and Plato, the method thought-object called principle, as experienced by the puta-
associated with “spherics.” All efficient forms of intended tive original discover, becomes the experience which the
systemic corruption of the European human mind’s poten- student must relive, to make the same unified thought-
tial for scientific thought, have taken the tactic of Euclidean object (Geistesmasse) his or her own. So, the idea enters the
geometry as a model of reference. This tactic occurs, in vari- vocabulary through the mechanisms of Classical irony, just
ous times and places, in a more or less radical form; but, the as the discovery of a universal physical principle, and that
underlying principle is the same fraud introduced, as what principle’s recognition as a definite object of thought, pro-
we know as Euclidean geometry, to replace “spherics.” ceeds in the work and teaching of physical science.
Whereas, in Classical pre-Euclidean notions of science, A discovered principle is not a mathematical statement
the form of geometry associated with the Pythagoreans, as by means of which an idea of principle is constructed. A
with Plato, and, for example, Kepler and Bernhard discovered principle is a physical principle which exists
Riemann later, was not abstract geometry, but, rather, outside previously known mathematics. It is an integral,
physical geometry, a concept of physical geometry implic- indivisible object of the mind; the mathematics which may
itly defended by the 1799 Carl Gauss against the reduction- be properly associated with the expression of that princi-
ist sleight-of-hand of d’Alembert, Euler, and Lagrange, a ple, is not the principle itself, but, rather, the trail it leaves
defense later developed into the view of the complex behind in its motion. One does not derive a principle by
domain provided by Riemann. mathematics; one derives a new mathematics, as Riemann
However, the essence of the dirty trick copied by Euler, prescribes this, by the discovery of a form of object of the
Lagrange, et al., was to adopt the outgrowth of Euclidean mind known as a universal physical principle, a principle
geometry known as the Cartesian Model, an abstract, a pri- whose trajectory can be mapped in a newly recreated,
ori model of space, time, and matter, based on the set of enriched mathematics.
unproven, but arbitrarily asserted definitions, axioms, and The degradation of education and communication to
postulates of a Euclidean, or like form of schoolbook geom- systems of deductive/inductive derivation from putative-
etry. In this way, by excluding the way in which discover- ly self-evident definitions, axioms, and postulates, is the
able universal physical principles are expressed in the forms most effective way of turning putatively well-educated
of the complex domain, the reality of the existence of funda- populations into persons ignorant of, and hostile to,
mental physical principles, is replaced by a linearized math- actually creative human thought. The people so brutal-
ematical approximation. Thus, the essential act of discovery, ized, are like the people to whom Zeus forbade
and related quality of actual proof of principle, is banned Prometheus’s efforts to educate them in their native
from the typical classroom and textbook. In this way, the powers of creative thought. Thus, even the educated stra-
real notion of the act of discovery of a universal physical ta of society are induced to degrade themselves in a like-
principle is more or less banned from the knowledge of even ness of their mental behavior to that of human cattle.
the putatively highly educated ranges of the population. In ancient Greece, such methods of reductionist brain-
The same crime is committed by sly plagiarist Galileo’s washing were known as the work of the likeness of the
wicked pupil Thomas Hobbes, who bans Classical irony Eleatic school and, later, the Sophists whose way of think-
and the related role of the subjunctive from speech! I ing and behaving led Athens toward doom in the course of
explain this critical point. the Peloponnesian War.
In oral communication, especially as in Classical poetry What is being done to the U.S. population today, under
and drama, the audience is presented with principled con- the more radical programs of the “Sexual Congress for
ceptions for which no name pre-existed in the known Cultural Fascism,” is an extremely radical version of the
vocabulary of that audience. These previously unknown same type of “dumbing down” of an entire generation,
conceptions are the pivotal subject-matter of any Classical which we associate with the ancient Sophists of Athens.
form of drama or poetry. The bridge provided for inventing, The frequent effect of such practices of “dumbing down”
and imparting the name for the previously unknown con- masses of people into the likeness of human cattle, is a
ception, is Classical irony. Classical irony uses the creation propensity for the spread of wild-eyed religious and other
of a paradox (e.g., “ambiguity”), by means of which the cults, such as those of the right-wing U.S. religious fanatics
mind of the hearer is challenged to make a discovery of a of today. For example, the use of reductionist methods by
kind tantamount to an experimental discovery in physical the 18th-Century Enlightenment, produced the related
science, such as Kepler’s discovery of a principle of univer- lunacies of Physiocrats such as François Quesnay and of
sal gravitation. The mind of the member of the audience is Adam Smith. Quesnay’s notion of “laissez-faire” was
motivated, and induced to discover the needed new idea by premised on the insistence that the profit of the estate was

not produced by the action of the human cattle, called Age is not as inevitable as the poor weak-brained commen-
serfs, but by the magical powers of the landlord’s title to his tators suspect. It is not inevitable, if we choose to prevent
“shareholder value.” This particular piece of lunacy, as it from happening.
advocated by Quesnay and Turgot, was plagiarized by We have come to a time in the development of humanity,
Shelburne’s Adam Smith as “the invisible hand”—the hand at which the principle of the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia
that Cheney and his cronies put into your personal pocket, must be consistently applied to the effect of establishing a
for example. In such cases, arbitrary choices of clusters of world order premised upon a community of perfectly sover-
words “Which I have chosen to believe,” however arbitrari- eign nation-state republics, each and all committed to the
ly, however fancifully, became a substitute for truth. The guiding principle of “the advantage of the other.” We of the
result is a form of mass-insanity, reminding us of the spew U.S.A. must heartily recommend this change to our neigh-
of Flagellants in the 14th-Century New Dark Age. bors in the United Kingdom, for example: “Give it up! You
The actual conceptions of Christianity are well known, have been at it much too long; look where it has brought us
beyond doubt, from not only reading, but reliving the his- now! Empire in any guise, by anyone, is an expression of the
torically specific experience of the New Testament against most deadly of the childhood moral diseases of humanity.”
the background of the Platonic influence pervading the The essential self-interest of any person, and of any nation,
educated strata, such as the Apostle Paul, as also of Philo of is not what he, or she, takes away from life, but what his or
Alexandria, of the Hellenistic culture of that time. So, J.S. her developed talent gives to humanity at large. We are each
Bach composed his St. Matthew and St. John Passions, that and all born, and shall surely die, sooner or later. Let us be
the congregations might relive that historically specific accordingly wise; let us not hope to keep what dies with us,
experience on a suitable occasion. That Christ was sacri- in any case, but treasure that which lives after, especially
ficed by the Roman occupying authority of Judea of that that which has come into existence because we have lived.
time, as Christ’s followers, such as many of his Apostles act- A wonderful person, Getrude Pitzinger, one of the great
ing in the imitation of Christ, like Jeanne d’Arc and the Rev. singers of the past century, who had become our friend dur-
Martin Luther King, is the kernel of belief in Christianity as ing a preceding decade, received my wife and me, her broth-
a doctrine of the Creator’s love for a mankind which that er, and a friend, for some hours spent together, during a time
Creator esteems as redeemable, because it is the noblest shortly before she was to die. She organized those hours to
creature in his Creation, a creature made in His Own like- such effect, that she instructed my wife Helga, who is known
ness. Christianity is a faith based, not in the Satanic quali- in Germany as a person of exceptionally appropriate insight
ties of hatred expressed by a Grand Inquisitor or a John into the German Classic, to go to our host’s library, to draw a
Crowe Ransom “Fundamentalist,” but in the form of love book containing a poem which Frau Pitzinger wished Helga
for mankind which Plato’s Socrates identifies as agapē. to recite. Then, Frau Pitzinger would select one of her own
By contrast, the thundering cacophony of hate spewed recorded performances of a song-setting of that poem. As
currently by the indecent union of war-like pseudo- those hours of that meeting drew to a close, Frau Pitzinger
Catholics and Protestant neo-flagellants, like the anti- exclaimed with a special kind of satisfaction, “I have lived to
Semitic rants of Grand Inquisitor Tómas de Torquemada, sing these songs.” She died a short time later.
has nothing to do with Christianity, but has a great deal to A great artist, born of simple background from Olmütz,
do with the more or less Satanic depravity which has been the place where Lafayette had once been imprisoned as a
greatly increased in depth and scope by the spread of the favor to the British, with an extraordinary talent, a famil-
virulent irrationality fostered by the transit of the culture of iar of the greatest artistic performers of her time, could
the Americas, and elsewhere, during the recent 40 years. sum up her life happily: I have lived to give these things.
Thus, considering the effects already displaced by the Her performance of the Brahms Four Serious Songs and
regime directed by “true believer” Vice President Cheney, the Schumann Frauenliebe, are among our outstanding
no sane person who could honestly propose sincerely that memories of her. She was, as Schiller and my wife con-
the program we have denounced here, is anything less evil cur, and I too, a beautiful soul, who gave much, much
than literally Satanic. more than she took, as every patriot who is also a world-
The only remedy is to impel the leading institutions citizen, should do.
responsible for recent trends in policy to simply “Give it That, simply summarized, is the kind of world state of
up!” Sooner or later, of course, a Renaissance will come, as affairs which we should be content to build. It is time
it did after the New Dark Age which Venice and its that a new President of the U.S.A., who has a deep devo-
Norman allies bestowed upon Europe’s 14th Century. tion to such things, step forward as the rallying-point for
Human nature is divine in that sense; unsuppressed, since a world which, by now, should be more than tired of the
man is naturally good, mankind will seek out its reconcili- experience of the foolishness to which I have pointed
ation with its Creator. On that account, Satan can not tri- here. Let us bring the sovereign peoples of the world
umph in the long term; precisely the contrary outcome is together, for the kinds of collaborative developments of
ultimately inevitable, because it is man’s nature to work to which a President Franklin D. Roosevelt would not have
bring that about. been ashamed. Let us give something good, and timely,
My point is, therefore, that the onrushing New Dark to future humanity, before we, in our turn, pass on.

The Congress for
Cultural Freedom
Making the Postwar World Safe
For Fascist ‘Kulturkampf’
by Steven P. Meyer and Jeffrey Steinberg

heodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer were two of renewed Synarchist assault against that type of modern
the earliest leaders of the Frankfurt School, and nation-state system that had most recently and successful-
were co-directors of that Authoritarian Personality ly been represented by the U.S.A. of President Franklin
project of the late 1940s, that willfully engineered the Delano Roosevelt, who, more than any other figure of the
Baby Boomer drug/rock/sex counterculture two decades middle half of the 20th Century, had defeated the
later. These two were brought back to Germany in 1950, Synarchist drive for a worldwide Hitler-led fascist empire.
to reorganize and “de-Nazify” the postwar German educa- With Franklin Roosevelt’s untimely death in April 1945,
tional system and cultural institutions, under the auspices everything changed. Even Soviet dictator Josef Stalin
of Occupation High Commissioner, and leading American grasped the significance of FDR’s death, declaring, “The
Synarchist banker, John J. McCloy. In that assigned great dream has been lost.” Roosevelt had vowed that he
capacity, Adorno and Horkheimer were pivotal players in would usher in a postwar world free from the shackles of
the overall project to wreck European and American cul- European colonialism. As former U.S. Secretary of State
ture. This project was known, hypocritically, as the henry A. Kissinger was to emphasize in his May 10, 1982
Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). address at London’s Chatham House, on this issue, FDR
Far from “de-Nazi-
fication,” the efforts of the
Congress, and related early-
Cold War “Kulturkampf”
(“culture war”) fronts, were
aimed at destroying the last
vestiges of European
Classical culture, and replac-
ing it with a culture of per-
versity, bestialization, and
pessimism. This was done
under the preposterous
guise of “fighting godless
communism” and other
forms of “authoritarianism.”
In reality, the mission of
the Congress for Cultural
Freedom was to make the The founding conference of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, in the Titania Palace in
world once again safe for a West Berlin, June 1950.

and his wartime ally, Winston Churchill, stood on opposite skinned races, Russell offered a solution: “At present the
sides of the barricade. population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per
The mission of the Congress for Cultural Freedom diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this
subsumed the commitment to ensure that no future FDR increase, which continued throughout each of the world
could ever emerge in the United States or Continental wars. . . . War . . . has hitherto been disappointing in this
Europe. This CCF mission was to be accomplished by respect . . . but perhaps bacteriological war may prove
creating such a cultural wasteland of dumbed-down con- more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout
formity, and pursuit of sensual gratification, that any iso- the world once in every generation, survivors could procre-
lated case of genius could be easily isolated and ate freely without making the world too full. . . . The state
destroyed. of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it?”
The presence of Lord Bertrand Russell as one of five
honorary chairmen of the CCF was emblematic of this The Post-FDR Paradigm Shift
mission at the CCF’s inception. Russell, the author of the FDR’s untimely death on April 12, 1945 had left an ill-
post-Roosevelt, pre-Eisenhower, Truman Doctrine of equipped crude political hack, Harry Truman, in the
“world government through terror of nuclear weapons,” Presidency. Within months, under the overwhelming influ-
had written a 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society, ence of a group of pro-British Synarchists, Truman need-
which spelled out his vision of the future. It was a far more lessly dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
precise, more revealing “mission statement” for the at a moment when Japanese surrender was already immi-
Congress for Cultural Freedom than anything that the CCF nent. Thus, the era of thermonuclear terror was launched,
would ever publish in its own name: an era which had been promoted for decades by H.G.
“I think,” Russell wrote, “the subject which will be of Wells and Bertrand Russell, as the pathway to world
most importance politically is mass psychology. . . . Its Fabian dictatorship.
importance has been enormously increased by the growth Shortly after the close of the war, Russell, soon to be
of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most CCF honorary chair, wrote an infamous article for the
influential is what is called ‘education.’ Religion plays a September 1946 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, advocat-
part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and ing a preventive U.S. atomic bomb strike on the Soviet
the radio play an increasing part. . . . It may be hoped that Union (Russell collaborator Edward Shils would be a
in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of any- founder of the Bulletin and a later director of the American
thing if he can catch the patient young and is provided by branch of the CCF). Already, prior to that 1946 statement,
the State with money and equipment.” Russell, following the events at Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
Russell continued, “The subject will make great strides had written similar sentiments to his mistress Gamel
when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictator- Brenan: “There is one thing and only one thing that can
ship. . . . The social psychologists of the future will have a save the world, and that is a thing which I should not
number of classes of school children on whom they will try dream of advocating. It is that America should make war
different methods of producing an unshakable conviction on Russia during the next two years, and establish world
that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. empire by means of the atomic bomb.”
First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, Roosevelt’s death had fully cleared the path for the
that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins leading Synarchist elements within the wartime U.S.
before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and intelligence structures to pursue their “separate peace”
repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opin- with leading Nazis, who were to be fully incorporated
ion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste into a postwar crusade against the Soviet Union, all in
for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists line with the Russell schemas. To make the postwar
to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how world safe for the Synarchist revival, individuals like
much it costs per head to make children believe that snow Allen Dulles, Whitney Shephardson, John Foster Dulles,
is black, and how much less it would cost to make them William Draper, John J. McCloy, and Averell Harriman
believe it is dark gray.” schemed to purge the wartime and postwar intelligence
Russell concluded with a warning: “Although this sci- services and postwar German occupation authority of
ence will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to any FDR loyalists.
the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to Within days of the President’s death, a whole contin-
know how its convictions were generated. When the tech- gent of European-based Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
nique has been perfected, every government that has been officers, including the entire command structure of the
in charge of education for a generation will be able to con- Italian OSS theater, were summarily fired. OSS docu-
trol its subjects securely without the need of armies or ments reveal that a meeting had taken place in the south
policemen.” of France, involving Allen Dulles, Shephardson, and oth-
In the same book, Russell also advocated a level of ers, to draft the purge list, prior to Roosevelt’s death.
genocide that made Hitler look tame by comparison. Later the same targetted individuals were blackballed
Ranting about the population growth among the darker- from ever serving in U.S. intelligence, and were subjected

to media slanders and other dirty tricks. Their crime: their
opposition to the Dulles brothers’ “separate peace” treach-
ery, which enabled such leading Nazis as Hjalmar
Schacht, Otto Skorzeny, Licio Gelli, Klaus Barbie, and
countless others, to join the Cold War Western intelli-
gence circus.
In Germany, under McCloy and “General” William
Draper, the wartime chairman of the investment house
Dillon Reed, the power of the German military-industrial
cartels was fully restored, a scandal recounted in the 1950
book All Honorable Men, by postwar occupation
decartelization chief James Stewart Martin. Martin cata-
logued that Americans like Allen and John Foster Dulles,
Draper, Harriman, and the J.P. Morgan interests, in
league with British, French, and Belgian bankers and
heavy industrialists, had been the secret wartime partners
of the Nazi banking and business barons, and had helped Theodor Adorno. Along with his colleague Max
fuel the Nazi war machine, even after Pearl Harbor Horkheimer, he was a pivotal figure in the project to wreck
brought the United State directly into the war. The Dulles European and American culture that was known as the
brothers had been longtime collaborators of Schacht, and Congress for Cultural Freedom.
the notorious Kurt von Schroeder, whose Stein Bank in
Cologne, Germany handled all of the funding of directly expressed therein; but the music imprints upon
Himmler’s SS, through business groups like the “Keppler itself an attitude similar to that of the mentally ill. The
Circle.” individual brings about his own disintegration. . . . He
But it was not just the fascist cartel bosses and appa- imagines the fulfillment of the promise through magic, but
ratchiks who were spared the gallows at Nuremberg. nonetheless within the realm of immediate actuality. . . .
Fascist culture was embraced as the weapon-of-choice in Its concern is to dominate schizophrenic traits through the
the Cold War battle of ideas, and the Congress for Cultural aesthetic consciousness. In so doing, it would hope to vin-
Freedom was the chosen Anglo-American vehicle for the dicate insanity as true health.”
cultural “re-Nazification.” To bring about the total disintegration of postwar
European and American society—which, he argued, was
Schizophrenia and Necrophilia the precondition for the defeat of the authoritarian
One of Theodor Adorno’s specialties was music. A impulse—Adorno insisted that all forms of beauty had to
promising future concert pianist in his youth, he had later be purged. Instead, he argued for a steady cultural diet of
studied in Vienna under the atonal composer Arnold “Top Forty” pop music and other degenerate forms of
Schoenberg. In 1946, while in the United States, working “mass culture,” which, he argued, over time, would trigger
on the Frankfurt School’s “Cultural Pessimism” agenda, various forms of mental breakdown, on a mass scale.
the former Soviet Comintern (Communist International) Adorno itemized these: 1. depersonalization, the loss of
asset, now living on the largesse of the Rockefeller connection to one’s own body; 2. hebephrenia, which he
Foundations and other Anglo-American fondi, wrote an defined as “the indifference of the sick individual towards
infamous book, The Philosophy of Modern Music, a barely the external”; 3. catatonia (“a similar behavior is familiar
intelligible diatribe against Classical culture. Ostensibly a in patients who have been overwhelmed by shock”); and 4.
commentary on the musical compositions of Igor necrophilia. Adorno declared, “Universal necrophilia is the
Stravinsky and Schoenberg, the Adorno book made clear last perversity of style.”
the purpose of modern music: Adorno summarized his case for the exploitation of
“What radical music perceives is the untransfigured suf- “Top Forty” music: “The authoritarian character of today
fering of man. .. . . The seismographic registration of trau- is, without exception, conformist. . . . In the final analysis,
matic shock becomes, at the same time, the technical this music tends to become the style for everyone, because
structural law of music. It forbids continuity and develop- it coincides with the man-in-the-street style.”
ment. Musical language is polarized according to its Adorno had practiced what he preached. During the
extreme; towards gestures of shock resembling bodily con- 1940s, he had ventured to Hollywood, where he teamed
vulsions on the one hand, and on the other towards a crys- up with Igor Stravinsky to compose motion picture
talline standstill of a human being whom anxiety causes to scores. In Hollywood, Adorno and Stravinsky were part
freeze in her tracks. . . . Modern music sees absolute obliv- of the “British Set,” a collection of avant-garde cultural
ion as its goal. It is the surviving message of despair from degenerates which also included Aldous Huxley, whose
the shipwrecked.” fictional and non-fiction writings propagandized for the
Adorno continued, “It is not that schizophrenia is use of brainwashing and psychotropic drugs to pacify

whole societies, and create “concentration camps without change the structure of the prejudiced personality. For the
tears”; Christopher Isherwood, author of the Berlin fascist potential to change, or even to be held in check,
Diaries (later adopted to the stage as Cabaret), which pro- there must be an increase in people’s capacity to see them-
moted that degenerate Weimar culture of drugs and per- selves and to be themselves. This cannot be achieved by
version that helped usher Hitler into power; Alexander the manipulation of people, however well grounded in
Korda, protégé of Frankfurt School founder Georg modern psychology the devices of manipulation might be.
Lukacs, later a leading figure in Britain’s wartime Special . . . It is here that psychology may play its most important
Operations Executive (SOE) and a leading Hollywood role. Techniques for overcoming resistance, developed
movie producer. The “British Set,” particularly mainly in the field of individual psychotherapy, can be
Isherwood, were the “Hollywood connection” for British improved and adapted for use with groups and even for
literary perverts W.H. Auden and Stephen Spender, who use on a mass scale.”
would play pivotal roles in the CCF, and, later, in the The authors conclude with this most revealing proposi-
1960s Counterculture project, in league with such tion: “We need not suppose that appeal to emotion
Frankfurt School cultural icons as Herbert Marcuse and belongs to those who strive in the direction of fascism,
Erich Fromm. while democratic propaganda must limit itself to reason
Adorno had written his Philosophy of Modern Music and restraint. If fear and destructiveness are the major
prescription for producing a society of necrophiliacs, emotional sources of fascism, Eros belongs mainly to
through the perversion of music and culture, while also democracy.”
working, with Horkheimer, on The Authoritarian Eros was precisely the weapon that the Frankfurt
Personality. This effort was, at the time, the most
ambitious mass social profiling of the American
public ever undertaken. The project, part of the larg-
er Studies in Prejudice series, financed by the
American Jewish Committee, aimed at “proving”
that the American people, despite their heroic sacri-
fices to defeat Hitler and Mussolini, were intrinsical-
ly fascist and anti-Semitic, and that advanced tech-
niques of psychological manipulation were vital and
justified for purging the populace of these evil,
“authoritarian” impulses. The two key weapons for
this cultural lobotomy: Conformity and Eros, or
what is known today as the tyranny of “political cor-
The authors of The Authoritarian Personality let it
all hang out in the concluding chapter of the book, in
which they summarized their findings and spelled The era of thermonuclear terror launched in the postwar period
out their recipe for social transformation. The echoes had been promoted for decades by H.G. Wells (left) and Bertrand
of Bertrand Russell’s kindred recipe for brutalizing Russell (right), as the pathway to world Fabian dictatorship.
the flock of human beings into a sheep-like psycho-
logical impotence, ring out in the words of the authors of School and their Congress for Cultural Freedom col-
The Authoritarian Personality: leagues employed, over the next 50 years, to create a cul-
“It seems obvious, that the modification of the poten- tural paradigm shift away from the so-called “authoritar-
tially fascist structure cannot be achieved by psychological ian” matrix of man in the living image of God (imago
means alone. The task is comparable to that of eliminating viva Dei), the sanctity of the nuclear family, and the
neurosis, or delinquency, or nationalism [emphasis added] superiority of the republican form of nation-state over
from the world. These are products of the total organiza- all other forms of political organization. They trans-
tion of society and are to be changed only as that society is formed American culture, step by step, toward an erotic,
changed. It is not for the psychologist to say how such perverse matrix, associated with the present “politically
changes are to be brought about. The problem is one correct” tyranny of tolerance for dehumanizing drug
which requires the efforts of all social scientists. All that abuse, sexual perversion, and the glorification of vio-
we would insist upon is that in the councils or round lence. For the “anti-authoritarian” revolutionaries of the
tables where the problem is considered and action planned Frankfurt School, the ultimate antidote to the hated
the psychologist should have a voice. We believe that the Western Judeo-Christian civilization was to tear that civ-
scientific understanding of society must include an under- ilization down, from the inside, by turning out genera-
standing of what it does to people, and that it is possible to tions of necrophiliacs.
have social reforms, even broad and sweeping ones, which But the “Kulturkampf” project, aimed ultimately at
though desirable in their own right would not necessarily stripping the United States of the entirety of its European

Renaissance/republican heritage, would be unleashed, MOMA ran another European show exclusively showcas-
first, with lethal efficiency, on the already-shattered popu- ing abstract impressionism—which, like Adorno’s work in
lations of a Western Europe, which had gone through two music, was known to express mental schizophrenia.
decades of depression, fascism, and war. George Kennan and Allen Dulles were big supporters of
modern art, and the Fairfield Foundation, set up to con-
‘Kulturkampf’ in Paris duit CIA funds to CCF, also funded MOMA.
In April of 1952, CCF embarked upon its maiden voyage The maiden Paris “Kulturkampf” of 1952 also included
in mass brainwashing to spread cultural pessimism, when literary debates with Nashville Agrarian “Fugitive” writers
it held a month-long festival in Paris entitled “Masterpieces Allen Tate and William Faulkner; Fabian perverts Stephen
of the 20th Century.” Over 30 days, CCF presented 100 sym- Spender and W.H. Auden; and others.
phonies, concertos, operas, and ballets by over 70 com- The entire Paris show was run under the auspices of the
posers of the 20th Century! The conference opened with a Office of Special Plans of the State Department, run by the
painful performance by the Boston Symphony of the “Rite CIA’s Frank Wisner and funded by the Fairfield
of Spring,” by Adorno’s collaborator Igor Stravinsky. Foundation, a CIA money laundromat.
Also getting top billing at the Paris conference were
Adorno’s teachers, Schoenberg and Alban Berg, the lead- Synarchist Spooks Launched CCF
ing atonalists; Paul Hindemeith; and Claude Debussy. Frances Stoner, the author of The Cultural Cold War, a
Other works performed were those by Gustav Mahler, Bela history of CCF, documented that CCF was the 1950 brain-
Bartok, Samuel Barber, Erik Satie, Francis Poulenc, and child of two prominent groups of private individuals, who
Aaron Copland, to name a few. would soon assume prominent positions in the Cold War
Paris saw its first productions ever of Alban Berg’s intelligence structures.
“Wozzeck,” Benjamin Britten’s “Billy Budd,” Gertrude The first was centered around Allen Dulles, longtime
Stein’s and Virgil Thomson’s “Four Saints in Three Acts,” friend of the Time magazine empire’s Henry Luce, who ran
with Alice B. Toklas attending (she was famous for hand- a group of activists and planners called “the Park Avenue
ing out brownies laced with hashish). Cowboys.” Dulles and his group worked to establish a per-
CCF continued its assault in this field. In 1954, it held manent intelligence organization in the aftermath of
two conferences: one a festival at the Palazzo Pecci in Italy World War II. This group was comprised of Dulles, Frank
which was devoted almost entirely to atonal music and the Wisner, C.D. Jackson, Kermit Roosevelt, Tracy Barnes,
12-tone scale, and another, in April of that year—the Richard Helms, and Royall Tyler, who would go on to
International Conference in Rome, entitled “20th Century head the World Bank.
Music,” which was devoted solely to avant-garde music. CCF was created under the auspices of Wisner, who
The latter included prize competitions, and the winners was then heading the Office of Policy Coordination at the
were given American premieres by the Boston Symphony State Department, which later transferred to the CIA as the
at its summer school at Tanglewood. The Symphony was covert action section. Dulles’s personal liaison to the intel-
hitched tightly to CCF, and eight of the 11 board
members of CCF’s music project were associated
with Tanglewood.
Classical culture—the tradition of Bach, Mozart,
Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms—was
repudiated as an “authoritarian” tool of Soviet
Communism and wartime German and Italian fas-
cism. For example, the CCF conducted a witchhunt
against the great German conductor Wilhelm
Furtwaengler as a Nazi.
The month-long Paris show also showcased an
equally grotesque modern art and sculpture exhibit
which New York’s Museum of Modern Art
(MOMA) organized. It included works by Matisse,
Derain, Cezanne, Seurat, Chagall, Kandinsky, and
other masters of early-20th-Century modernism.
Jackson Pollack and Alexander Calder were leading
figures of the American Committee for Cultural
Freedom. W.H. Auden, Stephen Spender, and Christopher Isherwood. Literary
MOMA, a project of Nelson Rockefeller and his perverts and British intelligence operatives, they stalked the
European and North American cultural scenes for particularly
family, played a big role in CCF and its art projects. degenerate and vulnerable recruits. Auden and Spender played
In 1955, they ran CCF’s “Young Painters” exhibit in pivotal roles in the CCF, and later, in the 1960s counterculture
Rome (and touring the continent), and in 1960, project.

ligence community who ran CCF on the meetings took place at his home in
ground, from its international headquar- Georgetown with Isaiah Berlin, the
ters in Paris, was Tom Braden, who had British “philosopher” who was implicated
been Nelson Rockefeller’s executive secre- in the early-1950s Kim Philby espionage
tary for the Museum of Modern Art from scandal, and George Kennan. This second
1947-49 before joining the CIA. grouping was known as the
At an appropriate moment, in 1967, “Sovietologists.”
Braden was also the person designated to Bohlen had spent years in Russia and
“out” the Congress as a CIA front. In a was posted after the war as Ambassador
famous Saturday Evening Post article to France, where he helped direct the
entitled “I’m Glad the CIA Is ‘Immoral,’ ” CCF’s international secretariat. He was
Braden had written: “I remember the the mentor of Nicolas Nabokov, the
enormous joy I got when the Boston Soviet exile and composer who became
Symphony Orchestra won more acclaim CCF’s General Secretary.
for the U.S. in Paris than John Foster Kennan was instrumental in creating
Dulles or Dwight D. Eisenhower could the secret intelligence mechanism which
have bought with a hundred speeches. would ultimately run CCF, and he was an
And then there was Encounter, the maga- Media mogul Henry R. Luce,
influential participant in many of its
zine published in England and dedicated founder of Time magazine, and international symposia. Author of the
to the proposition that cultural achieve- resoundingly pro-fascist. famous 1947 “Mr. X” article in Foreign
ment and political freedom were interde- Affairs announcing the Cold War, his phi-
pendent. Money for both the orchestra’s tour and the mag- losophy was to outdo the Soviets in lies and deceit, for, in
azine’s publication came from the CIA, and few outside of his estimation, truth and economic aid were useless in
the CIA knew about it. We had placed one agent in a such combat! He authored numbers of National Security
Europe-based organization of intellectuals called the directives for the Truman White House, including PSBD-
Congress for Cultural Freedom. Another agent became an 33/2, establishing the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB),
editor of Encounter. The agents could not only propose whose papers are still classified.
anti-Communist programs to the official leaders of the PSB was established on April 4, 1951. Its first chairman
organizations but they could also suggest ways and means was Gordon Gray. Its purpose was to centralize and coor-
to solve the inevitable budgetary problems. Why not see if dinate the psychological warfare operations of the CIA,
the needed money could be obtained from ‘American foun- Department of Defense, and State Department. As Charles
dations’? As the agents knew, the CIA-financed founda- Burton Marshall, a PSB officer who became a vocal oppo-
tions were quite generous when it came to the national nent, detailed, in a critique of its working principles and
interest.” activities, PSB was run by a group of self-appointed elites
C.D. Jackson, an early “Cowboy,” was one of Luce’s top in a totalitarian nature that was “in a manner reminiscent
intelligence hands and executives. He had joined Time-Life of Pareto, Sorel, Mussolini and so on. . . . Individuals are
in 1931 as an advertising executive. During the war he relegated to tertiary importance. The supposed elite
became the deputy chief of the Psychological Warfare emerges as the only group that counts. The elite is defined
Division of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied as that numerically limited group capable and interested
Expeditionary Force). After the war, he returned to in manipulating doctrinal matters.”
become vice president of Time-Life. By May of 1952, PSB took over the supervision of
Jackson left Time-Life to take on various intelligence “Packet,” the code name for the CIA’s psychological war-
roles for Dulles, becoming the president of the National fare program to influence overseas “opinion leaders.”
Committee for a Free Europe, a Dulles initiative, which Under this rubric, PSB assumed the supervision of the
was the precursor to CCF and which funded many CCF American Committee for Cultural Freedom; the Moral
operatives. He was also instrumental in creating Radio Rearmament Movement, which had been a hotbed of
Free Europe, a CIA project launched under the auspices of wartime Synarchist activity, with Rudolf Hess and other
the National Committee for a Free Europe. top Nazis being among the leading members; the Crusade
When Eisenhower took office in 1953, Jackson was for Freedom, which was the funding conduit for Dulles’s
posted special advisor to the President for Psychological National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE); NCFE’s
Warfare. Here he approved the core of the CCF projects Radio Free Europe; and Paix et Liberté.
and personally helped create and promote the American A PSB document from June 1953 defined these pro-
Committee for Cultural Freedom, whose board he ulti- grams as necessary to “break down worldwide doctrinaire
mately joined. Jackson laundered articles to Luce’s publi- thought patterns which have provided an intellectual basis
cations to promote CCF activities. for Communism and other doctrines hostile to American
The second grouping of private individuals was cen- and Free World objectives.”
tered in the person of Charles “Chip” Bohlen. Regular C.D. Jackson, the Dulles-Luce operative, became the

Henry Luce’s Empire of Fascism
I npublisher
the Feb. 7, 1941 issue of Life magazine, founder and
Henry Luce authored and signed an editorial,
“The American Century,” announcing that the American
Synarchists intended to rule the world at the close of the
war and impose their own jaded version of “American
values” on the world, through “any means necessary.”
Luce’s thesis was reproduced and mass-circulated
throughout the United States.
The populations of the world, exhausted from the
destruction of war and the bestiality of Hitler, Stalin, and
Hiroshima, naturally hoped for something better. But the
universal glimmer of optimism, of being able to rebuild,
was further shattered when Allen Dulles, John J. McCloy,
and their associates, including Luce, deployed to create
Three of the many ‘Mussolini covers’ Time magazine
the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CFF), whose explicit featured over the years. The first (on left), from Aug. 6,
purpose was to launch a fascist assault on truth as sci- 1923, was intended to wish ‘Benito a happy birthday.’
ence and on Classical culture.
Luce was an intimate of Britain’s Lord Beaverbrook
Henry Luce: Mouthpiece for and the Prince of Wales, who were notoriously pro-Hitler
American Fascism and members of the Cliveden set. He also formed an
Time magazine was created in 1923 as a mouthpiece extremely close relationship with Winston Churchill, him-
for the American Synarchists, grouped around the bank- self a promoter of Hitler in the early 1930s.
ing interests of J.P. Morgan. It is hardly a coincidence Americans were introduced to Benito Mussolini and
that, simultaneous to the launching of Time, in Europe, Fascism in one of Time’s first issues when the Synarchists
Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, another leading decided to celebrate Il Duce’s 40th birthday, and have
Synarchist, was launching his Pan-European Union, Americans join them, by placing his portrait on the cover
which would be a leading propaganda vehicle for the of the Aug. 6, 1923 issue of Time. This would be the first
winning of support among Europe’s financial oligarchy of five cover appearances.
for the “Hitler-Mussolini” universal fascism project. Luce was America’s fascist “Elmer Gantry.” He toured
Henry Luce was just out of Yale University, where he the country selling fascism to America’s business elite and
was a member of the secret society Skull and Bones (class upper class on the one hand, and using his mass propa-
of 1920). Morgan funnelled Luce start-up cash, and Luce ganda outlets to “sell it to the mickeys” on the other.
tapped numbers of his friends from his secret brother- Luce unabashedly promoted Synarchy. Appearing
hood to create and run what would become a propaganda before business groups, he promulgated the idea that
empire. In 1930, for example, Luce chose Russell America’s corporate and banking elites were more power-
Davenport, an intimate Bonesman, to become Fortune ful and important than the U.S. government, stating, “It is
magazine’s first editor-in-chief. not a seat in Congress but on the directorate of the great-
Initial members of the board of directors of Time est corporations which our countrymen regard as the
included Henry P. Davison, Jr., a fellow classmate and greater post of honor and responsibility.” Likening
Bonesman, whose father was a senior partner at J.P. America’s financial tycoons to Europe’s aristocracy, he
Morgan. Davison brought in Dwight Morrow, another featured both in the pages of Fortune magazine.
Morgan partner, to finance the start-up. Morgan interests In an article in 1928, Luce declared the U.S.
were further strengthened, when in 1927, John Wesley Constitution obsolete and called for “a new form of gov-
Hanes was placed on the board. Start-up funding also ernment.” What was this new form of government? In
came from William Hale Harkness, a board member, who March of the same year, in a speech to businessmen in
was related to Rockefeller partner Edward S. Harkness. Rochester, N.Y., he stated “America needs at this moment
Luce’s personal lawyer, who would come to represent a moral leader, a national moral leader. The outstanding
his entire media empire, was his brother-in-law Tex Moore, national moral leader of the world today is Mussolini.”
of Cravath, deGersdorff, Swaine and Wood, the same firm On Nov. 28, 1930, he stated to a Chicago audience that
which deployed both Allen and John Foster Dulles to facili- Mussolini’s Italy was a success story: “A state reborn by
tate bringing Hitler to power in the early 1930s. virtue of Fascist symbols, Fascist rank and hence Fascist

Delphic potentate for these programs. His detailed log
enterprise.” Luce further declared, on April 19, 1934 in at the White House showed PSB planners had to consult
a speech to the Scranton, Pa. Chamber of Commerce, with him before their plans became operational.
“The moral force of Fascism, appearing in totally dif- Jackson met regularly with Tom Braden to approve CCF
ferent forms in different nations, may be the inspira- operations.
tion for the next general march of mankind.” The president of the CCF’s Executive Committee was
While Luce organized the upper crust through Fortune, Denis de Rougemont, a Swiss national who had intro-
he fed the general population a carefully crafted diet of duced Paris to the works of Nazi philosopher Martin
stories about Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco through the Heidegger, Soren Kierkegaard, and Karl Barth before
writings of his foreign news editor, Laird Goldsborough, World War II, through his magazine Hic et Nunc.
a publicly avowed fascist, anti-Semite, and pro-Nazi De Rougemont, known for his book Love in the Western
who in 1933 interviewed both Hitler and Mussolini. World, wrote a Gnostic broadside attacking the morality of
Luce had a visceral hatred of FDR and the New the United States under FDR, which can only be taken as an
Deal. He attacked them both on his speaking tours and attempt to undermine the mobilization to defeat Fascism in
in print. Intimates reported that he became apoplectic World War II. Entitled “On the Devil and Politics,” and writ-
with violent rage at the mere mention of FDR’s name. ten while he was stationed in the U.S. working for the Office
Luce’s role in the Morgan-organized “Smedley Butler” of War Information (OWI), it was published in the June 2,
coup plot against Roosevelt was significant. Luce prepared 1941 issue of Christianity and Crisis.
the entire July 1934 issue of Fortune as a detailed study of De Rougemont’s thesis is that all men have an inherent-
the political, cultural, and economic experiments of ly evil side to them which is at least an impulse. Every
Italian fascism. This was unheard of. The issue was timed individual risks that his impulse might actually become
to appear as the coup went into its final month, and it was real under certain circumstances, and an individual must
undoubtedly intended to rally upper-class support for the know that evil resides in himself, or he is not a functioning
coup and the transition to an American form of fascism. human being.
Although Luce later promoted the turn away from fas- “(American democracy) too believed and still believes
cism, when it was necessary to defeat Hitler, he heralded that the Nazis are animals of an altogether different race
the postwar policy of the Anglo-American Synarchists from Americans. She too risks discovering some day that
with his famous 1941 Life magazine editorial, “The after all, they are men like us. And it is quite true that
American Century,” which announced the Synarchist they are men like us, in the sense that their sin is also in
goal of Anglo-American world domination at the close of us, secretly. . . . It seems to me that the clearest lesson
the war. Luce wrote: “We must accept whole-heartedly which emerges from European events is this: The senti-
our duty and our opportunity as the most powerful and mental hatred of the evil that is in others may blind one
vital nation in the world and in consequence to exert to the evil that one bears in himself and to the gravity of
upon the world the full impact of our influence, for such evil in general. The overly facile condemnation of the
purposes as we see fit and by such means as we see fit.” wicked man on the opposite side may conceal and favor
The editorial was mass-produced and circulated widely; much inward complaisance toward that very wickedness.
it appeared in full in the Washington Post and Reader’s I suspect a profound ambivalence in certain democratic
Digest. Although he did not included the point in this edi- denunciations of Hitlerism, for in the violence of the tone
torial, Luce would soon argue, also in the pages of Life, and the obstinate simplism of the judgements, we betray
for preventive nuclear war against the Soviet Union. our bad conscience, our secret anxiety, our unacknowl-
The outlook of today’s Beast-Men, led by Vice edged temptation. In regard to anti-fascists who wish
President Dick Cheney, is a continuation of the policies only to be anti, I cannot help thinking that sooner or later
represented by Luce and the fascists of the 1930s and the pro which slumbers in a corner of their soul will sud-
1940s. Cheney’s inner core of neocons are all signers of denly awaken and overwhelm them. . . . I believe that I
the founding principles of William Kristol’s Project for know whereof I speak when I say to the honest democ-
a New American Century, explicitly modelled on Luce’s rats: Look at the Devil that is among us! Stop believing
theme. The Children of Satan, as Lyndon LaRouche that he can only resemble Hitler, or Stalin, or Senator
has determined they rightly be called, had Henry Luce Wheeler, for it is you yourself that he will always contrive
as one of their godfathers. Luce’s brothers at Skull and to resemble the most. . . . And then only will you be cured
Bones gave him the secret name of “Baal.” of your almost incredible naiveté before the totalitarian
The Congress for Cultural Freedom was created to danger and be able to escape hypnosis.”
implement Luce’s “American Century.” Luce helped
finance its operations, and his trusted vice president at How Dulles Ran CCF
Time-Life, C.D. Jackson, oversaw much of its policy as CCF was run through Frank Wisner’s Office of Policy
special advisor to the President for psychological warfare. Coordination (OPC), which gave CCF the codename
—Steven P. Meyer QKOPERA. Reporting to Wisner was the CIA’s Lawrence
de Neufville, who worked at the Agency’s French Labor

desk. Michael Josselson of the CIA worked in CCF’s
Paris headquarters. James Burnham, the former
Trotskyite, was hired as a consultant to OPC and
was the primary liaison between the CIA and the
intellectual community.
The bag man and paymaster for the operation
was Irving Brown, who also ran CIA covert pro-
grams through European trade-union covers.
Recently discovered archival material from the
Federal Bureau of Narcotics indicates that Brown
was under investigation in the mid-1960s for traf-
ficking in drugs, or money-laundering from drug-
trafficking (which provided funds for covert opera-
tions). U.S. documents linked him to notorious
French crime bosses and Italian mafia figures.
The Fairfield Foundation and several other
foundations were created by the CIA as fronts to
pass funds. Once programs were established, the
Ford and Rockefeller Foundations took over EIRNS
major aspects of the funding, with the help of
The first chairman of the American branch of CCF, the American
other leading U.S. family foundations. Former Committee for Cultural Freedom (ACCF), was Sidney Hook—shown
German High Commissioner McCloy had person- here in the early 1970s at New York University, being confronted by
ally written to mid-1960s Ford Foundation presi- supporters of Lyndon LaRouche.
dent McGeorge Bundy, to secure funding for the
Congress, at the moment that the CIA was exposing its the “Ransom’s Boys,” John “Jack” Thompson, as the execu-
former ties to CCF, via the Tom Braden Saturday tive director of the Fairfield Foundation, a post he held for
Evening Post story. more than a decade. Needless to say, Tate, Ransom, and
Victor Marchetti, the former top CIA officer who wrote fellow Agrarian Robert Penn Warren all wrote for CCF’s
the first major exposé of the Agency’s covert operations, Encounter magazine.
the 1974 The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, explained that
the Agency had gone overboard in their use of front foun- The American Branch of the Congress
dations: “The CIA’s culture-loving, optimistic, freewheeling The American branch of CCF was founded in 1951. The
operators, however, made serious tactical errors in funding principal force behind the American Committee for
these ‘private’ institutions. Over the years, the Agency Cultural Freedom (ACCF) was Sidney Hook, its first chair-
became involved with so many groups that direct supervi- man. Hook was then a contract consultant to the CIA, and
sion and accounting were not always possible. Moreover, he liaisoned with CIA director Walter Bedell Smith and
the Agency violated a fundamental rule of intelligence in PSB director Gordon Gray.
not carefully separating the operations of each organiza- Hook had been an early student at the Frankfurt
tion from all the others. Thus, when the first disclosures of School, during his Marxist youth in the 1920s. His From
CIA involvement were published early in 1967, enterpris- Hegel to Marx was a compilation of lecture notes from
ing journalists found that the financing arrangements and the Frankfurt School founder, Karl Korsch, a leading
the conduit foundations were so intertwined and over-used Comintern operative at the time, and later a close associ-
that still other groups which had been receiving CIA funds ate of Bertrand Russell in launching the linguistics pro-
could be tracked down.” ject associated with MIT’s Professor Noam Chomsky
In 1954, Cord Meyer replaced Tom Braden at the CIA’s today. When the Frankfurt School was to be redeployed
International Organizations Division (IOD) as Dulles’s per- to the United States at the point of the Hitler takeover in
sonal liaison to CCF operations. Meyer had been the editor Germany, it was Hook and his mentor (and fellow CCF
of Yale’s literary magazine and a graduate in the class of director) John Dewey, who provided the funding and
1942. His favorite poets were Allen Tate and John Crowe political support for the emigré invasion, through
Ransom, who were at the center of the Nashville Columbia University and the New School for Social
Agrarians. Research, which later provided a home to fascist
Ransom’s handful of protégés in 1938 were a special philosopher Leo Strauss, and Martin Heidegger’s mis-
crew, known as “Ransom’s Boys.” Meyer recruited several tress and Frankfurt School/CCF ideologue Hannah
to the CIA. Robbie Macauley, Ransom’s assistant at the Arendt.
Kenyon Review, was posted to IOD to replace Lawrence de Irving Kristol, managing editor of The American Jewish
Neufville in the summer of 1954. He moved to Paris to Committee’s Commentary magazine, served as ACCF’s first
oversee CCF operations. In 1956, Meyer placed another of Executive Director. Kristol, in a 1995 autobiographical

essay, touted himself as the godfather of neo-conservatism. of the gurus of the counterculture movement of the ’60s.
He identified CCF founder Lionel Trilling, Leo Strauss, As time went by, CCF would add to its own family of
and Nashville Agrarian writer John Crowe Ransom as the magazines Kenyon Review, Sewanee Review, and Poetry—
three leading intellectual influences on his life. all projects of the Fugitives and their associates—The
ACCF board members included Sol Levitas, editor of Journal of the History of Ideas, which Luce supported;
the New Leader. Levitas was a protégé of Allen Dulles and Partisan Review, Paris Review, and Daedalus.
C.D. Jackson. Dulles used Levitas’s New Leader to promote Kristol moved to London in early 1953 to assume his
the creation of a “commission of internal security” to new duties, and Sidney Hook went along to manage the
investigate subversive influences in the United States. editorial ideas and to oversee the start-up. By June,
Levitas provided intelligence reports from his international Encounter was up and running with a $40,000 grant from
correspondents to Henry Luce, for which he was paid. the Fairfield Foundation. At the outset, it ran articles by
Philip Rahv, editor of Partisan Review, was also a board Julian Huxley, Allen Tate, Lionel Trilling, Robert Penn
member of ACCF. Luce became Partisan Review’s financial Warren, W.H. Auden, Thornton Wilder, Jayaprakash
angel when it was about to go bankrupt, and he also sur- Naryan, Mircea Eliade, André Malraux, and Guido
reptitiously funded ACCF. Piovene.
Malcolm Muggeridge, a member of the CCF steering
Close Encounter of the Third Kind committee, was the liaison to British MI6. His funding
In early 1951, Frank Wisner travelled to London to conduits to CCF for this project were Sir Alexander
meet with his counterparts in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Korda, the film director, and Lord Victor Rothschild,
Service (SIS). Over a series of meetings it was decided to who remained close to Encounter up through the mid-
create a flagship intellectual journal for CCF. 1960s. Frederic Warburg, of Secker and Warburg, agreed
It was agreed that the Americans and British would to use his company as the publisher. Warburg was the
have joint oversight over the London-based Encounter publisher of George Orwell, who was also quite active in
magazine, and there would be joint funding. ACCF execu- CCF.
tive director Irving Kristol was chosen by Sidney Hook to Warburg was the treasurer of the British Society for
become co-editor with British Fabian Stephen Spender. Cultural Freedom (BSCF), whose founding members
Born in February 1909, Spender was orphaned in his included T.S. Eliot, Isaiah Berlin, Lord David Cecil, and
early teens, and in 1928, he entered University College, Richard Crossman, the Secretary General of the British
Oxford. There, he was taken in by several leading literary Labour Party. IRD paid into a private account at Secker
giants with whom he formed close relationships. and Warburg; that account paid BSCF, which passed on
According to biographer David Leeming, T.S. Eliot and cash to Encounter. In intelligence community parlance, it
Virginia Woolf served as surrogate parents; W.H. Auden was a “triple pass” which paid Spender’s salary.
and Christopher Isherwood served as surrogate older
brothers. Isherwood and Auden, both homosexuals, were Rightwing Fabianism
British intelligence operatives, stalking the European and Kristol published many Labour Party writers from
North American cultural scenes for particularly degenerate Encounter, including Hugh Gaitskell, Roy Jenkins,
and vulnerable recruits. C.A.R. Crosland, Richard Crossman,
Spender left Oxford without getting Patrick Gordon-Walker, John
a degree, and travelled extensively Strachey, Rita Hinden, Denis Healey
through Europe, having numerous (British correspondent of Levitas’s
pedophilic affairs, living for a time in New Leader), and Roderick
Weimar, Germany. He became a well- Macfarquhar. Many of these individ-
known poet and essayist in these cir- uals were active participants in CCF
cles, and his poetry contained allu- international seminars; others, like
sions to his affairs. “Whatever hap- Gaitskell, travelled on behalf of CCF
pens,” he wrote, “I shall never be projects. Crosland worked with
alone. I shall always have a boy, a rail- Daniel Bell, who took official leave
way fare, or a revolution.” as labor editor of Luce’s Fortune
Spender worked for the British magazine to plan CCF’s founding
Control Commission in Germany after international seminars. Crosland
the war and then spent much of his also joined CCF’s international gov-
time in the United States, where he erning committee. CCF funded Rita
was taken under the wing of John Hinden to expand the Fabian
Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate. In later Society’s official journal, Venture.
years, he would befriend “beatnik” Irving Kristol, managing editor When the British Labour Party beat
poet Allen Ginsberg, the LSD advocate Commentary magazine, served as the the Conservatives at the polls in
and sexual notable, who became one ACCF’s first executive director. 1964, there were half a dozen regu-

lar Encounter writers placed in Harold Wilson’s new movement. In the U.S., their targetting included many of
government. the supporters of President Roosevelt’s New Deal.
Koestler, along with the CIA’s Michael Josselson and
CFF’s Very Own Comintern Melvin Lasky, surreptitiously planned the founding Berlin
The working relationship between the British elites and Congress in 1950 to launch CCF. Koestler also wrote the
their American counterparts, in what ultimately became founding Manifesto adopted at that conference. Lasky, an
the CCF, traced back to a 1948 tour of America by Arthur American, was an expert in cultural warfare and had been
Koestler. Koestler was an experienced intelligence opera- promoted by German High Commissioner John J. McCloy.
tive with a checkered past. Based in Berlin, Lasky ran Der Monat, a German-language
Born in 1905 in Budapest, as a young man he was an anti-communist cultural journal which became a CCF pub-
aide to Vladimir Jabotinsky, the self-professed Zionist pro- lication. Lasky was also the correspondent for Levitas’s
moter of Mussolini Fascism. When he was 27, he joined New Leader, as well as Partisan Review.
the Communist Party and went to Russia, where he wrote
Of White Nights and Red Days, which was funded by the New Paradigm: Deindustrialization and
Comintern. Depopulation
Koestler next operated in Germany, and was exiled to Vladimir Lenin once wrote that the Western elites
Paris when Hitler took power. There, he worked for lead- would purchase the rope to hang themselves. CCF’s ven-
ing Comintern agent Willi Munzenberg, and became an ture into economic and cultural “reform” proved Lenin’s
expert in running infiltration and neutralization opera- point. Through a string of Cold War-era study groups,
tions against political organizations. In 1936, Munzenberg seminars, international conferences, and books, the
deployed him on a spy mission to Spain, where he was Congress became an early, leading promoter of the
interned as a political prisoner. Though he was a well- Malthusian ideas of the “post-industrial society.”
known Soviet intelligence asset, it was the British who In 1956, Daniel Bell took leave from his post as labor
intervened to get Koestler freed. In 1938, he resigned from editor of Luce’s Fortune magazine (the same magazine
the Communist Party and went to Paris. During World which promoted Italian fascist labor policies) to become
War II, he was interned in France, and while in jail, wrote the first director of CCF’s Seminar Planning Committee.
his “Damascus Road” repudiation of communism, In April 1957, the first seminar was held in Tokyo enti-
Darkness at Noon. His book became one of the propaganda tled “Problems of Economic Growth.” Thirty economists
documents of choice for Dulles and company, circulated from 12 Western, Asian, and African countries attended.
through the Congress for Cultural Freedom. According to Frances Stone Saunders in The Cultural Cold
After release from prison, he made his way to England War, “The conference was the precursor of the impending
and joined the Ministry of Information, receiving British shift by development economists from an emphasis on
citizenship. When Britain created the Information growth of per capita income to one on the quality of life,
Research Department (IRD) in February of 1948 to covert- social justice, and freedom as the true measure of develop-
ly fight the Cold War, Koestler became an official advisor ment.” Bell would later author The Coming Post-Industrial
and one of their most important agents. IRD purchased Revolution, ushering in the consumer society, and marking
50,000 copies of Koestler’s Darkness at Noon and distrib- the end of the American System of productive economic
uted them in Germany. Luce’s Time magazine printed his activity. The “post-industrial society” was the perfect vehi-
book in the United States. cle for the burgeoning drug/rock/sex counterculture, which
During 1948, Koestler was sent on a tour of the U.S. had been the long-term cultural warfare objective of the
with the cooperation of the U.S. intelligence community. Congress and its Anglo-American Synarchist backers.
His purpose was to solidify a network of operatives who
would recruit America’s intellectuals, many of whom were BIBLIOGRAPHY
former fellow travellers of communism, to help the Anglo- “Benito’s Birthday,” Time magazine, Vol. 1, No. 23, Aug. 6, 1923.
American elites fight the Cold War. Koestler first went to Coleman, Peter, The Liberal Conspiracy, The Free Press, New
Paris to meet with André Malraux and Charles Bohlen, the York, 1999.
newly appointed Ambassador to France, to discuss his trip. Fortune magazine, Vol. X, No. 1, 1934.
While onboard ship for the U.S., he had extensive meetings Minnicino, Michael, “The Frankfurt School and ‘Political
with John Foster Dulles. James Burnham, who would Correctness,’ ” Fidelio magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1992.
become the éminence grise at William Buckley’s National Saunders, Frances Stoner, The Cultural Cold War, New Press,
Review, was his permanent escort. New York, 2000.
Koestler established a working relationship with the Swanberg, W.A., Luce and His Empire, Charles Scribner’s Sons,
CIA, and together, they targetted what the State New York, 1972.
Department called the “Non-Communist Left”—intellectu- White, Carol, The Plot To Destroy Civilization: The New Dark Ages
als and trade unionists who were disillusioned with com- Conspiracy, New Benjamin Franklin House, New York, 1980.
munism, but who were still faithful to the ideals of social- Zepp LaRouche, Helga, ed., The Hitler Book, New Benjamin
ism. In Europe they would target the Democratic Socialist Franklin House, New York, 1984.

The CCF and the
‘God of Thunder’ Cult
by Stanley Ezrol
with Jeffrey Steinberg and Anton Chaitkin

n 1974, the well-known British psychiatrist, Dr.
William Sargant, published a book, The Mind
Possessed: A Physiology of Possession, Mysticism
and Faith Healing. The book was a sequel to his
1957 study, The Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of
Conversion and Brainwashing, the earlier book
being a how-to-do-it manual for producing a “cul-
tural paradigm shift” towards an existentialist, irra-
tionalist dark age society, which was precisely the
agenda of the Congress for Cultural Freedom.
In the 1957 study, Sargant had written: “Various
types of belief can be implanted in many people,
after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed
by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger
or excitement. Of the results caused by such distur-
bances, the most common one is temporarily
impaired judgment and heightened suggestibility.
Its various group manifestations are sometimes
classed under the heading of ‘herd instinct,’ and The traumatic events of the 1960s—from the 1962 Cuban Missile
appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe Crisis to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy and
epidemics, and in all similar periods of common the later assassinations of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and
danger, which increase anxiety and so individual Robert F. Kennedy; to the urban race riots and the war in Indo-
China—transformed the Baby Boomers from an optimistic, future-
and mass suggestibility.” oriented generation, into irrationalist, babbling counterculturalists
Dr. Sargant was a prominent British Tavistock and drug abusers.
Institute psychiatrist, who spent two decades, begin-
ning in the mid-1950s, working in the Congress for Boomers emerged with a new set of wildly irrational
Cultural Freedom-linked Cybernetics Group/MK-Ultra pro- axiomatic beliefs, typified by the mass appeal of radical
ject on the use of psychedelic drugs and other forms of environmentalism, and the even more widespread belief in
brainwashing for mass coercion. consumerism and the “magic of the global market.”
The traumatic events of the 1960s—from the 1962 Such ideas would have been shunned but a decade ear-
Cuban Missile Crisis near-eruption of global thermonuclear lier, when America was still a production-oriented society.
holocaust, to the Nov. 22, 1963 assassination of President But that was before the great “shock traumas” of the 1962-
John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent flagrant coverup; to 71 period.
the later assassinations of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther
King, and Robert F. Kennedy; to the urban race riots, and American Dionysians
the mass carnage of the American war in Southeast Asia— In preparation for the writing of The Mind Possessed,
transformed the post-World War II Baby Boomer genera- Dr. Sargant and his team had conducted exhaustive field
tion from an optimistic, future-oriented generation, into a research, profiling modern-day primitive religious cults,
collection of irrationalist, babbling counterculturalists and including a wide range of irrationalist, nominally
drug abusers, in total denial of reality, and living from one Christian, denominations that particularly proliferated in
sensuous experience to the next. the most backward rural areas of the American Deep
When the dust finally settled on the 1960s, the Baby South. This was the America of Elmer Gantry, of “barking

dog” convulsions and circus-tent revival meetings. join and obey. Otherwise, he told the crowd, “[God] will
The Sargant book drew the parallel between such primi- not only hate you, but he will have you in the utmost con-
tive people under the influence of witch doctors, fundamen- tempt: no place shall be thought fit for you, but under his
talist preachers and pagan gods, and the victims of the feet to be trodden down as the mire of the streets.”
1960s drug/rock/sex counterculture. Describing the histori- Edwards ranted that not only would individual men be
cal accounts of the celebrations of the ancient Greek pagan wantonly dropped into the fiery pit of Hell or trodden
god Dionysus, Dr. Sargant wrote: “Many of the other underfoot, but that God had capriciously elevated
dancers approached very near trance, and showed states of Christian Europe, while consigning Jews, whom he had
increased suggestibility at the end of a long and intensive previously favored, Africans, the “savages” of North
period of repetitive and monotonous dancing. They looked America, and other whole nations and peoples to the Devil.
very much like fans of the Beatles or other ‘pop groups’ Edwards married his daughter to Aaron Burr, the presi-
after a long session of dancing.” Indeed, a concluding chap- dent of the College of New Jersey, which later became
ter of The Mind Possessed had profiled the newest form of Princeton University. Upon the death of his son-in-law,
fundamentalist religious irrationalism, “Beatlemania.” Edwards himself was appointed the third president of the
One of the clear lessons to come out of the Sargant College. His grandson, Aaron Burr, Jr., was to become, prior
studies, and other similar profiling work by such to Dick Cheney, the most vile traitor in our nation’s history:
Cybernetics Group/CCF players as Dr. Margaret Mead and our second Vice President; the assassin of the architect of
her husband, LSD-experimenter Dr. Gregory Bateson, was our economic system, Alexander Hamilton; a secessionist
that the most efficient means of promoting irrationalist plotter; and a founder of what became known as Chase
cults was to exploit existing movements and subcultures. Manhattan Bank and the New York Democratic Party.
In the case of the United States, the British “Liberal After the Mathers’ successor, Benjamin Franklin, led
Imperialist” mind-benders and their “American Tory” the nation through a revolutionary war, and the adoption
cohorts had a three-century track record of consciously pro- of our Constitution, fanatical cults of the Edwards variety
moting such irrationalist movements, to draw upon. Thus, formented the insanity which led to Civil War. As Lincoln
one of the major forms of cultural warfare, directed against referenced the story in his second inaugural address, ter-
the republican tradition of the American Founding Fathers, rorists of the John Brown type claimed God’s authority in
through the British Fabian Society and its later Congress for hacking farmers’ families to death to oppose slavery, and
Cultural Freedom spawn, was the revival and promotion of equally fanatical groups claimed Biblical authority to
the “Great Awakening” and related forms of subversion, maintain slavery.
including, most prominently, the “Lost Cause” ideology of Following President Abraham Lincoln’s defeat of the
the pro-British, feudalist Confederacy, whose credo, taken British-instigated Southern secessionist revolt, the United
from John Locke, was: “Life, Liberty, Property.” A medieval- States emerged as the most powerful agro-industrial
ist Catholic version of the same credo, promulgated by nation on Earth. No longer was it possible for Britain to
British Fabians G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc, was defeat the former North American colonies militarily. The
later translated into “Tradition, Family, Property.” alternative path was long-term cultural subversion.
Beginning early in the 20th century, in tandem with a The primary institution through which the new British
U.S.A. top-down revival of the racist Ku Klux Klan, spon- strategy was prosecuted was the Fabian Society, which oper-
sored directly out of the Hollywood, with enthusiastic sup- ated in conjunction with Cecil Rhodes’ “Round Tables” and
port from the Woodrow Wilson White House, the British other institutions. The Fabian Society, shortly after its found-
Fabian Society promoted a Confederate revival, aimed not ing in the late 19th Century, formed the “liberal imperial”
so much at secession, as at the subversion of the historical right-wing of the British Labour Party, on the model of Lord
American commitment to the Leibnizian “pursuit of hap- Shelburne’s 18th-Century “utilitarian” Whigs. The Tony Blair
piness” and the U.S. Constitution’s Preamble’s mandate to “New Labour” neoconservative apparatus of today is a
promote the General Welfare. Major players in this Fabian Society-dominated continuation of the earlier efforts.
Confederate revival would later assume leading roles in the Hence, Blair’s perfect-fit alliance with the Dick Cheney-led
Congress for Cultural Freedom subversion. American neoconservative wanna-be imperialists.
The Great Awakening: Varieties of Irrational Perversion
The ‘God Who Despises Man’ In the United States Southern and Border states, sur-
During the colonial period, a student of Sir Isaac vivors of the Confederacy, led by former Confederate
Newton and John Locke, the notorious Jonathan Edwards, Generals Albert Pike, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and others,
backed by the land-owning “River Gods” of the organized the Ku Klux Klan, and a broader “Lost Cause”
Connecticut Valley, became the chief philosophical oppo- movement, to defend an agrarian, no-brains-required
nent of Leibniz’s Massachusetts Bay Colony leadership, led lifestyle.
by Increase and Cotton Mather. In his mass revival meet- During the long reign of Queen Victoria and her son,
ings of the 1737-41 “Great Awakening,” Edwards conjured Prince Edward Albert (later King Edward VII), American
up a kind of monster God, and ordered those assembled to collaborators of the Fabian circles, typified by William

Beginning in the 1920s, the Fugitives published a lit-
erary magazine of the same name.
Fleming’s most famous work had been his 1905
history of the original post-Civil War Ku Klux Klan,
which he prepared in consultation with many of the
surviving “Tennessee Templars” who had led that
organization. Fleming, along with other political,
cultural, and spiritual leaders, had been instrumen-
tal in the 1915 re-launching of the Klan, which was
promoted through the mass circulation of
Hollywood’s first full-length feature film, D.W.
Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, beginning with highly
publicized screenings at President Woodrow
Wilson’s White House, and at the Supreme Court.
The Fugitive’s high priest was a Rosicrucian mys-
Kenyon College Archives Special Collection website tic, Sidney Mttron Hirsch. Its temporal leader, John
Robert Penn Warren and John Crowe Ransome, among the key figures Crowe Ransom, had just returned from his Rhodes
of the pro-Confederate, pro-slavery, pro-fascist Fugitive network. Scholarship studies at Oxford University. Ransom
was well known, at least by his family connections,
James (1842-1910), developed intimate relations with to Dean Fleming, because his great uncle, Tennessee
British Fabian institutions, including the “Cambridge Templar and Ku Klux Klan founder James R. Crowe, had
Apostles,” the Royal Colonial Institute and its associated been Fleming’s chief source on Klan history. In fact, the
Scottish Rite Freemasonic Lodge (now the Chatham entire Crowe family were KKK, and Ransom cherished his
House Royal Institute for International Affairs), the childhood memories of mama Ella Crowe, and the other
Society for Psychical Research, the H.G. Wells-allied New Crowe women, sitting around the family hearth, sewing
Republic magazine, and others. sheets together for the rallies.
As the founding chairman of Harvard University’s This was not an aberration. The core of the Fugitive
Psychology Department, James helped launch a new dimen- circle, and their later literary and political collaborators,
sion of religious insanity, beyond the earlier episodic “Great were descended from Tennessee Templars, officers of
Awakenings.” In a famous series of lectures at Edinburgh Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Confederate Army “Critter
University, published under the title Varieties of Religious Company.” The small Fugitive circle, in addition to
Experience, he proposed that Edwards’ type of terror-induced Ransom, included five others: William Yandell Elliott, Bill
“religious experience,” be enhanced with drugs. “Borderland Frierson, Robert Penn Warren, Allan Tate, and Cleanth
insanity, crankiness, insane temperament, loss of mental bal- Brooks. All but Tate were also to be Rhodes Scholars. And
ance, psychopathic degeneration,” he argued, were necessary Warren, Brooks, and Tate, along with Ransom’s younger
for creative thought, including a sense of the spiritual. He students, John “Jack” Thompson, Robbie Macauley, and
pointed out that drunkenness has been traditionally the best Robert Lowell, were all to play leading roles in the
way to “get religion,” but added the suggestion that nitrous Congress for Cultural Freedom.
oxide, ether, and other drugs ought also to be used. At the time Ransom’s Fugitive circle was formed, the
In these lectures, James also promoted the British oli- main Fabian Society publication was a journal called The
garchy-sponsored occultist Theosophical movement of New Age, which was financed by the Fabian playwright,
Madame Helena Blavatsky and Annie Besant, and other and promoter of Friedrich Nietzsche, George Bernard
strange religions which had been promoted to prominence Shaw and published by a Theosophist, Alfred Richard
after the Civil War. Orage, who later became a disciple of the Russian mystic,
Georg Gurdjieff. In The New Age, the works of Fabians
The Fugitives: The Fabian Society Shaw, H.G. Wells, G.K. Chesterton, and Hilaire Belloc,
Joins the Klan appeared alongside those of the leading Satanist of the
In 1917, Walter L. Fleming was appointed dean of 20th Century, the self-proclaimed “Great Beast,” Aleister
Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. During the pre- Crowley, and assorted other pornographers and mystics
ceding years, the college, once Southern Methodist like William Butler Yeats, future Fascist spy Ezra Pound,
Church-sponsored, had been taken over by a consortium T.S. Eliot, and D. H. Lawrence.
of Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan Wall Street financier inter- Chesterton and Belloc, though associated with the Fabian
ests. Vanderbilt, under Fleming, would provide the launch- Society early in the 20th Century, were to become the lead-
ing pad for the Fugitives, a literary mafia that would pro- ers, along with Maurice Baring, of a Synarchist, pro-Spanish
mote a revival of Confederate ideology and wage cultural Inquisition, pro-Roman Empire, pro-Fascist Catholic group-
war against the American System paradigm of scientific ing known as the Distributists. Fellow New Ager (and later
and technological progress and republican statecraft. Nobel Prize winner and major figure in CCF operations) T.S.

Eliot, was to ally with them in this effort, as Eight years after Mussolini’s March on
were Ransom and the Fugitives. Rome, the Agrarians promoted an
During the First World War, American brand of Fascism, ideologically
Chesterton, Wells, and others of the New based on a nostalgic return to the culture
Age crowd worked for Wellington House, of the Confederacy, and an embrace of
Britain’s propaganda unit under Charles the Fundamentalist religious movements,
Masterman, which was taken over by which had been simmering for decades,
Lord Beaverbrook in 1917. but catapulted to public prominence by
The alliance between the New Age the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial.
crowd and the Fugitives was initially
forged by William Yandell Elliott. During The Nashville Agrarians
his Rhodes Scholarship term, 1922-24, at The Agrarian movement was launched
Oxford’s Balliol College, he came under with the publication of two books in 1930,
the influence of leading Round Table and and one in 1931. The first was a formal
Fabian Society figure, A.D. Lindsay. symposium prefaced by a joint manifesto,
Elliott’s subsequent professional career at titled I’ll Take My Stand: The South
Harvard’s Government Department, and and the Agrarian Tradition by Twelve
in various Congressional and Executive clipart.com Southerners—the Fugitives plus a few
positions in Washington, centered on the George Bernard Shaw, Fabian additional allies. This was wildly publi-
idea that the United States Constitution playwright and Nietzsche cized nationally and internationally, and
should be scrapped, and the nation reor- enthusiast, financed the New became the subject for mass radio broad-
ganized as a section of a “New British Age. cast debates. Its companion, John Crowe
Empire,” an idea derived from Lindsay’s Ransom’s God Without Thunder, was his
Round Table program. bestial religious manifesto of the movement. The third in
At Oxford, Elliott had consorted with the occultist liter- the series, Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company, by
ary figures of The New Age. He was part of a late-night Oxford-trained scholar Andrew Nelson Lytle, who alternated
drinking circle including Aleister Crowley’s one-time lodge with Allen Tate in editing the later CCF-funded Episcopal
brother, the Nobel Prize-winning poet William Butler literary magazine, Sewanee Review, was an unabashed
Yeats, and long-time Fugitive intimate Robert Graves. homage to Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest, which
Future CCF operative Graves is known today for his ador- lied that Europeans had come to America, not for freedom
ing history of the Roman Empire, I Claudius and his pro- from European oppression and religious warfare, but out of
motion of the cult of the White Goddess. “nostalgia for feudalism,” of which he declared that Forrest’s
Ku Klux Klan was the highest expression.
The God of Thunder I’ll Take my Stand was an anti-American, anti-industrial,
In 1928, Fugitive and later CCF leader Allen Tate, began a pro-Confederate, pro-slavery, environmentalist tract. One
two-year Guggenheim Fellowship term, which took him to of its authors, John Gould Fletcher, was associated with
London and Paris, where he worked on a biography of The New Age’s Orage, and had been since 1924 an enthusi-
Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. There, he became astic promoter of Mussolini’s “New Caesarism.”
intimate with a most curious gentleman, Ford Madox Ford. The Agrarians’ joint manifesto attested, “All tend to sup-
Ford had been born into a family of leaders of John Ruskin’s port a Southern way of life against what may be called the
pro-Medieval Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and had become American or prevailing way. . . . Agrarian versus Industrial.”
a Fabian Society ally of H.G. Wells. Between 1908, when he Ransom added, “In most societies man has adapted
was made editor of the English Review, and his death in himself to the environment with plenty of intelligence to
1939, he served as a manager and facilitator of the trans- secure easily his material necessities from the graceful
Atlantic literary establishment. His duties included serving as bounty of nature. And then, ordinarily, he concludes a
unofficial Paris host to the expatriate American and British truce with nature. . . . But the latter-day societies have
authors there, editing transatlantic review for them in the been seized—none quite so violently as our American
’20s, and serving as the European representative of the one—with the strange idea that the human destiny is not
Fugitives. Significantly, Ford was responsible for forging ties to secure an honorable peace with nature, but to wage an
between Tate and the other Fugitives, and the Distributists. unrelenting war on nature.
In between visits to the hashish-scented salon of later “This is simply to say that Progress never defines its
CCF associates Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, where ultimate objective, but thrusts its victims at once into an
he hobnobbed with Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott infinite series. Our vast industrial machine . . . is like a
Fitzgerald, Nelson Rockefeller’s later publicist John Peale Prussianized state which is organized strictly for war and
Bishop, and others, Tate coordinated the launching of a can never consent to peace. . . .”
new political movement, the Nashville Agrarians, under He went on to explain: “Slavery was a feature mon-
the leadership of Ransom, himself, and the other Fugitives. strous enough in theory, but, more often than not, humane

in practice. . . . Industrialism is an insidious spirit, full of that has developed popularly out of the Christ of the New
false promises and generally fatal to establishments. The Testament: the embodiment mostly of the principle of
attitude that needs artificial respiration is the attitude of social benevolence and of physical welfare. . . . It is the
resistance on the part of the natives to the salesmen of religion proposed by the scientific party.”
industrialism. It will be fiercest and most effective if indus- It is this, he said, which led to “original sin,” which he
trialism is represented to the Southern people as—what it described as “strife between the animal species, when man
undoubtedly is for the most part—a foreign invasion of began to enforce the fact of his superiority by militant
Southern soil, which is capable of doing more devastation aggression.” He attacked the “race” of Israel, for its commit-
than was wrought when Sherman marched to the sea.” ment to “cities and industrialism” and its “scorn of nature
The concluding statement of the Agrarian manifesto was and the pastoral and agrarian life.” His ire, was, however,
by Stark Young, then the best-known of the group. Young soon directed away from Israel, and toward “Americanism,”
had not been associated with Fugitive magazine, but he was charging, “Science as a cult is something of an
a Mississippi gentleman, a notorious homosexual, and the Americanism.” In this, he attacked Franklin’s student, the
son of one of Forrest’s Critter Company. He was then 18 English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, as the “prophet of the
years into what was to be a lifelong friendship with H.G. new God,” who talks about “the triumphs of their science.”
Wells’ student and collaborator, the top British cultural war- The horrible “critical moment” he identified, when
rior, and later head of UNESCO, Julian Huxley. During the “Occidentalism emerged . . . to glorify the rational princi-
First World War, Young had taught
at the University of Texas, where he
became intimate with the circles of
Woodrow Wilson’s controller,
Colonel Edward House, and, after
his academic career was ended by
the revelation of his sexual prefer-
ence, he had joined the editorial
board of the New Republic.
In his essay, Young bluntly pro-
moted the Confederacy: “There
was a Southern civilization whose
course was halted with those con-
ventions of 1867 by which the
negro suffrage in the South—not
in the North—was planned, and
the pillaging began. At the outset
we must make it clear that in talk-
ing of Southern characteristics we
are talking largely of a certain life Library of Congress

in the old South, a life founded on A Klan cross-burning: The Fugitive circle represented a sort of merger between the
land and the ownership of slaves. KKK and Britain’s Fabian Socialists, a meeting of the minds.
“The aristocratic implied with us
a certain long responsibility for others; a habit of domina- ple and deny the irrational principle,” thereby leading to
tion; a certain arbitrariness; certain ideas of personal honor, “Western empire,” “Western science,” and “Western busi-
with varying degrees of ethics, amour propre [‘self-love’], and ness,” was “the moment when the Roman Church sanc-
the fantastic. And it implied the possession of no little leisure. tioned the doctrine of Filioque.” Ransom repudiated a cen-
Whether that was a good system or not is debatable. I myself tral doctrine of the Christian faith, in favor of an irrational
think it . . . better than a society of bankers and bankers’ God, unintelligible to man.
clerks, department-store communities, manufacturers and After dismissing the possibility that all men will unite
their henchmen and their semi-slaves, and miserable little under a single Thunder Cult—either a new religion, or one
middle-class cities. . . . Good system or not, from this of the existing ones hijacked for this purpose, Ransom
Southern conception of aristocracy, certain ideas arose.” concludes with the following appeal, which echoes in
In God Without Thunder, Ransom issued a call to orga- many fundamentalist religious denominations today:
nize an inter-denominational fundamentalist super-cult, “With whatever religious institution a modern man
along the lines of what would shortly be launched as the may be connected, let him try to turn it back towards
Fellowship, and later as the Promise Keepers. “We wanted orthodoxy.
a God who wouldn’t hurt us; who would let us understand “Let him insist on a virile and concrete God, and accept
him; who would agree to scrap all the wicked thunderbolts no Principle as a substitute.
in his armament,” he complained, “And this is just the God “Let him restore to God the thunderer. Let him resist the

usurpation of the Godhead by the soft modern version of perception. Art gratifies a perceptual impulse and exhibits the
the Christ, and try to keep the Christ for what he professed minimum of reason.”
to be: the Demigod who came to do honor to the God.” He was even more direct in a 1926 letter to his life-long
What the CCF recruiters liked about Ransom was his friend, CCF leader Allen Tate: “Biologically man is peculiar
insistence that the purpose of poetry and all art was to re- in that he must record and use his successive experiences;
direct any impulse toward this human quality back to the the beasts are not under this necessity; with them the expe-
appetites which man shares with the beasts. In his 1938 rience is an end in itself, and takes care of itself.”
book of literary criticism, The World’s Body, he wrote, “We Decades later, Fugitive William Yandell Elliott, the
have elected to know the world through science, but sci- trainer of Drs. Henry Kissinger, Zbgniew Brzezinski, and
ence is only the cognitive department of our animal life. . . Samuel Huntington, amongst others, was even more
. What we cannot know constitutionally as scientists is the direct. In a discussion including Tate and Fugitive Andrew
world which is made up of whole and indefeasible objects, Nelson Lytle, at his 1963 Harvard retirement conference,
and this is the world which poetry recovers for us. Elliott explained why he had always wanted the Fugitives
“The aesthetic moment appears as a curious moment of to write epic poetry and create new myths. “Some uses of
suspension: between the Platonism in us, which is mili- myths and symbols,” he said, “are employed to condition
tant, always sciencing and devouring. . . . Science gratifies people as you train animals, as you train a dog” (Elliott
a rational practical impulse and exhibits the minimum of Archives, Hoover Institution, Box 1). In the same period,

CCF and the Boomers’ Shakespeare

KENT: I cannot conceive you. Heine, Keats or Shelley, except through James Joyce’s
GLOUCESTER: Sir, this young fellow’s mother eyeglasses?
could: whereupon she grew round-wombed, and To begin to approximate the answer, step back a
had indeed, sir, a son for her cradle ere she had a moment and remember some larger considerations. The
husband for her bed. . . . commitment which is natural to every human being, is
King Lear an effective commitment to truth and to the good, — as
two sides of one and the same thing, actually. Every man

OMPASSION alike for the afflicted and for and woman is naturally a Platonist to that extent. And
those they then victimize in their turn, urges us the artistic tradition of globally-extended European civi-
to discover: Why is it that no Baby Boomer* can lization is Platonic. The man or woman who is an artist,
read a poem? — read, that is, except as farce: still more a great artist, has a greater commitment to
either like a nursery jingle, or with one or another crazy truth and to the good, and greater power to make it
affectation? Nor read Shakespeare or Schiller, except as effective.
soap opera: Hamlet as an “adolescent crisis”; Portia as But what do the spawn of the CCF say? Take the writers
“pure goodness”; or William Tell without the crucial I was most familiar with as an adolescent, like T.S. Eliot
redemption scene of the last act. and W.H. Auden. Go down the whole CCF list; take any of
While more intertwined causes come into play than I them, for all their many and real differences. With only the
can indicate here, the Congress for Cultural Freedom occasional odd exception which proves the rule, every one
deserves much of the blame. The first and earliest defini- is a fanatic apostle of the dogma that effective commitment
tion of art and high culture for every Boomer, whether to truth and to the good is simply impossible! Every one, in
PhD or grade-school dropout, came from some part of some way, a crippled and perverted soul, pressing us to
the CCF’s artistic stable. It is not necessary to study believe that such is the very essence of “art.”
Stravinsky or Schoenberg. (Almost no one does that, after But what then becomes of Keats and Shelley, Mozart,
all.) It should be almost self-evident that you need not to Bach, any great artist? An insuperable gulf separates
have read any of T.S. Eliot’s poetry yourself, for instance, them from the Boomer.
to absorb a precise impression of him or his equivalent, Indeed, every Boomer understood long ago, that the
from the general cultural ambience. conviction that this natural human commitment was
To grant that much, however, only raises a second and impossible, was the “open sesame,” without which no one
more puzzling question. How is it that this first impres- could enter the Elysium of the “artists.” It is the Masonic
sion has perpetuated itself through so many decades, handshake of the “artsy-fartsy” subspecies of Boomer.
even among the most promising Boomer cases? What is it Prudence whispers: By all means adopt the best, the
that has prevented these old greyheads, through the latest, and the most-approved opinions of whatever set
entirety of their lives to date, from ever being able to read you find yourself in. But do you really want to throw out

he was attempting to rouse military leaders against the New British Empire, and The Need for Constitutional Reform.
Kennedy Administration, saying that although the leaders Stark Young was immediately invited to tour Italy, with
he needed had to be “tough,” “If they are bred properly stipend, by Count Volpi di Misurata, the Venetian oligarch
they are gentle, just like a good race horse, or a good game who served as the Synarchist controller of Italy’s Fascist
cock, or a good dog” (Box 63). dictator, Benito Mussolini. During what he told friends
A flavor of Ransom’s religious view is provided by his was his “mission to Italy,” he met Il Duce and the other
friend Andrew Nelson Lytle’s remark, “Prophets do not Fascist leadership, received a knighthood, the Order of the
come from cities. . . . They have always come from the Crown of Italy, and sent back propaganda, “Notes on
wilderness, stinking of goats and running with lice.” Fascism in Italy Today,” to the Wellesian New Republic.
The alliance of Agrarian and Distributist groups was
Joining the Synarchists managed by Allen Tate; Chesterton’s leading American dis-
On launching their movement, the Agrarians entered into ciple, Herbert Agar; and Seward Collins, a follower of sex
a formal, pro-Fascist alliance with the Chesterton-Belloc New psychologist and free-love propagandist Havelock Ellis.
Age “Distributist” movement, and an implicit alliance, Collins wished to turn the Bookman quarterly, which he
through William Yandell Elliott, with the Round Tables, had purchased, into a Fascist propaganda outlet, and he
whose ideas he promoted from his new position at Harvard’s brought on Tate and Agar as co-editors for this purpose.
School of Government, with a series of books including The Between 1932 and 1937, the newly named American

that old, trusty magic ring once and for all? And to complex domain. It is irony in art, in the broad sense,
throw it out right now, just as you’re reaching retire- which, like paradoxes in nature, forces the prepared mind
ment age? to make the discovery of an idea it never had before, or
There are other and perhaps deeper issues. Start with never placed in that context before.
the fact that the Boomer is sincerely unable, no matter But the artists of the Congress for Cultural Freedom
how he struggles, to find any difference between the sort swing back and forth between the soulless mathematical
of Platonic commitment I reference, on the one hand, formalism of an Arnold Schoenberg, and the wild, irra-
and his endorsement of an approved list of “positions” on tional emotionalism of the Abstract Impressionist
the other. This blindness of his, is the same as that of his sociopath-psychopaths like Jackson Pollack.
near-cousin, the religious fundamentalist of the type of a Bertrand Russell once wrote that, having been reared
Pat Robertson follower or Mel Gibson groupie. in the age of Victorian stolidities, he found it difficult to
Now Lyndon LaRouche has referenced the brawls over accept, as an old man, a world dominated by America.
his punctuation as an illustration of what is at stake here. Indeed, after the Civil War, the United States became the
Indeed, I have a slightly older relative, who told me of two world’s great economic power, and was growing appar-
passionate disagreements with LaRouche, virtually in the ently without limit. The British Empire was becoming a
same breath, in a conversation some years ago. One was has-been relative to these others, who even spoke English!
that LaRouche was involved in some of the same causes Are we going to have a world dominated by these hicks
he was; he objected to that because “sometimes the mes- and rubes? How do we stop it?
senger discredits the message.” The other was punctua- Now, from his fight with A.N. Whitehead around
tion: He told me that LaRouche had a right to say what Principia Mathematica, Russell knew that there do exist
he wished in a certain document he had read (or some- axiomatic paradoxes, and that they are linked to scientific
thing of that sort), but then added angrily, “but it should discoveries. Now, how can we stop them? How? We must
be punctuated properly!” outlaw anything conceptual!
Those who accuse LaRouche of violating rules of In this sense, the CCF goes back to Socrates’ and
punctuation, have completely missed what the whole Plato’s opponents among the ancient Eleatics, the
thing is about. They want to make everything completely Sophists, and the Aristoteleans. To Paolo Sarpi of Venice,
logical. They are saying, “You must explain this in ways his puppet Galileo, and the latter’s student, Thomas
which don’t offend my teacher.” They have the Hobbes. To Francis Bacon’s campaign against
Aristotelean contemplative view: they believe that the uni- Shakespeare, the Shakespeare who was actually rewritten
verse can be somehow understood by privately manipu- to soap-opera in 18th-Century Britain, as the Boomers do
lating symbols according to certain self-evident rules. today, only to be revived in Germany.
Ultimately, that you can work your will on the universe in Thus, in this sense, the CCF is an old story, but, as
that way, as if by Babylonian magic. Or, that reality is Heine wrote, it is always new.
ultimately mathematical equations, so that the written —Tony Papert
language can only represent reality to the extent it June 12, 2004
becomes a kind of mathematical notation itself. * Americans and West Europeans unfortunate enough to be born
The truth is that art, no less than science, exists in the during roughly 1945-1964.

Review became what Collins called a forum for unity of man under one law and one government.” This
“Revolutionary Conservatives,” including Ransom, Tate, effort, they insisted, must include conquering the “heresy
Brooks, Warren, and the other Agrarians, as well as Agar, of nationalism” and dismantling “the absurd architecture
Belloc, and the Distributists, to provide a “sympathetic of the present world.” These, they would replace with “A
exposition . . . of Fascist economics.” Universal Parliament”; “a fundamental body of law prevail-
The Agrarian-Distributist alliance culminated with the ing throughout the planet”; and “a federal force ready to
1936 publication of Who Owns America: A New Declaration strike at anarchy and felony.”
of Independence, edited by Tate and Agar, and including This Empire, they insisted, is to be governed by English
essays by Belloc, Warren, Ransom, Brooks, and others, law. Calling for a “New Testament of Americanism,” they
including Distributist Douglas Jerrold, whom Belloc iden- say, “Here, more precious than all the gold in Kentucky,
tified as Francisco Franco’s leading publicist. Jerrold wrote the treasure of English culture is guarded.”
in defense of the military conquests by Hitler’s Germany This New Order requires a re-shaping of “family, educa-
and Mussolini’s Italy. Agrarian Donald Davidson wrote in tional association, neighborhood, and church” under the
support of Elliott’s The Need for Constitutional Reform, direction of “a new religion. .. the universal religion of
which advocated replacing the American Constitutional democracy.” They charge that all existing churches have
Presidency with a parliamentary system, under the control “meddled in the anarchy of the nations and bowed to the
of a permanent bureaucracy. powers that be,” and that “Therefore the hour has struck
when we must know that limits are set by the religion of
The Churchill Shift freedom, which is democracy, to the freedom of worship.”
When, as the ’30s drew to a close and many British These ideas, if not the verbatim words, came from the
Synarchists, notably Winston Churchill, decided that they pages of H.G. Wells’s The Open Conspiracy (1928) and
had to stop Hitler, the Anglophile Agrarians, and some of Russell’s The Future of Science (1931).
the Distributists, joined them. “The pruning of this tree of freedom will not make it less
This support for the war, however, came with terms. fruitful,” the Manifesto continued. “The organization of
The terms were set forth in a 1940 joint manifesto titled learning” to train “democratic aristocracies” requires “a
The City of Man: A Declaration of World Democracy, which, firm footing in inflexible principles and unshakable values.”
after France had surrendered, and Italy had entered the All of this, they say, requires not only judges, but “sheriffs.”
war, urged the United States to join Churchill’s Britain in Their prescription for enforcement of this universal terror,
the fight, but only for the purpose of establishing a global is to start with a coalition of the willing, “entrusted to the
Empire, under a single “Thunder” cult, renamed the good will of those groups and communities that are pro-
“Religion of Democracy.” gressively disposed to adopt it,” as they say, “then enforced
The effort was coordinated by Bertrand Russell’s top on the rebels, finally to become the common peace and
American agent and later CCF collaborator, University of freedom of all the peoples of the Earth.”
Chicago President Robert Maynard Hutchins. The Executive The City of Man manifesto led directly to the formation of
Committee included Elliott and Agar. Other signers were: the Fight for Freedom Committee, involving Agar and others,
• Thomas Mann and his son-in-law, G.A. Borgese. The including James Warburg of the Synarchist banking family.
German emigré novelist and the Italian refugee were part Debates were arranged between Warburg of the Hutchins-
of a tightly knit circle including Hutchins; Agnes, the wife inspired Fight for Freedom Committee and Charles
of Washington Post owner Eugene Meyer of Lazard Frères; Lindbergh of Hutchins’ America First Committee. Agar
their daughter Katharine, who, as Katharine Graham, served in the wartime Office of Strategic Services, and
would lead the Post to the powerful position it holds today; helped found Freedom House, an organization that is, to this
and Mann’s daughter, Elisabeth, who was to become a top day, devoted to the idea of “imposing democracy by force.”
United Nations official and Club of Rome member. Nashville Agrarian William Yandell Elliott remained,
• Alvin Johnson, an old Texas friend of Stark Young until his death, a proponent of this Churchillian “English-
and the Colonel House crowd, and a leading figure in The Speaking” world empire. Immediately after the war, in the
New Republic and the associated New School for Social Virginia Quarterly Review and in the Western Political
Research. He set up the New School’s University in Exile Heritage textbook he edited for Harvard along with
and École Libre des Hautes Études with Rockefeller Kissinger, he advocated an English-speaking monopoly on
Foundation grants, which provided a base of operations nuclear weapons, for the purpose of imposing a world
for the entire Frankfurt School emigré apparatus, as well order of the type proposed in The City of Man.
as for fascist ideologue Leo Strauss, who openly promoted
“official” Nazi Party theoreticians Martin Heidegger and ‘Warfare Theology’ and the
Carl Schmitt. The École Libre was home to Raymond Aron, ‘Fellowship’ of Fascists
Denis de Rougemont, and others later in the CCF orbit. Yet another Anglo-American Synarchist operation was
Appealing to the new millenarian cult outlook, the man- launched in the immediate aftermath of the “Churchill tilt”
ifesto declared, “In an era of Apocalypse we call for a against Hitler and the Eurasian Fascist bloc. This opera-
Millennium. Universal peace can be founded only on the tion aimed at penetrating Western military and political

circles through the promotion of a the Queen, Baron van der Hoeven.
sophisticated “God of Thunder” cult. This Baron’s son, Jan Willem van der
The ostensible initiator of this Hoeven, obtained his degree in divini-
effort was Abraham Vereide, a funda- ty from London University, and, in
mentalist Christian who had been a 1980, founded the International
leading agitator in Seattle, Wash. Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, along
against the so-called Red Menace dur- with Jerry Falwell and other American
ing the 1920S and early 1930s. One of and British rabid Christian Zionist
the weapons Vereide had introduced promoters of the imminent
into the West Coast Palmer Raid psy- Armageddon.
chosis was the prayer breakfast, a Baron von Tuyll, who was to head
vehicle for bringing together business, the Association of Military Christian
finance, and government leaders, Fellowships, was also tapped by Prince
under a broad anti-communist Bernhard as the Lord Chamberlain for
umbrella. Queen Juliana.
In fact, the idea of such prayer- The International Christian
centered networks was first launched Leadership organization of Vereide,
in the 1850s by British military offi- EIRNS/Stuart Lewis today known as the Fellowship
cers posted in colonial India. They The Rev. Jerry Falwell, one of the Foundation, runs an international
established the British Officers’ ‘Christian Zionist’ movement’s leaders. series of prayer breakfasts, maintains
Christian Union and, later, the safehouse residences in world capitals,
Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association. including Washington and London, and claims a global
In 1930, delegates from four nations, Germany, Britain, membership of 20,000, and an official annual budget of
Holland, and Sweden, met for the first time in Zuylen $10 million. In both the United States and Britain, the
Castle in Holland and founded the Association of Military Fellowship also runs the Prison Fellowship Ministries of
Christian Fellowship (AMCF). The first president of the convicted Watergate felon Charles Colson.
group was a Dutchman, Baron Von Tuyll. The founders’ The British branch, closely aligned with the
aim was to establish a “non-political” international fellow- Conservative Party, also maintains close working ties with
ship with no visible central organization, no budget, and another longstanding Fabian Society “religious” front, the
no staff, except for the president. The AMCF, over the Christian Socialist Movement, with which Tony Blair is
ensuing decades, would establish branches in 120 nations. closely affiliated.
The American branch, the Officers’ Christian Fellowship, Washington sources have identified both current Speaker
was headed, for years, by Marine Lt. Col. Tom of the House Tom DeLay (R-Texas) and Gen. William “Jerry”
Hemingway, who had been Oliver North’s commanding Boykin, the current Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for
officer in Vietnam, and who recruited North to the group. Intelligence, as leading members of the Fellowship. Boykin is
Vereide arrived in Washington, D.C. in 1942 and, in col- under Pentagon investigation for comments he made in 2003
lusion with the British Air Attaché and officials of the at a fundamentalist church, calling for a “crusade” against
Anglican Church, launched the International Christian Islam, which he called a “Satanic” religion.
Leadership organization, later to be renamed The In March 2003, Harper’s magazine published an eyewit-
Fellowship Foundation. The group would directly promote ness account by Jeffrey Sharlet of his tenure as a resident at
the careers of such Christian Zionist fundamentalists as the Fellowship communal mansion in Arlington, Va.
Harald Bredesen and his protégé, Pat Robertson, and Sharlet described a Fellowship session, led by the group’s
would heavily penetrate the U.S. military, the U.S. current leader, Vereide protégé Douglas Coe. Coe described
Congress, and other powerful institutions. the “covenant” of secrecy, made between members of the
International Christian Leadership was fully unfurled as group, who operate in cell structures. Coe asked the partici-
a project of the postwar Anglo-Dutch Synarchists, when pating Fellowship members for an example of such a
Vereide was insinuated as the “spiritual advisor” to the covenant, and he received an immediate reply: “Hitler.” Coe
Dutch Royal Consort, Prince Bernhard, founder of both answered, “Yes, Hitler made a covenant. The Mafia makes
the Bilderberg Group and, with Britain’s Royal Consort, a covenant. It is such a very powerful thing.” Coe’s son later
Prince Philip, the World Wildlife Fund. As Vereide’s lead- gave the disciples a brief class on the life of Genghis Khan,
ing protégé Bredesen wrote, Vereide had “won Prince describing a particularly bloody incident, in which he
Bernhard for Christ”—quite a claim, given that Bernhard beheaded his enemies, stuffed the heads into a crate, and
had been a leading wartime Nazi, who had served as secre- all the while, devoured his dinner. Sharlet quoted the young
tary to the board of directors of I.G. Farben, the Nazi Coe: If you are a known friend of Jesus, “You can go and do
chemical cartel. Upon marrying the Dutch monarch, anything. When you leave here,” he continued, “you’re not
Queen Juliana, Bernhard had purged the Court and only going to know the value of Jesus. You’re going to know
installed another “former” Nazi as personal secretary to the people who rule the world.”

The American
Family Foundation:
Wardens in Dirty Bertie’s
‘Lethal Chamber’
by Barbara Boyd

ord Bertrand Russell, one of the honorary chair-
man of the Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism,
spilled the beans on the network’s efforts in mass
social engineering in his 1951 book, The Impact of
Science on Society. But this mind-control dictatorship
was not a passing thought; Russell had been working
on the idea for decades. Russell describes the program The American Family Foundation (AFF) is a secretive
in a 1931 book, The Scientific Outlook —a totalitarian organization founded in 1979, and advised by the
manual: veterans of the CIA’s and Army Intelligence’s mind-
control programs.
“In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one
kind of education for ordinary men and women, and
another for those who are to become holders of scientific rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he
power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associ-
docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. ates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is
Of these qualities, probably contentment will be consid- nothing to be done with him except to send him to the
ered the most important. In order to produce it, all the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has
researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and bio- had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to
chemistry will be brought into play. . . . All the boys and the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from perform-
girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co- ing it.”
operative,’ i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. The American Family Foundation (AFF), the secretive
Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insub- organization founded in 1979, and advised by the veterans
ordination, without being punished, will be scientifically of the CIA’s and Army Intelligence’s mind-control pro-
trained out of them.” grams: MK-Ultra, BLUEBIRD, MKSEARCH, etc., are the
“Except for the one matter of loyalty to the world State “thought police” for Russell’s dictatorship. Since its
and to their own order,” Russell explained, “members of founding, the AFF has functioned as a lead agency in the
the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous black propaganda campaigns directed by the Anglo-
and full of initiative. . . .” American elite against Lyndon LaRouche. The central lie
Russell issued a strong warning: “On those rare occa- employed in this campaign is that LaRouche is the
sions, when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which authoritarian leader of a political cult with anti-Semitic
it is usual to determine social status shows such marked views. There is no basis for the allegation; it is merely the
ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a attaching of the label of the Frankfurt School’s
difficult situation will arise, requiring serious considera- “Authoritarian Personality” onto LaRouche in order to
tion. If the youth is content to abandon his previous asso- intimidate his supporters, and contain his influence. It is
ciates and to throw in his lot whole-heartedly with the the AFF’s assigned role.

The AFF, which purports to be an “educational” and operative for the foundations is John Irwin III, the chair-
“theoretical” organization in a self-declared war against man and treasurer.
coercive “cults,” is actually a clearinghouse for the Irwin III, a Wall Street speculator who also owns large
“Reesian psychiatric shock troops” (after Dr. John tracts of land in Arizona and California, specializes in
Rawlings Rees of the British Tavistock Institute) who prac- managing the charitable foundations of America’s patri-
tice coercive techniques. In tandem with criminalized ele- cian “families,” including the fortune of his grandfather,
ments of law enforcement, and Anglo-American intelli- “Pop” Watson, the super-spook and collaborator with
gence agencies, the AFF’s associates, known as “depro- Hitler who headed IBM from the 1930s onward. His
grammers,” ran one of largest kidnapping-for-hire opera- father, John Irwin II, was international legal counsel for
tions in American history. Providing the “theoretical” basis the Morgan interests, and was Henry Kissinger’s chief
were the veterans of the CIA’s MK-Ultra projects in the deputy as Secretary of State. While Irwin III’s primary
AFF’s stable of experts. The combination of the CCF-MK- businesses have been two venture capital firms—Hillside
Ultra’s cultural warfare created the “new religions” cults in Capital and Brookside—he is better known for managing
private foundations.
In fact, each of AFF’s sponsoring foundations has
a long history in dirty Anglo-American intelligence
operations. Bodman, for example, funded the infa-
mous New Age project, the “Temple of
Understanding” at the United Nations, run by the
Lucifer-worshipping Lucis Trust. On the “right,” it
funded the International Rescue Committee of neo-
conservative icon Leo Cherne, and the late CIA
director Bill Casey; the Manhattan Institute;
Claremont College; and other neoconservative
Straussian nests.
Bodman’s executive director, Joseph Dolan, is
also executive director of the Philanthropy
Roundtable, set up by the Bradley Foundation to
coordinate grants from all “conservative founda-
tions” in the U.S. in order to win ideological hege-
mony on the nation’s campuses and in its political
institutions. Another of John Irwin III’s founda-
Three of the AFF’s ‘experts,’ Robert J. Lifton, Louis Jolyon “Jolly”
West, and Margaret Singer, did not merely study mind-control—they tions publicly campaigned, post-9/11, for the
practiced it. Here, Lifton and Singer. Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” justifi-
cation for war against Islam.
the first place; and some of AFF’s “anti-cult” experts were AFF’s official history claims it was founded in 1979
directly involved. by a concerned parent, Kay Barney, the retired
Raytheon International Affairs Director, and Dr. John
Wall Street’s ‘Fondi’ Clark of Harvard Medical School, in response to the
The AFF is financed by the Anglo-American financial threat posed by violent and coercive cults, particularly
elite—Wall Street speculators such as the House of in the aftermath of the purported mass suicides of the
Morgan, the Watson family of IBM founder Thomas members of the People’s Temple Church of the Rev. Jim
“Pop” Watson, an overt collaborator of Hitler and Jones, in Guyana in 1978. In contemporary language,
Mussolini’s, and the ultra-rightwing Scaife Foundation of this version of AFF’s founding is an “urban legend.” In
Richard Mellon Scaife, which funds the network of foun- reality, the AFF’s business is mind-control. Three of its
dations and think tanks that controls Dick Cheney’s war “experts,” Robert J. Lifton, Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West,
party. AFF also received initial grants from the Pew and Margaret Singer, did not merely study mind-con-
Foundation; like Watson, members of the Philadelphia- trol—they practiced coercive conditioning in the Nazi-
based Pew family were Hitler sympathizers, and were doctor-style horrific secret experiments funded by the
secret funders of pro-Hitler organizations in the U.S. dur- CIA’s and Army intelligence’s MK-Ultra. A fourth MK-
ing the 1930s. Ultra veteran with AFF, Rabbi Maurice Davis, actually
The single largest financial promoters of the AFF for financed the psychotic Rev. Jim Jones of the People’s
the past decade have been the Bodman and Achelis Temple suicide church, in Jones’s early years in
Foundations, providing more than half a million dollars. Indianapolis.
These two separate foundations have overlapping However, in 1977, when a series of Congressional hear-
trustees and officers and are both housed in the New ings in the Senate and House of Representatives forced the
York City law offices of Morris and McVeigh. The key CIA et al. to close down the covert mind-control programs,

Lifton, Singer, West, and others who had worked for years intersected the activities of criminalized segments of
on the covert CIA payroll, were cut loose. They found a the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community,
new home in the AFF. and this complication allowed some members of the
To build up AFF, an extensive funding apparatus came criminal enterprise to escape prosecution. Members of
into being after many children of the elite crossed class the Jewish Defense League (JDL), an organization
lines and succumbed to the counterculture, joining the whose Israeli affiliates are on the U.S. State
Moonies, the Krishnas, the Scientologists, or similar enti- Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations,
ties that came into being in the counterculture explosion of constitute one hard-core terrorist capability employed
the 1970s. For every new experiment in irrationality pro- by AFF-related “deprogrammers.” The Lubavitcher
duced by the “Age of Aquarius,” there was to be an equally sect, the Hells Angels motorcycle club, and former U.S.
irrational inquisitor refining and playing with the new Special Forces and British Special Air Services (SAS)
belief structures. commandos have also been employed in kidnapping
AFF’s role in furthering the MK-Ultra tradition of operations. For example, Galen Kelly, dean of the
mind-control isn’t surprising. A deprogramming fraterni-
faction of the financier establish- ty, who had no profes-
ment has always preferred intelli- sional psychological or
gence operations to be under cor- other training, utilized JDL
porate, not government, control. terrorists in his kidnap-
In fact, after World War II, John pings, and, until the 1990s,
Irwin III’s grandfather, “Pop” was so revered by his spon-
Watson of IBM, planned exactly sors that he was given a
seat on the Board of
Advisors of the Jewish
Institute for National
Security Affairs (JINSA).
Another JINSA Board
member was Vice President
Dick Cheney.
such a private intelligence AFF, its close associate,
empire. A “deputy director of the the Cult Awareness
Office of Strategic Services” Network (CAN), and its
approached Watson “with a busi- cohort agency in attacks
ness proposition,” writes R. on LaRouche, the Anti-
Harris Smith in his book, OSS. EIRNS/Stuart Lewis Defamation League, ran
“Why not form a private intelli- CAN co-thinker Galen Kelly, dean of the deprogramming into turbulent times in the
gence organization and offer its fraternity. 1990s. CAN and its depro-
services on contract to the gov- grammer Rick Ross were
ernment? The two men raised the initial capital for the convicted by a Federal jury of conspiracy and civil rights
venture. . . .” However, the project was sidelined because violations in their abusive kidnapping and deprogram-
Federal legislation, the National Security Act of 1947, ming of Jason Scott, throwing CAN into bankruptcy.
was already being prepared to create the CIA. As the Galen Kelly was investigated and prosecuted federally
Iran/Contra affair showed in the 1980s, the financier for what Federal prosecutors called a garden-variety
establishment never abandoned its commitment to pri- industry of kidnappings for hire. The ADL was revealed
vate intelligence operations. to be running a massive private political spying opera-
The AFF is just such a private operation, which func- tion, collecting dossiers on thousands of Americans and
tions, in fact, as the controller of live psychiatric experi- groups whom the ADL viewed as subversive, or a poten-
ments conducted by a network of kidnappers for hire, con tial threat to the policies of the insane Likud Party in
men, and body snatchers of limited intellectual means and Israel. Frederich Haack, the primary exponent and col-
criminal records who claim to be able to “deprogram” laborator of the AFF in Germany and elsewhere in
members of cults by application of aversive psychological Europe, in November 1980, as international education
conditioning techniques—while enjoying protection from director for the AFF, imported into Germany the Dennis
prosecution for their activities. King and ADL slanders against LaRouche in a collabora-
These deprogrammers operate in tandem with a tive effort with Kurt Hirsch, the editor of PDI
number of known criminal and mercenary-for-hire (Democratic Press Initiative). Kurt Hirsch, after the fall
agencies, which at one time constituted perhaps the of the Berlin Wall, was exposed as an operative of the
largest professional kidnapping ring in modern hated and feared East Germany intelligence agency the
American history. Often, the kidnapping operations Stasi, specifically, Stasi Division X.

As a result of these scandals, in which Federal prosecu- Destruction of Men’s Minds,” and subsequent accounts
tors characterized CAN as little more than a band of of Korean “brainwashing” methods. Hunter worked for
extortionists and con men preying on the emotions of Frank Wisner’s Office of Policy Coordination in the
frantic parents, and with the deaths of Margaret Singer, CIA, and his propaganda campaign was used to justify
former AFF president Herbert Rosedale, and others, the the entire MK-Ultra mind-control program. Otherwise,
AFF and the CAN network have been reorganized. Singer’s writings were cited by the Society for the
Deprogrammers now characterize themselves as “exit Study of Human Ecology, Inc., a CIA front operating at
counsellors” and “interventionists” and foreswear the the same time as the CCF. Singer and Jolly West often
techniques of the past. The name “Cult Awareness collaborated, including on profiling the Haight Ashbury
Network” was purchased by the Scientologists in CAN’s hippie drug “culture,” interviewing drug-crazed hippies
bankruptcy proceedings, and the organization’s former about their LSD-induced religious experiences. The
luminaries now operate under several different identities LSD initially came from CIA and related intelligence
and websites. But AFF has recruited new officers and an projects.
international advisory board which extends into
Mexico, Spain, Britain, and Europe, and is in a
new aggressive mode.
A brief background sketch of the “profession-
als” who advise the AFF and CAN further demon-
strates the project’s nature.
• Rabbi Maurice Davis: Advisor to AFF and
CAN, participant in the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind
control program in Lexington, Ky., and sponsor
of the development of the Jim Jones cult in
Indianapolis prior to Jones’s move to Guyana
and the ensuing mass suicide;
• Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West: Advisor to AFF,
psychiatrist participating in the CIA’s MK-
Ultra LSD experiments and mind-control pro-
gram in Oklahoma. West wrote that the gov-
ernment should supply drugs to control popu-
lations. “This method, foreseen by Aldous
Huxley in Brave New World, has the governing EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
element employing drugs selectively to manip-
Tthe two primary operatives employed by the AFF and the ADL in
ulate the governed in various ways.” West operations against LaRouche since 1978: Dennis King and Chip Berlet,
directly collaborated with Huxley in drug both lower-level operatives of the MK-Ultra-created drug legalization
experiments throughout the 1950s and early lobby.
In 1961, in a speech at the California Medical School • Eugene Methvin: An early board member of AFF and
in San Francisco, Huxley elaborated his vision. “There editor of the Reader’s Digest. Methvin was a key promoter
will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological throughout the 1950s and ’60s of utilizing private organi-
method of making people love their servitude and pro- zations to do the government’s dirty work against “subver-
ducing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, produc- sive threats.” Methvin believed that the methods of the
ing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, in using “guilt by
societies so that people will in fact have their liberties association” and “calumny” to induce the desired popular
taken away from them but will rather enjoy it,” lulled opinion about targetted groups and individuals, were the
by “brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological meth- appropriate “attack” prototypes.
ods.” After the 1960s race riots in the U.S., West pro-
moted implanting electrodes in people’s brains and The AFF’s Totalitarians
chemical castration to control violence and political While foundation money and media attention flowed to
activity. AFF for its activities, the theories of psychological coercion
• Dr. Margaret Singer: Advisor to AFF and CAN. and cult activities advanced by Singer et al. on behalf of
Singer got her start as an Army psychiatrist studying AFF were persistently rejected as being without scientific
Chinese society, Korean War veterans, and prisoners basis, in particular by the American Psychological
of war in association with A.H. Schein and Robert Association (APA).
J. Lifton in the 1950s. The impetus for these studies The AFF’s definition of cults is drawn directly from
came from “journalist” Edward Hunter’s sensationalist Robert J. Lifton and his descriptions of “totalistic”
account of “Brainwashing in Red China, the Calculated environments and charismatic leaders—descriptions

which themselves were developed in the CIA MK-Ultra proposed “techniques for overcoming resistance devel-
context cited above and which also derive directly from oped mainly in the field of individual psychotherapy,”
Hannah Arendt, Theodor Adorno, and the Frankfurt and proposed that Eros be the major emotional source of
School. Lifton states that the assumption governing all “democracy.” To hold the “fascist impulse in check,” peo-
“totalistic” cults is “not so much that man can be God, ple must be able to “see themselves” and “be themselves.”
but rather that man’s ideas can be God; that an Thus was born the erotic, perverse matrix of drug abuse,
absolute science of ideas (and implicitly an absolute sexual perversion, and the glorification of violence which
science of man) exists.” Lifton credits the Frankfurt permeates our culture today. In one of the first newspaper
School’s Hannah Arendt as his mentor on this subject. slanders of Lyndon LaRouche in the Washington Post, a
Lifton, a dedicated existentialist, otherwise character- February 1974 article, reporter Paul Valentine opined that
izes his work as the study of evil, and shared with LaRouche must be authoritarian because he rejects
Margaret Singer a fascination with the creation of “the free-wheeling self-indulgence of . . . the radical
schizophrenia. counterculture.”
As described earlier, the Frankfurt School saw as its his- It is no wonder, then, that in 1987, the American
torical task the destruction of Western civilization itself, Psychological Association categorically rejected the theo-
first by undermining the Judeo-Christian legacy through ries of Singer and her AFF friends. Singer, Jolly West, and
an “abolition of culture,” and at the same time bringing Dr. Michael Langone, an executive with AFF and editor of
into being new or counter cultures designed to increase the the AFF’s Cultic Studies Journal, had managed to sit on an
alienation of the population, creating “a new barbarism.” APA task force to study Singer’s theory of “Deceptive and
In the “authoritarian personality project,” funded by the Indirect Methods of Persuasion and Control” (DIMPAC).
American Jewish Committee ostensibly to explore the But when the DIMPAC task force issued its report, on
potential for anti-Semitism in the U.S., they attacked the May 11, 1987, the APA’s Board of Social and Ethical
“authoritarian character” of the American nuclear family, Responsibility (BSER) issued an official memo, saying it
the “problem” of the American people’s belief in a tran- was “unable to accept the report of the [DIMPAC] Task
scendent monotheistic God, the underlying “fascist” char- Force. . . .” It lacked “the scientific rigor and evenhanded
acter of all forms of American patriotism, and American critical approach necessary for the APA imprimatur.” The
culture’s excessive reliance on science, reason, and decision stands to this day.
“abstract ideas.” The methods of the MK-Ultra Nazi doctors come
To transform the rational and productive society directly from the Frankfurt School, the CCF, and a pro-
which was the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, they ject known as “the Cybernetics group,” which was the

Henry and Clare Booth Luce Love Their LSD

T hebookfollowing is from the third chapter of the 1985
Acid Dreams, The Complete Social History of
that the Old Boy was pretty much on top of things.
During another trip, the tone-deaf publisher is said to
LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond, by Martin A. Lee have heard music so enchanting that he walked into a
and Bruce Shlain, published by Grove Press, New cactus garden and began conducting a phantom
York. orchestra.
“Dr. Cohen, attached professionally to UCLA and the
‘Manna From Harvard’ Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles, also turned on
“Henry Luce, president of Time-Life, was a busy Henry’s wife, Clare Booth Luce, and a number of other
man during the Cold War. As the preeminent voice of influential Americans. ‘Oh sure, we all took acid. It was
Eisenhower, Dulles, and Pax Americana, he encour- a creative group—my husband and I and Huxley and
aged his correspondents to collaborate with the CIA, [Christopher] Isherwood,’ recalled Mrs. Luce, who was,
and his publishing empire served as a longtime propa- by all accounts, the grande dame of postwar American
ganda asset for the agency. But Luce managed to find politics. . . . LSD was fine by Mrs. Luce as long as it
the time to experiment with LSD and glean whatever remained strictly a drug for doctors and their friends in
pleasures and insights it might afford. An avid fan of the ruling class. But she didn’t like the idea that others
psychedelics, he turned on a half-dozen times in the might also want to partake of the experience. ‘We
late 1950s and early 1960s under the supervision of Dr. wouldn’t want everyone doing too much of a good
Sidney Cohen. On one occasion the media magnate thing,’ she explained.”
claimed he talked to God on the golf course and found —Michele Steinberg

umbrella under which the CIA and British intelligence The ‘Get LaRouche’ Operation
conducted their mass experimentation with psychedelics, In fact, the two primary operatives employed by the
including LSD-25, which eventually spilled out onto the AFF and the ADL in operations against LaRouche since
streets of America’s cities, and every American college 1978—Chip Berlet and Dennis King—are both lower-
campus, giving us the counterculture paradigm shift of level operatives of the MK-Ultra-created drug legaliza-
1966-72. tion lobby. King was a featured “expert” speaker at AFF’s
On the government side, MK-Ultra was created by the October 2003 meeting. “Chip” Berlet’s real name is John
same people who created the CCF: CIA Director Allen Foster Berlet, so named by his father because of the lat-
Dulles and Frank Wisner of the Office of Policy ter’s admiration for John Foster Dulles. Early in his
Coordination (OPC). MK-Ultra was one of a dozen psy-ops career, Chip was exposed as working for the CIA at the
programs with similar names using LSD-25, other hallu- National Student Association and WIN magazine—both
cinogens, electroshock, planting of electrodes in the brains productions of the CCF’s Tom Braden and Cord Meyer.
of subjects, sensory deprivation, and a host of other tech- King, a former Maoist, was directly sponsored in his
niques in mind-control. The human guinea pigs were often early defamatory activities against LaRouche by Roy M.
unwitting. Dozens of deaths resulted, but the real number Cohn, the notorious counsel to Senator Joseph
will never be known because then-CIA Director Richard McCarthy.
Helms, who had worked with Dulles and Wisner, In 1983 and 1984, when the Anglo-American
destroyed the files in 1977, when the U.S. Congress began Synarchists needed to contain LaRouche, who had influ-
an investigation. enced then-President Ronald Reagan to adopt a policy of
But “the Cybernetics group,” which was intertwined strategic defense and cooperation with the Soviet Union,
with the Authoritarian Personality project of the Frankfurt they turned to Manhattan investment advisor John Train,
School crowd, was much higher-level—and private. Two of a trusted CCF hand and former OSS operative. Train,
the Authoritarian Personality project’s directors, Max who had been prominent in the CCF’s Paris Review and
Horkheimer and R. Nevitt Stanford, who headed up worked with the likes of Stephen Spender, convened a
Stanford University Institute for the Study of Human salon of journalists, private foundations, and U.S. gov-
Problems, were directly involved in the LSD-25 mind- ernment national security officials in New York City for
manipulation scheme. the purpose of creating and executing a sustained and
Horkheimer was not only central to the CCF, he was massive media assault on LaRouche. The declared aims
also a leading participant in “the Cybernetics group,” of the Train meetings were to destroy LaRouche’s politi-
which began its work on mind-control, financed by the cal policy influence, disrupt his political organization,
Josiah Macy Foundation, in 1942. The Cybernetics and set the stage for state and Federal prosecutions. A
group was also known as the “man-machine project” massive black propaganda barrage ensued from these
because of its study of Artificial Intelligence based at meetings.
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The At the Train meetings were representatives of the New
leading participants in the Cybernetics group were Republic, the Wall Street Journal, NBC television, Reader’s
Warren McCulloch, from the Research Laboratory of Digest, the ADL, Freedom House (a direct offshoot of the
Electronics at MIT; Gregory Bateson, the anthropolo- CCF run by Leo Cherne and operative Melvin Lasky in
gist who became the director of research at the his later years), and Richard Mellon Scaife. Roy Godson,
Veterans’ Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., where he ran then employed by the National Security Council and
secret MK-Ultra experiments; Bateson’s wife, Margaret heavily enmeshed in the Iran/Contra operation, was a
Mead, the anthropology “earth goddess” who became leading participant. Godson, the son of CFF’s Joe Godson
renowned as a proponent of negative population and inheritor of networks controlled by the CIA’s agents
growth and primitive cultures. Several other leaders of in the trade unions, Jay Lovestone and Irving Brown, had
the Cybernetics group were deeply involved in the CCF: played a major role in operations against LaRouche dat-
John Von Neumann, Norbert Wiener, and Paul ing back to 1975. Biographies of CIA counterintelligence
Lazarsfeld. head James Jesus Angleton say that he was engaged in a
The MK-Ultra quacks also developed the arguments “vendetta” against LaRouche at this time; and Angleton
used today by George Soros’s massive drug-legalization was a source in some of the stories which flowed from
apparatus. CIA mind-manipulator R. Nevitt Stanford, who the Train meetings.
was part of the MK-Ultra programs, makes the argument Chip Berlet and Dennis King’s attendance at the Train
in his forward to the book Utopiates: The Use and Users of meetings was financed by British spook John Rees, a
LSD-25, published by the Tavistock Institute in 1965. notorious rightwing police and FBI spy, who moved to the
“Only an uneasy Puritan” could support treating drug United States. And financing of King’s book-length dia-
addicts “as a police problem instead of a medical one, tribe against LaRouche by the powerful neoconservative
while suppressing harmless drugs such as marijuana and Smith-Richardson Foundation was arranged at the Train
peyote along with the dangerous ones.” meetings.


The Bizarre Case of

Baroness Symons
by Jeffrey Steinberg
The following appendix provides a detailed account of a clas- successful Franklin Delano Roosevelt “American System”
sic “black operation,” run through the present-day networks of policy orientation.
the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and its offshoot American The key issue of the trans-Atlantic fear of LaRouche’s
Family Foundation; and steered, top-down, from the London voice, dates from LaRouche’s public defeat of then-leading
Fabian Society circles, who are the ultimate authors of the pre- Keynesian economist Prof. Abba Lerner in a celebrated 1971
sent sole-superpower imperial dogma associated most publicly New York City debate in which LaRouche forced Lerner to
with U.S Vice President Dick Cheney and the Washington neo- admit publicly that Lerner’s policy for the 1970s echoed the
conservatives. From the very outset, the politically driven policy of the Nazi regime economist Hjalmar Schacht. Since
“Get LaRouche” operations have been steered by the December 1971, the Anglo-American line has been: No more
Congress for Cultural Freedom apparatus, beginning with public debates with LaRouche. The issue of that aggressive
the role of CCF founder Sidney Hook, in declaring LaRouche blacklisting by Anglo-American financier circles has been
persona non grata following the December 1971 New York LaRouche’s continued attacks on the post-August 1971
City debate between LaRouche and Prof. Abba Lerner, the revival of those Schachtian policies of “fiscal austerity.”
dean of the so-called American Keynesian economists. It is the view of candidate LaRouche and numbers of
LaRouche forced Lerner to openly defend the brutal austerity other leading Democratic Party figures, that only an “FDR
programs of Hitler’s own Economics Minister, Hjalmar turn” on the part of the Democrats, complete with a mas-
Schacht, prompting Hook to deliver his pointed threat to sive outreach to what FDR called the “forgotten Americans”
LaRouche: “You are a potential threat now; you will never be of the lower 80% income brackets, can assure the defeat of
allowed to become a genuine threat.” the Bush-Cheney team in November. LaRouche’s opposi-
Wall Street banker John Train, a founder, along with tion to the Schacht-like economic policies of influential
Stephen Spender and Edward Goldsmith, of the CFF publica- trans-Atlantic financier interests, is the crucial issue of the
tion Paris Review, was the private sector’s point man for the leading policy-fight within the Democratic Party today.
1984-89 Justice Department witch-hunt against LaRouche Among the leading personalities identified as players in
and associates. The Cybernetics Group/MK-Ultra/CCF project, the latest “Get LaRouche” effort are British Fabian Society
the American Family Foundation, was pivotal in the 1980s members—and Blair inner-circle operatives—Baroness
Train/Justice Department actions, and is once again, as docu- Elizabeth Conway Symons of Vernham Dean, and her hus-
mented below, at the center of the efforts to silence LaRouche band Phil Bassett. Baroness Symons may be fairly
and his political movement. described as the London counterpart to Lynne Cheney, the
Read this as a case study of how those “Beast-Man” promot- wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, and a leading figure in
ers of the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism” operate today. trans-Atlantic neoconservative circles.
Indeed, there is ample evidence suggesting direct links

he LaRouche in 2004 Campaign has amassed a vast between Baroness Symons and the Cheney household.
amount of evidence that the British Fabian Society
“New Labour” inner circles around Prime Minister Tony The Cheney-Symons Connection
Blair and the 10 Downing Street intelligence and dirty tricks As Minister of State for Defense Procurement for Prime
apparatus, are engaged in a trans-Atlantic criminal interven- Minister Blair (1999-2001), Baroness Symons approved a
tion to disrupt the upcoming Democratic Party nominating contract of nearly $500 million to Dick Cheney’s
convention, scheduled for late July 2004 in Boston, Mass. Halliburton Corp., to transport British tanks and other
The focal point of the effort is to sabotage the Demo- heavy equipment to battle fronts. At the time of the con-
cratic Party Presidential challenge to the incumbent Bush- tract, Cheney was already Vice President; however, his ties
Cheney Administration by blocking the full participation to his former company remain deep, and have become a
of Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche in the events, point of controversy and scandal in recent months, particu-
whether as the party’s nominee or as a leading policy larly since recent revelations that Cheney lied to the U.S.
voice, for restoring the Democratic Party to its historically Congress and the American people, in denying that he had

any role in securing lucrative Administration contracts for mation drive, leading to the March 19, 2003 invasion of
Halliburton. Newly leaked Pentagon internal emails con- Iraq. Bassett’s name appeared frequently in the Hutton
firm that the awarding of a multibillion-dollar pre-war con- inquiry into the death of British weapons expert David
tract to Halliburton for the restoration of Iraq’s oil industry, Kelly. That Kelly case gets to the heart of why Tony Blair
was “coordinated with the VP’s office.” and Dick Cheney’s backers within the British
A year before the British contract to Halliburton, Dick Establishment are so intent on keeping LaRouche out of
Cheney, still the company’s CEO, had keynoted a confer- the Democratic convention proceedings at all costs.
ence in Oxfordshire, England, on the outsourcing of mili-
tary logistics and other functions. The conference was A Tale of Two Timelines
attended by several of Baroness Symons’s deputies at the At the beginning of April 2003, the LaRouche in 2004
Ministry of Defence (MOD). In October 2001, Baroness campaign released a mass-circulation report, “Children of
Symons was involved in negotiating Satan: The ‘Ignoble Liars’ Behind
and approving a $200-billion con- Bush’s No-Exit War.” Over 1 million
tract for the Joint Strike Fighter copies were distributed in the United
which went to Lockheed Martin, a States alone; another million copies
company on whose board, at the were downloaded from the cam-
time, sat Lynne Cheney. During paign and other websites; and hun-
April 2001, Lynne Cheney had trav- dreds of thousands of copies were
elled on several occasions to distributed, worldwide, in Spanish,
England, as an informal “cultural German, Italian, French, Arabic,
emissary” of the Bush-Cheney Russian, Japanese, and other lan-
Administration, meeting with guages.
British intellectuals and promoting The release of the report intersect-
the “English-speaking partnership.” ed an escalating factional brawl over
Ms. Cheney had completed her the Anglo-American Iraq war, and
doctorate at the University of the larger issue of the Cheney
Wisconsin on leading 19th-Century Doctrine of preventive nuclear war.
British neo-Kantian writer Matthew That Cheney Doctrine had become
Arnold, whose work inspired the the centerpiece of both the Bush and
later launching of the British Fabian Blair Administrations’ national secu-
Society, the principal 20th-Century rity and foreign policy agenda, much
arm of British imperialism. to the disgust of leading circles in
Contrary to public delusions, it is the United States, Britain,
the British Fabian Society circles, Continental Europe, Russia, China
presently grouped around self-pro- DOD Photo/R.D. Ward and throughout the developing
fessed “Christian Socialist” Tony Baroness Liz Symons at the Pentagon on world, particularly the Arab and
Blair, who exert intellectual control Jan. 17, 2001, when she was working for Islamic world.
over the Cheney household, and the British Ministry of Defence. One key indication of the extent to
through it, the Bush Administration. which LaRouche had emerged as a
It is not the other way around. On both the Republican pivotal American leader of the anti-neoconservative resistance
Party side, and the Democratic Leadership to the Cheney Doctrine and the Iraq war, was his several
Council/Democratic National Committee side, the neocon- high-profile appearances on BBC during the crucial Spring
servatives are all assets, witting or duped, of the Fabians. 2003 period of the Iraq war and immediate aftermath, when
In October 2003, Baroness Symons appeared on the same a brief, but intensive policy fight erupted in London, jeopar-
podium with Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of Lynne and Dick, dizing Tony Blair’s Prime Ministership. The same faction
who was, at the time, a top State Department Middle East fight, on the American side of the Atlantic, has continued
official. The conference was a London meeting of the Arab and escalated to the present day, placing the survival of both
International Women’s Forum. In June 2003, Baroness the Bush-Cheney and Blair regimes in serious doubt.
Symons had been appointed Minister of State for the Middle While the opposition to Blair’s own version of the
East, International Security, Consular and Personal Affairs in Cheney doctrine of preventive war, first enunciated in a
the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It is in that context Blair speech at the University of Chicago in 1999, has not
that she has emerged as a pivotal player in the slander-and- been totally crushed, and has erupted on scores of occa-
worse campaign against candidate LaRouche. sions since the crucial July-August 2003 conjuncture, the
Up until recently, her husband Phil Bassett was the opposition inside the British institutions has been charac-
head of the intelligence unit at 10 Downing Street, and was teristically a rear-guard effort, from that point up to the
a central player in the so-called “Blair Dossiers” scandals, present. The outcome of the accelerating political fight
which were at the center of the Anglo-American disinfor- inside the United States will largely determine Blair’s fate.

In effect, a clean sweep of the neoconservative “Leo launched Iraq war. In October 2001, Phil Bassett and Alastair
Strauss Kindergarten” inside the U.S.A. would most Campbell travelled to Washington, to confer with top White
assuredly bring down Tony Blair and the entire “New House officials on the joint intelligence/propaganda effort. On
Labour” faction inside Great Britain. Oct. 15, Bassett was appointed Special Advisor to PM Blair,
Hence, the crucial significance of the LaRouche BBC reflecting his upgraded role in the war propaganda schemes.
interviews during the Spring of 2003. At the same time, the Bush White House dispatched Tucker
• On April 3, 2003, LaRouche was interviewed on the Eskew to London, to work side-by-side with the Campbell-
BBC news program “Live Five.” The subject of the inter- Bassett team. The Sept. 24, 2002 Blair white paper, contain-
view was his leading role in the U.S.A. as a critic of the ing the “yellow cake” and 45-minute-launch lies, was a prod-
Bush Administration’s Iraq war adventure. LaRouche was uct of the Coalition Information Center effort, and followed
identified as a candidate for the 2004 Democratic Party closely the themes struck in an August 2002 speech by Vice
Presidential nomination. President Cheney at the Veterans of Foreign Wars conven-
• On June 9, 2003, LaRouche appeared again on the tion, in which he first made the already-disproven claim that
same news show, this time for 12 minutes. LaRouche, Iraq was aggressively pursuing a nuclear bomb. That Cheney
through his campaign, had just issued a call for Dick speech and the Downing Street white paper were widely seen
Cheney’s impeachment from office, for his role in the intel- as the launching of the countdown phase for the Anglo-
ligence hoaxes leading up to the Iraq invasion. The inter- American war.
viewer, Rhod Sharp, focussed his questions on LaRouche’s The Gilligan report triggered a massive damage-control
targeting of Cheney. LaRouche traced Cheney’s commit- effort at Downing Street. Throughout the month of June
ment to a unipolar, English-speaking global empire, and to 2003 the PM’s Office conducted a frantic search to determine
the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime in Baghdad, the source of the leak to Gilligan, eventually concluding that
back over a decade, to his tenure as Secretary of Defense Dr. David Kelly, a top British expert in biological and chemi-
in the “Bush 41” Administration. He exposed Cheney’s role cal weapons, who had served as a member of the UNSCOM
in promoting the hoax that Iraq had been seeking uranium inspection teams in Iraq during the 1990s, was the MOD offi-
for nuclear bombs in the African nation of Niger, and cial who had spoken to Gilligan. Kelly himself wrote to his
linked Cheney’s activities to those of the circles of Prime superiors at MOD on June 30, acknowledging unauthorized
Minister Tony Blair, who had, on Sept. 24, 2002, issued a contact with Gilligan. Kelly was hauled before a string of
10 Downing Street white paper on Iraq’s quest for WMD, House of Commons committees; his name was leaked to the
which contained the identical, knowingly false charges. media by Defence Minister Geoff Hoon, on orders from
LaRouche told the BBC audience, “Now, this is a very Blair, who chaired a 10 Downing Street strategy session on
serious matter. As I said, it’s an impeachable charge against how to deal with the nascent policy revolt.
the Vice President of the United States, and right now, I
think, there are some people in the United States who are of Was Kelly a Suicide?
a disposition, if not to impeach Mr. Cheney, at least to per- On July 15, 2003, Dr. Kelly testified before a public
suade him that it would be time to go out and take care of hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of
his potato patch, and leave government alone.” Commons. The hearing was televised. Two days later, Dr.
Just days before LaRouche’s second BBC interview, “the Kelly was found dead in a wooded area near his home in
Beeb” had aired a news report by correspondent Andrew Abington in Oxfordshire. Police and coroners ruled his
Gilligan, echoing the Democratic candidate’s charges. On death a suicide. Nevertheless, the British government
May 29, 2003, Gilligan, citing an unnamed British Ministry ordered a probe into the circumstances of Dr. Kelly’s
of Defence official, charged that Prime Minister Blair and death, the BBC leak, etc., to be headed by Lord Hutton.
his top aides, including Alastair Campbell, the PM’s press While Dr. Kelly was the immediate target of the
secretary, had “sexed up” the Sept. 24, 2002 dossier with Downing Street wrath, the larger issue was the factional
wildly exaggerated claims that Saddam could launch WMD brawl, behind the scenes, within the British
in 45 minutes, and that Iraq had purchased vast quantities Establishment, symbolized by the recent role of the BBC,
of “yellow cake” uranium precursor from Africa. The same in promoting Lyndon LaRouche as a leading American
BBC correspondent Gilligan had earlier been leaked evi- voice of sanity against the imperial fantasies of the
dence from the MOD, that the claims of Saddam links to al- Cheney-Blair neocon alliance, and by the revolt of British
Qaeda and the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were also vastly military, Foreign Office, and intelligence mandarins
overstated by the PM’s team. against the falsification of intelligence to sell the Iraq war.
The intersection of the LaRouche charges against Cheney As intense as the British Establishment fight was, it was
and the Gilligan charges against the Blair team was precise. equally short-lived. By early July, BBC, the leading
Weeks after the 9/11 attacks, the Bush White House and 10 “Establishment” voice of the revolt, was coming under mas-
Downing Street had launched a joint wartime propaganda sive counterattack by the Blair team. On July 10, Jonathan
effort, leading, in early 2002, to the creation of the Coalition Powell, the Chief of Staff to PM Blair, would summarize the
Information Center, a London- and Washington-based coor- situation in a 10 Downing Street email: “This is now a game
dinating unit charged with building public support for the of chicken with the Beeb,” he wrote. “The only way they will
Anglo-American “war on terrorism,” including the soon-to-be- shift is if they see the screws tightening.”

While it would not be until the release of the Hutton Duggan had remained, along with a large youth contingent
Report, on Jan. 28, 2004, that heads would roll in the top from many European countries, as well as the United States,
ranks of “the Beeb,” the evidence of the decision by the to participate in an educational cadre school organized by
British Establishment to close circles around Blair—for the the LaRouche Youth Movement. (The Schiller Institute
time being—was all too clear by mid-July 2003. Some heads was founded in 1984 by Helga Zepp LaRouche, a leading
did have to roll at 10 Downing Street. On Aug. 29, 2003, German political figure and the wife of U.S. Democratic
Alastair Campbell stepped down from his post as communi- Party Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.)
cations director, claiming—unconvincingly—that his depar- According to both eyewitness accounts of people who
ture had nothing to do with the Hutton probe and the spoke to Jeremiah Duggan in the final days and hours before
Foreign Affairs Committee hearings. In September 2003, Phil his suicide, and to statements made to the press by his moth-
Bassett was transferred to a less conspicuous post, as aide to er, Erica Duggan, the young man had suffered psychological
Labourite Lord Falconer; this, in the context of embarrassing problems. At age 7, following the divorce of his parents,
revelations of his role as a principal contributor to the dis- Jeremiah had been in family counselling, with his divorced
credited Sept. 24, 2002 Blair white paper. parents, at the Tavistock Clinic in London, an institution
But the clearest evidence of the Establishment closing long associated with radical experimentation in individual
of ranks was the abrupt launching of a drive to disrupt the and mass psychological manipulation. (During World War
LaRouche campaign, via a trans-Atlantic orchestrated II, virtually the entire staff of Tavistock had been absorbed
smear campaign, scheduled to erupt, full-force, on the eve into the Psychiatric Division of the British Army, an experi-
of the July 2004 Democratic Party convention, and the ence that Clinic head Dr. John Rawlings Rees had memorial-
role-reversal of BBC in now taking a prominent role in the ized in a series of lectures published in the 1950s under the
“Get LaRouche” effort. title, The Shaping of Psychiatry by War.)
In conversations with several youth attending the
The Duggan Suicide LaRouche Youth Movement cadre school, Duggan had spo-
On March 27, 2003, the press office of the Police ken of being diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Direction of West Hessen, Germany, issued the following (OCD). At one point, on Sunday, March 23, 2003, Duggan
tersely worded press release: had attempted to locate a pharmacy where he could obtain
“At the point where Berliner Street becomes some prescription drugs. However, the following day, March
Bundestrasse 455, an until-now unidentified pedestrian, 24, he spoke to his girlfriend in Paris, telling her that the lec-
obviously with suicidal intentions, ran into the lane, which tures he was attending “had been interesting.” The next day,
makes a slight left curve. As the 56-year-old [driver] saw the March 25, 2003, he spoke to his father, to wish him a happy
pedestrian standing on the edge of the lane, he drove over birthday. Again, there were no obvious signs of any problems.
to the left lane. The pedestrian jumped into the lane and Jeremiah Duggan’s death, though tragic, had been treat-
against the car of 02 [second car] and hit it on the wind- ed at the time by his family and friends, as a personal mat-
shield, roughly at the side of the front right seat. Due to the ter. The only news of his death was the terse statement by
impact, the pedestrian was thrown behind the car, landing the German authorities, and local coverage in England, at
in the left lane, and was run over by the oncoming car of the time of his funeral. Both of Jeremiah’s parents had
the 48-year-old. Due to severe head injuries caused by the come to Wiesbaden, Germany, the day after his death, and
accident, the pedestrian died at the scene. had met for several hours of close cooperation with sympa-
“In the course of the accident assessment, it became thetic representatives of the Schiller Institute.
known that a few minutes earlier, but a few meters from Things abruptly, and publicly, changed by July 2003.
the accident scene, a male person also attempted to jump While precise details are not yet known, it is clear that
in front of a passing car. The car driver succeeded in the mother of Jeremiah Duggan, Erica Duggan, a retired
swerving away from the pedestrian but did have contact school teacher, came under tremendous pressure from the
with the edge of his right-side mirror. In his rear-view mir- trans-Atlantic networks that had determined that
ror, the driver saw that the pedestrian, who fell due to the LaRouche’s leading role in the anti-Cheney/Blair insurgency
light impact, already had stood up and removed himself had to be stopped. By no later than early May 2003, there is
from the site of the accident. On the basis of the identical evidence, from published news accounts, that Ms. Duggan
aspects of both incidents, the strong suspicion is that the had come under significant pressure from British and
pedestrian with suicidal intentions ran against the car of American circles of the American Family Foundation, a pur-
02 and intentionally caused the accident.” ported “anti-cult” clearinghouse organization that was, in
The unnamed suicide victim was 22-year-old British stu- fact, an outgrowth of Anglo-American Cold War intelligence
dent Jeremiah Duggan. Duggan was studying in Paris at the operations, including the Congress for Cultural Freedom,
British Institute of Paris, and was in Germany attending an the Cybernetics Group, and Project MK-Ultra.
international conference of the Schiller Institute, an organiza- On July 12, 2003, Britain’s Guardian newspaper published
tion dedicated to the revival of trans-Atlantic republican col- the first of a number of ID-format slander stories, attempting
laboration, and recently in a leading position among groups to link LaRouche and the Schiller Institute in some sinister
opposing the Cheney-Blair Iraq war. Following the three-day fashion to the death of Jeremiah Duggan. The Guardian
Schiller conference in Bad Schwalbach, near Wiesbaden, story was written by Hugh Muir, a reporter who had previ-

ously written stories based on material from the AFF appara- which, it is charged, misrepresented the views of British
tus. In response to the initial Duggan stories, the Wiesbaden authorities, who have also conducted an inquest into the
Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement, aired on Hessen death of Jeremiah Duggan. Such a British coroner’s inquest
Radio on July 16, 2003, asserting, “On the basis of our inves- is mandatory, in all cases of British citizens who die over-
tigations, we must conclude it was suicide.” seas, regardless of the circumstances of death.
On July 21, 2003, in the immediate aftermath of the Dr. On Nov. 11, 2003, the Wiesbadener Kurier newspaper
David Kelly flap, the BBC aired a news segment, by Tim published a story on the Duggan affair, under the headline
Samuels, smearing LaRouche and the Schiller Institute “Why British Media Probably Wrongly Doubt the
around the Duggan case. Investigations of the Wiesbaden Police.” The article, which
Soon after the opening of the British media slander cam- featured official statements from a spokesman for Chief
paign, a number of Labour Party politicians stepped in to Prosecutor Dieter Arlet, began with a question: “Did a stu-
throw their weight behind the “Get LaRouche” effort. Rudy dent from London really jump in front of a car with the
Jan Vis, the House of Commons member from Erica intention of committing suicide? British newspapers have
Duggan’s home district, was the first to join in the effort. publicized doubt about this description of the Wiesbaden
Another Labourite, who had been given a Peer-for-Life posi- Prosecutor’s Office and base this on the conclusion of a
tion in the House of Lords by PM Blair, Lord Grenville coroner. But that judgment is in fact different than the
Janner of Braunstone, also joined the effort. A vice president way it is reported in Great Britain.”
of the World Jewish Congress, Lord Janner was most widely After reviewing the details of the March 27, 2003 early-
known as an occultist, a member of the Magic Circle group- morning incident, and the subsequent British inquest by
ing, launched at the beginning of the 20th century by circles Coroner William Dolman, the Kurier article continued,
of Britain’s leading self-professed Satanist, Aleister Crowley. “And here the coroner’s judgment on Jerry Duggan’s death
According to news accounts, sometime in early has nothing to do with the suicide which the Wiesbaden
November, MP Rudy Vis brought Erica Duggan to the Prosecutor’s Office is convinced of. Their press reports
British Foreign Office for a meeting with Baroness about it are combined with hefty attacks against the
Symons, the Tony Blair intimate, who had also been given German police: The death has to be seen in connection
Peer-for-Life standing by the PM, in recognition of her with rightwing radicals, anti-Semitic circles.”
political work for the neoconservative “New Labour.” In a Next, from the Prosecutor’s Office. The Kurier wrote,
second, widely publicized meeting, following two succes- “More than 20 interviews were given to British press repre-
sive waves of media propaganda on the Duggan affair, sentatives in the past week by Chief Prosecutor Dieter
Baroness Symons met with Erica Duggan, MP Vis, and Arlet. ‘One is perplexed about the interest in a case, which
Lord Janner. Out of that April 1, 2004 meeting, Baroness in our view can’t be judged in any other way,’ said the
Symons appointed a pro bono human rights lawyer to spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Wiesbaden. ‘Our
work with the Duggan family to squeeze German authori- legal system requires concrete facts, mere suspicions are
ties to reopen the Duggan file. not sufficient.’ In fact, according to his information, it
Well-placed U.S. intelligence sources have warned that seems that it isn’t the Wiesbaden police, but actually the
the “Duggan affair,” for lack of any legitimate basis for British press, who have made grave mistakes. Cause for
attacking LaRouche, has been adopted by a high-powered this suspicion comes from research of the Hessen State
faction within the British Establishment and City of Criminal Office. They inquired yesterday with the British
London financial oligarchy, as the vehicle for attacking liaison officer to the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) about
LaRouche on the eve of the Democratic nominating con- the press reports. And the BKA official, says Chief
vention. They fear a LaRouche political breakout, and are Prosecutor Arlet, learned that the coroner has closed the
determined to prevent it. The objective of the media smear case concerning the death of Jerry Duggan. According to
campaign, linking LaRouche-affiliated organizations to the the BKA account the judgment of the coroner had a wholly
Duggan suicide, is to build pressure in several Continental different tone than that presented in the British media.
European countries, and eventually launch a major disrup- That version runs: ‘Jerry Duggan died in a traffic accident
tion of the LaRouche campaign, to drive a permanent as a result of great fear.’ Arlet sees in that ‘a completely
wedge between the candidate and other leading factions of neutral characterization, which provides no grounds for us
the Democratic Party, who, in concert, could assure the to reopen the investigation.’ It does not represent a contra-
defeat of Bush-Cheney in November. The intent of the diction to the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office. That the
London crowd, and their Wall Street allies, is to assure word suicide does not appear in the judgment, he explains
that if there is a John Kerry Presidency, LaRouche will be by citing the discretion that is usual in Great Britain, to
nowhere near the premises. protect the next of kin.”
Despite the efforts to date, including international prolif- The Kurier story concluded with another question: “But
eration of ID-format smear stories in the German and Italian what about the defamation of the German police work?
media, and a longer BBC slander, German authorities have For Arlet it is ‘completely inexplicable how such a charac-
stuck to their professional assessment of the Duggan death, terization could come into the media.’ The source for this
and expressed shock at the behavior of the British media, he could not find in any of the articles.”

A Concise Timeline of
The Symons-Duggan Affair
Early March, 2003: Jeremiah Duggan, selling at the Tavistock Clinic when ernment’s Sept. 24, 2002 white paper,
a 22-year-old British student, meets Jeremiah was approximately 7 years which accused Saddam Hussein of
LaRouche Youth Movement organiz- old. amassing weapons of mass destruc-
ers in Paris at a book table, engages in March 28, 2003: Jeremiah tion, in violation of United Nations
a discussion, and takes some litera- Duggan’s parents meet in Wiesbaden resolutions.
ture. Duggan is told about an inter- with representatives of the Schiller May 29, 2003: BBC’s “Radio 4
national conference in Germany at the Institute. Although they make no men- Today” news broadcast airs a report by
end of the month. He is particularly tion of Jeremiah’s OCD diagnosis, the Gilligan, levelling the charges about the
interested in LaRouche’s strong oppo- meeting is very cordial, given the trag- “sexed-up” dossier as having been
sition to the Cheney-Blair Iraq war and ic circumstances. aimed at making a more convincing,
the imperial policies underlying that April 1, 2003: The LaRouche in albeit false, case for war with Iraq.
unjust invasion. Over the next several 2004 campaign releases the first June 2, 2003: BBC “Newsnight”
weeks, Duggan exchanges several 250,000-copy run of Children of Satan: science editor Susan Watts broadcasts
email messages with LYM organizers, The ‘Ignoble Liars’ Behind Bush’s No- a second story, using Dr. Kelly as a
and arranges to travel to Germany for Exit War. The glossy-cover pamphlet source, and raising concerns about the
the conference. exposes the entire neoconservative Sept. 24, 2002 dossier’s claims that
March 27, 2003: Jeremiah cabal inside the Bush-Cheney Saddam could launch WMD on 45
Duggan, attending the Schiller Administration behind the Iraq war, minutes’ notice.
Institute international conference and and surfaces, for the first time, damn- June 9, 2003: Lyndon LaRouche is
youth cadre school near Wiesbaden, ing evidence that many of the leading again interviewed on the BBC “Live
Germany, is killed when he jumps in Bush-Cheney neocons are protégés of Five” news show, this time for 12 min-
front of speeding cars on an autobahn. the University of Chicago philosophy utes. The subject of the interview is
Wiesbaden police and prosecutors professor Leo Strauss, a promoter of LaRouche’s recent call for the
investigate the death, and conclude Nazi Party fascist ideologues Carl impeachment of Vice President Dick
that Duggan committed suicide. Schmitt and Martin Heidegger. Cheney, for his role in the faking of
Duggan had confided to his confer- Within a short period of time from the intelligence, including making know-
ence roommates, in his last days, that release of the campaign report, main- ingly false claims of Saddam Hussein
he was diagnosed with Obsessive stream media in North America and purchasing nuclear bomb material in
Compulsive Disorder, an illness that Europe pick up the basic themes of Africa, to justify the Iraq invasion.
can induce schizophrenic behavior, the Children of Satan, particularly the July 7, 2003: The Foreign Affairs
including paranoia. He had begun to demonic role of Strauss in the neocon Committee of the House of Commons,
show signs of emotional stress during drive for empire, based on perpetual after a week of tumultuous hearings,
the day before his suicide, March 26, war. clears Blair communications director
and had fled the apartment where he April 3, 2003: Lyndon LaRouche is Alastair Campbell of “sexing up” the 10
was staying, March 27, at approxi- interviewed for six minutes on the Downing Street white paper.
mately 3:30 in the morning. When British Broadcasting Corporation July 8, 2003: Prime Minister Tony
LYM organizer called Jeremiah’s girl- (BBC) news show “Live Five.” Blair chairs a meeting at No. 10,
friend Maya Villanueva in Paris, short- LaRouche is introduced as a leading where it is agreed that Dr. Kelly’s
ly after Duggan left the apartment, to critic of the Bush Administration’s name will be released as the source of
see whether she had heard from him, Iraq war, and as a candidate for the the Gilligan story. Former U.S.
she cynically asked, “Is there a river 2004 Democratic Party Presidential Ambassador Joseph Wilson publishes
nearby?” Subsequently, both Erica nomination. an op ed in the New York Times
Duggan and Maya Villanueva have May 22, 2003: British Ministry of revealing, for the first time, that he
failed, notably, to mention Jeremiah’s Defence weapons scientist Dr. David was the emissary sent by the CIA to
diagnosed illness, fuelling the media Kelly meets with BBC journalist Niger in February 2002, to probe alle-
fraud about the role of the Schiller Andrew Gilligan at London’s Charing gations that Iraq had attempted to
Institute in his death. Erica Duggan Cross Hotel, where he allegedly tells purchase vast quantities of “yellow
has acknowledged to reporters that the journalist that 10 Downing Street cake” uranium, to produce nuclear
she, her divorced husband, and operatives, including Alastair bombs. His conclusion: There was no
Jeremiah, had undergone group coun- Campbell, “sexed up” the British gov- truth to the story.

July 11, 2003: Erica Duggan meets London, presides over the inquest. Symons at the Foreign Office. Symons
with the London Metropolitan Police, The British media claims that Dr. announces she will appoint a pro bono
to discuss the circumstances sur- Dolman has “rejected” the German international human rights lawyer to
rounding Jeremiah’s death. By this authorities’ view that the death was a work with the Duggan family, to pres-
time, she has been contacted by indi- suicide. Statements attributed to Dr. sure German authorities to reverse
viduals and groups affiliated with Dolman suggest that evidence was their assessment of the case.
American Family Foundation (AFF). presented at the inquest by AFF cir- April 21, 2004: BBC “Live at Five,”
July 12, 2003: The London-based cles, making wild charges that the the show that had twice interviewed
Guardian newspaper publishes the LaRouche organization is a dangerous Lyndon LaRouche a year earlier, runs
first smear story linking Lyndon cult, etc. British media coverage of the an interview with Erica Duggan and
LaRouche and the Schiller Institute to inquest includes interviews with Rudy Vis.
the suicide-death of Jeremiah Duggan. Dennis King and with Chip Berlet. May 6, 2004: Prime Minister Tony
The author of the story, Hugh Muir, (Berlet, former Washington, D.C. Blair provokes a fire-storm of protests
has, in the past, written stories based bureau chief of High Times magazine, by appointing John Scarlett as the
on information provided by so-called the semi-official publication of the new head of the British Secret
“anti-cult” groups affiliated with the drug legalization lobby in the U.S.A., Intelligence Service, MI6. Scarlett, as
AFF. was a leader of the National Student the head of the Joint Intelligence
July 15, 2003: Dr. David Kelly is Association during the late 1960s, Committee, was the principal author
called to testify before the Foreign when it was exposed for having of the Sept. 24, 2002 white paper
Affairs Committee of the Parliament. received CIA financing, in a Ramparts which lied about Saddam Hussein’s
July 17, 2003: Dr. Kelly leaves his magazine exposé.) ability to launch weapons of mass
home in Abingdon in Oxfordshire, Nov. 11, 2003: Wiesbadener Kurier destruction “within 45 minutes,” and
telling his wife he is going for a walk. publishes an article challenging the his efforts to obtain uranium in Africa,
His body is found the next morning by coverage in the British media, and for building nuclear bombs. Scarlett
local police. Prime MInister Blair defending the assessment of the worked closely on the dossier with top
announces the launching of a judicial Wiesbaden Prosecutor’s Office that Blair aides Alastair Campbell and Phil
review of the Kelly case, to be headed Duggan’s death was the result of sui- Bassett, the latter being the husband
by Lord Hutton. cide. Chief Prosecutor Dieter Arlet of Foreign Office official and Deputy
July 21, 2003: BBC airs a slander complains that it is “completely inex- Head of the House of Lords, Baroness
on LaRouche and the Duggan suicide plicable how such a characterization Liz Symons.
by Tim Samuels, under the headline, could get into the media.” A May 20, 2004: Corriere della Sera
“Mother calls for inquiry into son’s spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office Sunday magazine publishes a lengthy,
death.” reports that the German Federal vicious slander against LaRouche,
Aug. 29, 2003: Alastair Campbell Police (BKA) had found that the centered around interviews with Erica
resigns as head of the communica- British coroner’s inquest had been and Hugo Duggan, by writer Agostino
tions office for Prime Minister Tony closed, and that the British media cov- Gramigna.
Blair, denying that he is quitting over erage had misrepresented the findings May 23, 2004: Members of the
the death of Dr. Kelly. of Dr. Dolman. Arlet says that, based LaRouche Youth Movement, distribut-
October 2003: The American on the BKA inquiry, there are “no ing an “Open Letter to the Washington
Family Foundation holds a conference grounds for us to reopen the investiga- Post” by Lyndon LaRouche, in front of
in Hartford, Conn. Among the speak- tion.” the Washington Post building in down-
ers is Dennis King, longtime anti- Jan. 28, 2004: The Hutton inquiry town Washington, D.C., encounter
LaRouche operative. After working in issues its final report, totally white- Michael Winstead. Winstead had
the early 1980s as a paid propagandist washing 10 Downing Street’s role in briefly infiltrated the Baltimore chap-
for Roy M. Cohn, the former chief exaggerating the WMD dossier. ter of the LYM, only to abruptly leave
counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Feb. 12, 2004: BBC News airs fur- the group, and circulate a series of
King was bankrolled by the neocon- ther slanderous coverage of the slanders. Accompanied by a
servative Smith Richardson Foun- Duggan affair by Tim Samuels. Washington Post photographer,
dation to write a booklength slander Feb. 25, 2004: A meeting takes Winstead boasts to LYM organizers
of LaRouche in 1989. During the same place at the British Foreign Office that he is working for the Post on a
period, King’s pro bono attorney was between Erica Duggan and officials, forthcoming slander on LaRouche and
Steven Bundy, the son of McGeorge who set up a followup meeting with LYM, which will also heavily feature
Bundy. Baroness Symons. News of the the Duggan suicide. (When Winstead
Nov. 5, 2003: Coroner’s inquest planned Duggan-Symons meeting is departed from Baltimore, he left
into Jeremiah’s death occurs at leaked to the British press. behind a large collection of pornogra-
Hornsey Coroner’s Court. Dr. William April 1, 2004: Erica Duggan, Rudy phy, which he had downloaded from
Dolman, HM Coroner for North Vis, Lord Janner meet with Baroness the Internet.)