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1. A : Hai, Jane. How are you? B : .... how are you?

A : I’m OK.
a. How do you do? c. good morning
b. Fine. Thank’s. d. Yes, I’m
2. A : Jane, This is Romeo. Romeo, this is Jane. B : How do you do, Romeo?
C : ......
a. How are you, Jane? c. What do you do, Jane?
b. How do you do, Jane? d. I’m fine. Thank’s.
3. X : Excuse me. Do you know where Mr, Murphy’s house is ?
Y : ......
a. Oh, I see. Thank you. c. Which one? b.
B.You are welcome. d. Of course. It is in front of the fruit store
4. Sani : Adi, can I borrow your pencil? Adi : Sure, here it is. Sani : Thank you. Adi : ....
a. I’m sorry c. Thank you
b. Don’t mention it d. Pardon
5. A : Do you like to play sport?
B : ……
A : What sport do you like?
B : I’m very fond of playing football
a. No, I don’t c. Yes, I’m fine
b. Yes, I like it a lot d. I can’t stand it
6. A : What do you think about my new dress?
B : …….It’s looks good.
a. I know c. I think
b. It’s good d. I think it’s a good idea

The Jackson Family

Mr. Jackson is an American teacher, but he lives and works in Denpasar. He teaches
English at SMP 8. He is a very good teacher. His students like him. His wife is an Indonesian.
She comes from Medan. They have one son and one daughter. The children go to a
primary school.
Mr. Jackson’s house is made of wood. It has five rooms: a kitchen, a bathroom, a
living room and two bedrooms. The Jacksons have a house maid to help Mrs. Jackson to do
the house work. The maid comes from Bantul.
7. What does the text mostly about?
a. Mr.Jackson’s wife c. Mr. Jackson’s work
b. The Jackson family d. Mr. Jackson’s maid
8. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To tell how The Jackson Family is
b. To describe the Jackson Family
c. To explain about Jackson Family
d. To entertain the Jackson Family
9. Where does the Jackson Family stay?
a. in Denpasar b. in Bantul c. in Medan d. in America
11. Mr. Jackson’ house has….
a. a kitchen an a private room
b. a living room and a garage room
c. a living room and a bathroom
d. a bedroom and a prayer room
12. Shop assistant :……..?
Aisah : Yes, I need two kg of orange
a. Can I help you? c. Do you help me?
b. Can you help me? d. What can I do for you?
13. We buy flower at…..
a. book store c. florist
b. fruit seller d. greengrocer
14. We buy medicine at….
a. drugstore c. grocery store
b. fruit seller d. greengrocer
15. What do you think of our new teacher ?
B : Well,…..She is a nice person
a. Really b. I think c. Do you like d. I don’t think so
16. A :Do you think lady gaga will come to Indonesia?
B:…………because the police doesn’t give permittion
a. Really b. I think c. Do you like d. I don’t think so
Where is the notice placed…
a. Classroom b. Street/Road c. Librari d. Mosque
Where is the notice placed…
a. Classroom b. Hospital c. Mosque d. School Canteen
19. ……is Lucy’s book
a. This b.These c. That d.Those
20. “Is ………your bag ? I found it under your car
a. This b.That c. Those d. These
21. Rearrange the words below into correct sentence
Are – my – table – the – on - books
a. My table the book are on c. the table my are on book
b. My book are on the table d. the book are my on
Today is my first day in my new house, my new house is quite big. There are
almost 6 poeple in my new house. The house building is a new with the facilities are
all modern.The house yard is on the right side in my house. There is the basketball
field in themiddle part of the house.It is surrounded by my room.livingroom and
22. What is the Title of the text ?
a. My house the big c. My house are big
b. My house is not big d. My new house is big
23. What is talking about text above ?
a. My holiday b. New basket ball field c..My new house d. My new live
24. We buy birthday cake at….
a. fruit seller b. drugstore c. bakery d. florist
To all students of SMP 1 Sungai Selan, every Saturday you must wear sport
clothes. The students who ignore this announcement will be given a sanction.
25. What is the topic of the announcement above?
a. Sport clothes of SMP 1 Sungai Selan.
b. A new regulation for students.
c. Students’ ignorance.
d. Students’ sanction.
26. Students will get punishment if they ….
a. come late
b. are absent
c. obey the new rule
d. don’t wear sport clothes
Dear Anita
Congratulation on your success in the poetry reading competition. You are the best. I
am proud of you.
27. What kind of text is it?
a. a greeting card c. a short message
b. a birthday card d. a condolence card
28. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to tell how to congratulation on success
b. to explain anita’s success
c. to congratulate on anita’s success
d. to describe anita’s success
29. Who send the card?
a. Anita c. Poetry competition
b. Harun d. Anita and Harun
30. Who won the poetry reading competition?
a. Anita c. Poetry competition
b. Harun d. Anita and Harun