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Ethics of
Bank Mandiri
• Individual Behavior
• Protecting of Bank Assets
• Conducting of the Bank's
• General Objective
• Basic Rules
• Duties, Responsibility,
• Composition, Structure and
Membership Requirements
• Work Produce
• Meeting of Organizing Policy
The main focus of the Bank
Mandiri CSR program is to
encourage growth in the level of
community welfare. Through the
implementation of a sustainable
CSR program, Bank Mandiri
wants to achieve business
success together with improving
the welfare of the Indonesian
CSR to Customers
CSR to Customers
Bank Mandiri throughout 2018 had implemented
various policies, including :
1. Customer Education, Mandiri utilizes
website www.bankmandiri.co.id and other
advertising media to deliver educational
materials abouts products and services
available in Bank Mandiri and also to
improve public financial literacy.
2. Mandiri Intelligent Assistant (MITA), is an
information service to customers based on
chat applications. MITA services are
believed to be able to accelerate and
facilitate customer interactions with banks.
CSR to Suppliers
“ procurement for one Mandiri”

To support the achievement of Bank Mandiri’s business
target through:
● provosio of goods and service in an effective and
timely manner,
● implementation of risk management principle and
good corporate governance.

● consolidated the procurement volume with
Mandiri Group.
● Improving the procurement competition by
adding more vendor and brand.
● Developing strategic partnership with vendors to
improve Bank Mandiri’s spirit of competition.
CSR to Suppliers
CSR to Employees
Commitment and Policy

Employees are vital assets of Bank

Mandiri. Therefore, employees’
interests are major priority to be
fulfilled. Bank Mandiri has a policy to
provide equal treatment for all
employees in terms of work
opportunity, remuneration, training,
and development.

Activity Employment Activity

Gender Equality in Work Opportunity

Bank Mandiri continuously provides equal
right and opportunity to work regardless of
differences in religion, ethnicity, race,
social status, skin color, gender, or
other physical traits.
Employees’ Well-Being Activity
The welfare of all employees has always been a matter of great concern to Bank
Mandiri. This is done so that synergies between employees and Bank Mandiri are
always established to create optimal work productivity. Employee welfare
improvement programs are provided by Bank Mandiri in both material and
non-material forms.
Complaint Channel
Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Mandiri aims to improve welfare and motivate employees so that it is expected to affect
employee productivity figures. Management of good health facilities by Bank Mandiri
throughout 2018 has had an impact on the
level of productivity of Bank Mandiri employees. In 2018 Bank Mandiri’s employee
productivity was recorded at IDR1,870.29 million per employee, increasing from 2017 which
was recorded at IDR1,854.89 million per employee.

Bank Mandiri’s commitment to treat the employees equally is also manifested by
providing opportunity to all employees to develop their careers in the bank by promotion.
Promotion of Bank Mandiri employees is performed in 2 (two) time cycles, namely Main
Promotion Cycle (MPC) and Secondary Promotion Cycle (SPC), under Talent Mobility
CSR to Environment
Bank Mandiri integrates the sustainable
development principles into various loan ORIENTATION
policies and programs, in line with Bank
Mandiri commitment to commencing the
pilot project of "First Movers on
Sustainable Banking".


Key success factors are those key elements
which are required for an organisation to
accomplish or exceed their desired
circumstances goals.
Success Key Key success factors of Mandiri are:
● Trustworthy
● Integrity
● Professionalism
● Customer Service Focus
● Trying to be the Best