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SimsVIP’s Sims 3 Island Paradise Game Guide

Text and pictures:


Graphic and design:


PDF version created:

July 2013

It is illegal to duplicate or copy this guide to other sites without prior au-
thorization. Any unauthorized use of this guide will result in legal action.

Copyright © 2011-2013 SimsVIP – All rights reserved

About Editors


Create a Sim
Hey everyone! My name is Alexis and I am the site owner
and editor for SimsVIP! I am a long time simmer, communi-
ty member, and I am also the one woman show who cre-
ates the text and photos for these awesomely free game


New Music
For you to be reading this here section, means that you

Genres &
are reading the PDF version of this guide. These wonderful
PDF versions of the Guide would not be available
without the help of our partner Petar over at SimHrvatska.

Enjoy the guide and thank you for your continued support.

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
Hey guys! My name is Petar (aka QueenPe) and I’m
the brilliant graphics designer for SimsVIP’s PDF Game
Guides! I’m located in the country of Croatia and I run an
Croatian Sims Fansite called SimHrvatska. I love The Sims
and spend many waking moments playing!

I hope you enjoy the game guide, and thanks for reading!

Building &
Resort New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death
New Features

New Game New Download

Options Notifications
When downloading items from The
This section includes details for all Sims 3 Store or Exchange, you will
new game options available with receive notifications in game of what
The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Images has started downloading.
have been sized down in most cas-
es, so click the images for a larger

New Online
Profile Gifts
When logged into your Sims 3 pro-
file in game, you can now send new
gifts to other players. These new
gifts range from messages in a bot- Moving to a New
tle, to several of the new collectible
shells. Gift away! Town or Within the
Current Neighborhood
If you are no longer satisfied living in
Only players who have the Sims 3
your current town, it’s time to move
Island Paradise installed, and regis-
outta there! The newest patch up-
tered, are able to send and receive
date has added the ability for Sims
these new items.
to move between towns, and their
current neighborhood, freely. The
game will auto-generate a pop up
upon loading your current game with
the option to move, but if you wish to
pass up the opportunity, you can use
the “Real Estate and Travel Servic-
es” via phone or computer at a later
When moving within neighborhoods
or to a new town, you will have the
option to pack up your furniture, or
sell it for what it’s worth. Any furni-
ture you take along with you when
moving will be found in your Family
Inventory for you to place in your
new home.
PLEASE NOTE Additionally, any Uncharted Islands

discovered within the game become
-Please note that all current wishes,
additional real estate for your Sims,
opportunities, and friendships out-
and are labeled as Private Lots.
side your household, will be wiped
Some of the Uncharted Islands are
when moving to a new town. If your
great for building large Resorts.

Create a Sim
Sim holds a job that is unavailable in
the new town, that too will be lost.
-If your Sims have any family in the -Any additional purchasable lots or
old town who are not in the current any lots that are available for pur-
household that is moving, the family chase, will contain a purple icon in
tree will be broken. map view.


New Music
-You can move into any of these

Genres &
-You can only move your Sims to
Expansion Pack and Store Worlds. other properties by using your phone
The Sub-hoods from World Adven- or computer.
tures are not included.
-Any additional lots purchased will
not stay with your Sim if they move
to another town. It would be a good

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
idea to sell the properties before


Purchasing Ad-

ditional Homes/
Sims can now purchase as many
additional lots/homes as they Management
please. Using your phone, select the Building &
“Real Estate and Travel Services” Resort
option to purchase any homes/lots
within your neighborhood. Sims can
move to these new homes within
their town, or just visit for the day.

These additional homes are labe-

New Town &

led as Private Lots, and no other


Townies will be able to occupy them.

Even though your active household
can move to these additional lots
and continue living as they did previ-
ously, these lots also offer the ability
to be converted into Resort Lots for
New Woohoo

& Death
Placing Lots lower the terrain into the water,
allowing you to build directly in the
Partially on water. Using the newly added Stilted
Water Foundations, you can lay the base
for your home, and let the building

Island Paradise has opened certain

areas of the immediate beachside For the less than advanced user out
for placing lots. Using the world there, there is an easy way to get
editor option in Edit Town mode, you the “in the water” feel when plac-
can place new lots in the water, so ing a home directly onto the “in the
long as there is some attachment to water” lot. Unlike when using stilted
land. This option is available for both foundations to build, when you place
Residential and Commercial lots, a pre-built home on stilted founda-
and to make life easier, you can also tions, onto a partial water lot, the
use the new Stilted Foundations to terrain will raise up and above the
build lots directly into the water. water.

However, when using the “Lower

Terrain” and “Soften Terrain” tools,
the terrain can be pushed back into
the water giving you that “in the
water” feel.

Please note that the home/build-
Stilted ing must be first created on stilted
Foundations foundations for this function to work

Houseboat Ports
Ports are the building blocks of a
houseboat. Before you can begin
your journey on the open seas, you
will need to gain access to a port.
For the advanced builder, the new Isla Paradiso has plenty of pre-
Stilted Foundations offer a way to made ports around town, however,
build directly in the water! When you can build your own ports from
placing a new lot partially in the wa- scratch in any town using the Stilted
ter, the game will automatically lower
Foundations. Additionally, you can -If you have The Sims 3 Pets Ex-

save any of the pre-made ports to pansion Pack installed, all pets can
the neighborhood bin via Edit Town board houseboats and set sail with
Mode, and then place them on lots your household. Keep in mind that
in other worlds. Horses require plenty of room to sat-

Create a Sim
isfy their needs, so confining them to
By placing lots partially into the a houseboat is not an ideal situation.
water, and using stilted foundations
to build a port, creating a houseboat -Houseboats do not Sink & are not
port is fairly simple for the advanced vulnerable to the Kraken
user. For those who would like a
clear step by step guide to building
ports for houseboats, check out In order to move onto a houseboat,

SimGuruGraham’s guide. it is required that you select a port

New Music
Genres &
first. You can move onto any of the
CLICK HERE FOR pre-made ports with houseboats, but
SimGuruGraham’s you can also build your own house-
boat from scratch, so long as you
Port Building Guide
have selected a barge or bow for
the port. To place a barge or bow to

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
allow for a houseboat, click the “Set
Houseboat” option on a port in Edit


The following boat types and siz-

es are available for placement on

♦ Barge, Small – 10×8 (Free)

Living on
Why stay cooped up in a house on Building &
land, when there is plenty of ocean Resort
to be sailed? Sims now have a new
mobile residence to enjoy right on
the water. Living in a houseboat
♦ Barge, Medium – 15×10 (§3000)
bears the same responsibilities of
any house on land, but there are
plenty of perks living on the high
New Town &


-Houseboats can be built and placed
in any Custom, Store or Expansion
Pack World.
New Woohoo
& Death
♦ Barge, Large – 20×15 (§5000)

Any houseboat that you build can

♦ Barge, Narrow – 20×6 (§6000) be saved into the neighborhood bin
for use on any other port, in any
other world. If you are not the build-
ing type, you can save any of the
already placed houseboats of Isla
Paradiso to the neighborhood bin, or
place any of the 5 pre-made house-
boats onto ports large enough to
occupy them.
♦ Curved Bow, Narrow – 14×6
(§8000) Boat Helm
Boat Helms are the nautical steer-
ing gear of a houseboat, and are
required on any houseboat in order
to navigate the seas. Only one helm
can be placed on houseboats.

♦ Curved Bow, Wide – 12×8


The available options on a boat
helm are:

Once you have selected your barge ♦ Move Houseboat – This option will
or bow, you can begin building your direct you into Map View to select an
own unique home. Similar to homes area of the town you wish to move
on the water via stilted foundations, to.
a boat barge/bow lays the founda-
tion for you to build. The possibilities ♦ Change Port – This option directs
are as endless as building a home you into Map View to select an emp-
on land. ty port to dock the houseboat on.
This will then change your perma-
nent port location.
♦ Abandon Port – This option allows The following community lot types

you to abandon the current port your cannot be placed on a boat barge/
houseboat occupies. Essentially, this bow:
allows Sims to live in the open sea
with no connection to land whatso- ♦ Beach

Create a Sim
ever. You can select a new port to
dock at at any time. ♦ Horse Ranch

♦ Return Houseboat to Port – This ♦ Equestrian Center

option takes the houseboat back to
the port you occupy. ♦ Diving Lot

In addition to the above interactions, ♦ Port


New Music
Genres &
Sims who level up in their Handi-
ness Skill will be able to upgrade This section details the basics of
the helm to allow for a faster boat houseboats, however, there are
speed, autopilot, and a foghorn. plenty of other questions you may
have. SimGuruGraham has created
♦ Upgrade Foghorn (Level 1 Hand- an entire Guide on houseboats, and
iness) – Upgrade the foghorn for a

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
it is well worth a read.
brand new “Blow Foghorn” interac-

♦ Upgrade Engine Speed (Level 4 SimGuruGraham’s
Handiness) – Upgrade the Engine Houseboat Q&A
Speed for a brand new “Engine
Speed: Fast” option.

♦ Upgrade: Autopilot (Level 7 Hand-
iness) – Upgrade the boat helm to Service Boats
Autopilot for a cruise on the seas
that requires minimal attention.

Building &

While you’re out at sea, business in

the service world resumes as usual.
You can call for any services just as
New Town &

Houseboats are not confined to res-


idential lots only. Nearly every type you do on land, the only difference is
of community lot in the game can that they come out to you via boat.
be created on a houseboat with the Children who are out at sea will be
exception of a few. picked up by a Boat Taxi for school
every day.
New Woohoo
& Death
Positioning Homes/ New Greeting
Buildings on Lots Sims Child through Elder can now
greet Sims with a brand new Greet-
ing: The Shaka Brah!

You are no longer restricted to

homes and buildings that are placed
smack dab in the middle of a lot. Play in the Ocean
If you would like your home to be
positioned in the left corner of lot, Sims of all ages can enjoy them-
it’s possible. If you want the town’s selves using the “Play in Ocean”
school to be positioned on the right interaction in shallow waters. Tod-
corner of a lot, it’s possible! When dlers will need help from adults, but
placing a new building on a lot, the either way, the shallow waters of the
new positioning controls will appear Ocean are great for play time!
on the lower right-hand corner.

This option can only be used if
there is enough room to position
the building/home elsewhere on the
lot. Additionally, this option is better
utilized when used with a lot that
is much larger than the size of the
building/home. Relax on a Beach
The following lot rotations are avail- The Sims 3 Island Paradise includes
able with this new option: a brand new relaxation interaction
for Sims. Click any flat surface
♦ Back Left Corner around town, select the “Relax Here”
interaction, and Sims will pull out
♦ Back Center Edge their Beach Towels to relax. Sims
can flip between stomach and back,
♦ Back Right Corner turn on the music, place an umbrel-
la, read a book, or take a long nap.
♦ Right Center Edge

♦ Front Right Corner

♦ Front Center Edge

♦ Front Left Corner

♦ Left Center Edge

If you have The Sims 3 Seasons
Expansion installed, Sims will get
suntans and sunburns while laying
out on beach towels without an um-

Create a Sim

Play in Sand/Build-
ing Sandcastles
Sims as young as Children can now
(Teens-Elder) use the new “Splash” interaction on


New Music
Genres &
other Sims in the ocean. Be pre-
Building Sandcastles on sandy ter- pared though. What goes around,
rain or sandboxes was a children’s comes around!
feature introduced with The Sims
3 Generations Expansion. While
Sandboxes are still exclusive to Chil-
dren, Island Paradise has unlocked

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
the “Play with Sand” & “Build Sand-

castle” interaction on sandy terrain
for Sims Teen through Elder.

When Sims play in the sand, they

begin increasing their Hidden Sand-
box Skill. The more they play, the Play with
more sandcastle options become

available for them to create. There
are four Hidden Sandbox Skill lev-
els, each unlocking new sandcas- The new waterfall objects included
tles. with Island Paradise, offer a new
“Play with Waterfall” interaction for
Sims. This interaction brings a pos-
The following Sandcastle types are
itive mood boost to Sims enjoying a
available when increasing the Hid-
dip in the pool.
den Sandbox Skill:
Building &

♦ Best Budies – Levels 1 – 4

♦ Sand Man – Levels 1 – 4
♦ Pail Presidio – Levels 1 – 4
♦ Starfish – Levels 1 – 4
♦ Outpost – Levels 1 – 4
New Town &

♦ Octopus – Levels 2 -4

♦ Whale – Levels 2 – 4
♦ Castle – Levels 3 – 4
♦ Freezer Sand Bunny – Level 4
♦ Fancy Castle – Level 4
New Woohoo
& Death
Vacations Mosquitoes
With Resorts added to the game,
Sims can take time off to go on
vacation. Sims do not head off into
nowhere-land, but instead, check
into a resort and enjoy the time off.
Children and Teens need not attend
school, and Adults get to take some
time off work.
Although very rarely encountered,
these blood sucking pests are defi-
nitely a nuisance. Sims who are
bitten by mosquitoes will suffer a
blow to their mood by the “Mosquito
Bite” moodlet (-50). Sims who want
to avoid being bitten can purchase
mosquito repellent from the recep-
tion desk at a resort, or a grocery
store, then spray themselves and
Becoming Seasick others. Mosquito repellent is good
for up to 6 hours.
Left, right, side to side! Not every
Sim has a strong enough stomach
for the motion of the ocean. Sims
who are affected by the motions of a
water craft will have a few mishaps
here and there.
Creating Dive section will provide some examples

of other items you can use to really
Lots set up a unique look to your Diving
This portion of the guide has been written
exclusively for SimsVIP’s Island Paradise Game

Create a Sim
Guide by community member Weealbet. All
images and text for the guide below are property Basics
of Weealbet, and are copyrighted by SimsVIP in
this guide. Any unauthorized use of the guide or
images will result in legal action.

Go into ‘Edit Town’ from the
Options menu in the lower left
Copyright ©2011-2013 SimsVIP – All rights
reserved hand corner.

One of the new game features

New Music
Genres &
introduced in The Sims 3 Island
Paradise expansion pack was the
ability for Sims to go scuba diving,
allowing them to interact with the
world of Isla Paradiso. Unfortunate-
ly, this new feature was designed

Scuba Diving
to be exclusive to the new world of

& Lifeguard
Isla Paradiso. While Sims were able 2
Bring up the Cheat Console

to go snorkeling in the sea of other (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C
Worlds, they were not permitted to simultaneously). Enter the following
go scuba diving due to the lack of three cheats separately:
the ability to place Diving Areas in
other Worlds. a. testingCheatsEnabled True
b. buyDebug on
c. enableLotLocking on

The following information is a step-
by-step guide which will allow you to
place fully functional Diving Areas in
other Worlds besides Isla Paradiso.
The world used in this guide is Sun-
set Valley, but it is possible to have
Diving Areas in other Worlds too.

One of the interesting aspects of

Building &
Diving Areas in other Worlds is how
the sea of each World has its own
atmosphere, allowing you to fully
unleash your creative pallet in order

You next want to go into
World Editor Mode. This is
to seamlessly build Diving Areas in found in the lower left hand corner
your favorite World. next to the Options button.
New Town &

Over the course of this tutorial, you

will learn the basic steps required
to include Diving Areas into your
Worlds. Once you feel comfortable
with setting up a Diving Area and
have them functioning, you may
New Woohoo

want to see what else you can do

& Death

with them. The Advanced Class


Pick any size lot that you
wish. Although it is suggested

You want to hit the ‘Select’
button on your Control Panel
that you use at least a 40 x 40 lot. (it looks like an arrow).

Try to place the lot. The grid 9

Click on the Map Tag of the
lot. This will bring up the In-
will be green when you have formation Box above.
found a valid location. Then place it.

If you are seeing a red grid, 10

Click on the Change Lot Type
button. This will bring up the
move the lot around until you
Change Lot Type box.
can find a valid location to place it.


Once it has been placed, you
will see something that looks

You want to select ‘Communi-
ty’ and then click on the
like this: ‘Change Lot Type’ bar below that.
This will produce a pull down,
When you are in Build/Buy

scroll menu. Scroll down to Mode, you will see that what
the bottom and select ‘Diving Area’ should be the sea bed has turned
Once you have clicked on that, you into a square island
will see the following:

Create a Sim
To fix this, click on Terrain


New Music
Genres &
Tools, and then click Flatten

Click OK. You will then
receive a pop up saying:

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard

Your screen should now look
like this. Go down a floor and
pan your camera around.
Click OK to make this box go

Building &

There will be a couple of Resort
graphical abnormalities. This

You have now turned the
lot into a Diving Area. Enter
is normal for what we are doing and
is easy to fix. Return to Edit Town
Build/Buy Mode from the Lot Win- and save your game and return to
dow. It may take a few moments to the Main Menu (where you load up a
load, this is completely normal. save or start a new game). Load up
New Town &

the save you have just come from.

New Woohoo
& Death

You will arrive back to Edit
Town (if it loads your last

You want to go to Misc.
Objects (the final tab)
played family, go to Edit Town now). and select the Scuba Buoy. Go up a
Go back to the area you placed your level and place it on the surface of
Diving Area lot, select it and enter the sea.
Build/Buy Mode again. Go down
a level and pan your camera, you
should see something similar to this:


Open the cheat console,
enter BuyDebug, go into Buy
Mode, Sort by Function, then select
Debug. If you have never used the
Buy Debug cheat before, you will
notice that a new tab has been add-
ed to your menu, which looks like

You should notice that it
appears to be ‘sitting’ on the
this: surface of the water (like placing a
basket ball on the floor). For anima-
tions to look right, we need the ball
section of the buoy to be half sub-
merged in the sea. The easiest way
to do this is to pan your camera over
the Scuba Buoy so you have a bird’s
eye view of it, like so:


Once you enter Debug, go
to Filter Content By and scroll
down until you reach the icon for
The Sims 3 Island Paradise. This
will make finding the items you need
a lot simpler.


Go down a level and you will
go almost directly below the
Scuba Buoy. You want to go back to
Build Mode and then Terrain Tools
and select Lower Terrain.
Click the Hand Tool and go

to the surface of the sea.
Grab the Scuba Buoy and move it
slightly and release it.

Create a Sim
Perform a couple of clicks
at the area you think is under
the buoy. You want to create a rela-
tively shallow ditch like so:

You may have noticed that

New Music
Genres &
the item ‘dropped’ slightly.
To check that the ball section is half
submerged, tilt your camera and
have a look at the water line. You
want your Scuba Buoy to be the
same height as below. If it isn’t, go

Scuba Diving
down a level and try lowering your

& Lifeguard
terrain or making the area you low-

ered larger.
You then want to use the
Level Terrain tool and create
a relatively large, flat ditch, like so:


If you wish to have some
surface sharks swimming
around your Diving Area, or even

some fish spawners so your Sims

Building &
can fish above the Diving Lot while
they are in their boat. Go down a
level and use the Level Terrain tool
to bring the whole sea bed down a
little. You should have something
which looks similar to this:
New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death

Go back up a level and go
to Buy Mode, Debug and go
Congratulations! You have made
it past all the tricky parts! I would
to the Fish Spawners tab. You will recommend at this point that you
notice some large white boxes. The save your game. You may also wish
boxes to the right of the highlighted to check that the animations are all
one below are meant to be placed at the correct height, i.e. Sims and
in Ocean water (like what you are boats sit on the surface of the water,
building in now). The animations as do any spawned fish/sharks and
of the fish react the same way to any ripples your Sims and boats
the Scuba Buoy to the water level, make.
which is why you lowered the entire
lot. This will allow you to spread your If you do check the animations
desired fish around the lot without now, it will save you having to mess
the animations playing higher than around with the terrain again after
the sea level. you have decorated your lot. You
may notice a slight ‘jump’ as your
Sims and boats travel over the lot
boarder. This is normal and does
NOT have any effect on the game.
Sims will function the same after it.
As you continue to build your own
custom Diving Area’s, you will find
that you don’t have to send a Sim to
check the height.

If you want to have sharks
spawn on the surface of the Take care from this point forward! If
sea, go to Buy Mode, Debug and go you go to the surface and move the
to the Fish Spawners tab. Go to Fil- Scuba Buoy or any of your selected
ter Content and filter it by The Sims Spawners, you WILL have to change
3 Island Paradise. This box is the the terrain height again! This is quite
Surface Shark Spawner. Select this troublesome once you have edited
and place it next to the Scuber Buoy. the terrain to your desired shape
There are two Shark Spawners, one and started placing items. Simply
is intended to go on the surface, the pressing the Undo button will NOT
other is intended to go under the fix the animations. A vague disclaim-
sea. Take care to read the name er is no one’s friend
before you select it.

You will now have a blank
canvas like this, with which
you can now edit to your heart’s
desire! You can sculpt and paint the
terrain too! The Terrain Tools will
function exactly as they do when
you are building on land. All the
terrain paints that you can normally
use on land are also available to you
here. You can be as adventurous as

With your desired spawners
in place, you now want to
you like with these – hills and ditch-
es will not cause problems for your
go back down a level, go to Terrain Sims to move in. They appear to
Tools and select Flatten Lot. This will stay a set distance over the sea bed
bring the lowered terrain to the same and will follow the contours of the
level as the edges of the lot. land!
With the exception of the

Rocks and Caves, everything
is fully customisable using the Cre-
ate a Style tool! This can be useful
if you are trying to obtain a specific
look and feel to your lot. For exam-

Create a Sim
ple, if you are building in Bridgeport,
you might not want the local fauna to
be so bright and colourful.


New Music
Genres &
You will also find more underwater
items (such as the sunken boat and

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
anchor) if you go into Build Mode,

Community Objects, Misc. Objects
and use the filter for The Sims 3 Is-
land Paradise. Again, these are fully
customizable too!
So, you’ve sculpted the per-
fect dive spot? But now you
want some fauna to include? You

are in the right place! Back in Buy
Mode, Debug, and Underwater
Objects you will find a while host
of maritime objects. At this stage, I
would suggest you open your cheat
bar and use the Move Objects On
(MOO) cheat. This will help you to

bunch up some items if you want. Or

Building &
overlap some.

The final item that you may
wish to include is the Treas-
ure Chest! There are two variations
of the Treasure Chest. We want to
grab the one called ‘Treasure Chest
– Water’. Place it on your lot some-
New Town &

where (be mindful that you leave


enough space so your Sims can get

to it and use it). If you want to place
caves and treasure chests, we have
to set them up. We will focus first
on the Treasure Chests, then the
New Woohoo
& Death

Next we want to set a Diving
Skill level so your Sims can
open it. Open the menu and select
the Set Required Skill Level… op-
tion. Here we want to insert a value
between 0 – 10. Here is where you
can be as harsh or as kind to your
Sims as possible. While it is com-
pletely possible for you to assign

If you hold down the Ctrl +
Shift keys (simultaneously) on
the highest value treasure with the
lowest required Diving Skill, I would
your keyboard and then click on the suggest that you make the higher
chest, you will be presented with the value treasure have a higher re-
following menu interactions. Only quirement. This will keep it balanced
two of these interactions are of use and will help you to feel as if your
to us, the Assign Treasure… and Sims are accomplishing something.
Set Required Skill Level… It doesn’t
matter which of these you do first.


Next we are going to discuss
the caves. Again, if you Ctrl

If we select the Assign
Treasure… interaction, the + Shift + Click on them, you will see
following box will appear. This will the following options. Like the Treas-
allow you to select which treasure ure Chest, we are only interested in
is in the chest. By default, the chest a few interactions. These are the Set
is using the top choice. Feel free to Travel Destination, Set Scuba Skill
change it to any of the others in the Requirement and Set Name. There
menu. A little note, while it is possi- are two variations of the cave, but
ble to get the Map Pieces, they will they both function the same.
have no use outside of Isla Parad-
iso. ‘Raw RGM’ simply refers to as
raw rocks, gems and metals.
First, select the Set Name
42 44
Finally, to link the caves, you

interaction. This will allow have to select Set Travel
you to set a name for the cave. You Destination from the menu. In here
won’t see this name in the game, you want to type in the name of an-
but is instead used for setting up a other cave you have in your game.
‘cave system’ between other caves This will then allow Sims to exit out

Create a Sim
and Diving Areas. If you are going to of the linked cave. Easy!
be using more than one cave in your
World and want to be able to go into
other Diving Areas via a cave, give
it a name, but make it unique to the


New Music
Genres &

OK, so, we’ve created our
Diving Area, now it’s time to
bring it to life! If you have been
scuba diving in Isla Paradiso, you

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
may well have noticed the light rays

After you have given it a dancing around, the sharks, schools
name, you want to select of fish and collectable fish, shells
the Set Scuba Skill Requirement… and other items. This step is going
option. What this does is it sets a to tell you how to add these little
Scuba Skill level required for your details to your lot too!
Sim to be able to find the exit to an-
other cave within your World. Enter

a number between 0-10 and that will
set this up. You will get messages
in the game when you Sims explore
that they found a cave entrance, but
lack the required skill to go through.
Once your Sim is at or over that skill Management
level, they may find the entrance to
If you go to Buy Mode, Debug and
Building &
a connected cave. Resort
filter the content by The Sims 3
Island Paradise, then go into Fish
Spawners and Rock Spawners, you
will see a few items in each section.

There are several of these
New Town &

spawners, with varying


degrees of height. Drop the ones

you would like anywhere on your lot.
You will see that they look like big
boxes with rings. Don’t worry about
this, they will not be visible while you
are playing in Live Mode. There is
New Woohoo

also an Underwater Shark Spawner

& Death

in this section. If you want sharks to

swim about in your Diving Area, you
can place it. Be mindful though, as

An exciting (and much
requested) new feature of
there are two Shark Spawners. One The Sims 3 Island Paradise is the
is for the Surface, one is for under- introduction of the Mermaid/Merman
water. You want the underwater one: Life State. They require a different
diet to Human Sims, so it is only nat-
ural that there is a new harvestable
available for Diving Lots.


With the fish spawners
placed, you want to head into
the Rock, Gems and Metal Spawn- If you go to the Gardening tab of you
ers tab. In this section you will find Buy Debug menu, and filter the con-
the Bottle Spawner, Seashell and tent by The Sims 3 Island Paradise,
Bottle Spawner (of different rarities). you will find a single new item, the
Like the Treasure Chest, there are Harvestable Kelp. Place these about
two variations of these spawners – and your Sims can harvest them.
some are intended for land, others
for under water. You want the un-
derwater ones. Place the ones you 49

The final thing that you want
to add to you Diving Area is
want. the Fog Emitter item. You can find
this in Buy Mode, Debug, Misc.
Items. You do NOT want to use the
The Sims 3 Island Paradise filter this
time. It isn’t there. The item itself just
looks like a shiny green ball.


Once you place the fog emit-
ter on your lot and then Ctrl +
Shift + Click on it. You will be pre-
sented with the following options:
We are only interested in the
51 52
You are almost there! Well

Set Visual Effect… interac- done! Now we have just one
tion. Click it to bring up the following quick and final step to complete and
box: you can go play in your awesome
new Diving Area! You want to go up
a level to the surface and find your

Create a Sim
Scuba Buoy and Ctrl +Shift and
Click on it, this will present to you
the following interactions:

You want to insert the following into


New Music
Genres &
this box, EXACTLY as I have typed


Place another Fog Emitter on the lot

and type in the following:

Click on the Set Diving
Level interaction and you

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
will see the following options. While

ep10FishOceanOuterFC you can set the required Diving Skill
level to 0, you won’t be able to visit
Place another Fog Emitter on the lot it. Instead, select any of them from
and type in the following: 1 – 10.


Place another Fog Emitter on the lot
and type in the following:


Place another Fog Emitter on the lot Management

and type in the following:
Building &
Go into Edit Town, and click Resort
ep10MinnowSchoolC on the Map Tag. Select Edit
You should have a total of FIVE Fog
Emitters dotted around your lot. You
won’t see any of these effects until
you are in Live Mode. It may take a
New Town &

few days for a few things to spawn,


especially the rarer spawners.

New Woohoo
& Death

Give a name to your lot
and a description if you wish!
Click Save and you are done! Your
Diving Area is now complete! Con-
gratulations, you have done the
‘impossible’ and made a Diving Area
outside of Isla Paradiso!


To place these items, you
will need to use the Move
Objects On cheat. There are sev-
eral items which can give a certain
appearance to your Diving Area.
While testing this method in different
Worlds to find out which Worlds sup-
port Diving Area’s, it quickly became
apparent that Bridgeport shouldn’t
have pristine looking Diving Areas.
The Advanced Throw in a few loose toys, scrap
heaps and broken wagons and you
Class have the look of a trash filled river!


If you want to give your
diving area a truly unique
look, you can also mix in items from
the base game, expansion packs,
stuff packs and The Sims 3 Store.
You might be building a Diving Area
in Lucky Palms and consider the
rocks a bit too dark and out of place
for that world. In which case, add in
the rocks and boulders which came
with that World!

These additional items can be found

in Buy Mode, Debug, Misc. Objects.
If you would like to place rocks in
your Diving Area, you can do so
by accessing them via the Rocks
section in Build Mode. Even more
items can be found in Build Mode,
Community Objects, Misc. Objects.
You can assess this section through
A Word of Moonlight Falls – Yes

Isla Paradiso – Yes
Caution Sims University – Yes
Al Simhara – Yes
As expected, there are a few lim- Shang Simla – No
itations with having Diving Areas Champs Les Sims – Yes

Create a Sim
in other Worlds. These will be dis-
cussed below. While it is possible to
place normal, everyday objects such
Store Worlds
as chairs and beds under the water,
there is no way for your Sims to in-
Riverview – Yes
teract with them. But feel free to use
Barnacle Bay – Yes
them to further build on a particular
Hidden Springs – Yes

theme or style.

New Music
Genres &
Lunar Lakes – No
Lucky Palms – Yes
It is not possible to build any struc- Sunlit Tides – Yes
ture on Diving Areas. This includes Monte Vista – Yes
walls and fences. It is not advised Aurora Skies – Yes
that you save Diving Areas to the Lot Dragon Valley – Yes
Bin to share in other Worlds or with

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
other players. There is a problem

with the water level which causes Create a World (CAW)
Sims, boats, sharks, fish and the
Scuba Buoy to float several stories It is fully possible to create Diving
from the sea. Areas in custom Worlds when using
Create A World.
When Sims and Boats transition
over the edge of the Diving Lot, you

will notice a ‘jump’ in their animation.
They will come out of the water and
float for a second or two. This is
entirely normal and will not have any
negative effects on your game.

Compatible Worlds
Building &

Here you will find a list of Worlds

that this method has been tested in
and where it is or isn’t possible to
build Diving Areas.
New Town &

Base Game and Expansion

Pack Worlds

Sunset Valley – Yes

Twinbrook – No
Bridgeport – Yes
New Woohoo

Appaloosa Plains – Yes

& Death

Starlight Shores – Yes

New Game Plenty of Fish in the
Sea (Platinum)
Description: Have a
There are brand new Sims 3 Mermaid Baby
Achievements available with The
Sims 3 Island Paradise. When
Shark Shmark
completing certain actions within
your game, you can unlock special
badges to show off on your profile.
Description: Beat 3
Click the links below for a full list of
sharks in a fight

Born Explorer Sole Survivor

(Platinum) (Bronze)

Description: Find 5 Description: Make it

hidden islands across a scorching fire
walk pit
Hermit Crab
The World is Your
Oyster (Silver)
Description: Have a
single Sim household Description: Collect 25
move to a hidden island shells

Treasure Hunter
High-Class Hotel
Description: Open 5
Description: Run a 5
treasure chests
Star resort for 7 days

Juice Cruise
We’re Boat People
Now (Bronze)
Description: Throw 5
Description: Buy 5
parties on a house-

Lap of Luxury Who Keeps Send-

(Bronze) ing These? (Gold)

Description: Stay at a Description: Find 10

resort 5 times messages in bottles

Never Again

Description: Run a 0
Star resort for 7 days
FEATURES New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
Create a Sim Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
Create A Sim

Create a Ghost Create A Sim

Additions Fashions
If you have the Sims 3 Supernatural
& Sims 3 Island Paradise Expan- Female Adults/Elders – 9 Hair-
sions installed, “Death by Shark styles, 14 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 8 Out-
Attack”, “Death by Drowning While fits, 4 Swimsuits, 4 Accessories, 2
Scuba Diving”, & “Death by Dehy- Shoes, 5 Tattoos
dration (Mermaids)”, are new availa-
ble options when creating a ghost in Female Teens – 9 Hairstyles (Same
CAS. as Adult Females), 5 Tops, 1 Bottom,
2 Outfits, 1 Swimsuit, 3 Accessories,
1 Pair of Shoes

Female Children – 1 Hairstyle, 6

Tops, 1 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 1 Swim-
suit, 2 Accessories, 1 Pair of Shoes

Female Toddlers – 3 Outfits, 1


Male Adults/Elders – 7 Hairstyles,

11 Tops, 4 Bottom, 1 Swimsuit, 4 Ac-
cessories, 1 Pair of Shoes, 5 Tattoos

Male Teens – 7 Hairstyles (Same

as Adult Males), 4 Tops, 3 Bottom,
1 Swimsuit, 3 Accessories, 1 Pair of

Male Children – 4 Tops, 1 Bottom,

1 Swimsuit, 2 Accessories, 1 Pair of

Male Toddlers – 1 Outfit, 1 Acces-

NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management

New Costume
Resort Empire – To
New Traits become a true Hotel
Mogul, your Sim will
Loves to Swim – need to manage
These Sims are like employees, maintain
fish in the sea and gain a profit, and always satisfy patrons.
a special joy being in Once your Sim has created the per-
the water. fect resort empire, travelers from all
around will flock for a chance to stay
at your luxurious getaway.
Sailor –
Sailors love the open
(Own a 5-Star Resort and collect
sea and would much
40,000 Simoleons in Resort Profit)
rather be on a boat
than on land. Their
aquatic experience means they are
better at catching fish and are less Seaside Savior –
likely to get seasick. Anyone can be a
lifeguard, but a
Sim that rescues
Lifetime drowning Sims is a
true hero! Be a hero in your own
Wishes town.

(Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard)

Deep Sea Diver – The
bottom of the ocean
hides treasures and
creatures never seen
by land dwelling Sims.
Only the bravest and foolhardy
divers can survive the deadly deep
searching for underwater riches. Be
sure to bring your oxygen tank!

(Master the Diving Skill and Earn

40,000 Simoleons from selling Div-
ing Collectables)

Grand Explorer –
There are mysterious
lands yet to be charted
by any Sim. To find
them, your Sim must
set sail, brave the high seas, and
dive in the deepest oceans. Search
high and low for these uncharted
islands and claim them as your own!

(Own all Uncharted Islands)


Strong Stomach
(2,000) - Nausea and
seasickness are a thing of
the past!

Lungs of Steel (15,000) -


New Music
Genres &
Go Scuba Diving without the
fear of running our of air.

Hotel Mogul (15,000) -

Learn to squeeze every
ounce of profitability out of

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
your resorts. Moguls receive a bo-

nus on all resort income.

Mermadic Kelp (25,000) -

Gives you a bite-sized bit
of Mermadic Kelp strong
enough to bring out the fish in any

Uncharted Island Map
(25,000) - If there’s an
Uncharted Island to be
found, this map will surely reveal it.
Building &
Friend of the Kraken Resort
(30,000) - The fearsome
Kraken bows to your will!
Boats that you are on will never be
targeted by the Kraken. You can
also order the Kraken to wreak hav-
oc on any boat that you wish.
New Town &

Permanent Mermaid (5,000

– Can only be purchased
by Mermaids) - Your
Mermaid Sim no longer needs fre-
quent swimming sessions in order to
maintain their fish-like features.
New Woohoo
& Death
New Music Genres &
New Music ♦ Scallop Shell (Common)

Genres ♦ Shark Tooth (Extraordinarily Un-

usual) – Shark Teeth can also be
obtained by winning a shark fight in
underwater dive lots.
Beach Party
♦ Message in a Bottle (Common) –
Contains Riddles & Random Text.

Island Life ♦ Message in a Bottle (Uncommon)

– Contains Map Fragments that
can be used to unlock an uncharted

♦ Message in a bottle (Extraordi-

New narily Unusual) – This message in
Collectibles a bottle unlocks Plumbob Island - a
hidden uncharted island - which
contains a treasure chest with the
Sea Shells/Messages “Evolution of the Plumbob” Painting.
If found, this painting can be sold off
in a Bottle for more than 12,000 simoleons.

The new Sea Shells and Message

Bottles can be found while Snorke-
ling, on the bottoms of the ocean
floor while Scuba Diving, laying in
the sand on the beach, or waiting
to be discovered inside Treasure
Chests. Each new collectible ranges
from Common to Rare.

♦ Abalone Shell (Uncommon) Sea Life

♦ Ancient Fish Fossil (Rare)
The new Sea Life can be found
swimming or crawling in the un-
♦ Clam Shell (Rare)
derwater Dive Spots while Scuba
Diving. These fish do not raise the
♦ Conch Shell (Uncommon)
Fishing Skill as you cannot use bait
to fish for them. Each new collectible
♦ Cowry Shell (Common)
ranges from Common to Rare.
♦ Nautilus Shell (Uncommon)
♦ Anemone (Common) New Drinks/Food

♦ Eel (Rare) The resorts of Island Paradise
include two new exclusive “Food
♦ Hermit Crab (Uncommon) Stands”. The new food stands are
also accompanied by brand new

♦ Octopus (Uncommon) food and drink items exclusive to the
food stand.
♦ Sea Horse (Rare)

♦ Sea Polyp (Common)

♦ Sea Urchin (Common)


♦ Squid (Uncommon)

The following new drinks & food

items are available with the food

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
♦ Coconut Juice

♦ Pineapple Juice

Kelp ♦ Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Kelps are large seaweeds that only

grow underwater, and are the pre- ♦ Cuban Sandwich
ferred meal for Mermaids. Kelp can
be purchased at the local grocery ♦ Fried Plantains
store, or harvested in underwater
lots. Kelp cannot be planted by any
Sims, and offers no benefits to any- The Food Stands dish out three
one but the Mermaid. levels of food quality: Low, Medium

& High. Depending on what setting

Building &
the resort’s food stand is set to,
depends on which of the new food
items appear. Additionally, if you
have any other Sims 3 Expansion
Packs installed, more food dishes &
drinks will be available.
New Town &

Mermadic/Magical Kelp that turns
regular Sims into Mermaids, can
only be obtained by asking a Mer-
New Woohoo

maid about “their fish parts”, or as a

lifetime reward.
& Death
Magical Gnome
Mr. Mariner Gnome – The Mr. Mar-
iner Gnome can be found while
snorkeling, scuba diving in underwa-
ter caves, or seen hiding among the
sea life of the ocean floor.
NEW GENRES & Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM COLLECTIBILES & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects & Death
Career Management
Scuba Diving &
Lifeguard Career
Lifeguard will auto-notify you of your next
beach station, but you can also head
Career into map view to view that day’s
Need a job that will make you look
and feel like a hero? If rescuing
drowning Sims and applying CPR
to Sims that are in need seems
appealing, then look no further.
The Lifeguard Career is for Sims
that are looking out for the safety
of others against the ferociousness
of the ocean waters. Sims who are
interested in this beach side career, A day in the life of a Lifeguard
should head to City Hall and apply. consists of saving drowning Sims,
performing CPR, making sure no
one dies, and sometimes just relax-
ing. To ensure your Sim is attentive
to the lives of swimmers, be sure to
use the “Survey” interaction on the
sandy beach, or in the Lifeguard’s

The main responsibilities of a Life-

guard are to work on the Charisma
and Athletic Skills, and save Sims
from drowning. As they succeed in
these areas, they will work their way
to a promotion. This career pays ex-
tra for each life saved (on top of your
weekly pay), so it is in your best When surveying the beach, Sims
interested to save as many Sims as who need help in the water will
possible. As your Sim is promoted display an Orange Lifeguard Cross
within this career, they will unlock above their head. There are days
special interactions, and receive when no one’s life will be in danger,
more money for each saved life. but there are some days you may
have two or more Sims drowning at
Lifeguards are on Duty Monday,
once. When you see Sims in need of
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
help, click them and use the “Res-
from 10am to 6pm. When Lifeguards
cue” interaction. Your Sim will head
are on the clock, they will be as-
into the water to help them out.
signed to survey specific beaches
around town each day. The game
While some Sims actually need

CPR, others just want a piece of the
Lifeguard! Townies who are pres-
ent at the beach may sometimes
“fake” passing out in order to re-
ceive attention from the Lifeguard.

You will know who the fakers since
they wear their everyday outfits, and
Rescue Sims in the order that keep lifting their head every so often
they fall into the water! to see where the Lifeguard is. They
will compliment too!
Once the Lifeguard has made it to a
drowning Sim in the water, they will


New Music
Genres &
provide them with a flotation device
that guides them back to shore.

Lifeguards have new socials availa-

ble when interacting with other Sims:

“Tell Rescue Story”, “Talk About
Beach Safety”, & “Boast About Be-
Depending on how long the drown- ing a Lifeguard”. As a Lifeguard ad-
ing Sims were in the water waiting vances in the lifeguard career, they
for your help, will depend on wheth- also unlock special interactions.
er or not they will need CPR once
CPR Dummy (Level 1) – Your Sim

they back on shore. Sims who are
still feeling a bit “under the water” is now part of a class of heroes.No,
will pass out on the ground and there are no powers involved but
await for a breath of fresh air. the job of saving lives makes one
a hero. Go to the Beach and look
out for Sims in need and keep the
PLEASE NOTE beaches safe. (Weekly Pay: §276 –
Sims who are not rescued in a time- Pay for each rescued Sim: §103)
Building &
ly fashion don’t typically die, how-
ever, they will have a few words (or Mouth Breather (Level 2) – Learn-
slaps!) for the Lifeguard. This also ing the basics of mouth to mouth is
results in a relationship dip. very important. You’re getting the
hang of it! Keep practicing, no mat-
Although the chances of this occur- ter how creepy your friends think
ring are slim, Sims who are strug- you’re getting! (Weekly Pay: §340 –
New Town &

gling in the water for a long period Pay for each rescued Sim: §127)

of time may die from drowning once

they get back on shore. This typi- Floatation Device (Level 3) –
cally happens to townies who have You’re as helpful as a water-wing,
depleted motives. or the seats of certain airplanes! It’s
a start, but no one’s called a seat
cushion “hero” recently. (Weekly
New Woohoo

Pay: §400 – Pay for each rescued

& Death

Sim: §150)
Beach Protector (Level 4) – Quite Professional Life-Saver (Level
a reputable Lifeguard: Rarely 7) – You’re fast becoming a pro at
asleep on the job, never distracted rescuing Sims in danger. You’ll give
by all the good looking folks on the them a breath they so desperately
beach…unless they’re currently need, then take it away again in
dying. (Weekly Pay: §520 – Pay for your efficacious style. (Weekly Pay:
each rescued Sim: §195) §1,132 – Pay for each rescued Sim:
§424 – Bonus: Demonstrate Mouth
Rapid Rescuer (Level 5) – With to Mouth with other Sims)
speed and aplomb you repeatedly At this career level, the “Demon-
pluck terrified swimmers from the strate Mouth to Mouth” interaction is
unforgiving waters. Soon you’ll be available when using the romantic
swimming in well earned respect. socials on other Sims. If your rela-
(Weekly Pay: §640 – Pay for each tionship with the receiving Sim is
rescued Sim: §240 – Bonus: Special not high enough, they will reject this
Lifeguard Beach Towel) social.
When using the “Relax” interaction
on the beach, Lifeguards now have
their own special towel decorated
with the Lifeguard Cross.

Eagle Eye (Level 8) – The lifeguard

chair as your perch, you watch the
seas like a hawk. You can spot a
Sim in distress from a mile away,
then cover that distance in no time
Buoyancy Virtuoso (Level 6) – A
flat! (Weekly Pay: §1,480 – Pay for
lifeline to all swimmers in distress,
each rescued Sim: §555 – Bonus:
weak or strong, you could drag an
Slow Motion Lifeguard Run)
entire baseball team to shore if you
needed to (Weekly Pay: §840 – Pay
for each rescued Sim: §315 – Bo- Have you ever watched the famous
nus: Wade and Swim Faster) “Baywatch” series? Your lifeguard
now has the ability to run in slow
Lifeguards will no longer tippy toe motion. It makes saving Sims a bit
into the water. Instead, they will more dramatic!
quickly wade and dive into the water
to save a life.
The Old Guard (Level 9) – You’re
Scuba Diving

a littoral superhero! With this much
experience under your belt, you
wouldn’t even be made fun of for
wearing a belt with your swimsuit!
(Weekly Pay: §1,840 – Pay for each

rescued Sim: §690)

The Bay Watcher (Level 10) – The

ultimate lifeguard. The only thing
that saves more skin at the beach
is sunblock! (Weekly Pay: §2,480 – The Sims 3 Island Paradise has
Pay for each rescued Sim: §930) opened up a whole new part of the

world to explore: Underwater Dive

New Music
Genres &
Lots. There are a total of 4 Diving
The game keeps tabs on each and spots in Isla Paradiso for Sims to
every Sim you rescue as a Life- explore: Rocky Reef, Davy Jones’
guard. Once your Sim has rescued Locker, The Mermaid Grotto, &
34 Sims, they will unlock the “Cay Pearl’s Deep. For the first time, Sims
to the City” Uncharted Island. Also, can Scuba Dive into the depths of

if your Sim has the “Seaside Savior” the ocean to find treasures, unchart-

lifetime wish and they rescue 50 ed islands, and sea life.

Sims, they will receive 30,000 Life-
time Happiness Points. Big rewards Access to these underwater worlds
for saving lives! does not come without effort. In
order for Sims to explore underwater
dive lots, they must raise their Scu-
ba Diving Skill. To begin increasing

the Scuba Diving Skill, Sims can
take a Scuba Diving Class (§400)
at the Science Facility, or “Snorkel”
their way up. Snorkeling can be
done in any body of water (or even a
pool), and Sims as young as chil-
dren can partake in this activity.
Building &
Resort New Town &

Children are not able to scuba dive
in underwater lots, but they will in-
crease their scuba diving skill when
New Woohoo

snorkeling. The scuba diving skill will

remain hidden from the skill journal
& Death

until they become teenagers.

While Sims snorkel in the water, ♦ Scuba Diving Level 8 – Once
they are likely to discover many of reaching level 8 of the Scuba Diving
the new sea shells and other col- Skill, Sims will be able to open and
lectibles. As their Scuba Diving Skill collect the treasure from one of two
increases, the chances are discov- “Mermaid Grotto” Treasure Chests.
ering rare collectibles increases as
well. The Scuba Diving Skill consists ♦ Scuba Diving Level 9 – Once
of 10 Levels, each unlocking new reaching level 9 of the Scuba Div-
abilities and underwater lots. ing Skill, Sims will unlock access to
“Pearl’s Deep” Diving Spot.
♦ Scuba Diving Level 1 – Once
♦ Scuba Diving Level 10 – Once
reaching level 1 of the Scuba Diving
reaching level 10 of the Scuba Div-
Skill, Sims will have an increased
ing Skill, Sims will be able to open
chance of finding new collectibles in
and collect the treasure from one of
the ocean while snorkeling.
two “Pearl’s Deep” Treasure Chests
and use the Cave in Pearl’s Deep to
♦ Scuba Diving Level 2 – Once
Unlock the Uncharted Island “Diver’s
reaching level 2 of the Scuba Div-
ing Skill, Sims will unlock access to
“Rocky Reef” Diving Spot, and can
now look for “Diving Jobs” at the
Science Facility, Restaurant, or City

♦ Scuba Diving Level 3 – Once

reaching level 3 of the Scuba Diving
Skill, Sims will have an increased
chance of finding uncommon collect- Want more? Level 10 Scuba
ibles in the ocean while snorkeling Divers get a special “Retro”
and scuba diving. Diving Suit!

♦ Scuba Diving Level 4 – Once As Sims raise their Scuba Diving

reaching level 4 of the Scuba Div- Skill, you will notice that the time
ing Skill, Sims will unlock access to spent underwater is limited. Unlike
“Davy Jones’ Locker” Diving Spot. Mermaids, regular Sims do not have
an unlimited air supply, and also
♦ Scuba Diving Level 5 – Skill Ad- require Depressurizing downtime
vancement when resurfacing.

♦ Scuba Diving Level 6 – Once When Sims Scuba Dive, a number

reaching level 6 of the Scuba Div- of moodlets appear to inform you of
ing Skill, Sims will be able to open how long your Sim’s air supply will
and collect the treasure from one of last, and when they should resur-
two “Davy Jones’ Locker” Treasure face. As Sims increase their Scuba
Chests. Diving Skill they will receive more
time to swim underwater, and re-
♦ Scuba Diving Level 7 – Once quire less time to depressurize when
reaching level 7 of the Scuba Diving resurfacing.
Skill, Sims will unlock access to “The
Mermaid Grotto” Diving Spot.
The following moodlets appear when Death by

a Sim is Scuba Diving:
Running out of
Breathing Comfortably
– This moodlet Even the best of the best Scuba

indicates how long the Divers have their mishaps, and
air supply will last at running out of air is one of them. As
a comfortable level. The amount of Sims level up in the Scuba Diving
time a Sim is allowed underwater Skill, they receive more and more
varies from 3 to 7 hours, depending time to scuba dive before decom-
on the Sim’s Scuba Diving Skill. pressing. However, this doesn’t
mean they can stay underwater for-

ever. If a Sim ignores the “Gasping

New Music
Breathing Shallowly -

Genres &
for Air” moodlet, they will lose their
This moodlet breath and die.
indicates that the air
supply is below a
comfortable level, and Sims should
resurface as soon as possible. No
matter what Scuba Diving Skill Level

a Sim has, this is a warning to get

out. This moodlet lasts for 2 hours.

Gasping for Air – This

moodlet indicates that
a Sim has run our of
air, and needs to

resurface ASAP. The moodlet lasts
for 60 minutes, and if a Sim has not
resurfaced during the one hour time
frame, it will result in death.

Depressurizing – Sims PLEASE NOTE Management

who resurface before Mermaids have an infinite supply Building &
running out of air, will of oxygen, therefore will not die by Resort
need to depressur- running out of air
ize before re-entering the ocean’s
depths. The amount of time a Sim
must depressurize varies from 1 to
3 hours, depending on the Sim’s
Scuba Diving Skill.
New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death
Diving spots that require a higher
When Sims increase their Scuba Scuba Diving Skill contain more
Diving Skill to a level 2, they will valuable and rare collectibles. Any
unlock the ability to perform “Diving collectibles found underwater will be
Work” for extra simoleons. Diving placed in a Sim’s inventory.
Work can be found at City Hall, the
Science Facility, and at the local
Restaurant. These jobs act as op-
portunities, increase in difficulty as
Sims raise their Scuba Diving Skill,
Sharks are one of the many crea-
and when completed, rewards Sims
tures found in Underwater Dive Lots.
with a nice chuck of change and a
Newbie Scuba Divers will enter the
boost in the scuba diving skill.
water, see a shark, get scared, and
pee themselves. The active Sim
will then receive a 3 hour “Warm
Wetsuit” moodlet that makes them

Example Diving Work

Fish and
When Sims feel a bit more comforta-
Collectibles ble around sharks, they can “Watch
& Examine” them underwater. This
While scuba diving in the ocean’s action helps build the scuba diving
depths, there are plenty of fish and skill. During this time a shark will
collectibles to find. While Sea Shells swim around while your Sim follows
and Messages in a Bottle are much from afar. Sharks do not usually
harder to find underwater, fish and bother a Scuba Diving Sim that is
other sea creatures will almost al- watching, however, once in a while
ways be in plain view. When visiting your Sim will encounter a rowdy
any of the 4 dive spots in Isla Parad- one.
iso, there are a variety of fish and
collectibles to collect. Rowdy Sharks are very likely to
attack your Sims underwater while
being watched, and will attack a Sim
at a moments notice. The chances
of a shark attack grow significantly
if the active Sim has raw meats and
fish in their inventory. One of the fol-
lowing outcomes are possible during
a shark fight:

Dive Lots
Dive lots are the exclusive home to

underwater Scuba Diving and explo-
ration. There are a total of 4 Diving
spots around Isla Paradiso: Rocky
♦ Win the Fight – Sims who win a
Reef, Davy Jones’ Locker, The Mer-
shark attack will not only kill off the
maid Grotto, & Pearl’s Deep.
shark, but get to keep a Skark tooth
as well! Shark teeth are Extraordi-
narily Unusual to obtain, and are Each of these diving lots require a


New Music
Genres &
worth plenty of simoleons. certain Scuba Diving Skill level to
explore, contain unique treasures,
♦ Lose the fight (Mauled) – Sims and are also a great place to find
who lose a fight to a shark and many of the new collectibles. Below
manage to escape their sharp teeth, is a map of where each of the 4 dive
will end up with a negative 8 hour lots are located in Isla Paradiso.
“Mauled by a Shark” moodlet, and

deplete their air supply. Resurface


♦ Lose the fight (Death) – This sce-

nario is pretty much self-explanatory.

As mentioned in the previous sec-
tion of the guide, Scuba Diving is
only available to Sims who gain and
increase their Scuba Diving Skill.
Certain levels of the scuba diving
skill unlock the ability to dive in new
underwater dive lots, as well as

PLEASE NOTE give Sims the ability to open certain

Building &
underwater treasure chests. This
Mermaids are friends of the un- portion of the guide details each of
derwater creatures, and will not be the four dive lots.
attacked by, or die from, sharks.
Exploring the underwater dive lots is
safest as a Mermaid. PLEASE NOTE
Mermaids are automatically
New Town &

equipped with a level 10 in the Scu-


ba Diving Skill, and will have access

to all 4 Dive Lots and their treasure
New Woohoo
& Death
Underwater “Davy Jones’
Caves Locker” Diving Lot
All dive lots have underwater caves
for Sims to explore. Some offer ♦ Level 4 of the Scuba Diving Skill is
new exit routes, others lead Sims to required to access this dive lot.
uncharted islands, and sometimes
there’s a little something extra lurk- ♦ This lot can be accessed direct-
ing inside. Each of the underwater ly using the underwater caves of
caves also provide Sims the ability Rocky Reef.
to discover collectibles.
♦ There are (2) Treasure Chests in
this dive lot; One requires a level 6
in the Scuba Diving Skill to unlock.

♦ There is (1) Underwater Cave to


Treasure Chest #1 – This treasure

chest is unlocked to all Sims with
When Sims exit from their cave a level 4 Scuba Diving Skill, and
exploration, they may end up being contains §1000 simoleons, a Map
pulled back in by a Cave Monster. Piece, an Emerald, a Ruby, and 3
Cave Monster attacks are most pieces of Silver.
likely to occur after 9pm, and are not
deadly. Sims who are “Suckered”
back into the cave will receive a 5
hour negative moodlet.

“Rocky Reef”
Diving Lot
♦ Level 2 of the Scuba Diving Skill is Treasure Chest #2 – This treasure
required to access this dive lot. chest is unlocked to all Sims with
a level 6 Scuba Diving Skill, and
♦ There are (0) Treasure Chests in contains §1500 simoleons, 2 Conch
this dive lot. Shells, and 3 large Gold Ingots.

♦ There are (2) Underwater Caves to

explore; With a level 4 Scuba Diving
Skill, Sims can use the underwater
caves here to travel to “Davy Jones’
Locker” Dive Spot.
“The Mermaid “Pearl’s Deep”

Grotto” Diving Lot Diving Lot
♦ Level 7 of the Scuba Diving Skill is ♦ Level 9 of the Scuba Diving Skill is
required to access this dive lot. required to access this dive lot.

♦ There are (2) Treasure Chests in ♦ There are (2) Treasure Chests in
this dive lot; One requires a level 8 this dive lot; One requires a level 10
in the Scuba Diving Skill to unlock. in the Scuba Diving Skill to unlock.

♦ There are (2) Underwater Caves to ♦ There is (1) Underwater Cave to

explore explore. This Cave leads you to

“Diver’s Den” Uncharted Island.

New Music
Genres &
Treasure Chest #1 – This treasure
chest is unlocked to all Sims with Treasure Chest #1 – This treasure
a level 7 Scuba Diving Skill, and chest is unlocked to all Sims with a
contains §2000 simoleons, and 2 level 9 Scuba Diving Skill, and con-
Diamonds. tains §3000 simoleons, an Ancient
Fish Fossil, 3 pieces of Gold, and a
Luminorious Gem.

Treasure Chest #2 – This treasure
chest is unlocked to all Sims with a
level 8 Scuba Diving Skill, and con- Treasure Chest #2 – This treasure
tains §2500 simoleons, Tanzanite, a chest is unlocked to all Sims with
Map Piece, and 3 Large Palladium a level 10 Scuba Diving Skill, and
Ingots. contains §5000 simoleons, a Rain-
bow Gem, a Large Plutonium Ingot,
Building &
an Emerald, Mr. Mariner Gnome, a Resort
Ruby, and a Yellow Sapphire.
New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death
Underwater Cave – This underwater Abysmal Diver (Level 1) – Welcome
cave is unlocked to all Sims with a to the world of professional Scuba
level 10 Scuba Diving Skill. When Diving! Searching for underwater
explored, Sims can exit to, and dis- treasure is already an adventure in
cover, “Diver’s Den” Uncharted Is- itself. Now you can have a career,
land. This island is one of 8 unchart- and earn money doing it too! By sell-
ed islands to discover, and includes ing the shells, message bottles, and
a treasure chest that contains §1200 other sea life you find while diving,
simoleons, 1 piece of Gold, 1 piece you’ll be able to move up the ranks
of Iron, 1 piece of Palladium, and 1 in no time. (Funds to Promotion:
piece of Silver. §30)

Nautical Neophyte (Level 2) – You’re

starting to get your sea legs, in that
at this point they should be feeling
more like flippers than legs. Keep
diving and keep exploring! (Funds to
Promotion: §75)

Amateur Plunger (Level 3) – Collect-

ing plunders from the sea is get-
ting easier and easier. Remember,
the ocean is solvent, but can your
Self-Employed business be? (Funds to Promotion:
Scuba Diver Aspiring Aspirator (Level 4) – Deep-
er and deeper you go. That ocean
The professional Scuba Diver is not bed can be a bed of roses, or a
just diving for fun anymore. Now bed of nails depending on how you
they are on the hunt for rare treas- handle it. Stay vigilant! (Funds to
ures lost at sea. What hidden arti- Promotion: §1,000)
facts will your Sims find and collect?
By selling these finds, you will see Marine Major (Level 5) – You’re
your Sims promoted through the making a responsible living, and
diver ranks in no time. becoming quite an authority on the
sea. Don’t rise through the ranks too
If you have The Sims 3 Ambitions quickly; you won’t want to get the
Expansion installed, Sims with at bends! (Funds to Promotion: §2,500
least a level 1 in the Scuba Diving – Achievement Bonus: §500)
Skill can register as Self-Employed
at City Hall. They will need to com- Thalassic Veteran (Level 6) – As you
plete a series of diving challenges, get better at diving, your knowledge
collecting treasures to sell. This is a of the ocean increases. You’re the
freelance job with promotions, and type that can throw around terms
the only requirements are to collect like “thalassic” without consulting
sea shells, sea life, and messages in a thesaurus. (Funds to Promotion:
a bottle. §7,500)
Scavenging Scholar (Level 7) – In

this career, you’re only as good as
your last nadir. You’ve gone about
as low as one can, but there’s still
more to find down there! (Funds to

Promotion: §15,000 – Achievement
Bonus: §1,500)

Salvaging Shark (Level 8) – You are

one of the very best at extracting
valuables from the salty deep. In
fact, you could use the word “swag”
and be taken entirely seriously.


New Music
Genres &
Still…don’t. (Funds to Promotion:

Abyssal Diver (Level 9) – Your depth

in the diving field is matched only by
the depths you can actually descend
to. Others can only fathom the

fathoms you’ve crossed. (Funds to

Promotion: §60,000 – Achievement
Bonus: §2,500)

Honorary Mermaid (Level 10) –

You’re as comfortable under the
water as you are above it. You could
find Jacques Cousteau’s lost con-

tact lens at the bottom of the trench.
(Funds to Promotion: §80,000 –
Achievement Bonus: §5,000)

Building &
Resort New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death

Mermaids are the legendary aquatic Once you have greeted and be-
creatures of the open seas. They friended a Mermaid, they are auto-
can be recognized on land by their matically added to your relationship
scaly legs, or in the water by their panel. You will be able to speak to
long colorful fish tails. Mermaids them when running into them around
maintain basic needs just like reg- town or underwater, and are even
ular Sims, however, their Hygiene granted a special Mermaid Signal for
motive is replaced with the Hydra- when they’re nowhere to be found.
tion Motive. To maintain their aquatic
nature, mermaids must stay hydrat-
Clicking on their avatar via the rela-
ed at all times.
tionship panel will display the option
to “Signal Mermaid”. If the mermaid
is available, they will arrive as soon
as possible.

Mermaids can be found swimming in

the water, collecting kelp in the un-
derwater dive spots, and also enjoy-
ing a walk around town. Befriending
a mermaid is quite the simple task, Growing and maintaining a rela-
but becoming a mermaid requires a tionship with Mermaids requires the
bit of effort. same effort as any relationships with
non-Mersims. On land, there are
There are four ways to add a Mer- endless ways of growing your rela-
maid to your household: tionship with Mermaids. Underwater,
however, the interactions available
♦ Befriending a Mermaid and ask- between any Sims and mermaids
ing them to move into your Active are limited.
Only the following interactions are
♦ Becoming romantically involved available between Sims and Mer-
with a mermaid and trying for a baby maids while underwater:

♦ Purchasing Mermadic Kelp via ♦ Talk about Seashells

Lifetime Rewards ♦ Discuss Kelp Recipes
♦ Enthuse About Diving
♦ Asking a Mermaid “about their fish ♦ Talk About Fish
parts” while Scuba Diving underwa- ♦ Talk About Sharks
ter. ♦ Ask About Fish Parts
♦ Invite On Land
While underwater with a Mermaid,

Sims can invite them to spend some
time on land with them. Whether the
Mermaid accepts or declines, de-
pends on how high the relationship

between the two are. If the mermaid
accepts, he will hop on a boat and
sail back to land with you.
Not all Kelp received this way is
magical and mermadic. Sometimes
Sims will receive regular kelp that

only makes them nauseous. It is a

New Music
Genres &
good idea to use the “ask about fish
parts” social multiple times to ensure
you receive magical mermadic kelp.
If you manage to build your relation-
ship with a Mermaid into a Romantic Sometimes mermaids find this social
One, the options to Woohoo and Try offensive, and decline your request.

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
for Baby are available. If your Sim is This typically happens when the

ready to bring a Mer-Baby into the relationship has not exceeded at
world, get to woohoo-ing and hope least 70%. If the Mermaid carries
for the best! the “Evil” trait, they may even sum-
mon a shark. The shark will usually
just swim around a Sim (sometimes
scaring them enough to pee them-
selves) but if your Sim is carrying

lots of raw fish, the chances are a
shark attack rise significantly.

PLEASE NOTE Management

When a regular Sim and a Mermaid
Building &
try for a baby, there is a 50% chance
of the offspring being a Mermaid.
Alternatively, when two Mermaids try
for a baby, the offspring is guaran-
teed to be a Mermaid. Be careful, Shark Attacks can be
New Town &

When asking a Mermaid about their Lastly, the one way to become a

“fish parts” underwater, there is a Mermaid with little effort, is to save

good chance you will receive Magi- up 25,000 Lifetime Reward Points
cal Mermadic Kelp. This special kelp and purchase “Mermadic Kelp” via
will be placed in a Sim’s inventory, Lifetime Rewards. No matter which
and if magical, can turn your Sim way you end up acquiring the Mer-
into a Mermaid when eaten. madic Kelp, the result is the same.
New Woohoo

Sims who have managed to get their

& Death
hands on Mermadic Kelp and want Mermaids are equipped with some
to transform into a Mermaid, need very unique features. Unlike regular
not do anything more than eat it. Sims that require a constant oxygen
flow while scuba diving underwa-
PLEASE NOTE ter, Mermaids are natural aquatic
creatures that never require oxygen
Only Sims Teen and older can eat
tanks to dive underwater, or de-
Mermadic Kelp
compression time after resurfacing.
Mermaids are also equipped with a
Regular Sims who transform into
level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill, so
a Mermaid will be immediately
each and every dive spot is open for
equipped with the special abilities of
a Mermaid.
A mermaid’s special fish tail allows
them to swim freely from one end of
the world to another. Being that their
most unique feature is the ability
swim faster than other Sims, mer-
maids will typically never use any
other method of transportation in the
Welcome scaly legs and fish tails! water.

Mermaid Scales
Unfortunately Mermaids cannot be
created in Create-a-Sim, and there-
fore does not leave much Mermaid
to customize. The only customiza-
tion option available when a Mer- The preferred meal of mermaids is
maid enters your active household, Raw Fish and Kelp. Both of these
is to re-color their leg scales. items can be purchased at the
grocery store, collected & harvested
With the Mermaid selected, click on underwater, or collected while fish-
any mirror to enter “Create-A-Scale”. ing (Kelp excluded here). It is a good
From this screen you can customize idea to keep plenty of raw fish and
4 different sections of a Mermaid’s kelp handy for your mermaids, as
scales. While the customization of regular Sim foods are less satisfying
leg scales is limited, you can use for them.
any colors you like.

Please note that this customiza-

tion also changes the color of a
Mermaid’s fish tail.
Since Mermaids depend on water Keeping Mermaids hydrated is one

to stay hydrated, it is a good idea to thing, while making sure they main-
make sure they take frequent dips tain their fish parts is another. It is
in the ocean, pool, or bathtub. If you recommended that Mermaids swim
have The Sims 3 Seasons Expan- in the ocean, or in a pool, at least

sion Pack installed, rainwater will once every 24 hours. If a Mermaid
also help keep Mermaids Hydrated. goes more than 48 hours without
using their fish tail, they risk losing it.
Mermaids are more likely to dry
up during hot weather, especially Mermaids who have surpassed 48
if the temperature rises above and hours without swimming, will re-
beyond the norm. When you have ceive the 24-hour “Adapting to Land”
The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion moodlet. After the 24 hours are up,

Pack installed, Mermaids dry out at

New Music
Genres &
Mermaids will transform back to a
a faster pace with temperatures over regular, human Sim. The Sim will
90 degrees. lose their “fish parts” and underwa-
ter capabilities, however, they will
When the Hydration Motive begins still maintain Level 10 of the Scuba
to decay, Mermaids receive the Diving Skill.
“Drying Up” moodlet, followed by the

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
“Chapped or Flakey” moodlets. This PLEASE NOTE

is the first sign that the Mermaid
should seek hydration immediately. To ensure that a Mermaid does not
transform into a human Sim, pur-
If even after these dangerous mood- chase the “Permanent Mermaid”
lets a Mermaid does not seek hy- Lifetime Reward (5,000) to prevent
dration, they will receive the “Dehy- their “fish parts” from escaping them.
drated” moodlet that even further

decays their hydration. The dehy-
drated moodlet lasts for 3 hours, and Mermaid
knocks a Mermaid unconscious. If
you have other Sims in your active Offspring
household, use the “Re-hydrate
Mermaid” interaction to revive them. Any two Mermaids that try for a baby
This will remove the dehydrated will always have a Mermaid baby Management
moodlet, and raise their hydration born into the family. If a Mermaid Building &
motive to a more comfortable level. tries for a baby with any Supernat- Resort
ural or human Sims, the chances
are 50/50. If you do not end up with
a Mer-baby, you can always have
them eat Mermadic Kelp once they
become teens.
New Town &

If a Mermaid is not revived during
the 3 hour dehydration period, it will
New Woohoo

result in death.
& Death
Until they become teens, Mer-Ba-
bies will not have any Mermadic
abilities, will not have a fish tail when
swimming in the water, or have
the ability to scuba dive. They will,
however, have their leg scales and a
level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill.

Curing Mermaids
If you no longer want your Sims to
be mermaids, there are two sure
ways to transform them back to
regular Sims. If you have The Sims
3 Supernatural Expansion installed,
you can purchase or create the Lev-
el 7 Potent Cure Elixir and use it on
your Mermaid.

Additionally, mermaids who have

surpassed 48 hours without using
their fish tails to swim, will receive
the 24-hour “Adapting to Land”
moodlet. After the 24 hours are up,
Mermaids will transform back to a
regular, human Sim. The Sim will
then lose their “fish parts” and un-
derwater capabilities, however, they
will still maintain Level 10 of the
Scuba Diving Skill.
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Building & Objects & Death
Collectibles Career Management
Resort Building &
Not only are resorts a great place Sadly we do not have an easy
to spend a few days off, they are button that instantly jumps to all the
also a big money maker for Sims. properties you own so you do have
Building and Managing Resorts are the search a lot to find your resort!
one of the new “business-like” fea-
tures available with Island Paradise. Becoming a resort owner this way
Purchase an existing resort in Isla gives you a rundown beach resort
Paradiso, or building your own resort that you can build up to a 5 level
from scratch. Blueprints included! resort!

SimsVIP has collaborated with

PlatinumSimmers.com to bring you
the most in depth and detailed guide
on building and managing resorts.
There are five parts total.

The Basics
The Basics of Resort
For families in Isla Paradise the eas- Management
iest way to get started with a resort
is to use the phone and call real There are two information screens
estate and travel services > become on a resort that are your best friend,
a resort owner. both are found by clicking on the
front desk and then on resort man-

Resorts are marked with this icon in

the world:

The first screen is the Resort re-

views. Here you will see the star
rating of your resort and what people
Resort Stay
These reviews are a great hint of


New Music
what you should improve or what In the beginning you will notice

Genres &
you are already doing well. It does your Resort will not be profitable, it
get hilarious at times, this is one of takes a few days. Once you have
the reviews I got in my game: enough star rating you can increase
how much your charge for a single
room using the Front desk > Resort
Management > Set Resort Pricing

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard

The second screen is the Resort
Finances. This screen shows your
revenue and expenses and how
many people are staying at your
resort. You won’t see all the Sims on

your lot at the same time (that would
cause lag) but they do pay their bills!
I’ve not yet found a clear rule that
says this many stars allows which
pricing option, keep track of your
reviews and see if people find your
resort too expensive. management
building &
New Town &

This screen also lists all the items

that cost you money, you can even
click on each item to see their menu
and for instance to change the food
type of the buffet table or to make
the pool chlorinated.
New Woohoo
& Death
How to get a All the amenities are basically a
math sum that gets you 100% (5
5 star Resort star) in many different ways. For
instance a resort with a big pool and
a lot of pool decorations but no wed-
The formula for a 5 star resort ding arch can still get a 5 star rating.
comes down to two parts, amenities
and workers. Once you know which
amenities are needed it is easier to PLEASE NOTE
get a 5 star resort than you think at As a shortcut, in buy/build mode you
first! can ctrl-shift click on all the items to
select the setting you want. No need
PLEASE NOTE to go to live-mode first!
If you want to keep the resort man-
agement challenge please do not While I do not list it as a required
read further here and to go to the item, you should also keep in mind
next title: Building your own resort. that well decorated rooms keep
Sims happy. If you are stuck getting
that last 0.5 star try placing more
Amenities decoration in your Rooms. Then it
is just waiting a few Sim days to get
Amenities are the items like pool the perfect reviews.
bars, buffet tables that make Sims
happy. In the buy mode there is a
Sims also like when a resort is near
new sub menu (Sort by Function >
the ocean/beach but this is some-
Resorts) that show all the Resort
thing extra, not a requirement for a 5
Items that will positively influence
star resort.
your star rating.
If your reviews ever complain about
Here is the full list of items and set-
lines in front of fire pits or crowd-
tings your Resort should have to get
ed hot tubs this means you should
a 5 star rating:
place a second one of that item.

There are several places on your re-
sort that will need Sims to work on!
You can decide to have your own
Sim work there to save Simoleons
or hire a worker but if you hire some-
one make sure they work all 3 shifts
(day, evening, night).

Here are all the locations that need

Building your

own Resort
Building your own resort starts with

purchasing an additional home on
the phone, real estate and trav-
If you have all the amenities and
el services > purchase additional
Sims working on all locations you
home. Then you can choose which
will get a 5 star rating in no time.
lot in the world you want to buy (we
suggest that you go for a big lot,
resorts need space).


New Music
Genres &
Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
Once it is purchased it will get a new
icon in the world view that indicates
it is a private lot. Click on it and then
you can select that it changes to a

You will know this was successful
building &
because it turns into a resort icon
(the orange icon currently indicates
that it is closed).
New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death
Zoom into your lot and you can buy/
build on it like any regular lot, as it
is a resort lot you will have a new
option with all the amenities option

To save some upgrading cost, go to
buy/build mode and press ctrl+shift
click on your resort tower > set
quality > quality: 3. This instantly
If you are a great builder you can upgrades your resort tower to lvl 3!
go wild now with building a beautiful

You can also build VIP rooms each

of these rooms give you 50% more
income when they are rented out
than a resort tower room. However
you will notice they are not rented
out every day and take up space.
As VIP rooms are not a requirement
you can have a resort with just re-
When you are done building click on
sort towers to maximize income.
your Front Desk > Resort Manage-
ment > Open Resort.

A Resort NEEDS a front desk. If you
remove the front desk you will get
this window:

So do NOT delete the front desk.

Another requirement before you can

open the resort is at least 1 resort
tower, a resort tower is a rabbit hole
with a lot of rooms inside of it. There
are 3 types of resort towers, Beach
(small and large), Eco modern and
Guest Rooms

If building is not your thing but you
still want to make a beautiful resort
you can use Blueprints! Maxis has

supplied Island Paradise with three
themes of Blueprints that you can
build your own resort with. I used the
Spanish themed Blueprints to make
this resort:


New Music
Genres &
We have listed all the different Blue-

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
prints below sorted by Theme and



building &
New Town &
New Woohoo
& Death
Resort Dining Outdoor Party Area

Bars and Lounges Pool Area

Ballroom and Wedding

NEW New Music Scuba Diving building & New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids management Objects & Death
Collectibles Career
Bars and Lounges
Resort Dining
Eco Modern

Guest Rooms
Ballroom and Wedding Spanish

Outdoor Party Area

Guest Rooms

Pool Area
NEW New Music Scuba Diving building & New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids management Objects & Death
Collectibles Career
Ballroom and Wedding

Outdoor Party Area

Pool Area

Bars and Lounges

Resort Dining
FAQ Resort Owner cannot repair in
VIP room unless checking in
Even if you have managed to build One serious flaw as a resort owner
your own Resort, there are still some it seems you do not have access to
confusion situations that occur! the VIP rooms unless you check into
it (for free). So if you want to repair
Roaches even with high-end any items in there you have to check
maintenance workers! in. Maintenance workers do not
have this issue.
If your reviews never stop complain-
ing about roaches on your resort you
might have some hidden spawners. Stuck on 4.5 Star rating.
This happens especially on the
Hobart’s Hideaway resort you get for When you are stuck on the 4.5 Star
free in Isla Paradiso rating for a long time you can add
some extra amenities to your lot,
First make sure you have 3 high see full list in this article. If you have
level maintenance workers. all of them then you might have to
expand your pool. The size of the
Then turn on testingcheatsenabled pool apparently does matter!
true cheat (press ctrl-shift-c and
type: testingcheatsenabled true).
No guests on the resort
Then turn on the buydebug on cheat
(press ctrl-shift-c and type: buyde- It takes a few Sim days before all
bug on). the rooms are rented out on your
resort, next to that it also takes an
Go to buy mode and then the buyde- attractive resort! You will notice the
bug menu you will see the spawners Sims come visit when you have a
on your lot like this: few amenities.

How to open the resort

Click on your Front Desk > Resort
Management > Open Resort

As you can see some of them are

underground! To fix this turn on the
moveobjects cheat (press ctrl-shift-c
and type: moveobjects on)
Click the spawners and move them
up or delete them.

Maintenance workers do not do

their work
I’ve found that it is best to have all 3
high level maintenance workers on
a resort, no matter the size of your
NEW New Music Scuba Diving building & New Town & New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids management Objects & Death
Collectibles Career
New Town & Objects

New Town:
Isla Paradiso
Isla Paradiso is an archipelago of
Islands surrounded by tranquil seas,
relaxation, recreation, and explora-
tion. Sims can stay at resorts, en-
joy an adventurous boat cruise, or
scuba dive into the depths in search
of hidden wonders.
Ports can dock the following boat

New Community types and sizes:
Lot Types
♦ Barge, Small – 10×8 (Free)
Island Paradise adds three brand

new Community Lot Types: ♦ Barge, Medium – 15×10 (§3000)

♦ Dive Lot (Isla Paradiso Exclusive) ♦ Barge, Large – 20×15 (§5000)

♦ Port
♦ Resort Lot ♦ Barge, Narrow – 20×6 (§6000)

♦ Curved Bow, Narrow – 14×6



New Music
Genres &
Dive Lots
♦ Curved Bow, Wide – 12×8 (§9000)
Dive lots are the exclusive home to
underwater Scuba Diving and explo-
ration. There are a total of 4 Diving While living on a houseboat, Sims
spots around Isla Paradiso: Rocky can abandon ports, temporarily visit
Reef, Davy Jones’ Locker, The Mer- other ports, and also dock at a new

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
maid Grotto, & Pearl’s Deep. port permanently. All empty ports

around town can be used freely to
dock a houseboat.
Each of these diving lots require a
certain Scuba Diving Skill level to
explore, contain unique treasures, PLEASE NOTE
and are also a great place to find Building and using Ports & House-
many of the new collectibles. boats are further explained and

detailed in the “New Game Options”
PLEASE NOTE section of the guide.
Dive Lots are further explained and
detailed in the “Scuba Diving” sec-
tion of this guide.
Building &
new town &

Ports are a must for placing, build-
ing, and docking houseboats. Isla
Paradiso comes equipped with
New Woohoo

many ports all over town, but you

can also build your own unique ports
& Death

as well.
Resort Lots
Any private or community lot can
be turned into a Resort Lot. Resorts
serve as a vacation spot for Sims
of all ages, and are a great way for Isla Paradiso is surrounded by 8
Sims to earn some extra income. Hidden Uncharted Islands. These
Running a resort takes time and islands are covered in fog, and can
dedication, but once you save up be unlocked by completing certain
those simoleons, the return profit is actions in game. Once unlocked,
worth it. these islands become part of your
active household’s real estate as the
There are three pre-made Resorts in fog recedes. They can be used as
Isla Paradiso: Hobart’s Hideaway, La 2nd homes, or even converted into
Costa Verde, and Sparkling Sands. resorts for profit.
Each resort has unique items ex-
clusive to resorts, as well as some
brand new interactive objects. These
resorts can be saved to the
neighborhood bin and placed in any
worlds you have installed. You can
also build and manage your own
unique resort lots.
Building and creating your own
resorts is fairly simple. For the If your household moves to a new
advanced user, resorts can be built town, it would be beneficial to sell
from the ground up, and for the not these properties prior to moving.
so advanced users, brand new Re- Once you move your active house-
sort Blueprints have been added to hold to a new town, all real estate is
help guide you through the building removed the household.
To unlock all uncharted islands for
your current household without com-
pleting any of the requirements, you
can use the following cheat: Discov-

Plumbob Island (1)

PLEASE NOTE ♦ Difficulty: Hard
All new interactive objects are fur-
ther explained in the “Interactive ♦ Lot Size: 64×64
Objects” section of the guide.
♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock
The ins and outs of resorts are fur- this island, Sims will need to find an
ther explained in the “Building and Extraordinarily Unusual Message in
Managing Resorts” section of the a bottle. There is a 5% max chance
guide. of finding this special riddle in a bot-
tle, but when it is found, the island
unlocks and the rewards pour in. No Trouble

(Tip: “Mermaid’s Secret” Uncharted
Island contains a rare spawner that Atoll (3)
will produce the message in a bottle
you need to unlock Plumbob Island) ♦ Difficulty: Medium

♦ Extras/Rewards: Plumbob Is- ♦ Lot Size: 60×60
land includes a treasure chest with
§3,333 simoleons, a large Plumbob ♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock
Cut Rainbow Gem worth §2,278 this island, you will need to manage
simoleons, and the “Evolution of a Five-Star Resort.
the Plumbob” painting worth over
§12,000 simoleons. ♦ Extras/Rewards: None


New Music
Genres &
Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
Refuge Island (4)
Cay to the City (2)
♦ Difficulty: Medium

♦ Difficulty: Hard ♦ Lot Size: 25×30

♦ Lot Size: 30×40 ♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock
this island, you will need to complete
♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock a series of quest opportunities. To
this island, you must rescue 34 begin the adventure, head to any re-
drowning Sims from the water as a sort, check in for a minimum of one
lifeguard. night, and “Check for Adventures” Management
with the front desk. You will need to Building &
♦ Extras/Rewards: None accept and complete each oppor- Resort
tunity in order to unlock the island.
(Total of 6 opportunities)

♦ Extras/Rewards: This island in-

cludes a Fishing Spot, and a small
one room shack.
new town &
New Woohoo objects
& Death
Beryl Shoals (5) Diver’s Den (7)
♦ Difficulty: Hard
♦ Difficulty: Easy
♦ Lot Size: 50×60
♦ Lot Size: 64×64
♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock
♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, your Sim must reach
this island, your Sims will need to level 10 in the Scuba Diving Skill.
swim or boat to it. Once your Sim has mastered this
skill, they can explore the underwa-
♦ Extras/Rewards: None ter cave in Pearl’s Deep Diving Spot
to discover this island.

♦ Extras/Rewards: Diver’s Den in-

cludes a treasure chest with §1,200
simoleons, raw Gold, raw Iron, raw
Palladium, and raw Silver.

Secret (6)
♦ Difficulty: Medium

♦ Lot Size: 30×30

♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock

Plunder Cove (8)
this island, your Sim must befriend a ♦ Difficulty: Hard
mermaid and build a good relation-
ship with them. Once you have be- ♦ Lot Size: 64×64
friended a mermaid, scuba dive with
them in any of the dive lots, and they ♦ Unlocking this Island: To unlock
will show you the way to Mermaid’s this island, Sims will need to find
Secret island. and assemble 4 map fragments that
form “The Buccaneer’s Map”. Map
♦ Extras/Rewards: None Fragments #1 & #2 can be found
on land in Uncommon Messages in
a Bottle. There is a 10% chance of
finding these uncommon map frag-
ments on any lots that lay near the

Map Fragments #3 & #4 can only be

found in underwater treasure chests.
Map Fragment #3 can be found
in a treasure chest in Davy Jones’
Locker (requires level 4 scuba diving
skill), and Map Fragment #4 can be
found in the treasure chest of the

Mermaid Grotto Dive Spot (requires
level 8 scuba diving skill).

♦ Unlocking this Island: In addition

to the above mentioned method of

unlocking this island, another way
to unlock this island is by saving
up 25,000 Lifetime Reward Points.
Once any of your Sims have saved
up enough points, they can pur-
chase the Uncharted Island Map


New Music
Genres &
♦ Extras/Rewards: Plunder Cove in-
cludes a treasure chest with §1,200
simoleons, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite,
Emerald, Smokey Quartz, Yellow
Sapphire and Ruby.

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
Building &
new town &
New Woohoo objects
& Death
New Objects

Edit Town Rabbit

Holes & Community
Lot Content
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
Resort Exclusive
Buy/Build Mode
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
BuyDeBug Objects
Objects (BuyDeBug)
new town &
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort objects New Woohoo
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & & Death
Collectibles Career Management
Interactive All-in-One
Objects Bathroom
Need a quick shower and washroom
The Sims 3 Island Paradise includes break? Look no further than the ever
a variety of new interactive objects so small all-in-one bathroom!
that advance a Sim’s skills, or simply
gives them that “fun” motive boost.
These objects allow for new game-
play interactions that were not previ-
ously available in game.

The underwater camera is a must
for any scuba diving Sims. While Sometimes a staircase just doesn’t
exploring the depths of the ocean, fit. Houseboats are especially tricky
there’s plenty of beauty and sea when it comes to maneuvering, so
life to capture on film. The only way making sure you get from point a to
to bring home those important mo- point b is a must. Ladders are a new
ments underwater, is to purchase a form of “staircase” that attach to the
waterproof camera. outer wall between two floor levels.
Sims will climb up and climb down to
New filters and features will be avail- get to where they’re going.
able on this camera as Sims ad-
vance their Photography Skill. The
Photography Skill is available when
you have the World Adventures or
University Life Expansion Packs
installed. Any photos taken with the
underwater camera can be hung on
the wall for your viewing pleasure.

Sim’s Travel Tent

Originally introduced with The Sims
3 World Adventures, the Sim’s travel
tent is the perfect place for Sims to
enjoy solitary confinement.
This waterproof camera cannot be
used anywhere but underwater.

The underwater camera does NOT

advance the photography skill.
Firewalk Pit

Sims Teen and older can practice
their confidence skills with the brand
new Firewalk Pit. Sims who have the
“soles” to cross these coals, will be

crowned the greatest of them all!
Find some room around your
pool, place the bar, and enjoy!



New Music
Genres &
Boats are the new type of transpor-
tation introduced with Island Para-
PLEASE NOTE dise. From paddle boats to speed-
There are three temperature settings boats, Sims have multiple ways to
for the Firewalk Pit: Cool, Hot & sail the open seas. Some boats can
Scorching. hold more than one Sim aboard, and

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
others up to four!

Adding a pool slide to pool makes Sims are more likely to become sea-
play time ten times more fun. Sims sick and nauseous if they are sailing
can enjoy a quick and fun slide into the seas for a long period of time.
the pool, but sometimes they for- Side to side, left to right, back and

get to practice their sit and release
Boats cannot be placed without a
boat trailer, mooring post, or moor-
ing cleat. You can purchase of these
in buy mode first, or click any of
these objects on a community lot to
purchase a boat directly from them
Building &

There are a total of 8 new boats

available in game:

Pool Bar ♦ Lazy Dayzy Paddle Boat (Accom-

modates 1 Sim – Speed Level: 2)
Island Paradise has introduced a
new town &

new way for Sims to get juiced…

the Pool Bar! Right from the comfort
of their own pool, Sims can enjoy a
variety of drinks in their swimsuits!
Pool Bars are found in the “Pool
Objects” section of Build Mode, and
can be placed on both residential
New Woohoo

and commercial lots.

& Death
♦ Slade the Indomitable Paddle Boat ♦ Skimtron Outboard Speedboat
(Accommodates 1 Sim – Speed (Accommodates up to 4 Sims –
Level: 2) Speed Level: 8)

♦ Rowboat (Accommodates up to 3
♦ Speedboat by Public Domains (Ac-
Sims – Speed Level: 3 – Sims can
commodates up to 4 Sims – Speed
Fish from this boat)
Level: 9)

♦ Aqua-Sled (Accommodates 1 Sim ♦ Windsurf (Accommodates 1 Sim –

– Speed Level: 7) Speed Level: 5)

♦ Windsurf Junior (Accommodates 1

♦ Sailboat (Accommodates up to 4
Sim – Speed Level: 5)
Sims – Speed Level: 5 – Sims can
Fish from this boat)
Kraken Attacks Water Skiing

Kraken are legendary sea monsters Water skiing is an activity in which
of giant proportions, waiting for the a Sim is pulled behind a boat over
perfect chance to attack your boat! a body of water. When at least two
Sims who spend a lot of time out in Sims board a Speedboat, the option

the ocean are very likely to see, and to water ski will appear when click-
even be attacked by the Kraken. ing the boat. This activity can be en-
If a Sim is attacked by the Kraken, joyed by Sims aged Child to Elder.
they will be pulled underwater, and
have their boat destroyed. Let panic


New Music
Genres &
The performance of a Sim on water
skis depends greatly on their Hid-

Scuba Diving
& Lifeguard
den Water Skiing Skill. There are 10
PLEASE NOTE levels to this skill, each advancing a

Kraken cannot attack houseboats or Sim’s performance. There are plen-
windsurfs. ty of tricks to be seen as your Sim
advances in this skill.
Sims who carry the “Friend of the
Kraken” Lifetime Reward, are safe
from any Kraken attacks, and can Windsurfing

even release the Kraken on a boat
of their choice!
Windsurfing is an activity in which a
Sim sails the sea on a windsurf, and
Mermaids are friends of the under-
can be enjoyed by Sims aged Child
water creatures, and are immune to
to Elder. The performance of a Sim
Kraken Attacks.
who is windsurfing depends greatly Management
on their Hidden Windsurfing Skill. Building &
There are 10 levels to this skill, each Resort
advancing a Sim’s performance.
There are plenty of tricks to be seen
as your Sim advances in this skill.
Surf’s up dude!
new town &
New Woohoo objects
& Death
New WooHoo
& Death
New Woohoo All-in-One
Spots Bathroom
The All-in-One Bathroom really is an
all in one! Not only does this object
Underwater have an entire bathroom jam packed
Caves into a small space, it also has just
enough room for your Sims to Woo-
Sims with at least a level 2 in the hoo in. Watch out for the shower
Scuba Diving Skill are able to use knobs!
the underwater caves in a more
romantic way! Find a Dive Spot
around town, and select the “Scuba
Dive with…” interaction. This will
then allow you scuba dive in a group
with certain Sims, and while you’re
underwater, find a cave to Woohoo

Resort Tower
Rabbit Hole
When Sims check into resorts, they
are able to enjoy some quality time
in the Resort Tower Rabbit Hole.
PLEASE NOTE This option is only available to Sims
Please note that both Sims must who are checked in, so save up for a
scuba dive together in order for the truly romantic getaway.
“Woohoo/Try for Baby” options to
appear on the underwater caves.

Sims who Woohoo in an underwater

cave will receive a mood boosting
“Mile Low Club” moodlet for 24
hours. (+15 mood)
Sim’s Travel Tent New Deaths

The Sim’s Travel Tent is more than
just a place to relax and enjoy sol-
itary confinement. When any two Death by Shark

Sims who are romantically involved
relax in the travel tent, they can turn
that tent upside down!


New Music
Genres &
Sims who Scuba Dive risk the
chance of being attacked by a
Shark. This incident rarely occurs
on its own, but Sims who “Watch”

Scuba Diving
the sharks underwater, significant-

& Lifeguard
ly increase their chances of being

attacked. Sims who carry any raw
fish or meat in their inventory, have
an even greater chance of being
attacked. Sharks love their meat, so
don’t turn into their meal! If your Sim
loses the fight, there is a pretty good

chance he won’t resurface alive.

Building &

Mermaids are friends of the under-
water creatures, and they will not
be attacked by, or die from, sharks.
New Town &

Exploring the underwater dive lots is


safest as a Mermaid.
new woohoo
& death
Death by Death by Running
Dehydration Out of Air While
(Mermaids) Scuba Diving

In place of the hygiene motive, Even the best of the best Scuba
Mermaids carry the “Hydration” Divers have their mishaps, and
motive. In order to survive on land, running out of air is one of them. As
Mermaids must stay hydrated at all Sims level up in the Scuba Diving
times. When a Mermaid’s hydra- Skill, they receive more and more
tion motive decreases, they risk the time to scuba dive before decom-
chance of receiving the Dehydration pressing. However, this doesn’t
moodlet. This moodlet lasts for 4 mean they can stay underwater
hours, and if no one is around to forever. If a Sim receives the “Gasp-
re-hydrate them with a bucket of ing for Air” moodlet, and they do not
water, the Mermaid will die. resurface within an hour, they will
lose their breath and die.

If you have The Sims 3 Seasons PLEASE NOTE
Expansion installed, hot tempera- Mermaids have an infinite supply of
tures significantly increase the risk oxygen while scuba diving underwa-
of dehydration. Additionally, rain is a ter, therefore will not die by running
great way to re-hydrate a Mermaid. out of air
new woohoo
NEW New Music Scuba Diving Resort New Town & & death
FEATURES CREATE A SIM Genres & & Lifeguard Mermaids Building & Objects
Collectibles Career Management