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INFORMATION is filed in Court, along with CITIZEN’S ARREST

the resolution and evidence (112:7a) Within 10 days from
expiration of the period,
executing officer makes a 5
report to the issuing
The private person shall inform
the person to be arrested of
Does probable cause exist? the (a) cause of the arrest and
(for the purpose of ISSUING Officer delivers them to the the (b) intention to arrest them
AN ARREST WARRANT, as accused is now in (113:9)
nearest police station or jail
determined by the judge) custody

Arresting officer may:
1. Summon persons they
The arresting officer informs the deem necessary to WARRANTLESS ARREST
ORDERS person to be arrested assist in the arrest
submission of 1. of the (a) cause of the arrest and (113:10)
DISMISS ISSUES warrant the (b) fact that a warrant has
additional ............... 2. Break into a building or
information of arrest been issued for their arrest
evidence, within 5 enclosure if refused The arresting officer shall
(112:5a) (112:5a) (113:7)
days from notice admittance and after inform the person to be
(112:5a) 2. Of their Miranda rights (Art. 3, announcing authority arrested
Sec. 12(1), 1987 Constitution) and purpose 1. of the (a) cause of the
NO YES 3. Break out of the arrest and the (b) the
building or enclosure officer’s authority (113:8)

2. Of their Miranda rights (Art.
3, Sec. 12(1), 1987
Head of office to whom the warrant was delivered shall cause the Constitution)
warrant to be executed within 10 days from receipt. (113:4) Arresting officer may
YES ……................. conduct a search Officer should also deliver
incidental to a lawful them to the nearest police
arrest (127:13) station or jail (113:3)

Officer makes a report to the

Was an arrest NO issuing judge stating the
reasons of failure. (113:4)