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Art Assessment

Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Due November 4

Watch https://youtu.be/UeYP8ssD_BM to answer the following questions. Create a Google

Doc with the artist’s name in the title in your Google Drive AP folder.

1. What does Crosby mean when she describes her identity as having layers?
2. How does she describe her identity changing over time?
3. What are some references that she draws from in her work?
4. What materials does she use?
5. Google the definition of liminal: __________________________________________
6. How do her figures inhabit a liminal space?
7. What elements of art does she emphasize in her work?
8. What principles of design does she emphasize in her work?
9. What might be this artist’s guiding question(s)?
10. How do her process and materials synthesize with her question?