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 Delivering a planned and  To make explicit links Include understanding of
integrated approach to between elements of Dominican charism in
leadership for mission school life and the church induction of new staf
 To highlight to work of 
Dominicans around the Present charismic
world materials at teachers’
 Provide broad range of
Strengthen capacity to experiences in which staf
lead, engage and and students can
teach with a re- participate

Grow the holistic and  To develop a consistent

inclusive formation of and strategic approach to
students and staf formation and Encourage staf
induction involvement in Mass and
 To emphasize staf prayer
spiritual formation and Annual Staf Retreat
provide opportunities for Encourage participation in
same monthly schoolmass
Embed a contemporary  Whole school mass – San
perspective in Sisto Day, opening mass,
identified learning areas closing mass
Sustain and enhance 
authentic contemporary Retreat experiences for
expressions of students
identity by:

Supporting the next phase To seek ways that the Academic Leaders to
of the Leuven Project perspective can investigate ways of
be explored in all subject imbedding
Profiling and promoting areas (including issues to perspective into whole
re-contextualization do with social justice) school curriculum
  Ensure
Improve classroom teaching Implement the perspectives included in
of religion through efecting Relationships & Sexuality review of junior school
teaching practice, including Education WPs as part of curriculum
the monitoring of student documents across the review.
progress and enhancing whole school. 
teacher knowledge of the Implementation of
story Sexuality documents into
the School.

documentation is
reflected in
curriculum planning.

Deliver for whole staf
with regard to
 Continue to provide
service and justice
To highlight activities for staf and
social justice issues students
To maintain accreditation Invite guest speakers
to teach religion surrounding social justice

Explore additional service

activities – Year 7 and 8

Start planning for East

Timor immersion 2018.

Investigate indigenous
immersion program for
junior students.
 Include Fathers in school

Actively promoting
community Mass

Make links wherever

possible with the parish
and local school
Continue with celebrating Family Day


Grow engagement, Advance student progress  Provide School-wide Development of Academic
and achievement by: processes and structures Leadership position for
progress, achievement
 to enhance and track Learning and Teaching for
and wellbeing for each Improving literacy and student achievement in next triennium.
student numeracy teaching literacy and numeracy. Continue to use goals
practice in every  To be sensitive to the based faculty budget
classroom needs of staf, students creation/allocation to
 and our community. ensure targeted areas are
Resourcing and providing resources appropriately.
professional support for Proactively plan School
efective and expected initiatives to improve
teaching practices literacy
Use to gather
baseline data against
which to measure efect
Use to gather
subsequent data to gauge
efect of School literacy
 Co-construct data walls to
reflect student
achievement as indicated
by Cohesion and
PAT-R data.
 Engage in review and
Response process to
target individual and
cohort need.

Provide support for
teachers in every
classroom to enhance
their literacy teaching and
improve student

Accelerate literacy learning Use of data strategies to Implementation of

through: identify and respond to test to
 cohort and individual students to provide
Intensive targeted student needs. standardised baseline
support to identified data; continued
 Continue to in-service development of literacy
schools staf in the high yield data wall; development
Identified efective and strategies with regards to of numeracy data wall.
expected teaching literacy data gathering.
practices Implementation
Continued development test to students to
of staf capacity in use of provide standardised
BI Tool to monitor growth data;
incorporation of same
into data walls.
Upskill Academic
Leaders to make use of
BI Tool as an adjunct to
the development of
departmental goals and
measurement of impact.
 Continue to expose staf
to the use of BI Tool as a
data mine to support
students and identify tailored teaching
need. programs.
Innovate for excellence by:  Conduct review of eview time
 School curriculum and recommendations are
Building on innovative timetable structure. reflected in current
learning and teaching  In-depth analysis of Jnr structures.
practice curriculum Review alignment
 deferred. This is between Curriculum
Scaling-up innovative to include the nature of planning documentation
practices in emerging assessment and its
priorities Restructure whole of
School timetable to
remove study line from
2018 Year 12 cohort (in
order to maximize
teaching time for
implementation of New
Senior framework).

Engage to
develop understanding
of plus line of sight
planning with Academic
Leaders and subject
relationship with convenors as part of
line of sight planning.
 work program review.
Develop staf awareness Develop whole of staf
and proficiency with MoP understanding of through staf meeting
across group and wider and departmental
teaching force. planning.
 
Investigate opportunities Research (to be
to develop STEM completed)
initiatives within the
Achieve maximum learning To support parents in 
potential by assisting educating students re: Continue to foster high
schools to work with parents quality relationships with
and the broader community PDE topics stakeholders
to support each child. To foster positive and Continue to develop our
affirming relationships relationships within the
with parents and system including
members of the within other school
community communities

Increase parent  Conduct parent nights as

involvement in the appropriate
School. information/wellbeing
 and issues
Increase links outside of
the School e.g. primary Prepare information
feeder schools. sheets, update website
 with relevant information
Increase links between and keep website current
SSG and other Schools to – articles in
share practice and forge networks. Verigram/Parent
Portal/social media


Build Sustainability Develop a sustainable  Utilise Social  Source fair trade
through people and futures strategy reflective of Teaching esp. products.
church teachings and sustainability and  Promote sustainability
capacity informed by broader stewardship of creation to issues with student body
evidence. guide decision making. via Greenies Group
Ensure Stewardship of Support continuous  Ensure all school  Staf and resources (time
resources with improvement and growth at employees are aware of and PD costs) allocated
transparency, individual, team and and included in the Goal towards staf meeting
accountability and organisational levels Setting and Performance regularly with
through the Performance
compliance and Development process members (refer listing of
and Development Process.
 Develop Learning teams and leaders) to
communities for staf to prepare and review goals
encourage keeping and discuss professional
abreast of current development
research and trends. opportunities or needs
 Continue to promote staf for 2017 and beyond.
leadership training.  Promote Leadership
 Focus on ensuring that all programs and ofer
Professional Development opportunities for
is aligned with school leadership development.
goals.  Further encourage the
 To support and foster networking of teachers
well-being of staf with teachers of similar
 Revise the buddy system schools.
for new Staf.
Improve the health and  To continue to monitor  Review WELL structure
safety environment, and the operations and function against
promote a consistent  emergent issues.
approach to the continuous  To clarify/revise the roles Clarify and revise
improvement of health and and expectations current middle leadership
safety culture through the associated with middle role descriptors in
Safety and Wellbeing readiness for review in
leadership positions.
Strategic Action Plan 2017.
 Continue to strengthen
2017-20.  Provide information
use of SBSS within whole
sessions and help sessions
teaching community.
for staf in order to
ensure further

Optimize the use of  Monitor emerging  Fund and support the

technology to support technologies that add weekly meetings between
teaching, learning, value to teaching, staf, liaison to
collaboration and decision learning, and exchange information
making through the administrative regarding IT technologies
enactment of the Digital requirements or training
Strategy.  Encourage development opportunities/areas of
and adaptive skills which
need amongst the staf
support current and
emerging technologies
Strengthen processes and  To foster a shared  To continue to use the
systems to support approach to budget collaborative budget
evidence-based decision preparation application template for
making, accountability and the creation of the school
governance to achieve our budget and to promote
priorities. the importance of open
and regular