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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : VII
Waktu :
Choose one of the most appropriate answers!
1. Ali : Hello,I m Andi.
Aisa : Oh Hi, I am Aisa. How are you ?
Ali :…………….
a. Hello b. How do you do c. How are you d. I am fine,thank

Dena is a new student. He meets Anna in the

Dena : Hi,My name is Deni,
what is your name?
Anna : Hi,My name is Anna, are you
a new Student?
Dena : Yes I am. I’m in 7c,and you ?
Anna: I am in 7a

2. Dena is……………
a. a new teacher b. a teacher c. a new student d. a librarian
3. Dena meets Anna in………..
a. the classroom b. in the library c. the yard d. the canteen
4. Are they classmates?
a.Yes, They are b. No, They are not c. Yes, They are not d. No, They are

Full Name Sarah Aulia
Date of birth 25th December 2004.
Address Mawar No.13
School SMP 12 Bogor
Hobby swimming
High 150 cm
Weight 40 kg

Favorite :
Artist Olga Saputra
Food Noodle
Drink Apple juice
Color Blue

5. How old is Sarah now ?....year old

a. 13 b. 15 c.14 d.16
6. How tall is she ?
a. one hundred and fifty centimeters c. one hundred and four centimeters
b. one hundred and forty four centimeters d. one hundred and fifty four centimeters
This is Aldi’s School. It is on Jalan Merdeka. It has a very wide schoolyard. The students do the flag ceremony every
Monday in the schoolyard. They also play sports there because there is volley ball field and badminton court.
There is a beautiful park in the yard in front of the teacher room. There is a small pond with some fish
there. There are two big trees at the side of the pond. There is also a garden. You can see many flowers there : roses,
jasmines, sunflowers, and so on.The flowers are very beautiful.

7. Where is Aldi’s school ?

a. In the schoolyard c. in volley ball field
b. on Jalan Merdeka d. in badminton court
8. Where we can find(menemukan) the flowers?
a. in schoolyard c. in the garden
b. in the pond d. in the teacher room
9. Romy: Jon, this is my sister, Vivian
Vivian : How do you do. I have heard so much about you.
a. How do you do b. How are you c. How is your life d. what is up
10. Reza : I want to sleep, Mom. ...
Mother : Good night, Dear.
a. Take care. b. Be careful. c. Good night. d.Good bye
11 . Katie – and-has-black-hair-curly
a. Katie curly and black has hair c. Katie has curly and black hair
b. Katie has curly hair and black d. Katie has hair curly and black

To : student of SMP 3 Bogor

Please gather at the School Yard at Monday 21st
July 2009 at 7:30 a.m. There will be a ceremony

12. Where will the a ceremony competition be held ?

a. classroom, b. library c. Canteen d. school yard
`13. When will the ceremony competition be held?
a. at seven thirty in the afternoon c. at seven thirty in the night
b. at seven thirty in the morning d. at seven thirty in the morning.
14. You meet your teacher in a post office at around 10 am.
What would you say to great him/her?
a. Goodbye b. Good morning c. Good afternoon d. Good evening
15. It’s 8 pm. You still watch TV. Your father sits beside you. Then he greet you. What would yousay?
a.Goodnight,dear b.Goodbye,dear c.Goodmorning,dear d. Good evening, dear
16.Andi : Good morning,madam.
Mrs. Anisah : Good morning, Andi.
Why are you late?
Andi : ... I missed my bus
a. Nice to meet you b. Thanks c. I’m sorry d. no,I am not
17. Where do you live Udin?
a. I live in Jakarta c. I at Home
b. I lives in Ambarawa . d. I will go home
18. I...Anto
a. am b. are c. Is d. Do
19. They....Friends
a. Am b. Are c. Is d. Am
20. There...Five flowers in the Basket
a. Are b. is c. Am d. We

Write in English ( Tulislah dalam bahasa inggris?
1. Saya adalah seorang Supir
2. Saya minta maaf, Saya terlambat
3. Saya Sakit Kepala
4. Sampai juga lagi
5. Kamu adalahu seorang guru
6. Apa Cita-Cita mu?
7 .Selamat Malam,Mimpi Indah
8. Selamat Pagi, Apa kabar hari ini?
9. Saya merasa pusing
10. Saya selalu bahagia

1. Fill in the blanks with the word in the the text
She We They It he
Hi,My name is Andi. I from Surabaya. Here are my friends. This is Yadi and Radik. (a)......are from Solo. This Is
Rizky,(b).....is from Bandung.

2. Hello, I’m Udin....( Has/have) curly hair.b

This is my brother, Joko. He....(Has/Have) staight hair. And we...(Has/have) pointed nose

3. Make a sentence in the convertation!

4. Make a sentence introduce yourself!

5. Arrange the world!

a. Have-I-Brother-one
b. Father- My-likes-badminton
c. Sister- is-- very-beautiful