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One of the methods to solve complex problems in programming is to divide the case is subprograms, these have been designed by programmers who looked
for the easiest way to reach a solution, they have started this idea to make the compilation (execution) faster, which have been of great help in technological

Today we have taken these ideas, techniques as bases to which we have improved them, techniques such as “divide and conquer” which consists in
separating the problem into smaller problems that are easier to solve, the uses of these techniques They are important and unique, these have been created
to execute a specific task, written once and called from different points of a program, codes that have been designed in descending order.

These codes have also been designed to facilitate the location of an error, which can be corrected quickly due to its independence with the other

What are the subprograms for?

solve complex programming problems

For what purpose were the subprograms created?

To reach a solution more easily

What subprogram technique (s) does the text mention?

“divide and conquer”

How are subprograms designed?


Where can subprograms be called?

from different points of a program


One of the methods to solve complex

problems in programming

Designed by we use characteristics

programmers Concepts, Ideas, Methods

 Execute a specific
for are  They are written
only once
 They can be called
Make a solution from anywhere in a
easier  Divide and program
conquer  They facilitate the
location of an error
 Descending
Computers and programming

The computers have their own language, so they can only be programmed by those who know the code. A computer team fron (KIT), in Germany, they
were working in a software that facilitates man-machine communication, which directly translated the natural language into codes that were understood
by the computer.

As a result, any user generated their own computer applications with a few sentences. The difficulty was how complex natural language was, since
processes were not always described in a strictly chronological order. That was precisely the focus of the research in the KIT, for which they created a tool
that automatically serves to sort the commands in the way the machine should execute them.

"We ran away from complicated rules for users and went to smart computers that were in dialogue with us," said Mathias Landhäußer, a scientist at the
Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization at KIT. Until now, a program could only be controlled through language if it was designed
specifically for the manufacturer. An example was the short messages that were sent from a Smartphone. KIT researchers went further, working on
software that installed a language interface for any type of program.

By whom can computers be programmed?

For those who know the code

What codes did the natural language translate to?

To codes that the computer understood

Who was Mathias Landhäußer?

A scientist from the KIT Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization
Computers and programming


informáticos del tic trabajando en created


• Users generated
Facilitate communication
their own
between man-machine  Softwares de
applications comunicación
• The design of a  Herrraminetas que
program could only sirven para que
be controlled una maquina los
The difficulty was pueda ejecutar
specifically by the
natural language  Ejemplos de
Mensajes cortos