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Thermodynamics Unit Menu (25 points)

You will be able to demonstrate your understanding of the unit material through activities of your choice. Pick anything you want to eat from the menu: appetizer and entree, and complete a dessert for extra credit! I recommend eating a well-rounded diet, but the choice is yours. You want to consume a total of 25 points (Calories)for this assignment. You may get up to 5 Calories extra credit for any extra points consumed. You must complete your meal no later than this coming Friday before our unit test next week. Have fun!

Appetizer (5 Calories each) 3 choices

1. Create a Word Ladderusing a 7-letter or greater vocabulary word from the unit (refer to your Webercise Assignment for some ideas if needed). Identify and place relevant words or

concepts from the unit. Must be done digitally, and include at least 3 relevant images and/or designs to enhance the product.

a. Ex:

LoWer density solid PolAr molecule Universal solvenT SurfacEtension HydRogen bonds

2. Create a Venn Diagramusing https://www.canva.com/graphs/venn-diagrams/(create a free account with your school email). Pick any two thermodynamics concepts to compare and contrast. You can include definitions, examples, visuals, etc. Utilize color to emphasize organization and clearly organization everything. Include at least 3 bullet pointsin each section of the Venn Diagram.

3 bullet points ​ in each section of the Venn Diagram. 3. Create a labeled ​

3. Create a labeled Drawing/Graphic Organizerthat summarizes an important topic of choice within the vocabulary list from the Weberciseassignment from last week. The product must include at least 4 labels and the drawing must be accurately made to receive full credit.

Entree (15 Calories each) 2 choices

1. Create a Preziusing https://prezi.com/signup/basic/(create a free account with your school email) or Google Slides​ ​regarding a real-life example problem of thermodynamics in action. You can work on this in pairs and both people will get the same amount of calories for the assignment. Include the following for full credit:

a. MUST be original

b. Image representing the phenomena being represented


A problem with enough data to solve for an unknown variable with the assumption that heat will be transferred to reach equilibrium.

d. Include a slide that shows all calculations being performed

2. Create and perform a songthat includes most if not all the topics covered in this unit so far that accurately connects all the concepts together. You must provide a written transcriptand an audio or video copyof the song to receive full credit.

audio or video copy ​ of the song to receive full credit. a. You may work

a. You may work in pairs, but the transcript should include a 100 word description of the contribution of each partner in the song and the recording should include both voices.

Dessert (10 Calories each) 2 choices

1. Create a cartoon/comic stripwith proper narration and/or dialogue to depict a scenario that represents a thermodynamics concept in everyday, human analogy form. (ex. Kids peeing in a kiddie pool feels warm because the pee heats up the water, causing the heat to transfer to whoever comes into the pool, feeling warm to the touch.) May be done by hand or online.

2. Create a short story(science fiction) set in a world that goes against the concept of thermodynamics, explaining why it’s different from how it’s supposed to be in real life. Must be typed and at least be one page in length.