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Sample Exam for the First Long Exam of Physics 71

Prepared by UP Physics Association

Disclaimer: This sample exam is prepared by the UP Physics Association containing questions that may
serve as a guide on what to review on for Physics 71’s first long exam. The National Institute of Physics
Faculty and the Physics 71 course group is not involved in the preparation of this sample exam. The difficulty
of this material and the actual exam may differ, and items on this exam are never guaranteed to–but similar
questions or similar concepts may–appear on the actual exam.
This sample exam will serve as a review material for the Consolidated Review Series (CoReS), an initiative
by the UP College of Science Student Council in partnership with academic organizations in College of Science.
Keep learning for a better understanding of the physical universe and use science to serve the people!

Instructions: Choose the letter of the best answer for each of the given questions.

1. Hula-hula! A quantum particle of mass m moving in one dimension is trapped in a potential well of length
L. Given that [h̄] = [erg][T], what is the best guess for the dependence of the energy of the particle in m, h̄,
and L? ([erg] is the unit of energy and [T] is the unit of time.)

h̄3 c. E ∝

a. E ∝
m2 L3 m3 L4
h̄2 h̄
b. E ∝ d. E ∝
mL2 m4 L4

2. Bagong landas. A UP student living in KNL found a shorter path from his house to AS. Assuming that
his pace is almost constant and he did not stop or made any detours from his house to AS, all of the following
statements are true except

a. His average acceleration is almost zero.

b. Regardless of the path taken from KNL to AS, the direction of motion is the same.

c. His travel time decreased.

d. His displacement taking the shorter path decreased.

3. Hello from the other side. A physics student saw his girlfriend standing on the other side of a river
 exactly across his position.
 km  Heeding the call of love, he decided to swim across the river whose current is
5 km

h . If he can swim 9 h in still water, at what angle (with respect to a line running across him and his
girlfriend) must he swim in order to reach the exact location of his girlfriend?

a. 29.1◦ c. 56.3◦

b. 33.7◦ d. 60.9◦

4. Paunahan! Ano?! An object at rest and a projectile with initial velocity that is perpendicular with
gravity were released at the same height and at the same time. Which of the two will reach the ground first?

a. the object released at rest

b. the projectile with initial velocity perpendicular to gravity

c. both will reach the ground at the same time

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d. not sufficient information to answer the problem

5. Exhibition. A particle in uniform constant motion will exhibit all equations of motion but one, what is
this odd one out?

a. v(t) = v0 + at c. F 6= 0
v0 + v(t)
b. x(t) = x0 + t d. F = 0

6. Blackout. A jet fighter pilot wishes to accelerate from rest at a constant acceleration of 8g to reach Mach
3 (three times the speed of sound) as quickly as possible.
 m  Experimental tests reveal that he will black out if
this acceleration lasts for more than 5.0 [s]. Use 331 s for the speed of sound. What is the greatest speed
he can reach with an acceleration of 8g before blacking out?
m m
a. 331 s c. 993 s
m m
b. 392 s d. 1655 s

7. Traffic! A car traversing a highway encounters a series of traffic blocks, as shown in its position versus
time figure below. At what time block does it encounter the greatest speed?

a. t = a [s] c. t = (c − b) [s]

b. t = (b − a) [s] d. t = (d − c) [s]

8. Pasulong, ’kad! A squad of 9 cadets marches in cadence with a velocity of 1 pace

s in one direction. If
the squad wants to traverse a 50-m long stretch of land in that same direction, how much time do they need?
Assume a pace factor of 1.25 paces
m .

a. 60.5 [s] c. 62.5 [s]

b. 61.5 [s] d. 63.5 [s]

9. Space Bound. A space bound rocket ship has an acceleration vs. time plot as shown below. What is the
total velocity that the rocket has obtained during the time interval 0-15 [s]?

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m m
a. 25g s c. 40g s
m m
b. 35g s d. 50g s

10. Ikot-ikot lang. An Ikot jeep with a constant velocity of 10 m

s passes by a Katipunan jeep that is
m along a straight road. Immediately, that stationary jeep speeds up at a constant acceleration of
5.0 s2 . After how many seconds will the Katipunan jeep catch up with the Ikot jeep that passed by?

a. 1.0 [s] c. 3.0 [s]

b. 2.0 [s] d. 4.0 [s]

11. Perfect Pitch. Bert walks to school in a straight line rocking the
 of Hajji Alejandro. If a certain
song from this artist has a tempo of 100 bpm, and Bert’s pace is 0.25 beat , how much has he traversed at the
end of that song if it lasts 4 minutes and 30 seconds?

a. 110.5 [m] c. 112.5 [m]

b. 111.5 [m] d. 113.5 [m]

12. Pitch Perfect. Fat Amy tried to jump from rest off a high dive board 5 [m] from the pool in a straight
downwards motion. How many seconds had passed when she touched the water?

a. 0.98 [s] c. 1.00 [s]

b. 0.99 [s] d. 1.01 [s]

13. Implicit Version. A particle has a velocity according to the following expression: v(x) = x2 + 2x + 1. If
its position follows the expression x(t) = x0 cos t, what is the value of its velocity at time 2π[s]?
a. x0 2 + 2x0 + 1 c. 1.00 ms
b. 4π 2 + 4π + 1 d. 2π ms

14. Don’t be a j. The jerk j of a particle is defined as the time derivative of its acceleration. Given the jerk
diagram of a certain particle below, how much acceleration has it obtained from 10-20 [s], if a(t = 0) = 0?

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h i h i
m m
a. 33.3 s2
c. 66.7 s2
h i h i
m m
b. 50.0 s2
d. 99.9 s2

15. Late ka na! An engineering

  student with a PE class in CHK right after a physics class departed NIP with
velocity *
v = (15.7, 21.2) ms . After 17 minutes, his velocity right before he stopped is *
v = (10.2, 12.5) ms .

What is his average acceleration?

h i h i
a. *a = (5.39 × 10−3 , 8.53 × 10−3 ) sm2 c. *a = (−0.324, −0.512) sm2
h i h i
b. *
a = (−5.39 × 10−3 , −8.53 × 10−3 ) m
d. *
a = (0.324, 0.512) m

16. Acceleration. A particle travels in a path of *

x (t) = t3 ı̂ + 7t ̂ + 6 k̂. What is its acceleration at time
t = 15 [s]?
h i h i
a. (90 ı̂ + 6 k̂) sm2 c. 675 ı̂ sm2
h i h i
m m
b. (90 ı̂ + 105 ̂ + 6 k̂) s2
d. 90 ı̂ s2

17. Balikong landas. A particle is travelling in a curved path with a constant speed. From the choices below,
what is not true about the particle’s motion?

a. The particle experiences no acceleration.

b. It has a non-constant velocity.

c. The velocity is tangent to the particle’s path.

d. The distance travelled by the particle per unit time is always constant.

18. Projectile. A projectile thrown from the ground reached a horizontal displacement of 50 [m] and a
maximum height of 100 [m]. What are the magnitude of the h initial
i velocity v0 and the launching angle θ (with
respect to the horizontal) of the projectile? Use g = 9.81 s2 .
◦ ◦
m m
a. v0 = 44.64 s , θ = 1.45 c. v0 = 45.71 s , θ = 1.33

b. v0 = 44.64 ms , θ = 82.87◦ d. v0 = 45.71 ms , θ = 75.92◦


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19. Masakit man, kailangan. Bob boards a train and leaves Alice in pursuit of a better job in a city far
away for their hometown is inextreme poverty because of government’s neglect. The train then departed with
velocity *
vt = (100 ı̂ + 50 ̂) km * = (15 ı̂ − 20 ̂)  km , both

h , while crying Alice ran away with velocity v A h
with respect to the ground. Bob, to ease the pain and estimating the velocities, computed Alice’s velocity with
respect to him. If his estimates are correct, he will obtain
 km   km 
a. −(115 ı̂ + 30 ̂) h c. (115 ı̂ + 30 ̂) h

 km  d. excruciating pain from solving and parting away

b. −(85 ı̂ + 70 ̂) h from a loved one

20. Ang galing mag-estimate! Gregory was hit by a five-peso coin on his head. From the pain and the
kinetic energy, he estimated that the velocity of the coin at impact is 24.65 ms and it fell straight from above.
Gregory’s height
h iis 1.50 [m]. Assuming that it fell with zero initial velocity, from what height did the coin fall?
Use g = 9.81 sm2 .

a. 12.33 [m] c. 32.47 [m]

b. 1.83 [m] d. 30.97 [m]

21. Bilog, bilog, bilugan. A ball of mass 0.1 [kg] attached to a massless string of length 3 [m] is moving in
a circle, keeping the string taut, with velocity *
v (t) = 10 (cos( 2πt 2πt m
T ) ı̂ + sin( T )̂) [ s ], where T is the period of
the circular motion. What is the period and the centripetal acceleration of the ball?
h i h i
a. ac = 33.33 sm2 , period cannot be determined. c. ac = 11.11 sm2 , period cannot be determined.
h i h i
m m
b. ac = 33.33 s2
, T = 1.88 [s] d. ac = 11.11 s2
, T = 0.53 [s]

22. Hala! Sige! Ikot! An object in non-uniform circular motion exhibits all of the following except

a. The object has a non-constant speed.

b. Acceleration’s direction changes as the object moves through the path.

c. The object’s acceleration is always pointed towards the center.

d. The velocity’s magnitude and direction changes through the course of the object’s motion.

23. Force mo yan! Inside a toy shop, John is standing beside Gene. Marco was sitting inside a cart initially
at rest in front of John. Later, John pushed the cart forward along the floor of the shop. Which of the following
would be in an inertial frame of reference during the movement of the cart?

a. Gene and John c. Both Gene and Marco

b. Marco d. Neither Gene nor Marco

24. I’ll rise up. A person weighing 50 [kg] enters an elevator. The floor of the elevator then exerts a normal
force of 750 h[N] ito the person. What direction is the person’s acceleration, if at all, and what is its magnitude?
Use g = 10 sm2 .

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h i h i
m m
a. 3.6 s2
upwards c. 5.0 s2
h i h i
m m
b. 3.6 s2
downwards d. 5.0 s2

25. Make patong-patong the pasta. A slice of lasagna is placed on the platform of a weighing scale,
showing a reading of 225 [g] on Earth. If another slice of lasagna is added on top, and an astronaut takes it to
the moon, the weight of the combined lasagna slices is now 0.708 [N]. Considering that the acceleration due to
gravity on theh moon
i is approximately one-sixth of the Earth’s, what is the mass of the second lasagna slice?
Use g = 9.81 sm2 .

a. 0.200 [kg] c. 2.00 [kg]

b. 0.425 [kg] d. 4.25 [kg]

26. The Innocent Box. A box is initially at rest on a frictionless surface inclined at 30.◦ with respect to the
ground. If the box is released from rest without happlying
i a force, what will be the acceleration of the box as
it slide along the inclined surface? Use g = 9.81 s2 .
h i h i
a. 0 sm2 c. 5.7 sm2
h i h i
m m
b. 4.9 s2
d. 8.5 s2

27. Drop. An object’s terminal velocity is the maximum speed it can attain as it falls through a fluid, with
air being the most common medium. Suppose that an object weighing
  341 [kg] was dropped from a reasonable
height above the ground and has gained a terminal velocity of 50 ms , find the magnitude of the
h iforce due to
the air resistance the object is experiencing after reaching it’s maximum speed. Use g = 9.80 s2

a. 0 [N] c. 16 [kN]

b. 3.3 [kN] d. 73 [kN]

28. Physically falling in love. A couple decided to skydive out of a plane as their anniversary celebration.
If one of them weighs 40 [kg] and the other weighs 60 [kg], by how much net force does the 40-kilogram person
experiences differ from the other after reaching their terminal velocity?

a. The net force on each person is the same

b. The net force on the more massive person is 1.5 times that of the other

c. The net force on the less massive person is 1.5 times that of the other

d. The momentum of either person is not conserved

29. Bowling in the deep. An 18-wheeler truck carries with it a bowling ball located inside its cargo space.
If the truck begins to decelerate upon approaching red light before coming to a full stop, in which direction
would the bowling ball roll as the truck slows down? Assume that the friction between the bowling ball and
cargo space floor is not strong enough to prevent the ball from rolling.

a. Towards the front of the truck c. The bowling ball will not roll

b. Towards the back of the truck d. The bowling ball will roll outside the truck

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30. Hang in there! A block with mass 8.00 [kg] is suspended by twohstrings
i attached to a ceiling. Find the
magnitude of T1 given the conditions in the figure below. Use g = 10 s2 .

a. 40.6 [N] c. 120 [N]

b. 62.2 [N] d. 180 [N]

31. Rest assured. A block rests on a rough hemisphere. Which of the following is a possible free body
diagram representation of the block?

a. c.

b. d.

32. I’m gonna swing. A chandelier of mass mc = 75 [kg] is suspended from the ceiling. The wire that
connects the chandelier to the ceiling is of mass
h imw = 35 [kg]. What force (magnitude and direction) does the
wire exert on the chandelier? Use g = 9.80 sm2 .

a. − 392 ̂ [N] c. − 1078 ̂ [N]

b. + 392 ̂ [N] d. + 1078 ̂ [N]

33. Atwood. Consider the Atwood machine configuration in the following figure where the pulley is taken
to be frictionless. The larger object on the left has a mass m1 = 8.00 [kg] and the object on thehrighti has a
weight of F2 = 39.2 [N]. If the left object is released, what will its acceleration be? Use g = 9.80 s2 .

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h i h i
m m
a. − 9.80 ̂ s2
c. − 3.27 ̂ s2
h i h i
m m
b. + 9.80 ̂ s2
d. + 3.27 ̂ s2

34. If you feel inclined. A 5.30 [kg] box is put on the surface of an inclined plane at 70◦ with the horizontal.
The coefficient of friction between the box
h iand the inclined plane is µk = 1.20. Determine the acceleration of
the box down the plane. Use g = 9.80 sm2 .
h i h i
a. 5.17 sm2 c. 13.2 sm2
h i h i
m m
b. 0.193 s2
d. 0.0755 s2

35. Bumabagal ako sa friction. A 25 kg crate is being pushed on a horizontal floor at constant velocity.
Given that the coefficient of kinetic friction hbetween
i crate and floor is µk = 0.2, what is the magnitude of the
force used to push the crate? Use g = 9.80 s2 .

a. 25 [N] c. 245 [N]

b. 49 [N] d. 1225 [N]

36. I’m going bananas! A box of bananas with a weight of 50.0 N is on a surface with a coefficient of static
friction of µs = 0.40. A force of 15.0 [N] is applied on the box but it remains at rest. What is the force due to
friction and at least how much force is needed to move the system from equilibrium?

a. fs = 50.0 [N], Fneeded = 15.0 [N] c. fs = 20.0 [N], Fneeded = 20.0 [N]

b. fs = 15.0 [N], Fneeded = 50.0 [N] d. fs = 15.0 [N], Fneeded = 20.0 [N]

37. He does whatever a spider can. Spider-Man, who has a mass of 76 [kg], is clinging onto an inclined
wall forming an inclination angle of θ = 50◦ from the vertical. He exerts a force
h perpendicular
i to the inclined
wall. What is the magnitude of the force he exerts on the wall? Use g = 9.80 s2 .

a. 972.27 [N] c. 570.55 [N]

b. 1158.70 [N] d. 478.75 [N]

38. Is there a cat inside? A box of mass 3.0 [kg] is placed on an inclined plane with an angle of inclination of
θ = 55◦ from the horizontal. The box accelerates along the surface right after it is placed. If the surface of the
inclined plane has a coefficient of static friction of µs = 0.30 and ha coefficient
i of kinetic friction of µk = 0.125,
find the magnitude of the acceleration of the box. Use g = 9.80 s2 .

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h i h i
m m
a. 7.3 s2
c. 6.3 s2
h i h i
m m
b. 8.8 s2
d. 3.2 s2

39. Keep me from falling. Consider the pulley setup in the following figure. Box A has
h ia weight of 400 [N]
while Box B has a mass of 25.0 [kg]. What is the acceleration of Box B? Use g = 9.80 sm2 .

h i h i
m m
a. 25.3 s2
c. 3.72 s2
h i h i
m m
b. 6.08 s2
d. 15.5 s2

40. Push mo yan te. While travelling, you stumble upon a boulder weighing 1000 [N] that is blocking the
only path to your destination. Using your advanced knowledge of physics and sheer force of will, you manage
to push the boulder out of your way with a force of 225 [N]. If you push the boulder at a constant speed, the
frictional force the ground exerts on the boulder must be

a. 225 [N] c. 1000 [N]

b. more than 225 [N] d. more than 1000 [N]

End of exam

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