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“The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne Batman the Animated Series Review” by Andy


1. Did you remember this episode? Offer a short explanation of the most relevant events
of the plot and you thoughts on it.

2. After watching the video, take a look at the following text and complete the blanks.

Andy Knode made a video talking about “The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne”, an
episode that originally aired on ______________, 1992.
He presents his show as directed to those people who are big Batman fans, that have
grown up watching Batman: The Animated Series and that should stick around
because he is going to be talking about every and each episode on the 25th anniversary
of their original release date.
He explains that one of the hazards of having a ___________________ is that
people eventually will find it out and to begin with his analysis he does a forty-five
second run-down of the episode’s plot.
The “secret identity” trope is used a lot and Andy says that he thinks these kind of
storylines are _____________. Also, in his opinion, this is the perfect opportunity
___________________ Dr. Hugo Strange.
Moreover, this episode features multiple ____________ and this is the second
___________________ of The Penguin who is sharing his ______________
with the Joker and Two Face.
As this episode is from the second disc, the influence of Warner Brothers is more
present. For example: we can see it in the animation where the plane lands in Loony
Toon country and in how the animation has gotten brighter where more scenes take
place ___________________. This leads to a loss of a darker tone to make room for
more ___________________ content while in the darker episodes there were
monsters and terrors threatening the safety of Gotham.
According to Andy, this lighter tone may have had an impact on how ____________
Batman got to solve the problem with an alternative tape turning the villains against
Dr. Hugo Strange.
In the end, Dick Grayson shows up disguised as Bruce Wayne to solidify the story that
Batman and Bruce Wayne are two ___________________. This trope is used very
regularly, back in the 60s show, _________ played Batman at one point. Even
though, Robin wasn’t needed in this episode, it was a nice move from Andy’s point of
3. Think of a story where a character's alter-ego identity is threatened and talk about it.

4. Look for the following sections of an oral presentation through Andy’s video.

WELCOME ____________________________________________

INTRODUCING ____________________________________________
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SUMMARY AND ____________________________________________

CONCLUSION ____________________________________________