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Miss Katherine Figueroa Mark: __________

Name: _________________________________________ Grade: _4° C_ Date: _October 22nd, 2019_

Total score: 40 points Obtained score: _______

AE 10: Leer y demostrar comprensión de ideas principales e información relevante.


- Lea atentamente cada una de las preguntas o afirmaciones.

- Debe utilizar letra clara, trate de evitar borrones.
- Dispone de 60 minutos para desarrollar la prueba.

I.- Read the text and circle the correct option for each question. 10 pts

Mario Vargas Llosa, was born on March 28, 1936. He is a Peruvian writer, politician,
journalist, essayist and University professor. In 2010, he received the Nobel Prize in
Vargas Llosa is one of Latin America's most significant novelists and essayists, and one of
the leading writers of his generation. Some critics consider him the most famous Latin
American writer outside Latin America. Many of Vargas Llosa's works are influenced by the
Peruvian society and his own experiences as a native Peruvian. However, he has expanded
his experience that corresponds to other parts of the world. Vargas Llosa is at the moment
a visiting Professor in the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University in the USA.

1) What nationality is he? Chilean / Peruvian / American

2) What is his profession? Writer / Singer / Novelist

3) Where does he live? Perú / Chile / United States of America

4) What famous Prize did he win? Literature Prize / Novel Price / Art Price

5) When did he win this Prize? In 2017 / In 1936 / In 2010

II.- Complete the sentences with the verb in brackets and the correct use of second
conditional (If/Would). 15 pts

1) _____ You really love me, You ________________ me a diamond ring (buy).

2) _____ we were plants, we _____________ the rain (love).

3) _____ My brother were 20, He ______________the world (travel).

4) _____ the weather wasn´t so bad, we _______________ to the park (go).

5) _____ I was the Queen of England, I _______________ everyone a chicken (give).

III.- Read this three quotes and explain what you understand from them. 4 pts

1) “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin




2) “Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Richard Cushing




IV.- Complete the sentences with MIGHT and GOING TO. 5 pts

1) Next year my sister is __________ visit me. I am waiting for that!

2) It´s not certain but I ___________ travel to Asia with my brother Jhon.

3) Probably I ___________ work in a big company next month.

4) My friends are _____________ celebrate christmas at home this year.

5) Anna hates vegetales, she is _____________ eat chicken with rice only.

V.- Complete the sentences with ALTHOUGH and THOUGH correctly. 6 pts

1) __________ Mario is beauty, Sofia don´t like him.

Mario is beauty, Sofia don´+t like him __________.

2) __________ my father is old, he still work hard.


3) ________________________________________.

Macarenna is Rich, she is miserable ___________.