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Class III --- English

1. Write the habitual actions of a day in your life.
2. Write any 20 proverbs
3. Imagine and draw a beautiful picture of a garden and color
4. Learn and write two rhymes/poems

Class III --- Maths

1. Learn and write tables 2-15 (three times in A4 size sheets)
2. Prepare a paper mask of any two animals.

Class III --- EVS

1. Distinguish between finger prints and thumb prints with
proper pictures.
2. collect different kinds of leaves and paste them to your A4
size sheets and write their names
3. Write a short note on any one of the following:-
(a) Importance of trees
(b) Save water save life

Class III---Computer Science

1. List all the input device & draw them.
2. List all the Output Device & draw them.
3. List the characteristics of computer.
Class IV --- English
1. To collect any 10 pictures and describe each one in one
sentences (A4 size sheet)
2. To stick one picture of garden or fun and fair or any and
write 10 sentences about it.
3. Write everyday one page handwriting in book.

Class IV --- Maths

1. Name the tallest building in the (paste picture)
(a) World
(b) India
(c) Karnataka
(d) Hubballi
And write its height.
2. Collect pictures of different wall patterns.
3. Make models of different shapes.
4. Find the distance from hubballi to your home town/the
place you visited during holiday.

Class IV --- EVS

1. To stick pictures of different animals living in group and
name that group.
2. Write 10 slogans on “save trees” in scrap book.

Class IV---Computer Science

 Collect the pictures of different generations of computer
and paste it in the class work book.

Class V --- English

1. Paragraph comprehension (frame question)
2. Picture composition.
3. Ten thoughts on team work.
4. Make an advertisement for ice cream.
5. Ten pages handwriting(Vikas cursive writing-5)
6. Read and learn any one short story.

Class V --- Maths

1. Collect 5 train tickets and 5 bus tickets, write the number
names of the numbers written on it
(PNR Number/ bus ticket number).
2. Prepare Indian Place Value Chart and insert the ticket
numbers in it.
3. Make two match stick puzzles.
4. Make sand art of few sea animals and name them. ( Draw sea
animals smear fevicol in the interior region of the figures
and sprinkle sand on the smeared area your sand art is ready)
5. Learn multiplication tables from 2 to 20. Also write it every
Note: Home work to be done in 40 pages king size book.

Class V --- EVS

1. Collect the information about the numbers of tigers in our
country from the magazines, newspapers and internet. Find
out the steps taken by government to protect the wild life.
2. (a) Make a model of animal shelter by using the materials
lying around in your house like twigs, cotton pieces, shoe
boxes etc.
(b) Write few lines to describe your model shelter

Class V---Computer Science

 Write 40 shortcut keys used in the Ms-word
Class VI --- Hindi
प रयोजना
पयावरण से संबं धत क वताओं का सं ह (फूल, चाँद-तारे , पेड-पौधे आ द)
५० पृ ट का सु लेख काय ।

Class VI --- English

1. Write a letter to your friend describing how you spent
your summer vacation.
2. Write a paragraph on your favourite season.
3. Collect information and write about at least five animals
and plants useful for us. Paste their pictures too.
4. Learn all the question answers of the lesson taught.

Class VI –Social Studies

 Make the chart of Historical sources
 Make the chart of solar system
 Make the chart showing festivals of India

Answer the fallowing questions

 How can we come to know about the past?
 Where did early people live?
 In which region rice was grown first?
 What do you mean by term tributaries?
 Distinguish between historical and pre historical periods
 Define the word Epigraphy?
 What are manuscripts?
 What are inscriptions?
 Who is known as father of history?
 What is Archaeology?

Class VI---Computer Science

 Prepare greeting Card in a MS- Power point presentation

Class VII --- Hindi

प रयोजना
महाभारत के कथा के अनु सार च को कापबु क म छपकाकर लाना ।
५० पृ ट का सु लेख काय ।

Class VII --- English

4. Write a paragraph (100words) on “How I spend my holidays”.
5. Write 50 degrees of comparison
Write in A4 size paper.

Class VII --- Science

Answer the following:
1. What are nutrients? Name them.
2. What is nutrition?
3. Write the differences between autotrophic and
heterotrophic mode of nutrition. Give examples.
4. What is stomata and chlorophyll? What is their
5. What is photosynthesis? Write an equation representing
the process of photosynthesis.
6. Do photosynthesis occur in other coloured leaves? If yes,
7. What is algae?
8. What is saprotrophic nutrition? Explain with the
example of fungi.
9. What is symbiotic relationship? Give example.
10. What is animal nutrition?
11. What is digestive system? Name all parts it.
12. Write the main steps of nutrition in humans and
parts involved.

Class VII–Social Studies

7th A:
I)Read the following Chapters and Solve the Exercises (HW)
1. Tracing the History through a thousand Years.
2. Environment
3. On Equality.
II) Write a brief note on. of the following (File)
1. Amir Khusrau. 2. Ziyauddin Barrani. 3. Al-Adrisi. 4Mugha
and Rajput Dynasty.
III) Prepare the chart , Components of Environment
1. Domains of the Environment
7th B:
Make the models &charts of the followings
1 Qutb minar
2 Tomb of Humayun
3 Red fort
4 Taj mahal
5 Stone chariot of Hampi
6 Inside the earth
7 Volcano
8 Spring tides &neap tide
9 Natural vegetation & wild life
10 water cycle

Class VII---Computer Science

1. List the 30 Shortcut keys used in the MS-Excel.

2. Prepare the Power point presentation on Describing your
School. PPT must include animations, images, and
transitions of slide, video, audio.

Class VIII--- Hindi

प रयोजना
भि तकाल न क वय के जीवनी एवं दोह का सं ह ( क ह ं पाँच क व-कव य ीय
का सं ह)
याकरण – संधी के कार एवं योग ।
संधी व छे द के १० उदाहरण ।
५० मु हावर का वा य म योग ।

Class VIII --- English

1. Write a Diary entry on behalf of the narrator of “The Best
Christmas Present in the World” describes his meeting with
Mrs. Macpherson.
2. Write an essay on “Harmful effects of war”
3. PROJECT: Collect some information and write about some
natural disasters. (How they happen, ways to save us,
precautions to be taken).Paste some pictures too.

Class VIII --- Maths

1. Solve the following equations
1. + = (4x – 1) – (2x - )
2. - = -1
( ) ( )
3. =8
( ) ( )
4. =
( ) ( )
5. ( ) (
II. Solve
1. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 12.If the
new number formed by reversing the digits is greater
than the original number by 18, find the original
2. Rohit is twice as old as Roshni. Five years ago his age
was three times Roshni’s age. Find their present age.
3. The sum of three consecutive positive odd integers is 18.
Find integers.
4. The length of a rectangle is 15 cm more than its width
and the perimeter is 150 cm. find the dimensions of the
5. The ratio of numerator and denominator of a rational
number is 2:7 and if 4 is added to numerator and 2 is
subtracted from denominator, the rational number
becomes . Find the original number.

Class VIII --- Science

I. Answer the following questions:
1. What are microorganisms?
2. What are the major groups of microorganism?
3. Where do microorganisms live?
4. How microorganisms are helpful in household?
5. Which microorganism is involved in making of
6. How yeast increases the volume of dough?
7. What are commercial uses of microorganisms? List
8. What is fermentation?
9. Who discovered fermentation?
10. What are medical uses of microorganisms? List
11. What are antibiotics? Name some antibiotics
12. What is vaccine? Who discovered it?
13. Name 10 vaccines and for which diseases
14. What are biological nitrogen fixers?
15. How microorganisms cleans the environment?
16. What are pathogens?
17. What is communicable diseases? Give example.
18. What are carriers? Name some of them.
19. List some measures which help to avoid the
spread of malaria.
20. What is food poisoning?
21. What are common methods of preserving food
in home?
22. What is nitrogen fixation?
23. Draw the nitrogen cycle.
24. What are synthetic fibres? Name the types of
25. What is polymer?
26. What is rayon and nylon? How it is made and
write about their uses.
27. What is PET? Where it is used?
28. What are characteristics of synthetic fibres?
29. What are two major types of plastics? Where
they are used?
30. Write characteristic properties of plastics.
31. What is biodegradable and non-biodegradable?
32. What is 4R Principle?
33. What are metals and non-metals? Write
physical and chemical properties of metals and non-
34. What is displacement reactions? Write a
reaction representing it.

II. Collect pictures of metals and non-metals and write

their properties and uses in A4 size paper.
III. Stick a label or cartoon containing the preservatives
used on various food product in H.W book.

Class VIII –Social Studies

I)Read the lessons of the following And Solve the Exercises (
1. How, When and Where
2. Resources
3. Indian Constitution
II) Explain the following Briefly ( File)
1 Prepare the list of the Governors Generals of British India,
collect the pictures of them.
And Write biography of Warren Hastings and Lord Dalhousie.
2. Collect the parliament picture and write a brief not on
Indian constitution.
III) On outline map of India map Mark all state and capitals
and Union Territories.

Class VIII---Computer Science

1. Draw the flowchart for

a) Find whether a people eligible to give vote or not.
b) Find given number even or odd.
c) Find whether a people drive car or not

2. Write an Algorithm for

a) Working out 4.72 divided by 1.18 on a calculator.
b) The steps for making a move in a 'Snakes and
Ladders' game.
c) Find given number even or odd

Class IX--- Hindi

प रयोजना
भि तकाल के क व ।
१. कबीर दास - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
२. रसखान - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
३. मीराबाई - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
४. सु रदास - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
५. तु लसीदास - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
याकरण –
श द नमाण, उप[सग, यय, समास, मु हावरे – या या एवं १० उदाहरण के
साथ वा य म योग।

Class IX --- English

1. Given below is the beginning of a story. Complete it in about
80 words. Ravi was travelling by train. Suddenly the train
stopped and some strange looking men entered the
compartment and ………………………………
2. You are Poorvi/Purab living at 512, Galaxy Apartments,
Bangalore. Municipal elections in the city are a cause of noise
pollution in the city. There is noise of loud speakers
everywhere. Write a letter to the Editor of The Times, M.G
Road, Bangalore to draw the attention of the public and the
persons involved in this practice. Also give your suggestions to
avoid this kind of situation. Word limit 120 words

3. You are Rohit/Rashi, Head Boy/Head Girl of Indian National

School. Draft a notice for school notice board informing
students about poster making competition on “Mother’s Day”
in your school. Give all the necessary details of the contest and
invite them to participate

4. Read chapter 1-12 from the novel “Three Men In A Boat”

Class IX --- Maths

1. Complete the practical records
2. Write a project report on any one of the following
1. Report on various aspects of Pythagoras theorem
2. Concept of zero in ancient civilizations
3. Report about an Indian mathematician and an
ancient mathematician
4. Report on various aspects of the number

Class IX --- Science

1. What is endocytosis? Name an organism that acquires its
food through this process.
2. Draw a labelled diagram of the nucleus and explain its
various parts and its functions.
3. Expand DNA and ATP.
4. Define gene.
5. Differentiate between prokaryotes and eukaryotes with
two examples for each.
6. Differentiate between diffusion and osmosis.
7. Name the largest cell of the human body.
8. Name the longest cell of the human body.
9. State the functions of the cell wall.
10. Draw a labelled diagram of the cell wall.
11. Draw a labelled diagram of bacteria.
12. How do substances like co2 and water move in and
out of the cell? Discuss.
13. Why is the plasma membrane called as a selectively
permeable membrane?


1. A drunkard takes 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward

and so on. Each step is one meter long and takes one
second. After how much time will he fall on a pit which
is 13 m from his starting point?
2. A particle is travelling in a circle of diameter
15cm.Calculate the distance covered and displacement
when it completes two rounds
3. A 200m long train crosses a 400m long bridge with a
speed of 36km/hr. Calculate the time taken by the train
to cross the bridge
4. A nonstop bus is moving from one station to another
with a speed of 54km/hr. The same bus returns from the
second station to the first station with a speed of
36km/hr. Find the average speed of the bus for the
entire journey
5. An insect moves along a circular path of radius 10 cm
with constant speed. If it takes 1 min. to move from a
point on the path to the diametrically opposite point,
find (a) the distance covered, (b) The speed, (c) the
displacement, (d) average velocity.
6. A particle with a velocity of 2m/s at t=0 moves along a
straight line with a constant acceleration of 0.2m/s2.
Find the displacement of the particle in 10s?
7. A car moves 100m due east and then 25m due west. (a)
What is the distance covered by the car? (b) What is its
8. Sound is heard after 2s, lightning is seen in the sky
during a cloudy day. Find the distance of the location of
lightning if speed of sound is 346m/s.
9. A bus starts from rest and attains 40km/hr. velocity
after 10seconds.Calculate the acceleration of the bus?
10. A bus moving with a speed of 60km/hr. is brought
to rest in 20s by applying breaks. Find its acceleration
11. Can a body exist in a state of absolute rest or in
absolute motion ?Explain with example
12. An athlete completes one round of a circular path of
diameter 200m in 40s.What will be the distance covered
and the displacement at the end of 2 minutes 20s?
13. An artificial satellite is moving in a circular path of
radius 42250Km.Calculate its speed if it takes 24 hours
to revolve around the sun
14. A train starting from a railway station moving with
a uniform acceleration attains a speed of 40km/hr. in 10
minutes .Find its acceleration
15. During an experiment, a signal from a spaceship
reached the ground station in five minutes. What was the
distance of the space ship from the ground station? The
signal travels at a speed of 3×108 m/s.

Class IX –Social Studies

Make the chart showing statue of Liberty
Make the chart showing Napoleon Bonaparte
Solve the exercises of the lesson India size & location
Q1 Describe the circumstances leading to the out of
revolution in France
Q2 Briefly discuss the role of the philosophers in the French
Q3 How would you explain the rice of napoleon?
Class X--- Hindi
प रयोजना
भि तकाल के क व
१. सू रदास - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
२. तु लसीदास - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
३. दे व - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
४. मीराबाई - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
५. कबीर दास - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
याभेद, वशेषण, या वशेषण, वा य भेद - या या एवं १० उदाहरण के
साथ वा य म योग।

Class X --- English

1. Collect information and write about at least five plants
having medicinal value. Paste their pictures too.
2. Do Q.NO. D 7 OF ‘Health and Medicine’ of MCB.
3. Do Q.NO. D 8 OF ‘Health and Medicine’ of MCB.
4. Learn all the question answers of the lesson taught.

Class X --- Science


Section A
1. How the ammeter is connected in a circuit?
2. What happens to the resistance of a conductor when
its area of cross sections increased?
3. A wire of resistance 20Ω is bent to form a closed
square. What is the resistance across a diagonal?
4. A wire of resistance 10Ω is bent in the form of a closed
circle. What is the effective resistance between the
two pints at the ends of any diameter of the circle?
5. How the bulbs are connected in a fairy light circuit
used for decoration of buildings in festivals?
6. Draw the V-I graph for ohmic and non ohmic
7. How much work is done in moving a charge of 2C
across two points having a potential difference of
8. Name the device which helps to maintain a potential
difference in a circuit?

Section B
1. Draw the schematic diagram of an electric circuit
comprising of 3 cells and electric bulb ,ammeter,
plug-key in the On mode and another with same
components but with two bulbs in parallel and a
voltmeter across the combination
2. A 9Ω resistance is cut into three equal parts and
connected in parallel. Find the equivalent
resistance of the combination
3. Define resistivity. Give its SI unit. Find the length
of the wire required to make a resistor of radius
2mm and resistance 12Ω and resistivity
4. The charge possessed by an electron is 1.6×10-19
Find the number of electrons that will flow per
second to constitute 2A current
5. In an experiment to study the relation between the
potential difference across a resistor and the
current through it. A student recorded the
following observations:
V 1.0 2.2 3.0 4.0 6.4

I 0.1 0.2 0.6 0.4 0.6

On examine the above observations; the teacher

asked the student to reject one set of readings as
the values were out of agreement with the rest.
Which one of the above sets of readings can be
rejected? Calculate the mean value of resistance
based on the remaining observations?
6. A piece of wire of resistance 20Ω is drawn out so
that its length is increased to twice its original
length .Calculate the new resistance?
7. List two advantages of connecting electrical devices
in parallel with the source in domestic circuit.
8. Draw a circuit diagram with 5 cells of 2V each, a 5Ω
resistor showing the way the ammeter and the
voltmeter are connected. Find the reading that will
be shown by them?

Class X –Social Studies

I)Read the following chapters and solve the exercise
questions ( HW)
1. The making of a Global world.
2. Power sharing.
3. Resources and development.
II) Write a brief note of the following ( File)
1. Silk route link the world
2. Renderpest or cattle disease
3. Role of technology and Corn Law.
4. Chetany Music
5. Movement group, Pressure Group, Interest Group.
III) Out line map of the world Locate the given Places.
1. Belgium 2 Sri Lanka 3. Caribbean Island. Trinidad.

French Germany. Italy. India. England El Dorador

Class XII --- Hindi
प रयोजना
१. ह रवंशराय ब चन - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
२. आलोक ध वा - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
३. कुँ वर नारायण - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
४. रघु वीर सहाय - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)
५. गजानन माधव मु ि तबोध - जीवनी एवं रचना ( च स हत)

रचना भाग
 समकाल न घटनाओं से संबं धत ५ नबंध लेखन ।
 नीजी एवं कायाल यन २ प लेखन ।


Draw the pot & using origami make fish .Paste them on the
pot. Color it .Do it on the A4 size sheet
Using origami make 5 different designs
Making of greeting card
Best out of waste
Making of 3D swan using paper
Making of aluminum foil work

Class-12th Computer Science Assignment file is uploaded

separately in Downloads Section.