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Key Applications

Exterior Masonry Paints

• PLIOLITE® : The Incomparable Reference for Masonry
– All weather application and film formation
– Minimum surface preparation
– Excellent lasting adhesion on virtually any surface
– A paint film that breathes
– Long term durability

• Hydro PLIOLITE® 010 : Unique Acrylic Emulsion Technology

– Exceptional adhesion without primer
– Mineral-like finish
– Microporosity & Impermeability
– High durability and color retention
– Easy to use

Hotel Carlton & Grand Canal - Venice

Exterior Masonry Paints
• PLIOTEC® : Protection and Decoration of Concrete Structures
– Water based penetrating sealer
– Clear or pigmented alkali resistant coatings
– Can be applied directly on fresh concrete
– Excellent UV resistance, water repellency,
color stability and wind driven rain resistance
– Long term durability

• PLIOTEC® : Low Dirt Pick-Up Elastomeric Finishes

– Color retention & UV resistant
– Smooth or textured finishes
– Can be used on EIFS, stucco, tilt-up concrete
and brick
– Excellent water resistance
– Crackbridging resistance

Intumescent Paints

• PLIOLITE® / PLIOWAY®: Systems that Decorate & Protect

– High pigment binding efficiency
– Excellent adhesion
– Excellent water and abrasion resistance
– Excellent paint storage stability
– Good melt characteristics, good foam formation
and char strength

Roof of Wimbledon Centre Court

Interior / Exterior Floor Paints
• PLIOTEC® : A Complete Range of Binders for Any WB Floor
– Fast dry, fast hardness development
– Very good balance of hardness and resistance to abrasion
– Excellent water resistance
– Resistant to hot tire pick-up, scuffing and peeling
– Resistant to common household chemicals

Waterproofing Sealers
• PLIOWAY® : Permanent Curative Solution for Humidity Problems
in Cellars & Basements
– Direct application with excellent adhesion on wet or porous surfaces
– Stops many water leaks (resists hydrostatic pressure up to 10 psi)
– Inhibits algal and fungal growth
– Easy to apply / odourless
– Easy renovation / fast dry

• PLIOTEC® : Efficient Preventive Solution for Humidity Problems

– Waterborne odourless technology
– Resists hydrostatic pressure up to 10 psi
– Resistant to alkali and efflorescence
– VOC less than 50 g/L

Stain Blocking Paints & Primers
• PLIOWAY® : Odourless Solventborne Stainblocking Primers
– Superior adhesion
– Quick drying
– Mask and block all types of stains
– Block odours
– Tension free

• Hydro PLIOLITE® 050 & 055 : New Water Based Technologies for
Multi-purpose Stainblocking Primers & Tension-free Isolating Paints
– Tension free
– Uniform and matt finish
– Mask and block all types of stains
– Outstanding adhesion on porous / non-porous substrates
– Easy to formulate, easy to use

Specialty Resins for the Coatings Industry

Anticorrosion Paints

Swimming Pool Paints

Correction Fluids

Multicolor Paints
Emulsions & Dispersions
Hydro Pliolite Type Tg (°C) Production Main Applications
Hydro Pliolite 010 EBS 25 EU Exterior masonry coatings and primers
Hydro Pliolite 055 EBS 25 EU Interior stain blocking Paints
Hydro Pliolite 050 ABS Sty/Ac 11 USA Multisurface interior stain blocking primers
Core Shell
Hydro Pliolite 040 EBS 25 USA CCM and concrete sealer
Pliotec Resins Type Tg (°C) Production Main Applications
Pliotec 7104E St./Ac 51 USA Floor coating, Waterproofing Sealer
Pliotec LS1 St/Ac 57 USA Surfactant free latex for anticorrosion paints
Pliotec CR30 St/Ac 20 USA Self x-linking chemical resistant <50 g/l for garage
Pliotec CR78 St/Ac/ACN 38 USA Chemical resistant garage floors
Pliotec EL25 Ac. -25 USA Vertical elastomeric
Pliotec EL80 Ac. -45 USA Horizontal elastomeric
Pliotec PA90 Pac 25 USA PA for Horizontal masonry
Pliotec PA91 Pac 16 USA Porch & floor acrylic / elastomeric
Pliotec PA05 Pac 48 USA High Tg horizontal masonry
Pliotec PA20 Pac 16 USA Low Tg pH resistant for vertical masonry
Pliotec SA10 St/Ac 20 USA High gloss DTM / low VOC
Pliotec SA40 St/Ac 37 USA APE free low Tg St/Ac / Alkali Resistant Primer

- 10 -
Dry Resins
Pliolite Resins Type Rheology Production Main Applications
Pliolite AC80 St/Ac (Arom + WS) Linear EU Masonry coatings, Intumescent Coatings
Pliolite AC4/AC5G St/Ac (Arom + WS) Cross-linked EU Masonry coatings, Intumescent Coatings
Pliolite VTAC/VTACL VT/Ac (WS) Linear EU / USA Intumescent Coatings
Pliolite VTACH VT/Ac (WS) Linear EU Multicolor Paints
Pliolite AC3H VT/Ac (WS) Cross-linked USA Intumescent Coatings
Pliolite S5 St/Bd (Arom + WS) Linear EU / USA Masonry primers, metal primers
Pliolite Ultra 100 Vinyl/Ac (Exxsol D40) Linear EU Intumescent Coatings
Pliolite LV72 St/Ac (WS) Linear USA Roof coatings / Swimming pool Paints
Pliolite LV15S St/Ac (Arom + WS) (solution) USA CCM and concrete sealer
Plioway Resins Type (Solvent) Rheology Production Main Applications
Plioway EC1 Vinyl/Ac 32 Linear EU Low odour stain blocking coatings / Correction
(Exxsol D40) fluids / Intumescent Coatings
Plioway ECT Vinyl/Ac 31 Cross-linked EU Low odour stain blocking coatings / Correction
(Exxsol D40) fluids / Intumescent Coatings

Plioway Ultra200 Vinyl/Ac 28 Linear EU Odourless stain blocking coatings / Correction

(Isopar G) fluids / Intumescent Coatings

Plioway Ultra G20 Vinyl/Ac 28 Cross-linked EU Odourless stain blocking coatings / Correction
(Isopar G) fluids / Intumescent Coatings
28 Low VOC odourless stain blocking primer &
Plioway Ultra 350 LV Vinyl/Ac (Isopar G) Linear USA / EU paints

(Tg of all products is 50 - 62°C) - 11 -