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Elevators Pvt. Ltd., H. O., Mahape


Name of the Employee : Mr. Mohd. Ibrahim

Department : Installation
Designation : Manager- Installation
Location : Mahape, H.O.
Reports To :
Direct Reportees(If Any) :

SNo. Duties & Responsibilities :

 FACTORY   Responsibilities
1 You would be responsible for timely despatch of right materials.
2 You would be responsible for timely despatch of Pending materials.
3 You will be responsible for upgradation of Products, in coordination with Mr. Purna.
4 You will look after for the possibility of cost reduction in current materials.
5 You will also support Planning in coordination with Mr. Karthik.
6 You will also prepare a detail MIS report of the work done or ongoing or pending on a monthly basis
and submit it to your Reporting Officer.

FIELD Responsibilities
1 You would be responsible for auditing of Quality Control at installation sites and ensure that the
inspection done by the engineer are satisfactory and whether it is upto the mark. You must visit all
the sites of Escon pan India once in every three month.
2 You will be responsible for the auditing of the safety parameters at the site.
3 You will be responsible for the Training of the staff at the site in the following area:
 Safety Parameters
 Planning
 Quality Control
 Designing
 Installation
4 You shall be submitting an audit report of sites visited every three months describing entire details
and solutions for problems if any.
5 You are required to take a list of components and standardise the products. The products can be
electrical, electronic or mechanical.
6 You shall be supporting the work of design, production and planning department. You are expected
to provide support to these departments as and when required.
7 You will also look for the scope of cost deduction at the site and inform the Management regarding
the same.
S No. Authorities (If Any):

Reporting Head

Date :                           

Place :                          


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