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Nowadays, we are forced to face different kinds of social problems. Actually, in

comparison to old-time situations, we have to recognize that our society is becoming
worst instead of improving and overcoming its weaknesses. That is the case of Juvenile
Crime, which is the participation in illegal behavior by minors.

Adolescence is considered as a difficult age to deal with teenagers. At this time, they try to
find autonomy and equality. They reject the social rules and are against the common way
of perceiving the world. Among all of these dissatisfactions, they think that they need to
fight and raise their voices, but unfortunately they take the wrong side to show their
disagreement. They choose to become rebellious and forget the difference between
freedom and licentiousness. They start by acting up at school and at home. Then, they
prefer to take the easy way instead of working hard, so they can steal whatever they want
if they don’t have what they asked for. Also, they don’t feel the necessity to respect either
private or public property, and they keep in mind that they are giving the world the kind of
people it deserves. Of course, they are wrong and have behavior disorders, but society
doesn’t do anything in order to help them. In fact, most of people discriminate them by
judging their acts. They send to the reformatory without thinking in their problems or
realities. Actually, I agree with the idea of a punishment, because they need to learn how
to live in a society, but I can’t accept to separate them without an opportunity to rectify
their mistakes and improve their attitudes.

I consider creating new programs and organizations would make a big difference in
connection with juvenile crime. We need a complete team to work with younger people
and it is not necessary to wait up to perceive their bad manners. First of all, everybody
needs to accept that Adolescence is not an illness, it’s an age. It’s essential for parents and
teachers understand that they are the best example for them, so it’s important to teach
them that everything in the world has a raison and a consequence and even if things don´t
come off as we planned, we should not give up because hope can be find in the most
unexpected situations. And if they are going to be sent to a reformatory, I think this place
should be controlled by experts who can provide them with all the attention they need.

Finally, we have to accept we live in an interconnected world, so we have the opportunity

to take advantage of all facilities we can find, but also, it is part of our reality that crime
and delinquency grow day by day. Most of time, our youth are victims of our bad decisions
and they cannot stand to deal with the chaos prevailing in their lives. Here, we have the
responsibility to show them the path in order not to get lost. We have the tools, but we
need to learn to use them to create piece.