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Instructor: Dr Sohaib Z Khan Student Name: ____________________________

Course: Mechanics of Solids-I Semester: III (IME)
Assignment No.: 01 and 02 Max. Marks: 100+100 (Group and Individual Assignment)
Topic: General terms related to MOS Preferred Submission Time: 12:00 PM – 24th November 2010
Date: November 9, 2010 Final Submission Time: 12:00 PM – 26th November 2010

Assignment details
ASSIGNMENT NO. 1 (Group Assignment) [100]
Each group is required to submit a report (see submission details), defining, explaining and giving illustrations/examples
comprehensively to understand the terms given in annexure A. The explanation should be in such a way that a person not familiar
with these terms, could understand the fundamental concept after reading your report. You should provide references of your
statements and facts (see style of references).

Style of references
• Give references of each definition and explanation
• ONLY use books as a reference
• At least use two references from two different books for each term
• The reference should be in ascending order as they appeared in text and list of references should be given at the end of the
report as shown in following style.
[1] All authors’ name, Title, Edition. Year of publication, city of publication: Publisher, referenced page number/s.
[2] Beer, F.P. and J. E. Russell Johnston, Mechanics of Materials, 2ed. 1992, Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company,
• You are NOT allowed to use internet references in this assignment

ASSIGNMENT NO. 2 (Individual Assignment) [100]

Each student is required to give a presentation to explain the term. A student will get the term after getting ONE term through random
process from annexure A. Students will be assigned the term well in advance.

• The individual presentation should not be more than 3 slides.
• Each presentation should cover
o Your introduction
o Acknowledgements (if any)
o Term definition with references
o Term explanation with references
• The presentation time should not exceed more than 5 minutes (3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for Q/A)

Submission details
ASSIGNMENT NO. 1 (Group Assignment)


 Each group needs to submit ONE printout out, before the submission time (see submission time). With the printout report,
attached the photo copy of the reference pages. On those photocopies, write with hand book title, edition and authors name
 In addition to that each group has to send ONE single email with report in PDF as attachment (see submission time)
 Subject of the email SHOULD be: A1_Group Number_IMES3
 Email address:

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You SHOULD use following format to name the files, that to be send through email

• A1_Group Number_IMES3

SUBMISSION TIME (for both print and email)

Preferred submission time,
• As written on the top of this assignment
• All emails received before this time will get additional up to 10 marks
Final submission time,
• As written on the top of this assignment
• Any email after this time, will lose 5 marks per hour. You might be ended-up with zero marks

ASSIGNMENT NO. 2 (Individual Assignment)

You have to send ONE single email with your POWER POINT file attached (both MS office 2003 and 2007 are acceptable), before
the presentation date. Last date to send email and the presentation date will be announced later after arranging additional time and
room with projector for presentations.
 Power point file attachment name: A1_Resgisteration number_Last name.ppt (20 marks)
 Email subject: A1_Registration number_Last name (SHOULD use subject in this format)
 Email address:

• Adhere to the rules and regulation define here will be a group as well as individual student’s responsibility. Students are
warned not to blame other members for not compliance with the rules
• Not following recommendations, for instance, email subject, file naming and using right email add, might result delay in
marking and could also result in marks detection
• Cases of cheating or copying will result in ZERO marks for the whole group or groups involved. Anything submitted will be
considered as group work and equal responsibility of each member
• Protecting digital data from any kind of vulnerability is a student’s responsibility
• Gmail can send attachments up to 25 MB, so no excuse for file size will be accepted

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Annexure A

S.No. Terms to Define Student name for presentation

(Assignment No. 1) (Assignment No. 2)
1 Stiffness IME-053, Babar Ali
2 Ductility IME-055, Suleman Ashraf
3 Ductile Materials IME-044, Aqsa Sikandar
4 Brittle Materials
5 Young’s Modulus/ Modulus of Elasticity IME-060, Amjad Ali
6 Hardness IME-039, Huzaifa Salman
7 Strain Hardening IME-038, Syeda Rida
8 Yield/ Yield Strength IME-059, Akram Bhalli
Upper Yield Point
Lower Yield Point
9 Ultimate Tensile Strength IME-037, Abdullah Aftab
10 Necking IME-057, Hamza Shams
11 Rapture IME-041, Nasir Arslan
12 True Stress and True Strain IME-034, Owais Saeed
13 Engineering Stress and Engineering Strain
14 Elasticity IME-032, Muhammad Afaq
15 Plasticity IME-042, Mustafa Kamal
16 Endurance Limit/ Fatigue Limit IME-049, Asad Tariq
17 Fracture Toughness
18 Poisson’s Ratio
19 Shear Modulus
20 Shear Strength
21 Softness IME-047, Ali Mujtaba
22 Compressive Strength IME-048, Arsalan Ahmed
23 Torsion
24 Stress Concentration IME-054, Muhammad Faizan
25 Stress
26 Strain
27 Shearing Stress IME-035, Ramsha Khan
28 Shearing Strain
29 Hook’s Law
30 Torque IME-050, Hussain
31 Residual Stress
32 Shear Centre IME-043, Adnan
33 Allowable Stress IME-036, Adeel Khalid
34 Bearing Stress IME-046, Hammad Abid
35 Bulk Modulus IME-045, Waseem Abbas
36 Factor of Safety

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